Greene County Brides


ADAMS, Ada CHAPMAN, George 1909-Nov-02
ADAMS, Bertha BEVINS, Andrew 1907-Jun-12
ADAMS, Mary E MOFFETT, Ely T 1878-Nov-02
ADAMS, Minnie PIERCE, George Jr 1910-Dec-28
ADAMS, Nancy C SHEPARD, R L 1888-Dec-19
ADAMS, Rusia BROWN, Henry 1908-Nov-04
ADAMS, Sarah SHEPARD, John T 1880-Dec-15
ADAMS, Susan BRANNON, Thomas W 1877-Jul-12
AGEE, Carry HILL, R J 1902-Nov-19
ALEXANDER, Bulah BOX, Solomon 1910-Jun-06
ALFORD, Eveline BOX, W E 1910-Apr-20
ALFORD, Henrietta BROWN, L W 1908-May-29
ALFORD, Lela FOUNTAIN, Mack 1897-Jun-15
ALLEMAN, Mary JACK, John 1902-Dec-30
ALLEN, Cleona LOGAN, E D 1905-Aug-28
ALLEN, Maggie PATTON, Columbus 1903-Feb-15
ALLMAN, Julia E MASON, J H 1908-Aug-06
ALLMAN, Mary Anne EUBANKS, George 1893-Jun-03
ALSTON, Pauline RICHARDSON, Joseph S 1890-Dec-29
AMMONS, Mamie MILLER, James 1903-Sep-19
ANDERSON, Clarissa E        MCLEAN, Jacob Fry 1910-Sep-22
ANDERSON, Jennie CLARK, A R 1899-Jan-15
ANDERSON, Maggie DEARMAN, J B 1890-Mar-06
ANDERSON, Martha E TOLAND, George A 1897-Jun-13
ANDERSON, Mary HAGGER, Charles 1900-Dec-27
ANDERSON, Olive DUBOSE, F O 1906-Aug-06
ARSNON, Mary LOTT, Ed 1905-Nov-02
ASBY, Lora GREEN, J B 1904-Jul-28
AVARA, Celia DAWSON, W J Rev 1895-Jan-17
AVERA, Belle WEST, H L 1907-Aug-14
AVERA, Elizabeth COONS, James 1887-Dec-21
AVERA, Lizzie KITTRELL, Jonathan 1901-Aug-28
AVERA, Marion E MCLEOD, P J 1909-Sep-26


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