Covington County Grooms


SALKS, J E SMITH, Adie 1917-Oct-26
SALTER, J C CREEL, Ella Mrs 1913-Apr-05
SALTERS, B B DEEN, Lillie 1919-Jul-05
SALTERS, Charlie ROBERTS, Chellie 1913-Aug-19
SALTERS, Chellie PARISH, Laura 1922-Dec-26
SALTERS, J O HOLLOWAY, Ella 1910-Mar-26
SANDERSON, Boyd SANFORD, Mattie 1923-Sep-03
SANDERSON, Bryan RAWLS, Lary 1922-Nov-04
SANDERSON, E P LOTT, Louis 1914-Jan-20
SANDERSON, W R CLINTON, Dora 1910-Sep-15
SANDERSON, Willis ISHEE, Bernice 1924-Jan-29
SANFORD, Bardie WARDEN, Elnora 1924-Apr-21
SANFORD, Charlie MOONEY, Minnie 1917-Mar-20
SANFORD, Elmer FLYNT, W C 1921-Dec-22
SANFORD, H C MCDONALD, Fannie 1911-Nov-09
SANFORD, H L COOK, Lizzie 1920-Oct-23
SANFORD, J D PACE, Agnes 1919-Feb-22
SANFORD, John FLYNT, Velma 1922-Nov-09
SANFORD, John F WALLACE, Viola M 1916-Jun-09
SANFORD, John T MARDEN, Ellen 1918-Nov-29
SANFORD, M W WILLIAMS, Lula 1913-Sep-04
SANFORD, Roy EATON, Julia 1923-Sep-08
SARTIN, J L JOHNSON, Alice 1917-Dec-15
SASSER, Everett SELLERS, Sarrian 1910-Apr-24
SASSER, J D CORE, Willie 1914-Jun-14
SASSER, Kerney MCLENDON, May 1913-Jan-11
SASSER, Savre BERRY, Bestine 1907-May-14
SAULKERS, J J NAPIER, Fannie 1915-Nov-25
SAULTER, Sam AULTMAN, Eddie 1914-Apr-20
SCAGGS, Oscar HALL, Gala 1922-Sep-20
SCAIFE, Roland Lee RAMSEY, Janie 1923-Oct-29
SCARBROUGH, E L WATTS, Pearl 1922-Feb-08
SCOTT, Andrew Humbert MCINTOSH, Lalla 1921-Dec-29
SCOTT, J E POWERS, Mary Valentine 1911-Jun-29
SCRUGGS, Talmage COLLEY, Alice 1912-Oct-21
SEABROOK, C J CALHOUN, Myrtis 1919-Aug-21
SEIGER, J A MILLER, Emma 1910-Dec-20
SELLARS, Edward DOSSETT, Altie 1911-Jan-10
SELLERS, A W LEMORE, Gertrude 1916-Oct-06
SELLERS, Buford ROGERS, Buford 1918-Aug-31
SELLERS, Devan MCLEOD, Anie Belle 1921-Sep-03
SELLERS, James J LEE, Lillie 1919-Oct-22
SELLERS, Vester EVANS, Overs 1913-Apr-16
SENNETT, Andrew J WINSTEAD, Verla Mae 1921-Apr-12
SEWELL, Pierce LEE, Annie A 1911-Dec-15
SHAIFER, Willie P DAUGHTREY, Renie 1916-Apr-13
SHARES, O J INGRAM, Zanie 1923-Jan-21
SHERMAN, Liger THOMPSON, J W 1920-Jan-09
SHOEMAKE, B A SUMERALL, Desma 1921-Nov-19
SHOEMAKE, F R LIGHTSEY, Ruth 1918-Feb-04
SHOEMAKE, Harvil WADE, Maude 1924-Apr-12
SHOEMAKE, Lovel WALTERS, Velma 1921-Jul-30
SHOEMAKE, Monty BRADSHAW, Myer 1924-Feb-06
SHOEMAKE, Robert STAPLETON, Alma 1919-Feb-28
SHOEMAKE, Sam PICKERING, Chillie 1916-Feb-19
SHORES, W L HARDIN, Mary 1920-May-25
SHORES, Willie AIMSWORTH, H P 1910-Sep-07
SHOWS, J P MORGAN, Minnie 1915-Jul-05
SHULL, Robert ZULY, Jossie 1921-Jul-26
SILLIVAN, J V GRIFFITH, Ruby 1921-Jan-11
SINCLAIR, S R DAY, Ada L 1924-Apr-15
SINGLEY, E I DAVIS, Anna Mrs 1912-Jan-29
SKAGGS, Oscar GROVES, Mabel 1910-Jul-16
SKINER, Jesse WELCH, Quilla 1918-Mar-01
SMITH, A J GATLUIR, Lizzie 1914-Sep-01
SMITH, Al ROGERS, Lizzie 1920-Jan-03
SMITH, Amos SANFORD, Tamer 1917-May-05
SMITH, Arthur J CULPEPPER, Gladys 1916-Aug-23
SMITH, B L AULTMAN, Tamer 1911-Dec-23
SMITH, Ben LOTT, Gerty 1922-Apr-03
SMITH, Clarence GRAYSON, Nannie 1923-Nov-11
SMITH, D J JACKSON, Eunice 1921-Sep-22
SMITH, E L JORDON, Laura 1920-Apr-12
SMITH, G W SULLIVAN, B K 1916-May-06
SMITH, Geo W RASSAW, Mary 1916-Oct-21
SMITH, H L SMITH, Isabelle 1916-Oct-21
SMITH, Horace BRYANT, Mary 1916-Apr-07
SMITH, J B ROGERS, Minnie 1914-Nov-06
SMITH, Jack HOLLINSWORTH, Rosa 1920-Mar-11
SMITH, John A EASTERLING, Bessie 1910-Sep-03
SMITH, L E HANO, Elva 1920-Mar-16
SMITH, Lerron MCNAIR, Ray 1914-Oct-06
SMITH, Oliver SELLARS, Susie 1913-Jan-25
SMITH, R B MARK, Farrah Belle 1914-May-01
SMITH, Robert MCBEATH, Susie 1918-Oct-19
SMITH, Roberta E LOTT, H V 1922-Jun-05
SMITH, T C Jr ANDERSON, Ina Mrs 1917-Aug-17
SMITH, T L MCKINLEY, Omie 1920-Jun-12
SMITH, Terral PRICE, Clara May 1920-Feb-18
SMITH, Van B TRIGGS, Ruby 1921-Feb-12
SMITH, Verl MCKINLEY, Ada 1924-May-28
SMITH, W B STKINS, Lula 1916-Feb-10
SMITH, W H R MARTIN, Mattie 1910-Sep-10
SMITH, William PURVIS, Bessie 1922-Nov-08
SPEED, Allen SHOEMAKE, Lola 1917-Dec-15
SPEED, C E THOMAS, Katie Orene 1914-Jul-19
SPEED, Ed THOMPSON, Bertha 1914-May-30
SPEED, J A CRANFORD, Sadie 1921-Jan-26
SPEED, J B WILBORN, Mary 1911-Mar-27
SPEED, J D MOORE, Annie 1920-Oct-23
SPEED, Otis JONES, D L O 1921-Apr-16
SPEED, R R ROLAND, Mary 1921-Oct-29
SPEED, W B SANFORD, Lillie Mae 1923-Jun-09
SPEED, W W LOTT, Corrie 1912-Oct-13
SPEED, W W ROGERS, R M 1911-Jul-24
SPELL, Edwin ROGERS, Chellie 1922-Dec-01
STABBLER, Horace DAVIDGE, Clara 1912-Dec-21
STAPLETON, Clifton CARTER, Florence 1923-Dec-14
STAPLETON, Corbett CARTER, Ella 1918-Apr-17
STAPLETON, Hubert CARTER, Lietha 1919-Mar-25
STAPLETON, Walter WARREN, Maude Mrs 1923-Jun-02
STEELE, Coats NICHOLLS, D W 1919-Jun-22
STEMWINDER, Frank RUTLAND, Sarah 1920-Aug-28
STEVENS, J W STROUD, Gussie 1914-Oct-31
STEWART, A H MCRANEY, Katie 1912-Dec-18
STEWART, J B MOORE, Annie Mae 1916-Feb-04
STEWART, J M FRENCH, Trudy 1914-Apr-29
STILLWELL, M N GANDY, Corrilee 1913-Jul-03
STINSON, P B YAWN, May 1910-Mar-18
STONE, J L BRYANT, Bell 1911-Jun-20
STOUT, Morman POWELL, Fannie 1910-Jan-07
STRAHAN, Willie PONDER, Addie 1919-May-18
STRINGER, A C LEE, Vergie 1921-Oct-07
STRINGER, Grady LOWRY, Ella 1910-Jul-13
STRINGER, W H GRAY, Nellie 1922-Jan-26
STRONG, Percy JOHNSON, Alta 1922-May-20
STROTHER, George POSEY, Ruby 1923-Jan-22
STROUD, B D WALKER, Mammie G 1911-Jan-10
STUCKERS, Gordon MOONEY, May 1916-Nov-22
STUCKEY, D J PONDER, Mabelle 1910-Dec-27
STUCKEY, Henry MEADOWS, Katie 1913-May-01
STUCKEY, J M CLARK, Dasey 1917-Jan-01
SUDDRETH, E M WHITAKER, Leonora Clare 1921-Dec-27
SULLIVAN, B K SMITH, G W 1916-May-06
SULLIVAN, Bernard Wini ford  LEE, Kola Matilda 1923-Dec-17
SULLIVAN, Bruce MORRIS, Edna 1916-Nov-17
SULLIVAN, C P SMITH, Alma 1910-Nov-22
SULLIVAN, Clifton BIRCH, Etta 1921-Dec-22
SULLIVAN, Curran W CHAMBERS, Mittie 1913-Aug-28
SULLIVAN, E R RUNNELS, Irene 1916-Sep-27
SULLIVAN, E S HOLLERY, Lidie 1913-Mar-12
SULLIVAN, Earnest BARNES, Bessie 1911-Sep-15
SULLIVAN, Eddie HALL, Volana 1912-Jul-21
SULLIVAN, George D PARISH, D L O 1921-Jul-22
SULLIVAN, H E SELLERS, Bettie 1922-Feb-27
SULLIVAN, Hebron GENTRY, Hattie 1918-Dec-27
SULLIVAN, Hooper SULLIVAN, Tina 1924-Feb-01
SULLIVAN, Joe STUCKEY, Daisy Mrs 1921-Sep-01
SULLIVAN, R H SPECK, Helen 1923-Oct-18
SULLIVAN, Ross BURCH, Janie 1921-Nov-22
SULLIVAN, T A C SULLIVAN, Bertha 1919-Dec-28
SUMMER, Chas L WELLS, Mattie 1912-   -
SUMRALL, Joseph D GEIGER, Annie J 1917-Jan-09
SUMRALL, Robert SANDERSON, Lillie May 1913-Oct-07
SWANSON, James BANKS, Martha 1917-Dec-27
SWANSON, James MCARTHUR, Margaret 1915-Mar-20
SWINEY, Marvin SHAW, Dezzie 1917-Feb-14
SYKES, Milton E MIXON, Mary Ella 1917-Jun-13

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