Greene  County Brides


EARLEY, Mollie BROWN, John 1904-Jan-16
EASLEY, Victoria HUGGINS, Edward 1877-Aug-10
EASTERLAND, Della DEVALL, L E 1889-Feb-18
EDGAR, Carrie WOODARD, W W 1902-Jul-03
EDGAR, Ida BALL, E F 1898-Jul-15
EDGAR, Lena MCLEOD, H E 1907-Dec-09
EDGAR, Mattie COBB, Ed 1907-Mar-15
EDGAR, Norah MCLEOD, J C 1907-Oct-30
EDGAR, Olevia WASHAM, Willie 1900-Nov-08
EDMON, Sillen JACKSON, Stonewall 1902-Nov-08
EDWARD, Elizabeth BOUDEN, B F 1883-Jan-08
ELLIOT, Paralee STRICKLAND, Eugene 1899-Feb-05
ELLIOTT, Argess BEACH, Henry T 1893-Apr-20
ENNIS, Eliza POWE, C E 1894-Dec-13
EPHRAIM, Ellen DOSSETT, Wm 1894-Oct-18
ERKHART, Emily EUBANKS, P K 1904-Feb-13
ESPY, Sallie BROADNAX, Johnny 1905-May-10
ESTELLE, Patton SMITH, Thomas 1888-Dec-27
ESTUS, Azaline SUMLIN, Joe 1898-Mar-08
ETHERIDGE, Ettie R MYERS, John J 1906-May-24
ETHERIDGE, Hattye DOSSETT, J C 1901-Sep-02
EUBANKS, Ally E MCLEOD, James H 1893-Mar-23
EUBANKS, Ardell MIZELL, James 1896-Jun-15
EUBANKS, Bettie BEARRY, W E 1906-Jun-30
EUBANKS, Cola DICKINSON, Willie 1899-Jan-05
EUBANKS, Dona CARMON, J A 1903-Jul-19
EUBANKS, Ella HAMPSTEAD, S D 1891-Apr-30
EUBANKS, Florence ADAMS, L H 1888-Mar-20
EUBANKS, Julia A MOSES, Joshua 1901-Feb-25
EUBANKS, Kate DICKERSON, Thomas 1906-Jun-27
EUBANKS, Kate HAVARD, M M 1905-Dec-27
EUBANKS, Lou Ella MCLEOD, R F 1902-May-25
EUBANKS, Mary A DICKINSON, James W 1890-Sep-04
EUBANKS, Matilda EUBANKS, Charles L 1893-Apr-16
EUBANKS, Missouria GIBSON, P L 1901-Dec-25
EUBANKS, Rusha ROBBINS, E L 1902-Jun-25
EUBANKS, Ruth MIZELL, E M 1909-Apr-18
EVANS, Annetta JACOBS, J S 1901-Jan-27
EVANS, Belle CROWN, Baxter 1904-Oct-01
EVANS, Delphina HELVESTON, Godfrey 1896-Jan-29
EVANS, Florence CROOMS, J A 1899-Mar-29
EVANS, Gussie ACKER, Fryerson 1908-Dec-03
EVANS, Jane COWART, Walter S 1896-Dec-23
EVANS, Lula MARSHALL, John 1900-Oct-22
EVANS, Sarah THOMAS, W E 1896-May-27
EVERITT, Clara HOOKS, Manuel 1906-Sep-01
EZELL, Agnes MCINNIS, M 1892-Apr-18
EZELL, Jennie TURNER, Duncan 1891-Dec-17
EZELL, Margaret C LANKFORD, John E 1884-Mar-11
EZELL, N B SULLIVAN, Walter 1876-Nov-14
EZELLE, Gracey FOY, Virgie 1877-Jul-14


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