Forrest County Grooms

T - V

TABOR, Henry Lee WALKER, Gertrude 1918-Dec-28
TAITE, Archie WILLIAMS, Ada 1913-Oct-22
TALLEY, Ned DONALD, Mary Lou 1919-Mar-18
TANNER, B C THORN, E D Mrs 1911-Sep-13
TANNER, Guy Freemon CHASE, Gertrude 1918-Aug-24
TANNER, W S MCCARDLE, Lola B 1917-Oct-20
TANNHILL, WALLACE, Mary Mrs 1916-Dec-09
TANNOURY, Michael CHANNON, Takla Altes 1906-Jan-14
TATUM, Will Sion SARPHIE, Bernice M 1918-Mar-31
TAYLOR, Anderson BATRO, Annie 1918-Jul-31
TAYLOR, Andrew HUPP, Edith Earle 1910-Aug-10
TAYLOR, Arlie Z MYERS, Ethel 1918-Jul-08
TAYLOR, B F CROSBY, Delia 1912-Jun-12
TAYLOR, Burlen RUSE, Florida 1919-Jul-15
TAYLOR, F J ODELL, Annie 1909-Dec-22
TAYLOR, George GRAVES, Angelina 1920-Jul-24
TAYLOR, Harry T WESTERFIELD, Nannie May 1914-Jul-03
TAYLOR, Henry POWELL, Manila 1918-Jul-16
TAYLOR, James A DAVIS, Mannie C 1909-Dec-13
TAYLOR, Joseph Cleveland GRAY, Ruby 1912-Jul-31
TAYLOR, Knox JONES, Jani 1917-Nov-24
TAYLOR, Leon GRAFTON, Etta 1919-Oct-04
TAYLOR, Ned Jr DAWKINS, Willie Mae 1918-Dec-07
TAYLOR, Oscar NEWKIRK, Rachel 1920-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Pearl PAGE, Sorrence 1919-Feb-18
TAYLOR, Ruby ROBERTS, M B 1920-May-19
TAYLOR, Ruth HUFFMAN, Charles O 1917-Oct-15
TAYLOR, Thomas E WILSON, Lula 1917-Nov-18
TAYLOR, William MOREHEAD, Bertha 1920-Aug-08
TAYLOR, William A KING, Daisy 1918-Aug-03
TAYLOR, William C YATES, Gladys Louise 1919-Aug-12
TAYLOR, Willie MCGEE, Elsie 1920-Jan-07
TAYLOR, Zelner STOCKTON, Helen 1918-Feb-25
TEMPLES, Travis TEMPLES, Orrie 1919-Jun-23
TERRALL, Jim JACKSON, Ida 1918-Oct-01
TERRANOVA, N MORANNE, Enola 1918-Jul-19
THAMES, Frank CLAIRMAN, Mae 1916-Mar-17
THAMES, Frank CLEARMAN, Mae 1916-Apr-09
THAMES, John D SMITH, Flora 1910-Apr-28
THAMES, Willie J MCDONALD, Sarah Elizabeth M 1919-Aug-27
THATCHER, James F LYONS, Ethel Dorris 1919-Jun-17
THERIOT, Paul CHAMPAGNE, Aline 1911-Dec-29
THIGPEN, Ben SMITH, Ella 1918-Oct-02
THOMAS, Albert M MCINSTRY, Mannie 1909-Dec-28
THOMAS, Baxter H BUCHANAN, Edna A Mrs 1915-Mar-02
THOMAS, Bill TERRALL, Mattie 1920-Oct-07
THOMAS, Carlton E SPAHE, Cora 1917-Oct-15
THOMAS, Charlie ROBERTS, Ary Belle 1920-Nov-24
THOMAS, Clarence MORGAN, Georgie 1917-Nov-12
THOMAS, Clifton WASHINGTON, Gussie 1920-May-08
THOMAS, Foster MCCASKILL, Myra 1920-Jun-04
THOMAS, G J TAYLOR, Ethel 1918-Jun-08
THOMAS, Homer P ALLMAN, Lucille L 1918-Jun-29
THOMAS, Isaac JOHNSON, Lillie V 1919-Dec-22
THOMAS, Jesse DUNCAN, Mollie 1918-Dec-21
THOMAS, Jimmie HINES, Nince 1919-Dec-20
THOMAS, Joe ALLEN, Mary 1918-Apr-06
THOMAS, Ludie REESE, Gertrude 1918-Sep-15
THOMAS, Marion R KLEIN, Edna L 1917-Dec-01
THOMAS, R W HERRING, Bula 1906-Jan-31
THOMAS, Robert RUSHING, Daisy 1919-Jun-30
THOMAS, Sylvester WATKINS, Lillie 1919-Jan-18
THOMAS, Walter NOTTS, Mary 1909-Apr-18
THOMAS, William JONES, Emma 1918-Aug-30
THOMAS, William LITTLES, Mary Alice 1919-Jun-24
THOMAS, William Harvey MINIFIE, Grace Bellin 1917-Dec-20
THOMPKINS, Jimmie MALONE, Easter 1919-May-20
THOMPSON, Charles BANIFIELD, Lula 1906-Jan-24
THOMPSON, Charles H WRIGLEY, Lillian 1918-Feb-23
THOMPSON, Charley GILMORE, Laura 1918-Nov-14
THOMPSON, J W SMITH, Annie V 1914-Sep-16
THOMPSON, James MYERS, Annie 1920-Oct-14
THOMPSON, Jay Alfred Jr POWE, Alberta Jeanne 1919-Sep-23
THOMPSON, Joe CHANCEY, Mary 1919-Sep-29
THOMPSON, John Horrace PERRY, Estelle 1919-Jun-09
THOMPSON, John M FAIRLEY, Emma 1909-Mar-10
THOMPSON, Joseph B MARTIN, Elizabeth Viola 1913-Jun-01
THOMPSON, Joseph B URSERY, Mattie Lee 1911-Dec-16
THOMPSON, Ned COLLINS, Erlene 1919-Apr-26
THOMPSON, Ned HARRIS, Francis 1918-Jan-28
THOMPSON, R W WEST, Wrenna Ancabell 1910-Aug-11
THOMPSON, Robert H CLARK, Alice 1920-Jan-24
THOMPSON, Tom CAMPBELL, Bertha 1920-Jan-26
THOMPSON, Will ABRON, Lydia 1918-Jan-06
THOMS, David MOORE, Ruffie 1915-Nov-17
THOMS, Jamie C GRIFFIN, Ava Lee 1919-Nov-26
THOMTON, William J DUCKWORTH, Charity Lucille 1912-Oct-22
THORNTON, Martin R BAGGETT, Helen Virginia 1918-Jan-02
THORNTON, T M LOVETT, D Elizabeth 1914-Jun-13
THRALLS, Ernest W WATKINS, Terre M 1918-Aug-10
THRUATT, J C RODGERS, A M Miss 1910-Oct-15
THURMAN, W E OLEARY, Ida May 1915-May-11
TILLEY, Joseph WABNER, Joe 1918-Oct-12
TILLMAN, Caleb MORNING, Rosa Lee 1919-May-24
TIMS, Alonzo Freeman DAVIS, Pearl 1920-Sep-30
TISDALE, A NORMAN, Ressie 1912-Jun-11
TISDALE, Floyd MCGILBERRY, Kate 1919-Aug-09
TISDALE, Hemphill COLLINS, Ola 1919-Jun-21
TISDALE, Willie W SHOWS, Olivia 1920-Sep-09
TODD, D D ARLEDGE, Nattie 1909-Dec-27
TODD, Fred L HORTON, Lottie 1918-Mar-07
TODD, W E MITCHELL, Wilmoth Inez 1920-Jun-12
TOLTON, Roy Lee MATS, Gladys Marie 1918-Sep-10
TOMPKIN, Will PEEPLES, Alice 1920-Jan-17
TOPP, Everett S POWE, Regina 1919-Jul-16
TOUSINAN, E T WILLIAMSON, Trula Mae 1920-May-10
TOWN, W B LEE, Mary 1909-Mar-10
TOWNSEND, Charley T SHOWS, Flossie 1919-Oct-11
TOWNSEND, Jeffie EALEY, Jess 1920-Aug-30
TRACY, John W DEAR, Blanche 1916-Jan-15
TRAVERS, Charlie L WILLIAMS, Willie D 1918-Jul-27
TRAVIS, Buford MCKAY, Mazrine 1918-Dec-21
TRAVIS, John DAWKINS, Minola 1920-Jul-03
TRAVIS, Mack TISDAL, Eddie 1918-Jan-05
TRAVIS, Robert A THOMAS, Lavenia E 1917-Dec-01
TRENT, John ONEAL, Mary 1918-Jul-13
TREST, Angus E THOMPSON, Annie Laura 1909-Dec-26
TREST, S O RICHARDS, Daisy 1914-Jul-03
TRIGG, Leon GRANBERRY, Ida 1920-Dec-17
TRIGG, William L JACKSON, Mercedes J Mrs 1919-Jul-09
TRIGG, William L JACKSON, Mercedes J Mrs 1919-Jul-10
TROTTER, Denny JONES, Willie 1918-May-01
TROTTER, Jessie MOTT, Anna 1917-Dec-22
TROTTER, Robert JACOBS, Blanch 1918-Apr-27
TROUTMAN, Rodney E LAFFERTY, Mary A 1918-Apr-11
TROYER, Melvin K MCRANEY, Nine 1918-May-25
TRUELOVE, Jeffie FAIRLEY, Lillian 1916-Apr-08
TRUELOVE, W H RUDY, Kate 1914-Jun-27
TRUMP, Jesse POWERS, Beatrice 1918-Aug-03
TUCKER, O W BETHEA, Virginia 1912-Jun-17
TULLY, A J MADISON, Georgia 1917-Mar-14
TURCOTT, G E BARNES, V Mrs 1911-Jun-12
TURNER, Blueford COLE, Elizabeth 1919-Oct-09
TURNER, E R BENNETT, Juanita 1918-May-12
TURNER, Fred WHITE, Anna 1919-Oct-13
TURNER, G Horace BENNETT, Mary Candice 1916-Aug-12
TURNER, Horace REED, Bessie 1920-Mar-27
TURNER, Hosie LEWIS, Sallie 1919-May-14
TURNER, Hugh C KINGSBERY, Cecile 1919-Oct-01
TURNER, John L THOMPSON, Mary Alice 1917-Dec-01
TURNER, S Harry SMITH, Emmie Lou 1913-Dec-30
TUTTLE, George TURNER, Ruth E 1911-Oct-06
TUTTLE, Georgie CURTIS, William M 1918-Nov-18
TYREE, Walter H LAIRD, Irene 1919-Aug-04
TYRONE, C H MCNAIR, Ida Lee 1915-Nov-06
ULREY, Enston E NUNAMAKER, Eldora 1918-Aug-03
UNDERWOOD, Henry FORD, Mabel 1919-Sep-15
UPSHAW, Hiram Irby SMITH, Gladys Mae 1913-Sep-05
UPTON, Robert Lee NOBLES, Terry Hill 1916-Jan-08
URBAN, Mike DOVE, Pearl 1918-Aug-05
UTTERBACK, John H CORUM, Emma S 1918-May-02
VAN SLYKE, H B EVANS, Lillie 1917-Dec-20
VANDERFORD, Joe WATTS, Ruby 1915-Oct-23
VARMORT, Clarence W RUSSELL, Mary Alice 1917-Nov-10
VARNADO, Joseph DAVIS, Francis 1912-Jan-22
VAUGHN, George Jr BLALOCK, Lessie 1918-Apr-12
VAUGHN, Johnie WILLIAMS, Pearlie 1919-Mar-11
VAUGHN, Richard BOLTON, Bettie 1918-Dec-23
VAUGHT, Charley RALPH, Lillie 1918-Sep-02
VAUTRAT, Peter BARNETT, Viola 1920-Sep-04
VECCE, Phillip PRICE, Bertha 1919-Sep-05
VENIUS, Paul CROCHET, Celeste 1917-Jan-04
VERNON, Chester G LEE, Pearl 1918-Jul-15
VICK, Carl G DUCKWORTH, Pearl 1916-Oct-29
VICK, Thomas J JACKSON, Velma 1920-Oct-29
VINSON, John WALKER, Missouri Mrs 1919-Nov-01
VINSON, Reid MADDOX, Winifred M 1920-Jan-09
VINYARD, Marshall N GILBERT, Essie 1910-Dec-15
VITY, Arthur Victor ARCHHORN, Mildred 1918-May-25
VOLKIN, W H PEACOCK, Julia 1910-Jan-01

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