Covington County Grooms

F - G

FAGAN, J O FALOR, Sarah 1908-Dec-26
FAIRCHILD, John WARREN, Maggie 1912-Aug-03
FAIRCHILDS, C L ELLIS, Mary 1917-Apr-19
FAIRCHILDS, C L LYONS, Lucy 1912-Aug-20
FAIRCHILDS, Elmer MANASSE, Harvey 1923-Apr-26
FAIRCHILDS, Eric FAIRCHILDS, Hattie 1916-Jun-08
FAIRCHILDS, F L NIX, Lula 1916-Dec-19
FAIRCHILDS, Hulon CARTER, Lonie 1918-Feb-08
FAIRCHILDS, Hulon PRIME, Mattie 1917-Dec-20
FAIRCHILDS, John BYRD, Anne B 1906-Jan-30
FAIRCHILDS, W E WALTARS, Arillar 1907-Aug-29
FAIRCHILDS, Willie INGRAM, Susie 1906-Feb-20
FAIRLEY, A K NANGRUM, Katie 1909-Mar-11
FAIRLEY, A M SATLIN, Ella 1908-Dec-31
FAIRLY, Frank HUGHES, F L Mrs 1916-Oct-04
FALER, Leonard EASTERLING, Collie 1921-Oct-20
FARNHAN, J H Jr PITTS, Rhoda 1913-Nov-18
FERGUSON, T A CALHOUN, Bertha 1913-Nov-18
FERNWELL, Viron RATCLIFF, Minnie 1923-Jan-08
FIELDS, Edgar MORRISON, Gussie 1919-Feb-06
FIELDS, Watts MASSERGALE, Freedie 1918-Jun-28
FILLINGAME, E H WATTS, Leva 1908-Jan-05
FINCH, Paul SHARP, Ella L 1905-Dec-13
FINDLEY, T J QUICK, Clara 1915-Jul-15
FITE, Ollie PICKERING, S R 1913-Apr-09
FLANAGAN, W R ROGERS, Ida 1907-Nov-03
FLEMING, Edgar YOUNG, Sarah 1905-Nov-29
FLINT, F B CURTIS, Myrtle M 1916-Nov-16
FLYNT, A M CRAFT, Missouri 1908-Dec-24
FLYNT, A T MCDANIEL, Nola 1908-Nov-01
FLYNT, Elton HARVEY, Lena 1921-Oct-09
FLYNT, J G MCLEOD, Mamie 1919-Jun-05
FLYNT, M S EILSON, Louella 1905-Sep-02
FLYNT, Orange MCLEOD, Lula 1908-Oct-20
FLYNT, W C SANFORD, Elmer 1921-Dec-22
FLYNT, Willie SASSER, Sarah Ann 1912-Dec-30
FOLKES, Arthur QUATES, Artie 1919-Apr-05
FOLKS, C L WADE, Pearlie 1905-Nov-15
FOLKS, Clarence BOLEWARE, Dora 1913-Apr-19
FOLKS, Willis GANDY, Bertha 1922-Sep-02
FORD, John PIERCE, Alma 1918-Jun-12
FOREMAN, J R THOMAS, Falbra Mrs 1919-Dec-31
FOSTER, George PORE, Florence 1914-Mar-06
FOSTER, George WHITHEAD, Lou 1908-Feb-01
FOSTER, John RILES, Dora 1908-Sep-30
FOSTER, P M MONK, M P 1911-Jan-27
FOUNTAIN, Joe P COLEMAN, Pellie 1911-Sep-01
FRASIER, J D RHODES, Biddia 1907-Mar-17
FREEMAN, Dalton BULLOCK, Lula 1910-Feb-24
FRELAND, Paul LOTT, Love 1905-Sep-18
FULMER, R J WATSON, Chellie 1905-Apr-07
FUTCH, James B SPELL, Virginia L 1923-Dec-08
GANDY, Doyle THAMES, Mary 1904-Dec-25
GANDY, N E MOONEY, Bessie 1919-Mar-09
GANDY, Verne GINGER, Eola 1912-Oct-17
GANDY, W W DAVIS, Carrie 1909-Mar-02
GARNER, John GARNER, Eula 1914-Aug-23
GATES, J T ANDERSON, Florence 1905-Dec-03
GATEWOOD, D O COULTER, Pearl 1907-Jun-02
GATLIN, T R SARTEN, Ethel 1912-Nov-27
GATTIS, Joe PRUETT, Emma M 1907-Feb-24
GENTRY, A B HARVEY, Fannie 1905-Mar-05
GENTRY, Huston GENTRY, Hettie 1917-Mar-19
GENTRY, Ira POWELL, Lona 1921-Apr-18
GENTRY, M C EUBANKS, Tom 1910-Jul-29
GENTRY, M G CULPEPPER, Bertha E 1915-Feb-04
GENTRY, S W WELCH, Lois 1921-Jul-09
GENTRY, Sylvester HARVEY, Katie 1908-Oct-11
GHAIN, Thomas FLYNT, Leona 1905-Aug-22
GIBSON, Boler LOTT, Fannie 1912-Apr-12
GIBSON, Ford DAY, Myrtle 1923-Apr-06
GILLIS, C C THOMPSON, Annie 1908-Jun-14
GILLIS, Claude DOSSETT, Mary 1908-Feb-24
GILLIS, E J HUTCHERSON, Lessie 1915-Apr-15
GILLIS, T L PITES, Mary 1907-Nov-30
GILLIS, W E THOMPSON, Lou 1913-May-17
GLAZE, A J PICKERING, Maybell 1917-Jul-27
GLOVER, Charlie YAUN, Pearl 1919-May-24
GLOWER, Charlie RIALS, Sallie 1910-Apr-28
GOFOURTH, M R MAGEE, Janie 1918-Mar-16
GOODSON, A L STEELE, Carrie 1915-Jun-07
GRADY, G C HERRIN, Loudie 1910-Aug-31
GRADY, Oscar LOTT, Ada 1910-Aug-31
GRADY, S L WALTZ, Maye 1924-Jun-24
GRADY, Webb HERRIN, Wincie 1910-Nov-02
GRAHAM, A V PONA, Lois 1914-Feb-14
GRAHAM, Bob GROVES, Zola 1911-Jul-08
GRAHAM, Buford MARTIN, Alma 1915-Apr-02
GRAHAM, Burdett SULLIVAN, Virnia 1924-Feb-29
GRAHAM, C G CLARK, A M Miss 1908-Oct-04
GRAHAM, H L ATWOOD, Virgia 1911-Apr-29
GRAHAM, H M KNIGHT, Dollie 1910-Nov-19
GRAHAM, J B OLIVER, Lelia 1914-Sep-06
GRAHAM, John A JONES, Joean 1919-Jul-22
GRAHAM, Leon WALTERS, Annie Bell 1916-Jun-22
GRAHAM, Lewis MILLER, Beulah 1921-Feb-21
GRAHAM, M L TUCKER, Augusta 1907-Feb-28
GRAHAM, O T NAPIER, Jessie 1910-Oct-20
GRAHAM, Sam GIBSON, Ona 1917-Nov-01
GRANBERRY, W S MATHIS, Dovie 1911-Apr-12
GRANTHAM, A G ROGERS, Olivia 1920-Apr-11
GRANTHAM, A J STEWART, Claudie 1919-Dec-24
GRANTHAM, B D EVANS, J L Miss 1906-Jun-17
GRANTHAN, J A SELLERS, Bonnie 1920-Aug-06
GRANTHOM, C F SELLERS, Blanche 1922-Jul-30
GRAVES, Albert DRENNINGS, Florence 1921-Jan-03
GRAVES, Allen CLARK, Kate 1906-Jul-05
GRAVES, Archie HUNNELS, Fannie 1904-Dec-22
GRAVES, Artie AULTMAN, G W 1910-Feb-09
GRAVES, J P FALS, Lela 1921-Sep-06
GRAVES, J R MILLER, Lizzie 1911-Sep-23
GRAVES, Jim NAPIER, Susie 1922-Feb-08
GRAVES, Joe YATES, Ann 1914-Sep-02
GRAVES, John SMITH, Lessie 1908-Mar-15
GRAVES, Lee BALEWARE, Lee 1919-Jul-23
GRAVES, Luther SMITH, Bell 1911-Mar-10
GRAVES, R D BECK, Pearl 1905-Dec-18
GRAVES, Reese DICKENS, Ina 1908-May-21
GRAVES, Sandy GRAVES, Anna 1913-Jan-18
GRAVES, T C BARNES, Velma 1917-Sep-08
GRAVES, Thad WILSON, Katie 1923-Jul-21
GRAVES, Van AULTMAN, Maye 1912-Jan-13
GRAVES, Walter INGRAM, Donie 1907-Jun-30
GRAVES, William WILSON, Midia 1905-Jul-02
GREEN, Ollie BARLOW, Maude 1915-Dec-26
GREEN, Ollie COLEMAN, A L 1922-Aug-12
GREEN, S N LIGHTSEY, Damie 1915-Dec-18
GRICE, Fred A KIRSH, Johnnie 1913-Jun-23
GRIFFITH, Guy R PRICE, Rubin 1921-May-07
GROVES, Stanley GROVES, Ethel 1910-Apr-02
GUERRIES, Louis L GLISSON, Mary 1911-Apr-19
GULLEDGE, R T AUTLMAN, Nora 1906-Aug-25
GUTHRIE, J B DAVIS, Lillian 1911-Mar-21

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