Forrest County Grooms


FAIL, A H HARTZOG, Ruth 1913-Dec-02
FAIL, Clarence W KIMMONS, Imogene 1917-Sep-15
FAIL, L W CLARK, Hester 1916-Jan-15
FAIR, Willie MCSWAN, Angeline 1919-May-25
FAIRLEY, Buford JONES, Ella 1918-Sep-02
FAIRLEY, Johnie ROBBINS, Gertrude 1916-Mar-11
FAIRLEY, Knox John REW, Gertrude 1918-Feb-11
FAIRLEY, Mose JACKSON, Mary Lou 1918-Feb-04
FAIRLEY, Neil CARTER, Ruth 1915-Jul-14
FAIRLEY, R J STOLLENWERCK, Augusta 1916-Feb-23
FAIRLEY, Ray DRAUGHN, R B 1911-Aug-15
FAIRLEY, Virgil L WILLIAMS, E 1918-Feb-22
FAIRLEY, Walker MCCALLUM, Cora 1919-Dec-13
FAIRLY, A Ray MCAULY, Claudie Sue 1914-Oct-07
FAIRLY, Henry JUDGE, Katie 1911-Jan-02
FALER, Lawrence Leo BURKETT, Marguerite Mae 1919-Sep-29
FALKNER, Harris COLE, Lela 1920-Oct-25
FARMER, Will WALTER, Alberta 1919-May-14
FAULK, John S WIEFEL, Elfriede 1919-Oct-26
FAULKNER, James ROBERTS, Gussie 1906-Feb-11
FAULKNER, Thomas L BAKER, Mattie Lee 1918-May-13
FEIX, Oscar HESS, Lula 1918-Apr-27
FELL, Willie F SAXTON, Lula 1920-Jan-19
FELTS, Ferbie KENNARD, J O 1910-Aug-24
FENDERSON, Ollie SPRIGHTS, Bessie 1918-Nov-16
FENNER, Robert PERRY, Katie 1917-Dec-10
FERGERSON, Schiller LOWRY, C M 1909-Mar-24
FERGUSON, D L PEARCE, May 1918-Mar-02
FERRALL, Dan JENKINS, Gertrude 1918-Nov-12
FERRELL, B F EZELL, Ethel 1915-Nov-11
FERREN, James JONES, Ella Mae 1909-Jul-29
FERRILL, J F HILTON, Stella 1913-Jul-12
FEWELL, J E HESTER, Missouri 1913-Oct-04
FIELDS, George TROTTER, Carrie 1918-Jun-03
FIELDS, J Clayde MCWILLIAMS, Lela P 1916-Oct-17
FIELDS, Robert HANEY, Laura Sanders 1909-Nov-07
FIKE, J E WILLIAMS, Burnetta 1909-Mar-07
FILLINGAME, D W FLEMMING, Clevia Jane 1916-Feb-17
FILLINGAME, James A HERRING, Catherine 1920-Jan-06
FILLINGAME, Willie A BELL, Alma 1911-Apr-20
FINCH, Edgar A HODGE, Gladys E 1918-Apr-20
FINCH, Lloyd Earl WILKINSON, Lillian Belle 1918-Jun-26
FINCH, Rex HILT, Nellie 1917-Dec-06
FINDLEY, Charlie E WIGGS, Ella 1918-Apr-10
Findley, James BRYANT, Louise 1918-Jan-10
FINDLEY, W R CORNEGA, Ollie 1918-Aug-04
FINDLEY, William ADAMS, Lena 1920-Jan-09
FINDLEY, William Mathew MEEKS, Minnie 1917-Dec-05
FINGER, W H SLATON, May 1912-Dec-12
FISH, Harry OWENS, Ella 1910-Aug-09
FISHER, Clarence A MARTIN, Lulu Pearl 1918-Sep-04
FISHER, Grover C MIRGON, Alice 1918-Mar-19
FISHER, Luther HENLEY, Glennie 1917-Dec-04
FISHER, Ronald M WEIR, Mary Lucille 1918-Jun-27
FITCH, Herschel HOLLAND, Minnie 1918-Jul-20
FIVEASH, P L HEADLEY, Lillie 1910-Mar-27
FLACK, William A BRO, Anna Mae 1918-May-15
FLANAGAN, William F YOUNG, Anna B 1919-Mar-31
FLEMING, Charley CARTER, Nina 1910-Jan-24
FLEMING, Henry SMITH, Mariah 1919-Apr-07
FLEMMING, W P HARTZOJ, Alva 1912-Feb-24
FLIK, Roy W RENNER, Leila 1917-Nov-07
FLOOD, James O Jr TERRY, Madeline M 1917-Oct-26
FLOWERS, L O A FARLEY, Hazel 1917-Oct-29
FLOYD, Augusta TURNER, Lila 1919-Mar-26
FLOYD, Hary N CUMMINGS, Margaret A 1918-Jan-06
FOIL, W C FLYNT, Amy 1910-Jan-05
FOKES, Willie Cruse KRAMER, Alma Marie 1918-Jan-19
FOLKES, John SANDERS, Ethel 1913-Jan-17
FONSA, Lee MASON, Sarah 1912-Jun-06
FOOTE, Lyman MULLINS, Carrie 1909-Apr-28
FORBERT, Samuel BARNE, Garnett Wilma 1920-May-14
FORBES, James C NEWMAN, Mabel 1918-May-30
FORD, J E HENSARLING, M C Miss 1913-Dec-23
FORD, Jesse AMMONDS, Fannie 1917-Dec-18
FORD, Lofton TAYLOR, Lottie 1919-Dec-29
FORD, Ollie BRUCE, E 1911-Nov-23
FORD, P S VANCE, Virgie 1915-Jan-22
FORD, Perry Lee MILNER, R L 1909-Jun-09
FOREMAN, Charles HERRINGTON, Ida 1919-Apr-01
FORSMALK, A N BATES, Serena 1916-Jan-24
FORSYTHE, Charles MCINNIS, Addie Mrs 1917-Sep-26
FORTENBERRY, Leo WEBB, W H 1920-Feb-19
FORTNER, T M JENNINGS, Maud E 1910-Jan-12
FORTNER, Will CARTER, Lacy 1919-Mar-15
FORTUNE, Ray W BURKETT, Ella May 1919-Sep-09
FOSTER, Arthur STEVENSON, Ruby 1918-Dec-12
FOSTER, Claude A CONLIN, Rosemary 1918-Jan-30
FOSTER, Hosey YATES, Katie 1918-Dec-27
FOSTER, J M HULBERT, Lura 1911-Jul-09
FOSTER, Jess REAMS, Claudia 1917-Jan-23
FOSTER, Samuel Lattimore POUR, Elma Adelaide 1911-Mar-21
FOSTER, Thomas GRAY, Willie May 1919-Feb-01
FOUNTAIN, Henry SMITH, Belle 1920-Jun-08
FOWLER, Will BROWN, Ruby 1919-Nov-10
FOXWORTH, E L CLARK, Jennie V 1914-Nov-24
FOXWORTH, Thad E GRAHAM, Virgie 1919-Jan-21
FRAEL, William Wheeler BLACKWOOD, Susan 1918-Jan-06
FRALEY, Bedford COSMAR, Stella May 1918-Jan-01
FRANTZ, Walter C MATHING, Ana Zoe 1919-Sep-29
FREDERICK, William CUNION, Jennie 1918-Jun-24
FREELAND, Russell Albright SHEFLET, Maud Louise 1917-Oct-25
FREEMAN, Dawson BRYAN, Dottie 1918-Mar-20
FREEMAN, Frank D DUNSTON, Bertha 1918-Jun-08
FREEMAN, Frank J MCDANIEL, Martha 1917-Dec-15
FREEMAN, Hubert KELLEY, Marie 1918-Sep-07
FREEMAN, R L REYNOLDS, Mary 1913-Aug-16
FREEMAN, T B SMITH, Maud 1916-Jun-25
FREENY, Luke C KOONCE, Mollie 1906-Jan-15
FRENCH, W H MCDADE, Maude 1913-Mar-15
FRIEDLAUDER, Harry BUNDY, Lorena 1919-Mar-15
FRIES, George M COOK, Daisey 1919-Dec-13
FROHLICHSTEIN, Emanuel N KANARD, Ruth F 1918-Oct-15
FROZE, Malcolm MARTZ, Metha 1917-Nov-23
FRYE, J Marshall PURYEAR, Maud Estell 1910-Dec-23
FULLEN, W A LEE, Mary Mrs 1912-Jun-15
FULLER, Charles D COWORT, Lena Octavia 1911-Dec-28
FULLER, Clarence W ROBERTS, Lula 1918-Mar-23
FULLER, Cyrus Holbrook WHELAN, Gladys B 1917-Dec-24
FULLER, G P ROBY, Jewell 1920-Jun-03
FULLER, John TRUELOVE, Edna 1916-Apr-08
FURGUSON, Roym DUNCAN, Cora E 1918-Oct-28
FURR, Fred W PASCH, Marve 1915-Feb-27


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