Covington County Grooms


MAGEE, D D SMITH, Susie 1922-Mar-04
MAGEE, E L YAWN, Dora 1913-Apr-12
MAGEE, Floyd E KEYS, Thelma 1922-Oct-28
MAGEE, J C TENELL, Ethel 1912-Nov-02
MAGEE, M M BARLOW, Rosa 1921-Jun-07
MAGEE, R B CONLEY, Maggie 1911-Dec-11
MAGEE, Virgil G RAIBORN, Maudie 1922-Dec-23
MAGEE, W E MCDONALD, Virgia 1911-Dec-26
MAGLE, Tate SMITH, Mary 1917-Mar-30
MANASSE, Harvey FAIRCHILDS, Elmer 1923-Apr-26
MANGUM, Allen WHITE, Etta 1914-Dec-22
MANGUM, Chester SWAN, Hattie 1919-Sep-30
MANN, L C BUCHANAN, Virgie 1912-Aug-03
MANNING, Tom MCLEOD, Margie 1915-Jan-21
MASH, J B MOLLING, Unis 1920-Jan-10
MASON, Willie FRASIER, A M 1918-Mar-10
MATHENY, H P NORRIS, Janie 1914-May-02
MATHERY, B D GRAHAM, Delia 1917-Aug-14
MATHIS, Carl RANEY, Clara 1914-Dec-22
MATHIS, L B SULLIVAN, Alma 1919-Oct-25
MATHIS, Luther KING, Eva 1914-Mar-14
MATTHEW, Willmer SUMERALL, F M 1911-Sep-30
MATTINGLY, G A HERRING, Juirvia 1919-Nov-28
MAULDIN, Dewey WINDHAM, Jennie 1923-Nov-24
MAULDIN, W M CRAFT, Annie Lee 1921-Apr-30
MAYFIELD, Barnie W BYRD, Minnie M 1917-Dec-26
MAYFIELD, C R SALLAS, Bessie 1916-Dec-14
MAYFIELD, Leman DUCKWORTH, Hattie 1920-Feb-07
MAYFIELD, O S CONNER, Berneace 1917-May-17
MAYO, Henry Clay HOLCOMB, Maude May 1916-Sep-02
MCALPIN, Claud COOLEY, Nancy 1911-Apr-09
MCALPINE, J O GRIFFITH, Lori 1914-Sep-17
MCCALLUM, Knox JOHNSON, Vera 1920-Jul-08
MCCANN, R H CULPEPPER, Estelle 1911-Mar-15
MCCARTY, Leonard COULTER, Ida 1921-Sep-24
MCCRAW, G A SMITH, Perlie 1923-Dec-06
MCDANIEL, Claude GREGG, Bessie 1922-Mar-22
MCDANIEL, Fird WILBURN, Polly 1914-Jun-22
MCDANIEL, Howard KEYS, Roberta 1911-Feb-11
MCDERMITT, Edward YATES, Cola 1915-Sep-11
MCDONALD, E A MOORE, Malissie 1920-Feb-18
MCDONALD, J P SULLIVAN, Irma 1912-Sep-26
MCDONALD, Jap MCRANEY, Alma 1911-Jul-05
MCDONALD, Leroy MCRUNEY, Lunermay 1915-Feb-27
MCDONALD, Robert HERRIN, Eva 1923-May-13
MCDONALD, Fannie SANFORD, H C 1911-Nov-09
MCDONALD, N E BROWN, Mark 1905-May-21
MCDONALD, Ora HARPER, Harrison 1912-Oct-24
MCDONALD, Robert E HERRIN, Eva 1923-May-14
MCDONALD, Sammie BAGGELL, Rosa 1923-Sep-27
MCFADEN, John HART, Lizzie 1916-Oct-18
MCGEE, A L SPEED, Myrtle 1916-Oct-01
MCGILVRAY, GUNN, Katie 1915-Nov-23
MCGOWAN, J C PEARSON, Maud 1917-Mar-16
MCGREW, Frank AULTMAN, Irene 1918-Jul-01
MCGREW, Leo CRAWFORD, J C 1916-Nov-09
MCGREW, S D DAVIS, Mamie E 1919-Mar-12
MCGREW, Willie BAKER, John 1911-Dec-23
MCINNIS, Ellis Winton MCINTOSH, Ruth 1913-Sep-17
MCKAY, Edwin V CARRAWAY, Edna 1914-Jun-26
MCKENLEY, STAPLETON, Ina Bell 1921-Jun-17
MCKENZIE, Buford MOONEY, Virdie 1922-Nov-22
MCKENZIE, J M KNIGHT, Martha Jane 1919-Sep-01
MCKINLEY, B H LEE, Ada 1918-Dec-26
MCLAIN, H C WEATHERS, Catherine 1921-Sep-14
MCLEAN, Cleave FAIRCHILDS, Dovie 1919-Jan-25
MCLENDON, Jettie ROGERS, Dona 1912-Oct-26
MCLENDON, Will CARR, Martha 1911-Jun-14
MCLEOD, C H CLARK, Ruby 1918-Nov-19
MCLEOD, J A MORRIS, Myrtle 1916-Nov-18
MCMILLAN, E G CALDWELL, Alma 1912-Jun-17
MCNAIR, Carl JOHNSON, Zuma 1917-Nov-21
MCNAIR, Ray SMITH, Lerron 1914-Oct-06
MCNAIR, Walter JOHNSON, Delia 1916-Oct-18
MCNEASE, Frank BAKER, Ona Bell 1921-Oct-28
MCNEIL, B A MOONEY, Maggie 1915-Mar-15
MCQUEEN, M O CULTER, Lela 1917-Dec-28
MCQUEEN, O B CRAFT, Clyta Mae 1922-Aug-23
MCQUEEN, V E PARISH, Clara 1921-Nov-23
MCRANEY, Archey W MILLER, Mary L 1911-Dec-29
MCRANEY, Elmer COURTNEY, C C 1914-Dec-26
MCRANEY, Felix C BASS, Georgia Lenora 1911-Apr-15
MCRANEY, Lewis MOOR, Cora 1911-Feb-27
MCRAULY, Leon MCRAULY, Allie May 1917-Nov-23
MCRAWLY, Chester COULTER, Minnie 1918-Mar-23
MEDLIE, M TURNER, Maud 1913-Sep-01
MEDLIN, Nobie KNIGHT, M J 1911-Jun-23
MEEKER, Leeman S RIDGEWAY, Nora 1920-Jan-30
MEEKS, W H CULPEPPER, Anna 1911-Sep-02
MESSER, Porta WATTS, Annie 1921-Jan-10
MILES, J M TAYLOR, Mary 1918-Feb-21
MILES, J N MIRAGOLI, Corena 1910-Mar-26
MILLER, B F LOWERY, Fannie Mrs 1919-Jan-02
MILLER, Dean DEAN, Lizzie 1924-May-18
MILLER, E D MATHIS, Mabell 1912-May-04
MILLER, Frank LOTT, Mary 1922-Jun-14
MILLER, Grover GRAHAM, Meda 1916-Feb-04
MILLER, J M WILLIAMS, Ada 1917-Mar-08
MILLER, Otho LOTT, Ruby 1921-Nov-06
MILLER, Pink BROWN, Hester 1910-Apr-19
MILLER, R L LOTT, Mimmie 1911-Sep-23
MILLER, T J Jr MCGREVE, Ida J 1915-Dec-11
MILLER, W H YATES, Alice 1910-May-06
MILLER, William LEE, Eula 1924-Apr-12
MILLOY, Cleveland BARNES, Lovely 1910-Nov-28
MILLS, W T LOTT, Bessie 1915-Dec-17
MITCHELL, B P THOMPSON, Pearl 1917-Aug-01
MITCHELL, Bura KNIGHT, Ruth 1917-Mar-16
MITCHELL, George SELLERS, Katie 1910-Jun-11
MITCHELL, Lee RYMES, Fannie 1912-Apr-20
MITCHELL, Martin CRAWFORD, Katie Bell 1916-Jun-08
MITCHELL, Robie KNIGHT, B F 1917-Oct-17
MITCHELL, S F COULTER, Vada 1917-Jan-31
MITCHELL, W B LOTT, Nettie 1914-Jul-23
MIXON, C H SANDERSON, Rebecca 1910-Dec-28
MOAK, Eugine RILES, Nettie 1916-Jun-03
MOFFETT, N J WILCOCKS, Ruth 1921-Apr-28
MOLDS, J E DRENNANS, Lizzie 1913-Aug-02
MONK, M P FOSTER, P M 1911-Jan-27
MOONE, M O LOTT, Callie 1916-Feb-18
MOONEY, Adner THOMPSON, Norah 1913-Oct-04
MOONEY, D R FALER, Lela 1916-Sep-16
MOONEY, E H KITCHENS, Aliaci 1920-Aug-27
MOONEY, E P GANDY, Birdie 1921-Oct-06
MOONEY, Fred BYRD, Demarious 1916-Mar-01
MOONEY, Henry WILLIAMSON, Mary 1920-May-08
MOONEY, Ione SANFORD, Shirlie 1921-Nov-23
MOONEY, John SANFORD, Dona 1911-Nov-15
MOONEY, R M HERRIN, Minnie 1920-Jul-02
MOONEY, S F BULLOCK, Cora 1911-Feb-06
MOONEY, Samuel E KIRKLIN, Bessie May 1923-Dec-18
MOONEY, Van D WATKINS, Ora 1917-Dec-26
MORGAN, Cleveland QUEATES, Ora 1911-Oct-25
MORGAN, Fannie RAWLS, W A 1916-Nov-17

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