Greene County Brides


CAMBELL, Eliza COBB, Solomon 1898-Apr-24
CAMPBELL, Emma AVERA, John P 1892-Sep-18
CANFIELD, Jannie SUMROLL, James 1896-Oct-25
CANNON, I B Mrs GIBSON, L H 1906-Jun-12
CANNON, K C MALLETT, W L 1909-Dec-30
CANNON, Rebecca EUBANKS, C L 1903-Jul-19
CARTER, Fannie M PHILLIPS, Levi 1879-Dec-20
CARTER, Kate KING, Lewis 1909-Feb-10
CARTER, Orlene JOHNSON, M J 1895-Dec-24
CARTER, Victoria COBB, Dan 1904-Jun-04
CARTWRIGHT, Georgia Ann KNOWLES, John H 1901-May-15
CARTWRIGHT, Lougenia HEATHCOCK, Thomas 1896-Jul-25
CASTON, Laura DUNMORE, Hassie 1904-Aug-15
CAVOR, Charlot DAVIS, Monroe 1876-May-16
CHAMBISS, Millie HORN, John 1894-Oct-18
CHANDLER, Dona THORNTON, John 1888-Aug-22
CHANDLEY, Mary ROLACK, Preston 1902-Jun-25
CHARLIE, Rebecca SMITH, William 1908-Jun-09
CHATMAN, Emma Mrs SIMMONS, Shed 1906-Oct-18
CHILDRESS, Hattie BEAVERS, A D 1897-Jul-30
CHINNON, Mamie Mrs QUICK, Daniel 1903-Sep-24
CHURCHWELL, Catherine NEAL, Geo H 1888-Feb-29
CHURCHWELL, Elizabeth ELLIOTT, Jesse S 1882-Aug-11
CHURCHWELL, Emily BRELAND, Calvert W 1881-Dec-22
CHURCHWELL, Geneva FEAGIN, Charles 1906-Nov-03
CHURCHWELL, Lizzie TALBERT, J C 1908-Sep-27
CHURCHWELL, Maggie A Mrs CHURCHWELL, J C 1903-Oct-06
CHURCHWELL, Margaret A SULLIVAN, William 1893-May-24
CHURCHWELL, Mary J MCLEOD, J L 1895-Oct-01
CHURCHWELL, Nancy ALFORD, John 1888-Apr-26
CHURCHWELL, Sena PIERCE, Hubbard 1894-Jul-09
CHURCHWELL, Victoria COAKER, William A 1884-Feb-07
CLANTON, Ola WALLACE, John 1901-Nov-21
CLARK, Angeline NEAL, George H 1883-Mar-09
CLARK, Bertie BREWER, William 1910-Dec-18
CLARK, Bessie TOWNSEL, Harry 1900-May-05
CLARK, Edwina GARDNER, J W 1905-Sep-18
CLARK, Josie LEWIS, Carey 1909-Sep-22
CLARK, Lucy JONES, Charley 1902-Nov-18
CLARK, Lula CLARK, John W 1897-Sep-05
CLARK, Nancy CHURCHWELL, William F 1880-Aug-19
CLARK, Nancy MCINNIS, Ellice 1889-Oct-17
CLARK, Nelie WILLIAMS, L M 1897-May-21
CLARK, Tempie GARDNER, Thomas D 1908-Apr-26
CLAYBORNE, Laura DAVIS, Henry 1907-Sep-09
CLIFTON, Malissa MCMILLAN, J T 1902-Dec-24
CLOVEN, Christina POKE, Ollie 1907-Sep-05
COAKER, Eliza J JONES, Jesse N 1878-Mar-26
COBB, Mattie FOST, Frank 1910-Sep-16
COBLER, Irene EVERETT, Henry C 1895-Feb-18
COCHRAM, Elizabeth BACKSTROM, Ko 1895-Dec-05
COCHRAM, Mary J DAMRAM, E M 1892-Jun-30
COCHRAN, Bertha FAIRLEY, Joe 1901-Feb-14
COCHRAN, E J SMITH, W P 1891-Nov-06
COCHRAN, F L WOOD, George E 1884-Jun-03
COCHRAN, Isabel COWART, George H 1893-Apr-11
COCHRAN, Isabel FAIRLEY, A K 1903-Oct-09
COCHRAN, L E SMITH, Alfred 1908-Aug-26
COCHRAN, L R BYRD, Augona 1901-Jan-19
COCHRAN, Laura BRADLEY, James 1900-May-17
COCHRAN, Luella BYRD, Wilsby 1895-Dec-05
COCHRAN, Tener LOCK, George 1910-Oct-19
COCHRELL, Hannah PIERCE, Will 1909-Dec-31
COHEN, Clarinda MURPHY, D W 1875-Dec-28
COLE, Sarah Ann WALLEY, W M Sr 1903-Mar-13
COLE, Tabitha HAWKINS, Willie 1898-Dec-26
COLEASEE, Lou BRANNAN, Cade 1881-May-11
COLEMAN, Ella Mrs JONES, Andrew 1906-Sep-10
COLEMAN, Florence DAVIS, Harry 1882-Mar-18
COLEMAN, Georgia Mrs SHUMAN, J M 1906-Aug-09
COLEMAN, Josephine GRICE, Henry 1887-May-24
COLEMAN, Lilly ULMER, Allen 1909-May-15
COLIN, Amanda M SULLIVAN, Isham 1876-Oct-06
COLINS, Elen CARTER, Bob 1899-May-08
COLLINS, Nona Mrs WILLIAMS, John 1903-Dec-22
COLSTON, Leona HARRIS, Tom 1906-Oct-25
COMBS, Annie EVERIDGE, Jeff 1908-Oct-02
CONAWAY, Lizer KILBURN, Henry 1899-Feb-18
CONWAY, Annie MCINNIS, Bill 1889-Apr-13
COOKS, Dona JONES, Jim 1903-Jun-04
COOLEY, Ada Mrs ROSE, E H 1901-Jul-31
COOLEY, Eula Elizaeth MIXON, A P 1909-Dec-22
COOLEY, Florence E BROWN, Henry 1879-Apr-03
COOLEY, Florence E BROWN, Henry 1879-Jul-31
COOLEY, Pearly J COWART, Wesley L 1909-Jan-14
COOLEY, Rilla BALL, E G 1900-May-10
COOLY, Cinderella WILLIAMS, J D 1884-Oct-08
COPELAND, Louisa FIG, Dock 1879-Apr-03
COTTON, Mary CARGO, William 1904-Aug-02
COURTNEY, Mary Jane GARDNER, John 1879-Mar-05
COWART, Dellia FAIRLEY, Ruben 1910-Mar-20
COWART, Mary PRINE, G C 1909-Mar-24
COWART, Minnie BROWN, E B 1901-Jun-19
COX, Carrie WILLIAMS, James 1904-Apr-20
CRAGINS, Lilly KNOBLES, L N 1884-Sep-03
CRAWFORD, Emma STEPHEN, Birk 1903-Mar-17
CRAWFORD, Rebecca TRAVIS, Eddie 1897-Jul-04
CRENSHAW, Delila A Z Mrs LANGLEY, Rufus 1906-Jun-08
CRENSHAW, Edna Irene CLARK, James Arthur 1909-Apr-14
CRENSHAW, Marian CONWAY, James 1889-Sep-10
CRENSHAW, Minnie CRENSHAW, Ellie 1910-Mar-15
CROSBY, Laura GRIFFIN, Peter 1907-Mar-04
CROWLEY, Mary PIERCE, Lewis 1897-Dec-26
CURRY, Elizabeth ALFORD, George 1890-Oct-02
CURRY, Martha L HOWARD, Albert R 1896-Sep-24
CURRY, Sarah E MCWALTERS, David 1895-Sep-21


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