Forrest County Grooms

P - Q

PABBS, Smith GROSSETT, Gerta 1920-Jun-26
PACE, James M JONES, Bessie 1912-Jul-22
PACK, Harkless SALYERS, Leona 1918-Jul-06
PACKARD, Leslie A BENNETT, Nora 1917-Dec-20
PAGE, Cooper SHIELDS, Colleen 1918-Jun-11
PAGE, Milbourn WOODS, Banma 1919-Jun-02
PAGE, Sorrence TAYLOR, Pearl 1919-Feb-18
PAGE, William NUX, Mary Mrs 1919-Apr-18
PAGETT, Walter SMITH, Zella 1918-Sep-07
PALMER, Jesse P LOVETT, Blanche E 1918-Jul-14
PALMER, Lennie BECKINHEIMER, Lacy 1918-Jun-22
PAPAS, George L JONES, Hazel 1918-Nov-05
PAPPAS, Cris LEE, Fannie 1916-Jan-11
PARDMAN, Abe BOUIE, Eder 1919-Apr-19
PARKER, A M CLEARMAN, Viola 1915-Sep-04
PARKER, Arthur DULANY, Hilda 1911-May-14
PARKER, E J MIXON, Minerva 1920-Oct-03
PARKER, H H HARBOUR, Bessie 1917-Oct-09
PARKER, H H JEFFCOAT, Pearl Rachie 1919-Jun-14
PARKER, Henry PARKER, Effie 1917-Dec-03
PARKER, Horace BLANKS, Ann 1919-Jan-29
PARKER, Jesse C MCLEMORE, J S 1914-Jan-07
PARKER, John P CASS, Patronella 1917-Nov-20
PARKER, Mose W MATHEW, Estella 1918-Sep-12
PARKER, Newton Mack CRAFT, Ailein 1920-Oct-12
PARKER, Sam BLAKE, Ocie 1920-Jun-08
PARKER, Sam BROWN, Leola 1918-Jul-17
PARKER, Will TAYLOR, Minnie 1920-Sep-15
PARKER, Willie FRANCES, Victoria 1919-Jun-21
PARKER, Willie RAYNO, Evie 1918-Aug-27
PARKMAN, W F WILSON, Maud 1911-Feb-19
PARKS, John W SNOWDEN, Ruby 1919-Jan-01
PARKS, Sturle J ANDERSON, Lena 1917-Oct-27
PARRISH, Smith MAYO, Edna 1917-Nov-03
PARROTT, George BROWN, Carrie 1910-Sep-27
PARSONS, Pate ASBERRY, Corinne 1919-Mar-19
PATRICK, Lloyd NEWMAN, Hattie 1920-Mar-27
PATRICK, Love MILLING, Emma 1919-Jan-31
PATTERSON, A G RICH, Sadie 1909-Jun-13
PATTERSON, Ed PIGFORD, Mary 1918-May-25
PATTERSON, L M WATTS, Maggie 1910-Apr-29
PEACOCK, A J CROSBY, Pearl 1918-Jan-10
PEACOCK, I J KILK, M A Mrs 1916-May-14
PEACOCK, Judson O SIGHKEE, Rosa 1911-Dec-31
PEARCE, James A JONES, Nettie 1915-Dec-24
PEARCE, John JONES, Mary 1917-Nov-12
PEARCE, Thomas H WINDHAM, Corene 1909-Jun-24
PEARMAN, Bill BETTIS, Ida 1919-Jun-09
PEARRE, Thomas L BAXTER, Alaska Lillian 1919-Dec-01
PEARSON, E R BOND, S J Miss 1912-Mar-27
PEARSON, J L MILLER, E A Miss 1920-May-19
PEEL, R E SELLERS, Addie 1906-Mar-15
PEELER, Julius A RAWLS, Margaret Ruth 1917-Aug-11
PELL, Arthur OBRIEN, Sarah 1917-Dec-05
PELLIGRINI, Joseph J JAMES, Lillian A 1911-Jan-25
PELMAN, Philip MONEHAN, Mary 1917-Mar-03
PELOQUIN, Phillip John BURKHARDT, Clarissa E 1919-Jul-03
PENDARVIS, J Frank CRANSLEY, Lucinda 1906-Feb-10
PENDORRIS, J F CULPEPPER, Callie Elizabeth 1918-Jun-08
PENDORRIS, J F MCKENSIE, Bettie 1918-May-31
PENLAND, Gay Harvey CLARK, Mazie Duke 1918-Mar-27
PERCELL, Walter MCGEE, Barbra 1918-Jul-18
PERCOFF, Sam GREENBERG, Goldie 1918-May-17
PEREZ, Charles Edward BOSTIN, Margaret Elizabeth 1910-Nov-12
PERKINS, Albert TROTTER, Carrie 1917-Dec-28
PERKINS, Marshall Lewis HOLMES, Annie Louise 1909-Nov-03
PERKINS, Mose MCBRIDE, Effie 1917-Nov-11
PERKINS, S E STEVENS, Stacie 1910-Oct-24
PERKINS, William A ANDERSON, Edna Mae 1920-Nov-23
PERMENTER, John P BARBER, Annie Marlle 1916-May-10
PERRY, Lee R MORRIS, Annie 1913-Sep-27
PERRY, Sandy JOHNSON, Francis 1918-May-25
PERRY, W S DEASE, Laura 1910-Feb-28
PERRYMAN, Jake ALEXANDER, Willie 1918-Dec-30
PETERS, Arthur MOHORN, Mary 1920-Feb-23
PETRO, Fred KATTAS, Rose 1913-Dec-29
PETTUS, Jack NEAL, Virgie 1919-Jun-16
PETTUS, Riley GIBSON, Susie 1913-Sep-25
PEW, Major PARKER, Sarah Jane 1919-Sep-13
PEW, Marretta KEAKEY, Ourus 1918-Aug-11
PEW, Vernie WALTERS, C M 1919-May-04
PHILLEY, Ross O STOLLE, Matilda E 1918-Jun-15
PHILLIPS, A E FREEMAN, Enid R 1911-Dec-28
PHILLIPS, Clarence HOLLINGSWORTH, Mamie 1920-Mar-08
PHILLIPS, Dewey PORTER, Marion 1918-Jan-18
PHILLIPS, Elvin Wyly MILLER, Georgia Ruth 1917-Dec-01
PHILLIPS, John SUGG, Calispa 1914-Nov-21
PICKENS, Gatlin GROVES, Sarah 1918-Oct-07
PICKETT, Jimmis Brauder JONES, Michael Granberry 1913-Nov-05
PICKETT, Micajah E ARMSTRONG, Lurlene Lois 1919-Oct-17
PICKETT, Troy SAUNDERS, Ethel 1917-Jun-02
PIERCE, Charlie SHEARR, Hattie 1919-Dec-20
PIERCE, George SILVER, Nellie 1911-Dec-18
PIERCE, Virgil E WEAVER, Besse 1918-Jun-28
PIERCE, W M HARPER, Birdie 1913-Jul-05
PIERSON, Jesse Marian SHORT, Esther Mae 1919-Apr-07
PINER, J A SOLOMAN, Mandie 1920-Jun-28
PITTMAN, Ed P WALTERS, Bertie 1917-Nov-26
PITTMAN, John Alfred DAVIS, Lillian Clydie 1917-Nov-24
PITTMAN, Richard C ALLEN, Joseph 1919-Dec-24
PITTS, Soloman MCCALLUM, Maggie 1918-Apr-17
PITZER, Stuart J SHUSTER, Lucy 1918-Feb-14
PLATT, B A THOMAS, Daisie 1911-Dec-15
PLUMMER, Clint M MCINNIS, Nancy 1917-Nov-17
POLING, Fred L MCDOUGAL, Stella V 1918-Jan-19
POLK, B N HAMILTON, Jennie 1920-Jul-01
POLK, Groner T COOPER, Ocia 1910-Feb-05
POLK, H T DEMORIZE, Willie E Mrs 1914-Oct-07
POLK, W L MCMAHON, Eva Furness Mrs 1920-Sep-18
POLK, W N DICK, Minnie 1910-Jul-26
POLLACK, William C EATON, Lelia M 1917-Nov-19
POLLAND, Alonzo BROWN, Estelle 1918-Jul-14
PONDER, F D WRIE, Alma 1916-Nov-11
PONDER, Grady D DAVIS, Emma 1916-Dec-23
POOL, A P DAWSEY, Inez 1920-Mar-27
POOL, B A CONN, Connie 1909-Mar-20
POPE, Archie Harris SCOTT, Catherine 1918-Jun-15
POPE, Ben MARSH, Janie 1920-Jun-26
POPE, John Thomas AUSTIN, Emma I Mrs 1917-Jul-28
POPE, Lee PICKETT, Johnnie B 1917-Dec-23
POPE, Theodore A THOMAS, Mary 1919-Mar-27
POPE, Thomas L HOPKINS, Annie 1918-Feb-28
POPKINS, Charles E EDWARDS, Albertine M 1919-Feb-01
PORTER, Harry SPEARS, Lydia 1913-Oct-06
PORTER, Tal CONNER, Mamie 1918-Dec-24
PORTER, William Baxter GILLINGHAM, Helen 1918-Jan-23
POSEY, Louis SEAL, Sarah Jane 1913-Nov-15
POTTER, P H RICE, Katie Mrs 1919-Mar-13
POTTER, Richard H BEDWELL, Wylmah 1919-Sep-05
POTTON, William MORGAN, Sallie 1915-Oct-25
POUNCEY, Alexander ABRAN, Lula 1918-Mar-06
POWELL, C J MORLEY, Lella 1909-Jul-10
POWELL, Charly P HILL, Martha 1915-Aug-12
POWELL, Clarence Augustus BROWN, Luna Belle 1919-May-19
POWELL, Floyd BUSS, Tena 1918-Jan-23
POWELL, Hiram W WILLIAMS, Stella 1917-May-26
POWELL, J W WELBURN, Nellie 1913-Nov-18
POWELL, Jesse Aubrey EURE, Lillian 1918-Mar-10
POWELL, Walter SARTIN, Lee Irena 1920-Jun-03
POWELL, Will BERRY, Grace 1920-Apr-30
POWELL, Will RODGERS, Martha 1918-Dec-07
PRAYTOR, PICKLE, Eunice 1913-Dec-24
PRESCOTT, J P ROBERTSON, Lillian 1919-Sep-25
PRESSLEY, John FREEMAN, Mezines 1920-Jun-19
PRESTIDGE, Benjamin T MIXON, Minnie 1919-Apr-05
PRESTON, James R PETTY, Mattie 1918-Apr-30
PRESTON, Robert W FATHEREE, Jessie H 1918-May-18
PRESTRIDGE, J A GIBSON, Carrie 1912-Aug-15
PRICE, A M CLARK, Maggie 1906-Jan-03
PRICE, Lee Eddie STAPLETON, Lemmon 1918-Aug-26
PRICE, Raymond LEWIS, Dora 1917-Dec-14
PRICKETT, Jeptha WARE, Ada 1919-Jun-21
PRIDE, Idell MOTT, Georgia 1919-Sep-04
PRINCE, Dan CAMERON, Dessie 1919-Apr-12
PRINCE, Will NELSON, Mary 1920-Jan-30
PRINCE, William C NEILL, Virginia Estell 1918-Sep-02
PRINE, Buren KELLEY, Dovey May 1917-Jun-30
PRINE, John Wesley PRINE, Divil Mrs 1919-May-14
PRIVETT, Bruce STEVENS, Ethel 1917-Dec-30
PROWELL, David M MANNING, Ellen 1918-Jul-08
PRUITT, Carlis ANDERSON, Susie 1920-Mar-05
PRUITT, Osley SHANKS, Maud Lee 1918-Feb-04
PTASCHECK, Jack ETHRIDGE, Madelyne M 1917-Dec-19
PUCKETT, Albert K BURKE, Jennie 1919-Aug-04
PUCKETT, R C HATHORN, Bessie 1918-Dec-24
PUGH, Johnie ROBINSON, Martha 1920-Mar-08
PUGH, Will WHITE, Mattie 1919-Feb-04
PULFORD, John EASON, Johnie 1910-Sep-28
PULLEY, Joe HOLLIMON, Vernell 1915-Jun-19
PURNELL, E L NORWOOD, Winnie 1913-Jul-05
PURORS, T W RAYBURN, Myrtle 1914-Jul-14
PURVIS, Charles E CHAMBERS, May 1909-Jun-06
PURVIS, I N MCCRARY, S C Mrs 1916-Dec-19
QUAVE, James Kenneth BOULIGNY, Evylyn 1913-Jun-04
QUEALLY, W I HARRISON, Elizabeth 1911-Apr-22
QUICK, Ray CALLAHAN, Florence 1919-Jul-17
QUICK, Skillman BEARD, Esther 1912-Apr-28
QUICK, T D ROACH, Fannie 1909-Jun-24
QUINLEY, J D WELLS, Grace 1912-Nov-10
QUINN, Norman J STALEY, Mamie Mure 1918-Aug-12


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