Forrest County Brides


NALL, Edith Mrs MASSENGALE, Henry E 1917-Jul-07
NAYLOR, Lulu SIMMS, Bart 1918-Jul-13
NAYLOR, Mamie MCCALLUM, Tom 1919-Mar-13
NEAL, Evalina JACKSON, Sammie 1918-Jul-25
NEAL, Lena Mae WINDHAM, Malcolm V 1919-Dec-01
NEAL, Lucy ESTELL, William 1919-Jan-11
NEAL, Ruth CARPENTER, R 1915-Apr-19
NEAL, Virgie PETTUS, Jack 1919-Jun-16
NEEL, Mary LYONS, C T 1920-Jul-23
NEELY, Mabel BRASWELL, Thomas Willard 1918-Jul-28
NEILL, Virginia Estell PRINCE, William C 1918-Sep-02
NELSON, Angeline JONES, Arthur 1918-Jul-29
NELSON, Bessie GASTON, Charley 1918-Jun-12
NELSON, Bessie MAXWELL, C R 1914-Jan-31
NELSON, Esther Mae HOUSE, Joe W 1920-Mar-01
NELSON, Katye GIBSON, Langston E 1919-Jul-21
NELSON, L M Mrs LAURENCE, F E 1912-Feb-20
NELSON, Laura Mae ROSE, Sherman 1920-Nov-23
NELSON, Lillie BLANKS, E A 1917-May-14
NELSON, Mary PRINCE, Will 1920-Jan-30
NELSON, Rena WILLIAMS, Early 1920-Mar-27
NELSON, Sallie ROSS, Jesse M 1918-Aug-20
NERO, Laura WILLIAMS, John 1918-Aug-21
NEW, Sillie MCMICHAEL, T J 1909-Apr-17
NEWBORN, Josephine A HOKE, F M 1914-Apr-24
NEWCITY, Jessee Mrs HAMPTON, J Wade 1917-Oct-15
NEWKIRK, Rachel TAYLOR, Oscar 1920-Dec-24
NEWMAN, Bess WORRALL, James W 1918-Feb-02
NEWMAN, Hattie PATRICK, Lloyd 1920-Mar-27
NEWMAN, Mabel FORBES, James C 1918-May-30
NEWMAN, Mary Agnes DAWSON, John Phillip 1917-Dec-07
NEWMAN, Mattie SMITH, Leman 1920-Mar-12
NEWMAN, Mattie Bess MORRIS, T W 1918-May-11
NEWSOM, Vashte HAYES, John H 1919-Jun-10
NEWSOME, Ludie Mae GRAHAM, Johnie 1920-Jul-02
NEWSOME, Mary Belle ROBINSON, George Josh 1920-Jan-05
NICHOLS, Lorena KILLEBREW, Clyde 1917-Aug-30
NICHOLS, Pearl WEBB, Lem 1919-Dec-09
NICHOLSON, Caroline KIRK, Will J 1919-Jan-20
NIX, Catherine BELT, Frank 1918-Jan-01
NIX, Maud GAINES, Henry 1918-Jan-01
NOBLES, Ethel WATKINS, E E 1919-Nov-20
NOBLES, Marie Powell Mrs SELLERS, Walter Monroe 1915-Dec-24
NOBLES, Rosa Lee NOBELS, J W 1920-Aug-28
NOBLES, Terry Hill UPTON, Robert Lee 1916-Jan-08
NOLAN, Gladys Velma DICKSON, James D Jr 1919-Dec-06
NORLON, Corrinne SMITH, B S 1916-Dec-09
NORMAN, Edna Minnie WALKER, Joseph Edmund 1918-Mar-02
NORMAN, Mollie JOHNSON, Sam 1919-Jun-26
NORMAN, Ressie TISDALE, A 1912-Jun-11
NORRELL, Grace COOPER, Preston Alcorn 1909-Nov-30
NORRIS, Ollie V BOUNDS, Jesse 1919-Apr-05
NORWOOD, Winnie PURNELL, E L 1913-Jul-05
NOTTS, Mary THOMAS, Walter 1909-Apr-18
NULL, Bessie E KILGARLEN, James 1909-Aug-30
NUNAMAKER, Eldora ULREY, Enston E 1918-Aug-03
NUNN, Rosalie JOHNSON, Robert 1919-Jun-09
NUX, Mary Mrs PAGE, William 1919-Apr-18
OAKLEY, Leila CROSBY, W L 1910-May-04
OATES, Essie SCHWARTZ, G C 1918-Jun-08
OBRIEN, Sarah PELL, Arthur 1917-Dec-05
OCONNER, Mary MCCARTHY, Fred T 1916-May-17
ODELL, Annie TAYLOR, F J 1909-Dec-22
ODEN, Vera BACHMAN, Francis D 1918-Nov-14
ODOM, Annie Mae MORRIS, Earlrobert 1920-Sep-17
ODOM, Gabie WRIGHT, Henry Baxton 1912-Dec-17
ODOM, Gertrude LEWIS, W L 1916-Mar-26
ODOM, Mary BAZOR, Amos 1910-Dec-21
ODOM, Minnie RUNNELS, Joseph J 1912-Dec-06
ODOM, Rhoda HINTON, W W 1909-Jul-19
ODOM, Rosanna MCKAY, W M 1911-Mar-31
ODOM, Ruby BAGGETT, M E 1918-May-16
ODOM, Susie ANDERSON, W H 1915-Jul-31
OEHER, Margaret A STANLEY, Edward D 1919-Nov-24
OGDEN, Jesse LUCAS, Eugene 1918-Oct-07
OLEARY, Ida May THURMAN, W E 1915-May-11
OLIPHANT, Vivian MIZE, John 1915-Sep-21
OLIVE, Agnes D BRAY, Orville P 1919-Mar-31
OLLIE, Mamie LITTLE, Bratson 1918-Nov-04
OMEARA, Gladys Irene MUMMERT, Oscar Louis 1918-Jun-07
ONEAL, A Mrs STEVENS, T P 1920-Apr-12
ONEAL, Mary TRENT, John 1918-Jul-13
ONEAL, Pearl LEE, E L 1917-Mar-01
ONEAL, Ruth COTTON, J C 1913-Dec-13
OQUINN, Alice ROANE, A S 1909-Jun-08
OSHER, Alma CANNON, Audrey 1918-Jun-24
OSKINS, Lucy BARR, Sydney W 1918-Jun-21
OSMOND, Opal ELSWORTH, Walter 1918-Jun-10
OTT, Bessie HARVEY, William 1919-Oct-25
OVERSTREET, Blanche HICKMAN, W C 1909-Jan-30
OVERSTREET, Cilina E WOOTON, Frank 1917-Jan-20
OVERSTREET, Colena MCFARLAND, Charlie 1918-Jul-08
OVERSTREET, Florence MCDONALDSON, Richard 1918-Jun-28
OVERSTREET, Leona HEIDELBERG, Daniel 1920-Feb-06
OVERSTREET, Vennia MCMAHON, Leonard 1918-Feb-25
OVERTON, Celeste HARRIS, Ed 1919-Dec-29
OVERTON, Celestia MERRILL, Chester 1920-Oct-15
OVERTON, Maggie WALTERS, Ross 1918-Jul-05
OWEN, Agnes MIXON, A M 1911-Oct-26
OWENS, Bessie LEE, L L 1912-Jul-15
OWENS, Ella FISH, Harry 1910-Aug-09
OWENS, Estel KELLY, Verna 1918-Jun-09
OWENS, Jessie Mae CLARKE, E P 1917-Sep-03


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