Forrest County Grooms


NAGLE, Harry H FORD, Marle 1917-Dec-31
NALL, John Van Buren HELVESTON, Winnie 1920-Aug-07
NALLS, Will POWE, Annie N 1919-Feb-28
NALVIN, R S HARRIS, Daisey 1919-Jan-11
NAN, Otto S GROUT, Marion L 1917-Dec-26
NANCE, Harvey MCLEMORE, Bessie 1916-Jan-03
NASH, Will PATRICK, Sallie 1919-Aug-30
NASON, Frank William CLARKE, Harriett Alice 1912-Jan-09
NELSON, Andrew M HUTCHINS, Mary 1918-Jan-14
NELSON, Elijah DUBOSE, Sarah 1918-Apr-08
NELSON, John B HALL, Ora Lee Mrs 1919-Oct-15
NELSON, Lee Taska WILSON, Edna 1919-Mar-11
NETHA, Joseph Charles HALE, Eva Cooper 1919-Jan-06
NETHERCUTT, Thaddius CRONHEIM, Rose M 1918-May-10
NETTERVILLE, J W ATWOOD, Mattie E 1919-Oct-25
NEUREN, Ollie JOHNSON, Jewell 1918-Aug-03
NEVINS, Abe ADELSON, Ruth 1918-Aug-27
NEW, Joseph E ROBERTS, Ethelene 1919-Apr-20
NEWCOMB, Ollie MASSEY, Eula Mae 1918-Sep-08
NEWELL, Jesse W SMITH, Laura 1919-Sep-13
NEWSOM, J W GRAHAM, Viola 1912-Apr-04
NEWSOM, Ollie DAVIS, Lula 1918-Nov-02
NEWSOME, Arthur STARLING, Nina 1916-Feb-19
NEWSOME, Henry STRONGHTER, Bessie 1917-Aug-22
NEWTON, Charlie POWE, Annie 1919-Sep-04
NEWTON, L L WILSON, Adeline 1918-Jul-15
NEWTON, Sam SIGLER, Lena 1918-Aug-06
NICHOLS, Walter Arrin FLINT, Annie Mae 1919-Jun-11
NICHOLSON, G W LEVERETT, Blanche 1909-Mar-08
NICHOLSON, Horrace Lewis RAYMOND, Odyle Marie 1918-Sep-12
NICHOLSON, Isham ELSON, Annie 1909-Jul-27
NICHOLSON, James SHAW, Willie 1920-Mar-19
NICHOLSON, James B GRIFFIN, Junior Louise 1918-Dec-02
NICHOLSON, Robert WILLIAMS, Mattie 1918-Jun-04
NIENHAN, Charles Henry LAHAY, Carbelle 1918-Aug-21
NISBIT, C A POLK, Esther Mae 1918-Mar-19
NITSCHRE, Charles F ARLEDGE, Velma L 1919-Jul-26
NIX, Addison A JORDAN, Gantha 1920-Jan-08
NIX, Sam BRYANT, Winnie 1920-Nov-06
NIXON, Stevens DOLIE, Frances 1920-Feb-07
NIXON, Sullivan MCGEE, Della 1919-Jan-15
NOBELS, J W NOBLES, Rosa Lee 1920-Aug-28
NOBLES, J S LOPER, Sallie 1912-Jun-28
NOEL, H L SADLER, Arvelia B Mrs 1918-Dec-26
NOGIER, Louis F WILSON, Sybyl 1918-Jul-20
NORMAN, Clifton HANEY, Georgie Mae 1919-Apr-07
NORMAN, J C ROUSE, Mary 1911-Jun-08
NORMAN, M L GELMORE, Viola 1914-Sep-30
NORRELL, Milton STAPLETON, Francis 1918-Aug-10
NORSWORTHY, H L MATHIS, Pearl 1909-Nov-25
NORTEN, Thomas M GRAHAM, Agnes Ruth 1911-Mar-25
NORTON, E W THATCH, Edith Janis 1911-Jun-25
NORTON, Robert K KLING, Otilia E 1910-Jan-25
NORTON, Victor J SCHENK, Jennie 1918-Jul-02
NUGENT, Harry REIPP, Alberta O 1918-Jun-05
NULL, David Levert MCMURRY, Eugenia Agnes 1918-Jun-12
NUNN, Lucuis ISAAC, Ida 1919-Feb-25
NURETT, T P CHAMBERS, Mamie 1919-Apr-28
OAKLEY, William Noel BURDETTE, Ada Lee 1917-Aug-02
OBERHAUSEN, Edward G BRYANT, Aline 1918-Aug-17
OBRYAN, H T O JACOBS, Pearl 1918-Jul-29
OCONNELL, J A DENNIS, Verah 1911-May-21
ODOM, Charles PARKER, Bessie 1909-Jul-12
ODOM, Jesse J HENSARLING, Pearlie Jane 1916-Mar-06
ODOM, Joseph E WIGGINS, Katie 1917-Mar-10
ODOM, W J HERROD, E P Miss 1915-Nov-23
ODOMS, Q S RAIN, Marie L 1909-Sep-23
OFLYNN, Michael CLARK, Bertha 1910-Jan-10
OKEEFE, Charles SHERRON, Jesse Ruth 1915-Feb-13
OLDHAM, L D LEE, Nellie G 1912-Sep-09
OLIVER, Floyd JACKSON, Irene 1920-May-22
OLIVER, Henry INGRAM, Bessie 1917-Nov-03
OMALLEY, Chas Steven STEELMAN, Ada 1917-Oct-13
OMARA, I T HILL, Marie Catherine 1920-Oct-06
ONEAL, John KIRK, Clara 1910-Sep-19
OPSAHL, Gustore A BONNICHSEN, Mary K 1918-Jul-06
ORANGE, Charlie BRADLEY, Lillie E 1918-Feb-16
ORCHARD, Harry R ADAMS, Nizzie Dell 1910-Mar-28
OROURKE, Edward BOWSER, Mildred 1917-Sep-25
ORR, Jesse Jr HIGGINBOTHAM, Mary M 1918-Jun-15
ORTIZ, Marion Tario THILLIS, Ida May 1920-Sep-18
OSWALT, J A ADAMS, Claudia Love 1920-May-20
OTIS, W L DAWKINS, Mary 1920-Mar-27
OTTES, Mark SHEPPARD, Rose 1918-Apr-15
OVERALL, Robert W HENDRIX, Beulah May 1919-Jun-12
OVERSTREET, Frank HUTCHSON, Hattie 1919-Sep-11
OVERSTREET, Renza WILSON, Della 1919-Oct-11
OWEN, G L MARTIN, Maggie Mrs 1920-Jul-03
OWEN, Louis K FOGAL, Sarah Elizabeth 1914-Mar-14
OWENS, E K WILLIAMS, D W Mrs 1914-Aug-24
OWENS, J W L HOGAN, Victor 1917-Dec-18
OWENS, Jas Herbert DONOVAN, Bessie 1916-Mar-23
OWENS, R D POWELL, Nellie 1910-Nov-26


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