Covington County Grooms

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NALLS, Jessie HARRISON, D M 1915-Jun-24
NAPIER, B B LOTT, Mary Jane 1918-Oct-23
NAPIER, F C FLOYD, Ina 1910-Nov-05
NAPIER, J M MILLER, Mary 1910-Sep-29
NAPIER, Luther LOWRY, Pearle 1914-Mar-12
NAPIER, M E HERRIN, Nettie 1916-Oct-11
NAPIER, S J STRAHAN, Alma 1911-Mar-04
NAPIES, W W Jr CROSBY, Dela 1914-Dec-15
NATION, Turner CLARK, Hester 1918-Mar-06
NELSON, Robert Arnold TERRELL, Lalla Dun 1918-Apr-29
NESSE, Carl W MARTIN, Hazel 1919-Feb-27
NEWSOM, Ike RABORN, Ada 1912-Jun-03
NICHOLAS, Rhodell PONDER, Myrtel 1924-Mar-08
NICHOLLS, D W STEELE, Coats 1919-Jun-22
NICHOLSON, B C CARR, Munie 1917-May-15
NICHOLSON, Robert ROGERS, Bertha 1917-Aug-03
NIX, Elbert WILLIAMSON, Chelie 1910-Oct-08
NIX, O Flynn LOWRY, Lizzie 1920-May-26
NOBLES, C P CLARK, Annie 1911-Jun-12
NOBLES, Jack NICHOLAS, Eula 1916-Dec-19
NOBLES, Prince YOUNG, Minnie 1914-Feb-05
NOLAND, Leon Maxwell WHITTLE, Clara Hampton 1911-Sep-11
NORMAN, W J LEVION, Alice 1910-Feb-26
NORRIS, C NORRIS, Mattie 1918-Jan-26
NORRIS, Cumy BULLOCK, R B 1914-Apr-11
NORRIS, Cumy TAYLOR, C M 1919-Jan-08
NORRIS, O D POWERS, Gussie 1916-Dec-02
NORRIS, W B GROVES, Rosa 1911-Aug-04
NORRIS, Willie MOONEY, Fannie 1917-Oct-10
OBRYANT, Hubert C GRAHAM, Martha 1919-Oct-08
ODONNELL, Claude W NEWTON, Cora 1923-May-30
ODUM, Liston BRYANT, Eunice 1917-Feb-17
ODY, Alfred CHANCE, Elphira 1922-May-22
OLSION, H G CRAWFORD, Mary 1906-Jun-02
PACE, Adrian L HUGHES, Bessie Lee 1921-Dec-26
PACE, Henry B MCINNIS, Katie Ray 1922-Jul-21
PACE, Robert PATTERSON, Lula 1917-Jun-06
PACE, William SMITH, Maggie 1914-Nov-11
PADGETT, Ollie DOUGHTERY, Katie 1922-Dec-06
PAGE, Dexton PEARCE, Myrtle 1921-Jan-03
PAGE, Eume CAMPBELL, Asia 1912-Jan-27
PAGE, Sam MCLENOND, Minnie 1911-Dec-23
PARISH, Eugene CARTER, Nora 1922-Nov-09
PARISH, John BLAIR, Julia 1917-Nov-05
PARKER, C R CARR, Maggie E 1911-Oct-18
PARKER, D M HEYWOOD, Barbara 1918-Aug-10
PARKER, Henry Travis WHITTINGTON, Ira 1915-Nov-18
PARKER, Owen KELLY, Pearl 1910-May-18
PARKER, Sam KNOTTS, Jullia 1924-Jun-06
PARLSER, A C COOK, Edna 1912-Oct-02
PATRICK, C L WALLACE, Zera 1923-Dec-30
PATTERSON, C B ELLIS, Madeline 1919-Dec-31
PATTERSON, Carl ROGERS, Pearl 1910-Oct-25
PATTERSON, Ras W CHANDLER, Verlie 1921-Oct-04
PEARCE, J W HILL, Martha Ann 1910-Jan-06
PEARSON, Robert COULTER, Ella 1910-Jul-27
PEIRCE, Leonard CARTER, Georgia 1917-Nov-24
PEMBLE, L E CALHOUN, Lexie 1919-Dec-26
PENDAMS, W L BULLACH, Arenth 1912-Oct-02
PERKINS, Chas ROGERS, Bettie 1914-Mar-30
PERKINS, T P WELLS, Ella 1911-Feb-25
PERKINS, T P WELLS, Ella 1911-Aug-02
PETERS, Oliver CAMPBELL, Dora 1920-Jan-03
PHILLIPS, Samey CREEL, Maud 1910-Jan-26
PICKENS, M F EASTERLING, Linnie 1911-Dec-27
PICKERING, C H SPEED, Zettie 1916-Oct-30
PICKERING, Chillie SHOEMAKE, Sam 1916-Feb-19
PICKERING, Corbet CROSBY, Velma 1917-Jan-30
PICKERING, J Allen THOMAS, Juanita 1921-Sep-03
PICKERING, J E COOK, Namie Lou 1916-Sep-18
PICKERING, Leff L BEGLANE, Alice 1916-Sep-20
PICKERING, S R FITE, Ollie 1913-Apr-09
PICKERING, Willan WELCH, R D 1923-Jul-07
PICKING, Van W MOORE, Eunice C 1911-Dec-15
PITTMAN, J T SMITH, Annie 1920-Jul-01
PITTMAN, W B CLARK, Bertie 1916-Dec-16
PITTS, A J PITTS, Claudie 1919-Dec-11
PITTS, Alson PITTS, Nellie 1910-Jan-21
PITTS, J W REEVES, Leona 1919-Nov-08
PITTS, Wilton CLARK, Maybel 1920-Mar-04
PLESSALA, James SKOGGS, Katie 1923-Jul-14
PONDER, Authur RUTLAND, Janie 1913-Apr-06
PONDER, Sam HOLLINGSWORTH, Pearlie 1918-Jun-01
PONDER, W L MORRIS, Annie 1919-Nov-05
POPE, F C SPEED, Dagma 1921-Jul-06
POPE, Ford LAMBERT, Effie 1917-Jul-09
POPE, Laurin BLACK, Ida 1920-Nov-09
POPE, O C POLK, E V 1910-Jun-09
POPE, Robert ARINDON, Angie 1912-Sep-07
POWELL, C L BLACKWELL, Hessie 1916-Jun-17
POWELL, J PRIDGEN, Sallie 1912-Feb-13
POWELL, Solon B MONK, Alma 1919-Apr-26
PRICE, Rubin GRIFFITH, Guy R 1921-May-07
PRIDGEN, B F CARTER, Rebecca 1916-Oct-30
PRIDGEN, C J HUFF, Birdie 1910-Apr-09
PRINCE, D D WAITS, Mattie 1915-Jan-09
PRINE, C S SANFORD, Irene 1913-Dec-22
PRINE, J O MCDNZIE, Ola 1916-Nov-15
PUCKETT, W E COKER, Bessie 1910-Mar-26
QUATES, Artie FOLKES, Arthur 1919-Apr-05
QUATES, Ollie LOTT, Menina 1913-Aug-22
QUICK, Edgar BRYANT, Lucy 1915-Sep-04
QUICK, J A CARR, Josie 1912-Nov-01
QUICK, Van E JORDAN, Mary 1911-Jun-06
QUICK, W J WILSON, Della Mrs 1923-Apr-12

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