Forrest County Grooms


ABERCROMBEE, John Edward DUNN, Vashti 1919-Jan-11
ABNEY, M G BROWN, Florence 1910-Dec-17
ABRAHAM, Kalil SACK, Silena 1913-May-02
ADAM, Anthony P RUBUSH, Geraldine 1917-Nov-28
ADAMS, Carshe THOMPSON, Mattie 1919-Oct-29
ADAMS, Forrest BROCK, May 1918-May-20
ADAMS, Frank Glenn THOMAS, Henrietta 1918-Jun-26
ADAMS, Norval BARTLETT, W F 1911-Jan-05
ADAMS, Scott P LITTLE, Manny 1910-Mar-27
ADAMS, Thad F BEARDSLEE, Stella Mcswain M 1920-Jun-03
ADAMS, Tom JONES, Maggie 1919-Apr-12
ADAMS, Warren BODKINS, Irene 1918-Jun-29
ADDEY, Samuel B CAMPBELL, Orpha 1918-Apr-24
ADKINS, Mitchell BRICE, Charity 1919-Feb-08
AIKEY, J W REAMES, Lena 1909-Sep-18
AIKEY, John W REAMS, Lena 1910-May-05
ALAMO, Edward D COX, Eunice 1920-Sep-11
ALBELT, Ray S WALLIN, Lillian E 1918-Jun-15
ALBION, Jasper J CALDWELL, Mabel 1917-Dec-24
ALBRITTON, Buther Ellison HATHORN, Hester 1920-Jun-22
ALEXANDER, James R HAWLEY, Mary Vivian 1914-Apr-11
ALEXANDER, T J WRIGHT, Lillian Zeda 1913-Oct-04
ALLEN, Charles C GAY, Annie 1918-May-04
ALLEN, Dan LOTT, Nannie 1920-May-25
ALLEN, Fred LEGG, Margrett 1912-Nov-18
ALLEN, John PATTERSON, Will Lou 1918-Apr-09
ALLEN, John M BOUIE, Mary Ida 1919-Oct-30
ALLEN, Joseph PITTMAN, Richard C 1919-Dec-24
ALLEN, Leon BLALOCK, Minnie 1918-Jul-29
ALLISON, Harry V BATTS, Aline 1919-Dec-16
ALME, Eddie T MARTIN, Louise Olivia 1919-Sep-26
ALPHIN, J I CALHOUN, Beulah Mrs 1919-Jun-06
ALRED, Dewitt Talmadge WATKINS, Velma Annette 1920-Dec-01
AMOS, Charlie RYAN, Vedie 1920-Jan-24
AMOS, Sam BRITTON, Beatrice 1918-Jun-19
ANDERSON, Albert B CHURCHWELL, Katie 1919-Aug-23
ANDERSON, Cecil LEMING, Dart W 1917-Oct-13
ANDERSON, Cephus A DYE, Ola 1920-Oct-22
ANDERSON, Chalmus H ANDERSON, Thelma 1917-Dec-08
ANDERSON, Charlie A KEEVAN, Margaret 1920-Aug-09
ANDERSON, E L GRAY, Ida 1910-Jul-23
ANDERSON, Earl LOCKETT, Maggie 1920-Oct-11
ANDERSON, Elmer A BEALE, Hattie May 1920-Nov-06
ANDERSON, Frank R LAUDERDALE, Bess D 1909-Nov-17
ANDERSON, Fred L LUSE, Esther E 1918-Jun-19
ANDERSON, George RICHARDSON, Nellie 1919-Jan-18
ANDERSON, George Dunnon COLEMAN, Ruth 1920-Oct-09
ANDERSON, Irvin FORD, Beulah 1914-Oct-05
ANDERSON, L A BOSARGE, Irene R 1915-Jan-10
ANDERSON, R C SEAL, Mandee 1920-Jun-12
ANDERSON, Robert Z ARLEDGE, Elinor 1910-Feb-06
ANDERSON, W H ODOM, Susie 1915-Jul-31
ANDRAE, C E TUCKER, Emma Mae 1915-Apr-01
ANDREWS, A FIELDS, Allie 1909-Aug-01
ANDREWS, George W TRIGGS, Mamie Irene 1917-Nov-28
ANDREWS, Will MCCLOUD, Elcie 1919-Jan-02
ANDREWS, Willie BOLTON, Archie 1919-Mar-21
ANERBACK, Jacob CAPLON, Bessie 1915-Apr-30
ANGELO, Alex KELVY, Polly 1920-Oct-12
ANGELO, V J MCPHERSON, Mary 1919-Mar-04
ANTOMICH, Louis VENUS, Josephine 1920-Jul-26
ANVIL, Ob FRAZIER, Emma 1917-Dec-05
APPLEWHITE, Clyde MCLAIN, Mabel 1916-Aug-08
ARCHER, Elbert LEE, Celestine 1920-Mar-27
ARCHER, W N ELLIS, Vida Ann 1918-Sep-05
ARCHER, William O DUCKWALL, Myrtel Gladys 1913-Sep-27
ARGANBRIGHT, Ned Arlo HOLMES, Mildred Irene 1918-Nov-02
ARLEDGE, John C ANDREWS, Ethel Voss 1909-Jul-07
ARLEDGE, John L HAMMOCK, Adell 1909-Jun-27
ARLEDGE, Robert CHATMAN, Julia 1920-Sep-18
ARMSTRONG, George H COOPER, Maud Ellen 1916-May-22
ARNOLD, Cas JAMES, Lillie 1912-Jan-06
ARNOLD, John A HEMPHILL, Iva 1920-Feb-05
ARRINGTON, A D PEELER, Bessie 1914-Apr-06
ARRINGTON, Albert BROWN, Susie 1918-May-10
ASHCRAFT, Frank PERRY, Ruby Marie 1919-Apr-05
ASHFORD, Dawson PETERSON, Minnie Mae 1918-Nov-30
ASHIER, J W RAINEY, Mamie 1917-Dec-05
ASHLEY, W M MATTHEWS, Frazier 1913-Dec-24
ASHWORTH, Lewis Scott ABEE, Calve Helen 1918-Mar-20
ASTA, Dominico POFLISE, Gastania 1910-Aug-27
ATES, C L MOULDER, Pearl 1909-Apr-18
ATES, L A MITCHELL, Fannie E 1912-May-31
ATKINS, Dennis MAY, Lillie 1919-Nov-15
ATKINS, Henry ATKINS, Essie Lee 1918-Jun-08
ATKINS, Robert C REED, Cathrine M 1918-May-25
ATWOOD, H M HOLLOWAY, Bettie 1917-Oct-24
ATWOOD, James H BROGAN, Margaret Ellen 1915-Feb-10
AULTMAN, J J EASTERLING, Jessie Miss 1913-May-14
AUSTIN, Dan TURNER, Ada 1918-Mar-25
AUSTIN, Phillip BELL, Georgie 1918-Apr-11
AUSTIN, William SWITCHES, Lillie 1920-Jan-03
AUTREY, G G BATSON, Ruby 1915-Mar-26
AUTWELL, B SMITH, Josephine 1911-Aug-06
AYERS, L L HOLIFIELD, Ada 1909-Dec-28


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