Forrest County Brides

T - V

TAGGERT, Mayone DAVIS, Howard G 1918-May-04
TALLMAN, Zemery JONES, Esseeren 1920-Feb-14
TANNER, Georgia Ann JOHNSON, Albert 1914-Feb-27
TANNER, Julia SMITH, A D 1911-May-20
TASBERRY, Mattie COTTON, Jim 1918-Mar-11
TATE, Archie DUNHAM, Velma 1919-Apr-26
TATE, Linnie WELLS, R R 1909-Dec-19
TATE, Mary E JONES, Samuel 1909-Jun-22
TATE, Ruby WALL, C T 1909-Mar-28
TATE, Susie SANDIFER, Vivian L 1917-Apr-07
TATUM, Anna MCCALL, Ed 1919-Jul-05
TAULBES, Mabel LEONARD, Offie 1917-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Agnes Mrs LION, Jesse 1918-Feb-02
TAYLOR, Audrey JONES, Print 1919-Oct-11
TAYLOR, Azalie SEXTON, Norwood 1915-Dec-17
TAYLOR, Ethel THOMAS, G J 1918-Jun-08
TAYLOR, Etta Mrs DAILEY, Oliver 1918-May-11
TAYLOR, Eunah CHARNOCK, Howard O 1918-Mar-30
TAYLOR, L Louise BOOZER, C H 1915-Aug-28
TAYLOR, Lonnie CREEL, Annie 1920-Jul-05
TAYLOR, Lottie FORD, Lofton 1919-Dec-29
TAYLOR, Margaret Lavinia BURKE, Charles Sutherland 1919-Aug-02
TAYLOR, Minnie HARTFIELD, George 1918-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Minnie PARKER, Will 1920-Sep-15
TEMPLE, Annie Marie LANE, Charles Spurgeon 1918-May-14
TEMPLE, Mattie BURKETT, Frances 1917-Dec-20
TEMPLE, Virgie LOFASA, Frank M 1913-Jul-16
TEMPLES, Orrie TEMPLES, Travis 1919-Jun-23
TERRALL, Mattie THOMAS, Bill 1920-Oct-07
TERRALL, Sallie HOLLIMAN, William 1920-Oct-28
TERRELL, Elizabeth KAAI, Benjamin 1920-Jan-19
TERRY, Madeline M FLOOD, James O Jr 1917-Oct-26
THAGARD, Corrine P SMITH, W O 1914-Jan-11
THATCH, Annie Dean MEADOR, Claiborne G 1917-Dec-29
THATCH, Cleo GULLEY, W R 1917-May-29
THATCH, Edith Janis NORTON, E W 1911-Jun-25
THATCH, Minnie EDMONDSON, V B 1918-May-15
THAXTON, Effie KING, Ernest 1918-Nov-23
THERMAN, Kate RODGERS, Robert 1911-Jun-07
THILLIS, Ida May ORTIZ, Marion Tario 1920-Sep-18
THOMAS, Bertha HARTFIELD, Andrew 1919-Sep-13
THOMAS, Clevia Mrs SELLERS, John 1918-Oct-19
THOMAS, Daisie PLATT, B A 1911-Dec-15
THOMAS, Ella JOHNSON, Ross 1918-Aug-31
THOMAS, Grace SCHROEDER, Martin H 1918-Feb-25
THOMAS, Henrietta ADAMS, Frank Glenn 1918-Jun-26
THOMAS, Jessie KELLY, Shafter 1919-Nov-01
THOMAS, L M Mrs MARTIN, T L 1914-Mar-23
THOMAS, Lavenia E TRAVIS, Robert A 1917-Dec-01
THOMAS, Louvenia JONES, Atkins 1918-May-12
THOMAS, Lula MOSELEY, Heby 1920-Jan-30
THOMAS, Marie LOCK, John 1918-Jun-03
THOMAS, Mary POPE, Theodore A 1919-Mar-27
THOMAS, Myrtle E ROBBINS, Rex F 1917-Dec-05
THOMAS, Primrose HARRIS, Lu 1919-Nov-29
THOMAS, Rebecca BUMPER, R B 1919-Jul-03
THOMAS, Rebecca LYNCH, John 1920-Aug-04
THOMAS, Zola May COLE, Booker 1919-Mar-26
THOMPSON, Annie Laura TREST, Angus E 1909-Dec-26
THOMPSON, Aura Lou GILPUE, Ferdinand Lamotte 1913-Sep-09
THOMPSON, Bessie Lenora HYDE, C M Jr 1919-Jan-18
THOMPSON, Birdie Mae MAJOR, Dorrance 1920-Apr-08
THOMPSON, Blanche JOHNSON, Robert 1920-Jul-13
THOMPSON, Buela DURANT, Calvin 1919-Sep-12
THOMPSON, Catherine RODGERS, F A 1912-Dec-07
THOMPSON, Cynthia G MONTGOMERY, Archibald G 1917-Dec-29
THOMPSON, Daisy M GEIGER, Camp P 1910-Dec-05
THOMPSON, Ellie RAWSON, I J 1914-May-14
THOMPSON, Emma RATCLIFFE, Steve 1917-Nov-03
THOMPSON, Erskine R CAMERON, D Dewitt 1916-Jun-20
THOMPSON, Frances GRANBERRY, C R 1911-Sep-27
THOMPSON, Genora MICHAEL, Davis 1918-Jan-01
THOMPSON, Luberta HALL, Eddie 1920-May-24
THOMPSON, Lucy WALLACE, Robert L 1920-Jul-17
THOMPSON, Lucy ZEIGLER, G M 1920-Oct-22
THOMPSON, Mabel SMITH, Horace Hooker 1918-Jun-17
THOMPSON, Mary REDUS, E P 1912-Aug-24
THOMPSON, Mary SMITH, John 1909-Feb-11
THOMPSON, Mary Alice TURNER, John L 1917-Dec-01
THOMPSON, Mary Eliza GLOVER, Willis B 1916-May-20
THOMPSON, Mary Ellen GILLIS, Homer 1917-Oct-06
THOMPSON, Mattie ADAMS, Carshe 1919-Oct-29
THOMPSON, Nancy Evelyn COX, James S 1919-Sep-10
THOMPSON, Viola MARTIN, James W 1917-Jul-30
THORN, E D Mrs TANNER, B C 1911-Sep-13
THORNTON, Daisy Agnes CLARKE, P W 1917-Nov-14
THORNTON, Estha GUY, D L 1915-Jun-05
THORNTON, Maggie GUY, James Lewis 1917-Jun-02
THORNTON, Mary Louise EDWARDS, Samuel Oliver 1919-Dec-24
THURMAN, Cathrine Mrs HARRISON, H G 1911-Dec-30
TIDWELL, Sallie BOLINGER, Forrest H 1920-Mar-20
TIGHE, Francis Lucille MADERO, Joseph Mcdowell 1918-Feb-23
TILL, Jessina BREWTON, Ora 1919-Apr-01
TILLMAN, Lora Belle WILLIAMS, George 1918-Mar-29
TILLMAN, Parlee BLACK, Amos 1919-Jan-11
TIMM, Flossie L DAN BUSKIRK, Gerald J 1917-Dec-20
TIMMON, Octovia MITCHELL, Ike 1918-Aug-13
TIMS, Carrie Etta RONSAVILLE, John W 1920-May-11
TIMS, Hilda GRISSOM, W A 1913-May-24
TINNER, Georgia JORDAN, John 1920-Feb-14
TISDAL, Eddie TRAVIS, Mack 1918-Jan-05
TISDALE, Lola Mae BAKER, John 1918-Jul-29
TODD, Bessie E MILLER, B 1914-Apr-18
TODD, Julia MCNEESE, George 1914-Feb-17
TOLBERT, Hattie HALL, David 1920-Mar-13
TOLBERT, Myrtle SANDERS, Charles 1918-Jul-23
TOLIVEN, Ola JONES, Morris 1918-Nov-12
TOMLINSON, Annie Lee LEE, John Bunyan 1919-Feb-24
TOMLINSON, Nurell WATTS, J F 1913-Mar-25
TOMPKINS, Annie Laura LEE, D E 1913-Jul-31
TONEY, R M Miss MCCAULY, J A 1914-Aug-25
TOUCHSTONE, Agnes GROVE, John 1915-Dec-25
TOUCHSTONE, Annie Belle KERWIN, Thomas J 1920-Oct-20
TOW, Jeanette JULOW, James Franklin 1918-Aug-03
TOWNES, Lela JONES, Franklin 1909-Oct-20
TOWNS, Susie E JOHNSON, Zollie 1920-May-05
TRACEY, Myrtle S LAROS, William A 1919-May-10
TRACTTER, Lillian ROBINSON, Will 1920-Jun-29
TRACY, Nina LOTT, T W 1906-Jan-26
TRAILOR, Isabell GATES, W E 1913-Apr-11
TRAVIS, Almgra Louise HICKMAN, Harry Vance 1915-Dec-09
TRAVIS, Celia GADDIS, Jim 1918-Aug-28
TRIGG, Azaline Mrs KELLY, A F 1920-Jul-20
TRIGG, Pauline WARD, Mcinnis 1920-Apr-10
TRIGGS, Mamie Irene ANDREWS, George W 1917-Nov-28
TROTTER, Carrie FIELDS, George 1918-Jun-03
TROTTER, Carrie PERKINS, Albert 1917-Dec-28
TROTTER, Cornelia MCKINZIE, M L 1916-Apr-25
TROTTER, Gertrude CHAMBERS, Diamond 1917-Dec-24
TROTTER, Henrietta LEE, Andrew 1910-Feb-27
TROTTER, Lucille MCCALLUM, Charley 1918-Mar-04
TROTTER, Mae WEBB, Paul A 1917-Dec-24
TROTTER, Oshia WILLIAMS, Tom 1918-Nov-04
TROTTER, Savannah BOUNDS, Lester 1920-Jan-19
TRUELOVE, Edna FULLER, John 1916-Apr-08
TRUELOVE, Retha WALTERS, Mathew 1917-Mar-15
TRULORE, Susan Mrs MILLER, Wilson 1913-Feb-15
TUCKER, Annie CALLIER, Jesse 1911-Nov-23
TUCKER, Delma BUSH, E C 1918-Jun-28
TUCKER, Emma JENKINS, Lott 1919-Mar-02
TUCKER, Emma Mae ANDRAE, C E 1915-Apr-01
TUCKER, Lida May WILKES, E J 1913-Feb-25
TUCKER, Virginia B HUGHES, John P 1918-Aug-21
TULLY, Leona ROUSE, H A 1911-Oct-04
TURNAGE, Ina C EDENS, W G 1920-Dec-28
TURNAGE, Victoria MURPHY, Ora A 1910-Jan-04
TURNER, Ada AUSTIN, Dan 1918-Mar-25
TURNER, Emma COURTNEY, Walter 1910-Aug-13
TURNER, Letha SHIRLEY, H W 1909-Jun-30
TURNER, Lila FLOYD, Augusta 1919-Mar-26
TURNER, M T Miss CRAGIN, B A Jr 1912-Jun-19
TURNER, Mary GALLOWAY, John 1919-Jan-15
TURNER, Mary Elizabeth WALKER, Shelby 1913-Jun-25
TURNER, Mary Etta SMITH, Sam 1919-Aug-19
TURNER, Naomi STAPLETON, Lackey J 1911-May-25
TURNER, Ruth E TUTTLE, George 1911-Oct-06
TURRELL, Mabel O BARGER, George E 1918-Sep-14
TUTTLE, Martha W WILT, James Robert 1918-Jun-21
TYLER, Edna Mary E JOHNSON, Otis 1919-Apr-01
TYLER, Idelle HILL, Smylie 1920-Feb-07
TYLER, Mary Morris MCCALLUM, Manuel 1918-Oct-12
TYNER, Anna STEWART, D S 1920-Jun-11
TYSON, Mary BOWELL, Calvin 1920-Nov-13
ULMER, Wilhelamina STEVENSON, Frank M 1920-Dec-07
ULREY, Evelyn M SEWELL, Wayne W 1918-Feb-06
URSERY, Mattie Lee THOMPSON, Joseph B 1911-Dec-16
USERY, Etta KING, Ernest 1914-Apr-11
USREY, Dola SLAY, Fred C 1917-Nov-16
USURY, Estelle CHERRY, Hugh 1918-Mar-18
VAN BURG, Hannah SMITH, Ottis 1918-Feb-23
VANCE, Virgie FORD, P S 1915-Jan-22
VANSLYKE, Bettie SHOWS, C H 1919-Apr-11
VAUGHN, Fannie MOORE, Jim 1918-Nov-04
VAUGHN, Norma GARDNER, John Franklin 1916-Feb-26
VENABLE, Corrine JOHNSON, Paul B 1915-Feb-10
VENABLE, Margaret BOUTWELL, Bura James 1920-Jul-02
VENIUS, Marie BARBAR, Frank 1918-Oct-02
VENUS, Josephine ANTOMICH, Louis 1920-Jul-26
VICE, Victoria DOWELL, Samuel 1919-Oct-25
VICK, Ruth BYRD, F R 1919-Dec-20
VICK, Ruth WRIGHT, V W 1918-Oct-02
VICKERS, Minnie MAY, Luther 1914-Feb-20
VICKERS, Viola B WILLIAMS, James G 1910-Mar-03
VINCENT, Ida Anna BRENNAN, Fred V 1918-Aug-09
VINNING, Laura HAMLIN, Kelsey 1918-Oct-28
VIVIAN, Alice MAPLES, Clem 1916-Nov-04
VOTRUBA, Grace MCCRAY, R O 1917-Nov-26

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