Covington County Grooms

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TANNER, A J COOK, Ethel 1913-Dec-20
TANNER, Otis FALKS, Trannie 1924-Feb-10
TANNYHILL, J C WALLACE, Maude 1914-Nov-03
TATE, C E SMITH, N A 1912-Dec-21
TAYLER, Thomas E LEGGETT, Bertha 1911-May-31
TAYLOR, A C BARKER, Bessie 1917-Apr-10
TAYLOR, A J SELLARS, Emma 1916-Nov-25
TAYLOR, Amous SANFORD, Roxie Lee 1919-Nov-12
TAYLOR, C M NORRIS, Cumy 1919-Jan-08
TAYLOR, D L RUTLEDGE, Francis V 1924-Mar-08
TAYLOR, Dean C BULLOCK, Johns H 1906-Oct-24
TAYLOR, E M JONES, Jesse Mae 1917-Dec-01
TAYLOR, Eddie STUCKEY, Mary 1919-Mar-10
TAYLOR, Frank MOUNK, Margie 1917-May-05
TAYLOR, J T POUNCY, Maude 1916-Sep-20
TAYLOR, James PICKERING, Augee 1919-Aug-26
TEBOW, Claude SPANGLER, Lula 1916-Oct-14
TEMPLE, A M MILLER, Mollie Mrs 1915-Feb-20
TEMPLE, B E CONLEY, Gettice 1919-Jan-27
TEMPLE, Ira V LOTT, J W 1923-May-10
TEMPLES, Mack BAGBY, Elvina 1918-Sep-12
TEN, L E SANFORD, Ella 1910-Dec-01
TERRELL, Grover DUKE, Margie 1912-Oct-21
TERRELL, J Douglas JOHNS, Lucy Miller 1923-Nov-06
TEW, C I FISHER, Agnes 1916-Apr-03
TEW, J B CRAWFORD, Eunice 1919-Jan-04
THAMES, Claude HUGHES, Minnie 1910-Dec-28
THAMES, J F ROATANE, Belle 1914-Jan-03
THAMES, T V CONETER, Chillie 1917-Nov-30
THAMES, W J HOLCOMB, Fannie O 1911-Jan-14
THAXTON, C Elbert SELLERS, Ella Mae 1922-Dec-20
THAXTON, Elmar SMITH, Myrlie 1921-Jul-30
THOMPSON, B L TRASH, Viola 1914-Nov-12
THOMPSON, J B GRAVES, Azzie 1910-Aug-22
THOMPSON, J J MOORE, Alma 1914-Mar-10
THOMPSON, J W SHERMAN, Liger 1920-Jan-09
THOMPSON, Lou GILLIS, W E 1913-May-17
THOMPSON, Thomas J BASS, Pearle 1914-Jan-03
THORNTON, C T BLACKWELL, Newell 1917-Mar-22
THRASH, Burkett CLARK, Lonie 1914-May-22
TINER, H M SULLIVAN, Mamie 1917-Dec-11
TISDALE, Auslome MAYFIELD, Eunice 1917-Dec-22
TISDALE, Ben J KNIGHT, Katie 1914-Feb-28
TISDALE, G W ANDERSON, Ferrell 1914-Dec-26
TISDALE, Ira KELLY, E J 1921-Jun-10
TISDALE, L V ROBERTS, Ruby 1921-Aug-10
TOOMY, Jessie CARTER, J H 1920-Dec-11
TRIGGS, Bert RAWLS, Mary 1919-Sep-04
TRIGGS, George LOTT, Pearl 1919-Aug-01
TRIGGS, R S ROBERTSON, Lula E 1911-Dec-23
TUCKER, Elbert RILLS, Annie 1919-Oct-30
TUCKER, Louis COULTER, Ada 1920-Jan-05
TUGGLE, William MAGEE, Tinny 1915-Aug-13
TULLOS, Golden W GLISSON, Mollie 1921-Apr-22
TURNAGE, D P MCPHEARSON, Pearl 1910-Nov-27
TURNAGE, Myrteel RHODES, Bert 1924-Apr-24
TURNAGE, W B REDMAN, Maude 1923-Mar-02
TURNER, Herbert L BYRD, Alma 1918-Oct-09
TURNER, Robert CATTRELL, Kibbie 1918-Mar-18
UPTON, W C WELCH, Carmin 1917-May-26
VALENTINE, R J V KING, Mary 1921-Feb-15
VANZANETT, E E MCDONALD, Chellie 1915-Jun-30
VARDAMON, Rawls YAWN, Sadie 1923-Oct-06
VARNADO, O D M MCCORMICK, Georgina 1919-Dec-23
VAUGHN, Andy MCKENZIE, Fannie 1922-Nov-18
VAUZAUDT, Bruce CARTER, Ida 1916-Jun-12
WADE, B F SHOEMAKE, Annie May 1916-Jul-01
WADE, Britt SUMRALL, Inez 1922-Dec-08
WADE, J Avery WALTERS, Dovie 1912-Dec-27
WADE, S W FOLKS, Laura 1916-Aug-23
WADE, W M MILLER, Zula 1920-Jan-27
WAIDE, Lucian GRANTHAM, Renia 1921-Oct-15
WAITS, Homer AULTMAN, Eva 1919-Nov-16
WAITS, Willie INGRAM, Bessie 1911-Sep-01
WALKER, A E YAWN, Lee Allye 1917-Aug-29
WALKER, Andrew A DEARMAN, Maggie 1923-Sep-03
WALKER, Barney MAYFIELD, Norma 1919-Dec-20
WALKER, Eugene HUFF, Delphia 1911-Nov-28
WALKER, G L WALKER, Elizabeth 1919-Oct-04
WALKER, Gale BOYKINS, Audelle E 1920-Mar-30
WALKER, J C NOBLES, Ada 1916-Nov-17
WALKER, Net WALLACE, Seaf 1913-Apr-01
WALKER, W L MAYFIELD, Malissie 1916-Dec-07
WALLACE, A W MORRIS, Azzie 1918-Apr-24
WALLACE, E B AUSTIN, Alney 1910-Aug-15
WALLACE, Nevel CLARK, Lula 1924-Feb-07
WALLACE, Seaf WALKER, Net 1913-Apr-01
WALTARS, Arillar FAIRCHILDS, W E 1907-Aug-29
WALTERS, A E BLACKWELL, Gertrude 1916-Feb-25
WALTERS, D E MOULDS, Ora 1915-Jun-18
WALTERS, J W DUCKWORTH, Eretta 1916-Nov-05
WALTERS, Malcomb COLLIER, Florence 1913-Sep-12
WALTERS, N B WALLACE, Anne Belle 1915-Feb-20
WALTERS, Otis HARRELSON, Mamie 1922-Mar-11
WALTMAN, Howard MAYFIELD, Lottie 1921-Sep-07
WALTMAN, J W LIGHTSEY, J E Mrs 1913-Nov-22
WALTMON, J B WILBOURNE, Della 1918-Jan-04
WALTON, Sam TERRELL, Minnie 1913-Aug-15
WARNOCK, R A DUCKWORTH, Marie 1919-Dec-20
WARREN, Alonzo M AULTMAN, Tama 1915-Dec-27
WARREN, Claud WILLIAMSON, Mittie 1910-Jun-25
WARREN, D W MILLER, Maudie 1920-Jan-08
WARREN, George MAREA, Callie 1919-Sep-18
WARREN, J T MCLENDOM, Lizzie 1912-Nov-02
WARREN, Johnson MCLENDON, Willie 1912-Nov-06
WARREN, Martin HARVEY, Ina 1918-Sep-13
WARREN, Robert E ROBERTSON, Minnie 1919-Aug-23
WARREN, Webb DAVIS, Betty 1923-Oct-06
WARREN, Wiley DAVIS, Allie 1917-Mar-01
WARTLY, Howard D SARTIER, Mary L 1910-May-13
WATKINS, R H PERRIN, Mary Gladys 1922-Jun-26
WATSON, Floyd COOLEY, W J 1911-Jan-24
WATTMAN, J P TATUM, Minnie 1912-Oct-28
WATTS, Bille BEASLEY, E W 1912-Jan-17
WATTS, E LOTT, Dusella 1915-May-23
WATTS, Howard HUGHES, Virginia 1922-Aug-12
WATTS, W E ROGERS, Lena 1915-Jun-14
WAXIER, J R KNIGHT, Chellie 1913-Apr-21
WEIXEL, L J EASTERLING, Irene 1911-Dec-24
WELBORN, Otis MCKINLEY, Etta 1914-Aug-29
WELBOURNE, Vester HARPER, Loddie 1910-Sep-03
WELCH, E C GRAY, Alberta 1918-Jun-15
WELCH, R D PICKERING, Willan 1923-Jul-07
WELLS, Charles W THAXTON, Cletoria 1922-Dec-24
WESNER, H R CARVER, M L 1910-Sep-06
WEST, John Walton CRUMP, Annie Laurie 1914-Jun-24
WESTBROOK, Henry HERRINGTON, Minnie Rhey 1920-Jan-31
WESTBROOK, John W THAXTON, Dorothy 1917-Sep-01
WESTER, L N FAIRCHILDS, Afiha 1912-Jan-09
WHIDDON, Otto WALTERS, Lois 1920-Sep-18
WHITE, R B ELLIS, Winnie 1914-Nov-14
WHITEHEAD, J W BULLOCK, Bessie 1910-Dec-22
WHITTINGTON, Ira PARKER, Henry Travis 1915-Nov-18
WILLIAMS, B P WATTS, Minnie 1911-Oct-07
WILLIAMS, J E DUCKWORTH, Myrtle 1918-Oct-26
WILLIAMS, J J BARLOW, Clara 1917-May-29
WILLIAMS, John M ROSELL, Velma 1919-Mar-15
WILLIAMS, Lee MAYFIELD, Anette 1914-Jul-02
WILLIAMS, Shawn LORENE, Nama 1912-Apr-20
WILLIAMS, Willis A AULTMAN, Cora 1914-Dec-22
WILLIAMSON, D C SASSEN, Mattie 1911-Sep-01
WILLIAMSON, J S DAVADGE, Jannie 1913-Feb-08
WILLIAMSON, S J CARVER, Edna 1910-Aug-24
WILLIAMSON, Willie BROWN, Leatha 1911-Nov-04
WILLIAMSON, Wilmer DELANCY, Bula 1916-Sep-05
WILLIS, Alex ATWOOD, Azzie 1916-May-11
WILLIS, Charles LOTT, Lula 1916-Sep-25
WILSON, L L RODGERS, Ella Mrs 1920-Feb-14
WILSON, L W HUFF, Susie 1910-Apr-22
WILSON, Maston SANFORD, Janie 1912-Dec-07
WILSON, W J ODOM, Mattie 1915-Apr-06
WINDHAM, B W ATWOOD, Dovie 1920-Apr-03
WINDHAM, James INGRAM, Zella 1923-Apr-07
WINDHAM, L C BRYANT, Ruby 1920-Dec-15
WINDHAM, Lawrence JONES, Vannie 1914-Jul-25
WINDHAM, W C NAPIER, Olie 1916-Jan-12
WOLFF, Homer C COX, Maggie 1921-Dec-10
WOMACK, W H MEADOWS, Lela 1913-Mar-05
WOMACK, Willie D GREEN, R B 1916-Aug-05
WOOD, J A WATKINS, Fedora 1910-Dec-25
WOODS, Wylie SULLIVAN, Bertie 1913-Dec-20
WOODSIDE, A M WALTERS, Virgie 1913-May-17
WOODWARD, A J HENLEY, Bessie 1920-Jul-06
WOODWARD, G S BYRD, Dellie 1911-Apr-13
WOODWARD, L W COULKS, Dnda 1917-Dec-20
WOODWORD, P B Jr ATKINS, Alice 1916-Sep-12
WOOLWIN, W H SULLIVAN, Effie 1915-Apr-09
WOOLWINDER, Ethel CARTER, Hazel 1922-Feb-08
WORTHY, E D YATES, Mamie Kate 1918-Jul-10
WORTHY, Lewis GUYTON, Minnie Lee 1922-Oct-26
YANCE, M W GRAVES, Pearl 1921-Jul-01
YATES, A J POWELL, Lillie 1916-Mar-04
YATES, Abner MOONEY, Pellie 1921-Mar-19
YATES, Dennie AULTMAN, Elma 1917-Dec-22
YATES, Esco MCDERMITT, Velma 1920-Jun-30
YATES, Hugh GRAYSON, Lela Ann 1923-Dec-22
YATES, L B CULPEPPER, Perlie 1920-Nov-10
YATES, Noah WILLIAMSON, Minnie 1913-Sep-02
YATES, Tom CHANCE, Ina 1922-Jul-08
YAWN, Lee Allye WALKER, A E 1917-Aug-29
YAWN, Monroe N WESTBROOK, Minnie L 1919-Jan-18
YAWN, Z D GREY, Susie 1921-Apr-23
YAWN, Zack MCKENZEY, Florence 1923-Dec-12
YORK, Hector GARNER, Jessie 1920-Feb-28
YOUNG, C B RANEY, Sadie 1914-Mar-28
YOUNG, Charley WALKER, Daisey 1911-Jun-29
ZLEG, F J WILSON, Elvira 1920-Jul-08

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