DeSoto County Grooms


YAGER, T B SHOFTNER, E M Miss 1866-Jul-07
YANCEY, Andrew HUNT, Fronia 1870-May-10
YANCEY, Thomas WILSON, Mary 1876-Dec-26
YANCY, Addison MURPHY, Clara 1874-Jan-01
YANCY, T L CULLEY, Rosa 1860-Feb-06
YARBROUGH, Albert WALKER, Annie 1899-Feb-25
YARBROUGH, J J SMITH, Nickie 1871-Jan-06
YARBROUGH, J W JOHNSON, Laura 1895-Mar-14
YARBROUGH, J W TRINN, Amanda 1888-Sep-29
YATES, Filbert STEVENSON, Catherine 1866-Mar-03
YATES, George EAVENSON, Elizabeth 1854-Mar-13
YATES, Lennie HOWARD, J B 1887-Dec-28
YATES, M T BOOTHE, S J Miss 1893-Jun-22
YATES, M T PETE, Mattie 1878-Dec-05
YATES, Thomas EAVENSON, Lucinda 1857-Nov-11
YATES, Thomas WALDROP, C T Miss 1859-Sep-24
YEARY, R J BROWN, Birdie 1895-Nov-17
YEATES, George JONES, Mollie 1876-Jun-15
YORK, William HUTCHISON, Eliza 1854-Dec-04
YORK, William MANN, Virginia K 1847-May-28
YORKE, A B MORGAN, L A Miss 1867-Dec-21
YOUNG, Albert MARTIN, Ellen 1871-Feb-24
YOUNG, Armstead ANDERSON, Eliza 1866-Mar-31
YOUNG, Byrd WILSON, Ann 1892-Nov-26
YOUNG, Charles ROBERTS, Ellen 1870-May-22
YOUNG, Dallas CLIFTON, Rebecca 1879-Mar-04
YOUNG, Demps WOOTEN, Laura 1887-Jan-19
YOUNG, Ed MASSEY, Elizabeth 1889-Mar-02
YOUNG, Edward BLOCKER, Mariah 1886-Mar-04
YOUNG, G T ACREE, Maggie 1896-Apr-05
YOUNG, Gene H BAKER, Mahala 1846-Jun-15
YOUNG, Georgie JOHNSTON, Freeman 1881-Jan-17
YOUNG, Henry DOSS, Lydia 1873-Dec-31
YOUNG, J A WILLINGHAM, V C Miss 1873-Apr-23
YOUNG, James LEAS, Texanna 1899-Aug-10
YOUNG, James MCCURRY, Mattie 1879-Dec-04
YOUNG, Jerry SHEPPARD, Mary 1867-Jan-07
YOUNG, Jim MALONE, Mollie 1895-Dec-11
YOUNG, Jim SMITH, Callie 1899-Dec-12
YOUNG, John DUNCAN, Margaret 1853-Feb-23
YOUNG, John SMITH, Hattie 1890-Aug-13
YOUNG, John WHITLEY, Mary 1881-Dec-31
YOUNG, John W GARRETT, Martha W 1846-Nov-02
YOUNG, Joseph PERKINS, Narcisa 1870-Feb-16
YOUNG, Lewis DAVID, Louisa 1847-Aug-30
YOUNG, Lifus DEMPSEY, Harriet 1868-Jan-04
YOUNG, Lyfus HORTON, Mollie 1900-Nov-10
YOUNG, M W DUNN, J A Miss 1881-Jan-12
YOUNG, Milton POWELL, Roxannah 1898-Oct-26
YOUNG, Monroe BUNTON, Emily 1866-Aug-13
YOUNG, Press MILLER, Tina 1893-Dec-23
YOUNG, Press SMITH, Milsey 1887-Dec-13
YOUNG, R B WILLIAMSON, A B Miss 1880-Feb-04
YOUNG, R F BARNES, Mary 1873-Mar-06
YOUNG, T J MCELROY, Nancy 1859-Apr-01
YOUNG, Thomas PLUMMER, Emma 1890-Jan-16
YOUNG, W R HOLLOWAY, Willie 1886-Dec-03
YOUNG, Will SMITH, Lula 1895-Nov-12
YOUNG, William DOCKERY, Laura 1881-Jan-31
YOUNG, William DOGGETT, Elsie 1893-Nov-11
YOUNG, William FORD, Rebecca 1867-Aug-21
YOUNG, William MOORE, Lou 1889-Dec-28
YOUNG, William TAIT, Mariah 1871-Nov-04
YOUNG, Willie BANKS, Sallie 1895-Dec-24
YOUNGER, Anthony MORGAN, Sarah 1852-Nov-12
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