Forrest County Grooms


RADFORD, Walter HOLMES, Onida 1916-Jan-24
RAHM, Joseph CURDY, Hower Frances 1913-Jun-02
RAMSEY, Thomas Pope COOK, Bessie 1919-Jun-23
RAMSEY, Willie SMITH, Janie 1919-Aug-05
RANDALL, Charlie SPINKS, Nellie May 1920-Oct-02
RANDALL, E C JONES, Maud 1917-May-26
RANDALL, George F RHOADS, Marva 1917-Dec-27
RANDALL, W T MCGREW, Epsy 1912-May-29
RANDOLF, Harold MOORE, Ruby 1920-Oct-16
RAPIER, J L COSGROVE, Emma J 1916-Apr-28
RARDEN, Virgil T SMITH, Laura Ruth 1911-Mar-11
RATCLIFFE, Steve SIMMS, Cora 1918-May-10
RATCLIFFE, Steve THOMPSON, Emma 1917-Nov-03
RATLIFF, Cleve Marion MCPHEARSON, West Leary 1909-Jan-27
RATLIFF, Ernest COLE, Mary 1920-Apr-05
RAWLS, B F DARDEN, Anna Belle 1917-May-21
RAWLS, C P POWELL, Ada 1914-Nov-18
RAWLS, J Ed POUNCEY, Maud 1918-Jun-18
RAWLS, Jeptha DIXON, Ella 1911-Mar-04
RAWSON, I J THOMPSON, Ellie 1914-May-14
RAYBURN, John STALWORD, Rossie 1910-Jun-06
RAYBURN, Nath FORD, Annie 1910-Nov-08
RAYNER, Herbert Lee JOHNSON, Lelah 1918-Aug-17
REAMS, Robert J COLLEY, Louise E 1918-Jul-20
REBER, G T HAMILTON, Edith 1909-Nov-17
REDMON, George LOTT, Alpine 1918-Oct-17
REDMOND, John HAGWOOD, Elizabeth 1913-Sep-17
REDMOND, John L HAGWOOD, Carrie Anne 1920-Apr-30
REDUS, E P THOMPSON, Mary 1912-Aug-24
REED, Edgar L FAGAN, Sarah E 1917-Jul-03
REED, Isaiah DEAN, Lannie 1917-Dec-21
REED, Lewis GRAHAM, Idella 1918-Jun-25
REED, Otis WARE, Ethel 1916-Dec-28
REED, P W ERVIN, Eva 1915-Dec-06
REED, Sam BROCK, Amanda E 1917-Jun-18
REED, Wayne O FRIEND, Onda M 1918-Aug-21
REEDER, M C MAXWELL, Nona 1911-Sep-17
REESE, Will SMITH, Julia 1918-Nov-06
REFNER, Theodore C DEPEW, Elizabeth 1918-Aug-14
REFUS, D C COLEMAN, Arelia 1920-Jun-05
REID, Earl Hicks CHISOLM, Mary 1919-Sep-04
REID, Fred B LEE, Bonnie 1918-Apr-06
REID, John BLALOCK, Melissa 1918-Jan-12
REINKING, J H BRYACK, Minnie E 1918-Jul-10
REMARKLUS, Charles CURTIS, Mary M 1915-Jun-21
RENN, Raymond William AUSTIN, Mary Joyce 1918-Apr-29
REVETT, A L CANNON, Dora 1910-Aug-15
REYNOLDS, Ernest B CARTER, Tennie Mae 1919-Aug-30
REYNOLDS, James Henry EVANS, Pearl 1918-Apr-06
REYNOLDS, Jesse MONK, Lida Mae 1918-May-18
REYNOLDS, Sam COOPER, Pearl 1918-Sep-07
REYNOLDS, William B BARLAR, Nora 1912-Jul-27
RHODES, E E GARNER, Daisy 1920-May-21
RHODES, Henry MIXON, Mattie 1910-Feb-24
RHODES, Jackson CHILDS, Lena 1914-Jan-31
RICE, George SANDERS, Sudie Bell 1918-Mar-06
RICH, Mckinley CLINTON, Carrie 1916-Dec-13
RICH, Peter DAVIS, Desiree 1920-Jul-31
RICH, R C WEATHERSBY, Mabel 1914-Jun-07
RICHARD, Jesse BARBINE, Annie 1909-Dec-19
RICHARD, Kerney REDNING, Viola 1918-Oct-08
RICHARDS, Alexander JUDGE, Loretta 1906-Jan-04
RICHARDS, John M BRIDWELL, Verna 1918-Apr-02
RICHARDSON, W M AULTMAN, Agnes 1914-Jun-25
RICHMOND, Roscoe SMITH, Cora 1919-Oct-22
RICKETSON, Bennie MORSE, Bessie 1918-Dec-11
RIESTER, Oliver P ROGER, Gladis 1918-Jul-15
RIFE, C L CRAWFORT, Annie Bert 1911-Nov-11
RIGG, M E KELLEY, Birdie 1909-Aug-11
RIGG, W E LAURIDO, Helen 1909-Jul-08
RIGGINS, Harlan Tracy HINAH, Olivia Pearl 1918-Jun-08
RILTER, Frank STROTER, Rosa 1920-Jun-28
RINES, H P RAY, Betsy W 1917-Nov-24
RISER, John S WILLIAMS, Anzie 1917-May-26
RISHER, Walter BERRY, Luda 1920-Dec-18
RISK, Nicholas RISK, Annie 1914-Feb-02
RITENOUR, Fred C BLAKELEY, Mary 1918-Jan-28
RITTENHOUSE, J Fred MCGINNESS, Hazel 1918-Sep-02
RIVERA, Julius COOK, Effie 1920-Sep-04
ROACH, W S COBB, Inez 1917-Dec-24
ROANE, A S OQUINN, Alice 1909-Jun-08
ROBBINS, Rex F THOMAS, Myrtle E 1917-Dec-05
ROBERSON, Griffin COULTER, Ollie 1919-Aug-13
ROBERSON, Johnie SPINKS, Willie Ann 1918-Dec-03
ROBERSON, T A MCNAIR, Annie Mae 1918-Mar-20
ROBERTS, E B COLLINS, May 1910-Aug-19
ROBERTS, E G ERVIN, Hattie 1913-Mar-20
ROBERTS, Florence BENNETT, Oscar A 1909-May-02
ROBERTS, Forrest D SHARP, Ruby 1919-Dec-06
ROBERTS, J W DERRICKSON, Sophie L 1911-Mar-15
ROBERTS, M B TAYLOR, Ruby 1920-May-19
ROBERTS, Thomas S DEARR, Martha Alice 1906-Feb-05
ROBERTSON, Givan C GUYNES, Gladys 1917-Jun-23
ROBERTSON, Jesse LUCAS, J E 1911-Jan-02
ROBINOWITZ, Samuel PELLMAN, Sarah 1919-Jan-29
ROBINSON, Alf SMITH, Sallie 1919-Aug-30
ROBINSON, Charles A MCCALLUM, Annie 1918-Aug-07
ROBINSON, E S Jr BOYKIN, Birdie Ann 1913-Oct-07
ROBINSON, F E CAMPBELL, Mattie 1909-Aug-19
ROBINSON, George Josh NEWSOME, Mary Belle 1920-Jan-05
ROBINSON, James SIMMS, Stella 1910-Oct-11
ROBINSON, Lawrence Edward HOWELL, Gladys 1918-Jun-02
ROBINSON, Thomas A MCMILLAN, Ethel 1917-Nov-28
ROBINSON, Will TRACTTER, Lillian 1920-Jun-29
ROBINSON, William RICHARDSON, Ester 1910-Jul-14
ROCHE, F L HEYBACK, Kathrine 1918-Mar-07
RODGERS, F A THOMPSON, Catherine 1912-Dec-07
RODGERS, Frank REYNOLDS, Emma 1913-Jul-21
RODGERS, Frank Raymond HUTTS, Gladys Maye 1918-Jan-12
RODGERS, Robert THERMAN, Kate 1911-Jun-07
RODGERS, W S GRANTHAM, Allie 1917-Oct-13
ROFFERS, Edgar MARSHALL, Maggie 1919-Mar-25
ROGERS, Dick O HENDERSON, Lucia 1918-Mar-16
ROGERS, Ralph W SMOLLETT, Vera 1917-Dec-18
ROGERS, Shelton C BOND, Honor 1920-Oct-12
ROGERS, Warren G DUNLAP, Margaret L 1918-Jun-22
ROGERS, Wyatt LEWIS, Lessie Lee 1919-Dec-23
ROHM, John M MOORE, B Marie 1917-Dec-27
ROLAND, Alex HARRISON, Cora 1910-Mar-19
ROLLINS, Robert Evan SIEBE, Emma 1915-Sep-27
RONSAVILLE, John W TIMS, Carrie Etta 1920-May-11
ROSE, L P MARSTELLO, Elizabeth 1913-Jun-02
ROSE, Paul MCCAFFERY, Velma 1918-Feb-09
ROSE, Sherman NELSON, Laura Mae 1920-Nov-23
ROSEBERRY, Clarance R BROGAN, Lizzie 1917-Feb-13
ROSS, Amos A KISER, Josephine 1911-May-02
ROSS, C F PAGE, Patsy 1909-Apr-22
ROSS, Cleveland WIGGINS, Anna 1919-Feb-27
ROSS, Edgar A ELLIOTT, Dollie M 1910-Nov-24
ROSS, Jesse M NELSON, Sallie 1918-Aug-20
ROSS, John HERNDAN, Bertha 1918-Jan-26
ROSS, Johnie SMITH, Cornelia 1918-Nov-02
ROSS, Mose COBBS, Estelle 1920-Mar-29
ROSS, Robert Tracey SHOWERS, Martha Mildred 1918-Jun-29
ROURK, Wesley JONES, Kate 1920-Jan-10
ROUSE, H A TULLY, Leona 1911-Oct-04
ROUSE, Thomas Walter JACK, Bess Marie 1918-Sep-17
ROUSE, W R BRYANT, M F Miss 1911-Feb-22
ROWE, Frederick S JACQUES, Mabel 1918-Nov-16
ROWE, Wesley WADE, Laura 1909-Oct-03
ROYSDEN, Marshall M WOODS, Grace 1920-Jul-03
RUBENSTEIN, J CHAUCK, Clara 1909-Dec-05
RUHL, Lloyd G REEVES, Goldie 1917-Dec-01
RUMPH, Lester MAUDY, Ethel 1917-Apr-30
RUNNELLS, Charles MCCARDLE, Bertha 1914-May-16
RUNNELS, Ammon C MIXON, Ruby 1919-Dec-23
RUNNELS, Buren WHITE, Velma 1920-May-06
RUNNELS, Charley CRAFT, Rosella 1911-Apr-23
RUNNELS, Charley HERRINGTON, Dicy 1916-Aug-23
RUNNELS, Jesse MONTAGUE, Virgie 1915-Apr-08
RUNNELS, Joseph J ODOM, Minnie 1912-Dec-06
RUSE, Elmore KELLY, Benetta 1919-Jul-25
RUSS, Davis ROBERTS, Arnett 1911-Jun-03
RUSSELL, A P MAHAFFY, Ruth 1915-Oct-09
RUSSELL, F A MILLING, Katie 1914-Aug-15
RUSSELL, Ike BRYANT, Lillie 1913-Oct-09
RUSSELL, Jim GAINS, Lizzie 1919-Jul-26
RUSSELL, Leroy HARTFIELD, Mamie 1919-Nov-29
RUSSELL, Levy ROBERTS, C B 1912-Dec-21
RUSSELL, Stephen DIRTZ, Jessie 1915-Dec-25
RUTLEDGE, Jim LOPER, A C Miss 1914-Nov-26
RYAN, Joe BURKETT, Cornelia 1919-Mar-15

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