Forrest County Brides


RABORN, Ada KELLUM, M C 1915-Apr-21
RAGLAND, Mary Agnes MILLSTONE, Joseph Henry 1918-May-13
RAGNER, Bessie LAMPKIN, W R 1920-Mar-23
RAIN, Marie L ODOMS, Q S 1909-Sep-23
RAINES, Lena Elizabeth KENNEDY, J B 1918-May-01
RAINEY, Edna LOTT, Clarence R 1919-Sep-10
RAINEY, Mamie ASHIER, J W 1917-Dec-05
RALPH, Lillie VAUGHT, Charley 1918-Sep-02
RANKIN, Ida HALL, Charly H 1918-Sep-06
RATHFON, Florence CHENOWETH, Harry D 1918-Jul-22
RAWLES, Martha J WILSON, Jl 1909-Jun-09
RAWLS, Bessie V SIMMONS, S E 1909-May-26
RAWLS, Carrie XYDIAS, A J 1918-Oct-16
RAWLS, Lozie Kate YATES, James 1910-Aug-14
RAWLS, Ludie WILLIAMS, S T 1911-Dec-23
RAWLS, Mabel JONES, George 1915-Feb-15
RAWLS, Maggie CAMERON, Samuel W 1920-Jan-01
RAWLS, Margaret Ruth PEELER, Julius A 1917-Aug-11
RAWLS, Martha MYERS, J E 1911-May-15
RAWLS, Mattie L DUBOSE, E B 1919-Jun-28
RAY, Betsy W RINES, H P 1917-Nov-24
RAY, Lizzie KUSH, Nehemiah 1919-Aug-23
RAYBURN, Essie WATTS, Robert 1918-Oct-07
RAYBURN, Litha E JOHNSON, Walter D 1914-Dec-19
RAYBURN, Myrtle PURORS, T W 1914-Jul-14
RAYMOND, Odyle Marie NICHOLSON, Horrace Lewis 1918-Sep-12
RAYNER, Ella Mrs COLLINS, Claude H 1920-Apr-03
RAYNO, Evie PARKER, Willie 1918-Aug-27
REAMES, Lena AIKEY, J W 1909-Sep-18
REAMS, Claudia FOSTER, Jess 1917-Jan-23
REAMS, Lena AIKEY, John W 1910-May-05
REDMAN, Alpha Mae MILLER, Ralph Louis 1918-Jul-01
REDMON, Winford WADDELL, Byars G 1912-Jun-04
REDNING, Viola RICHARD, Kerney 1918-Oct-08
REED, Bessie TURNER, Horace 1920-Mar-27
REED, Cathrine M ATKINS, Robert C 1918-May-25
REED, Estelle MCLAIN, Edler 1920-May-15
REED, Evylyn HAND, Albert 1919-Jul-19
REED, Mattie HOBSON, Mich 1919-Jan-11
REED, Nettie Evelyn WALKER, Moses Smith 1917-Dec-26
REED, Sallie Mae WINSTON, Anderson 1918-Jan-22
REED, Una KIRK, Joseph T 1918-Jun-22
REEDY, Florence M MCWHORTER, V Boyce 1920-Jul-15
REEDY, Katherine V JAMISON, Mellard 1917-Jun-20
REEKIN, Bertha G GOUTERMAN, Otto C 1918-Aug-08
REESE, Gertrude THOMAS, Ludie 1918-Sep-15
REEVES, Clara Belle STOVER, F A 1918-Aug-06
REEVES, Goldie RUHL, Lloyd G 1917-Dec-01
REEVES, Gracie MONDY, Finie 1917-Dec-29
REID, Margaret Brannon DENT, Herbert Willis 1920-Jan-22
REILLY, Carrie JAMES, Foster 1910-Dec-20
REIPP, Alberta O NUGENT, Harry 1918-Jun-05
RENNER, Leila FLIK, Roy W 1917-Nov-07
RETZ, Hazel KEYS, Vernie 1918-Sep-07
REW, Gertrude FAIRLEY, Knox John 1918-Feb-11
REYNOLDS, Edna CALLAHAN, C G 1912-Dec-07
REYNOLDS, Emma RODGERS, Frank 1913-Jul-21
REYNOLDS, Hortelle G MELLOY, William R 1918-Apr-13
REYNOLDS, Maggie MCMURRAY, J M 1918-Aug-17
REYNOLDS, Marie GAUDY, Loyd 1917-Oct-15
REYNOLDS, Mary FREEMAN, R L 1913-Aug-16
RHOADS, Marva RANDALL, George F 1917-Dec-27
RHODES, Addie Mae BENNETT, A H 1916-Jul-04
RHODES, Martha Mrs HOGAN, W I 1913-May-15
RHODES, Mary WELLS, Howard H 1917-Jul-30
RHODES, Trude CROSBY, Judd 1916-Jan-13
RHONE, Louisa MOORE, Will 1919-Jan-17
RICE, Carrie HANSON, Ben Watson 1920-Aug-15
RICE, Katie Mrs POTTER, P H 1919-Mar-13
RICH, Sadie PATTERSON, A G 1909-Jun-13
RICH, Willie Mae LOVELASS, J E 1914-Jul-04
RICHARDS, Daisy TREST, S O 1914-Jul-03
RICHARDSON, Adlie V GRAY, John N 1911-Sep-14
RICHARDSON, Bessie L WHETZELL, F A 1917-Mar-03
RICHARDSON, Birdie Mae DEAN, J H 1914-Dec-30
RICHARDSON, Clara LEWIS, John 1916-Aug-26
RICHARDSON, Ester ROBINSON, William 1910-Jul-14
RICHARDSON, Nellie ANDERSON, George 1919-Jan-18
RICHARDSON, Pearl ERVING, Charley O 1919-May-05
RICHARDSON, Saphra GEORGE, Ira Dale 1918-Jun-15
RICHBURG, Alma WILLIAMS, Jams Otto 1918-Jul-07
RICO, Lillian E COLEMAN, Joseph L 1918-Aug-17
RIELS, Alma CRAFT, M J 1915-Dec-22
RIGWAY, Bertha WENDELL, Ernest L 1918-Mar-22
RILEY, Lessie HARPOLE, Martin R 1917-Dec-28
RILEY, Myrtle CUSTER, H D 1917-Nov-03
RING, Annie May COLLINS, Simmie 1920-Jul-03
RISER, Ludie Bell BOND, L D 1910-Sep-18
RISER, Ludy Belle BEARD, W M 1911-Aug-09
RISER, Mary MCGINNIS, Walter E 1909-Jun-24
RISHER, Alice Katherine HILL, William Francis 1919-Jan-04
RISHER, Ethel MEDDAUGH, Fred 1918-Oct-09
RISHER, Katherine Alice DOYLE, James Lawrence 1918-Jan-26
RISHER, Mary Louise BAILEY, William H 1919-Mar-05
RISHER, Ontee LOTT, A N 1916-Nov-29
RISK, Annie RISK, Nicholas 1914-Feb-02
ROACH, Fannie QUICK, T D 1909-Jun-24
ROBBINS, Gertrude FAIRLEY, Johnie 1916-Mar-11
ROBENSON, Sadie E SMITH, Montgomery 1918-Dec-16
ROBERSON, Annie DENNIS, B W 1913-Jul-15
ROBERSON, Winnie Bell MORSE, Ray 1911-Dec-15
ROBERTS, Arnett RUSS, Davis 1911-Jun-03
ROBERTS, Ary Belle THOMAS, Charlie 1920-Nov-24
ROBERTS, C B RUSSELL, Levy 1912-Dec-21
ROBERTS, Ethel SLADE, E T 1918-Jan-26
ROBERTS, Ethelene NEW, Joseph E 1919-Apr-20
ROBERTS, Gussie FAULKNER, James 1906-Feb-11
ROBERTS, Lillie Bell SWITZER, H W 1911-Jul-21
ROBERTS, Lula FULLER, Clarence W 1918-Mar-23
ROBERTS, Mary HUDGINS, Daniel Houston 1920-Jul-01
ROBERTS, Mollie JONES, Johnny 1918-Feb-04
ROBERTS, Viola JACOBS, Ellis 1913-Jan-13
ROBERTSON, Cathrine Mrs STEVENSON, Dan 1916-Jun-28
ROBERTSON, Lillian PRESCOTT, J P 1919-Sep-25
ROBERTSON, Lucy HOLLOWAY, Willie 1920-Oct-20
ROBERTSON, Mary DAVIDSON, Charley 1919-Feb-14
ROBERTSON, Mary GOTFIELL, William 1918-Dec-02
ROBERTSON, Mattie JACOB, Will 1918-Sep-07
ROBERTSON, Minnie HEARN, W H 1918-Jun-26
ROBINSON, Allie EATON, Samuel M 1913-Aug-30
ROBINSON, Eddie SPANN, Dick 1918-Jul-18
ROBINSON, Josephine EASTERLING, Fred 1920-Jun-07
ROBINSON, Marie WELLS, Howard 1920-Oct-19
ROBINSON, Martha PUGH, Johnie 1920-Mar-08
ROBINSON, Mary Ann CARMICHAEL, Ross E 1906-Feb-14
ROBINSON, Mosie GRAYSON, John 1919-May-10
ROBINSON, Rossie DAVIS, Robert 1910-May-06
ROBINSON, Suella GREEN, Walter 1918-Oct-28
ROBY, Clina MORLEY, Lestie Burt 1916-Feb-26
ROBY, Gertrude GREER, E H 1916-Nov-18
ROBY, Jewell FULLER, G P 1920-Jun-03
RODE, Marie GOLD, Carl 1914-Feb-02
RODEBAUGH, Ethel CAPLINGER, James L 1917-Dec-24
RODGERS, A M Miss THRUATT, J C 1910-Oct-15
RODGERS, Brelie CLARK, Norvell 1919-Aug-06
RODGERS, Fannie BROWN, Charley 1910-Mar-15
RODGERS, Helen I DILLISTONE, Frederick P 1915-Dec-01
RODGERS, Mabel DENTON, E V 1916-Oct-07
RODGERS, Martha POWELL, Will 1918-Dec-07
RODGERS, Mollie EZELL, Timothy 1910-May-10
RODGERS, Nannie GLOVER, Tom 1917-Jun-06
RODGERS, Odessa DUNN, Albert 1910-Nov-10
RODGERS, Willie Bell LOWRY, R A 1909-Mar-14
ROGER, Gladis RIESTER, Oliver P 1918-Jul-15
ROGER, Helen HESS, Herman 1918-Jan-02
ROGERS, Mary Lovire SLATON, Ferrell 1916-Dec-30
ROGERS, Verda SHADLE, Ralph B 1918-May-02
ROHMAN, Louise CLARK, James Gordon 1918-Apr-23
ROLLINS, Gussie WASHINGTON, David 1919-Jul-19
RONEY, Clara WATTS, Z R 1918-May-29
RONEY, Julia HOLMES, H H 1914-Aug-12
RONSAVILLE, Levia COLLINS, Virgil S 1909-Oct-04
ROOKER, Susan J BARRY, Owen 1920-Apr-14
ROSE, Magarita G HOSTELLE, Harry L 1917-Nov-03
ROSEBLOOM, Faye Jane BROSHER, Clayton Richard 1918-Aug-27
ROSETTIA, M Miss BROWN, David N 1910-Mar-26
ROSS, Bessie BOSTICK, J H 1911-Oct-14
ROSS, Hester Mae COBB, R V 1918-Aug-11
ROSS, Pearlie SMITH, Willie 1918-Sep-26
ROSZELL, Bessie SVEBEK, Carl J 1920-May-29
ROTH, Margaret DILLENSEGER, Mike J 1918-Aug-26
ROUSE, Mary NORMAN, J C 1911-Jun-08
ROUSH, Trio BECKER, Herman J 1918-Aug-21
ROWAN, Nell DUKE, William M 1918-Aug-07
ROWLAND, Stella MILLER, Madison J Jr 1918-Aug-09
ROYAL, Maggie BAREFIELD, Waddell 1918-Apr-01
RUARK, Elsie D SPANGLER, Earl M 1917-Jul-30
RUBUSH, Geraldine ADAM, Anthony P 1917-Nov-28
RUDY, Kate TRUELOVE, W H 1914-Jun-27
RUFFIN, Ida CLARK, Curry 1918-May-25
RUNNELS, Madie HOLDER, Mitchell 1912-Mar-16
RUNNELS, Sarah Mrs LEE, Walter E Lee 1916-Dec-20
RUNNELS, Savilla CHEESAM, Harley 1917-Aug-25
RUNNELS, Savilla HINTON, H T 1911-Apr-06
RUSE, Florida TAYLOR, Burlen 1919-Jul-15
RUSE, Lucy BROWN, Jim 1919-Nov-05
RUSH, Birdie Sinclair Mr YOUNG, Joseph Clyde 1919-Mar-22
RUSH, Lizzie JONES, E E 1913-Feb-01
RUSHING, Daisy THOMAS, Robert 1919-Jun-30
RUSHING, Ella Mrs MASSENGALE, H E 1918-Oct-19
RUSSELL, Alma HARPER, S L 1909-Mar-07
RUSSELL, Audry M LEE, J M 1909-Apr-11
RUSSELL, Carrie JAMES, J C 1914-Oct-09
RUSSELL, Katie MCCANN, Jp 1913-Jun-28
RUSSELL, Mary Alice VARMORT, Clarence W 1917-Nov-10
RUSSELL, May Donna WALLACE, L E 1909-Dec-05
RUSSELL, Ruth MURRAY, William C 1919-Oct-04
RUTLAND, Ada IRBY, W M 1913-Dec-23
RUTLAND, Marie SUPOLT, Harry W 1918-Jun-26
RUTLEDGE, Dorris STOUT, Lester J 1918-May-17
RYAN, Anna J DAVIS, John I 1918-Aug-10
RYAN, Irene BREWTON, Charles 1919-May-03
RYAN, Nellie Jane CLAY, Charlie 1919-Sep-15
RYAN, Vedie AMOS, Charlie 1920-Jan-24
RYONS, Dell BYRD, G A 1911-Feb-16

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