DeSoto County Brides


YANCY, Louisa PAYNE, Milton 1897-Oct-08
YARBOROUGH, Lelia THOMPSON, Early 1900-Nov-16
YARBROUGH, Leanna DEAN, James 1898-Dec-06
YARBROUGH, M E Miss BAUCUM, B B 1894-Nov-03
YATES, C P Miss SCOTT, G L 1868-Sep-22
YATES, Mary WHALEY, William 1852-Jul-07
YEATES, Annie JONES, William 1876-Aug-26
YON, Mary SLEGRAVE, N R 1875-Aug-14
YON, Sarah STEWART, M D L 1884-Jul-12
YONN, Rebecca STRICKLAND, J L 1884-Jul-24
YONN, Zilphie STRICLAND, C 1884-Jul-24
YORNS, Hearthey WILSON, Joseph 1876-Jan-08
YOST, Ida SULLIVAN, T H 1891-Jan-20
YOUNG, Annie SIMMONS, W L 1898-Jan-10
YOUNG, Clara EVANS, Stephen 1874-Sep-26
YOUNG, Eliza OLIVER, Peter 1887-Aug-05
YOUNG, Emma GRAY, Richard 1899-Mar-01
YOUNG, Emma WRIGHT, Charles 1896-Apr-21
YOUNG, Fannie PETTY, Bill 1892-Dec-27
YOUNG, Ginsy GLOVER, G W 1865-Jul-25
YOUNG, Gracie ANDERSON, Jese 1867-Nov-16
YOUNG, Hannah BURRUS, Henry 1872-Sep-21
YOUNG, Harriet GARRETT, John 1869-Aug-11
YOUNG, Henrietta DOUGLASS, Isaac 1881-Sep-13
YOUNG, Isabella HAWK, Andrew 1886-Nov-30
YOUNG, Jessie DILLARD, George 1896-Feb-05
YOUNG, Josephine NEELY, Bob 1883-Oct-17
YOUNG, Josie GOOSBY, George 1885-Dec-02
YOUNG, Julia NORMAN, John 1900-Oct-15
YOUNG, L D Miss HOLLAND, A E 1871-Dec-25
YOUNG, Lovie HOLLOWAY, Samuel 1886-Jan-23
YOUNG, Lucy FICKLING, Sam 1897-Apr-15
YOUNG, Malinda DABNEY, George 1896-Jan-02
YOUNG, Mariah MORGAN, Isaiah 1874-Jan-03
YOUNG, Martha WOOD, Charles 1869-Dec-15
YOUNG, Mary JOHNSTON, Newton 1857-Oct-16
YOUNG, Mary WRIGHT, R R 1872-Jan-01
YOUNG, M E Mrs GROGAN, G J 1853-Dec-16
YOUNG, Mollie BELL, George 1870-Jan-05
YOUNG, Mollie LEWIS, George 1871-Dec-04
YOUNG, Rosa HUNTER, Sims 1879-Feb-19
YOUNG, Rosa RODGERS, Lee 1878-Dec-25
YOUNG, Sallie WEBB, Felix 1874-Sep-12
YOUNG, Sarah WYATT, William 1851-Sep-24
YOUNGER, Lucy CRUTCHER, Paul 1869-Jan-11
YOUNGER, Sarah MURPHY, Lewis 1870-Jun-30
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