Covington County Grooms


CAGLE, J B HEMETER, Maud 1920-Nov-06
CALHOUN, Carl HEAD, Will Avery 1923-Sep-10
CALHOUN, Carley DAVIS, Ada 1915-May-01
CALHOUN, E D WILLIAMS, Babe 1905-Jul-12
CALHOUN, J D PEARCE, Mattie Lee 1922-Mar-21
CALHOUN, J N BELL, Gertrude 1905-Dec-04
CALHOUN, John NAPIER, Lessie 1920-Jan-24
CALHOUN, John C EVANS, Anette 1905-May-01
CALHOUN, S R MAGEE, Addie 1905-Dec-21
CALLAHAN, R C DORMAN, Lena 1909-Mar-14
CALLUM, John PONDER, Dola 1921-Jun-29
CAMPBELL, Albert GRAVES, Florence 1917-Mar-27
CAMPBELL, Asia PAGE, Eume 1912-Jan-27
CAMPBELL, Curtis MOONEY, Alice 1917-Dec-24
CAMPBELL, T C PAGE, P M 1912-Feb-24
CARNEY, King MCCOLOUGH, Mollie 1907-Jan-28
CARR, Roy LOWERY, Lucy 1919-Jan-04
CARRAWAY, Edna MCKAY, Edwin V 1914-Jun-26
CARRAWAY, R A DEEN, Nora 1905-Feb-10
CARROLL, C J KELLY, Grace 1915-Mar-25
CARROLL, Ernest SPEED, Alice 1912-Nov-25
CARTER, A B YANCE, Allie 1920-Jun-03
CARTER, Byron MCRANEY, Alice 1911-Mar-02
CARTER, Charles Galloway GRESHAM, Sallie Belle 1910-Jun-15
CARTER, J A WHITHEAD, Beulah 1905-Jun-04
CARTER, J H TOOMY, Jessie 1920-Dec-11
CARTER, Lonie FAIRCHILDS, Hulon 1918-Feb-08
CARTER, Nathan HERRIN, Alean 1910-Aug-03
CARTER, O B DICKENS, Fannie M 1905-Jan-15
CARTER, O D LOWRY, Ella 1920-Jun-05
CARTER, O J HUFF, Mary 1920-May-02
CARTER, Van STAPLETON, Martha 1909-Mar-07
CARTER, Willie HORN, Lizzie 1916-Oct-22
CATCHING, L H DUCKWORTH, Maggie 1915-Dec-11
CATON, H E LUCKEY, Janie 1909-Feb-22
CAVNAUGH, Lon POLK, Myrtle 1914-Dec-23
CHAIN, J H MCRAY, Lonadell 1908-Jul-12
CHAIN, J O MORRIS, Vera 1919-Dec-12
CHAIN, J R CLARK, Mary 1911-Oct-31
CHAIN, W O WOLF, Ettice Mae 1923-Feb-16
CHAMBERS, J D MEADOWS, Callie 1912-Mar-23
CHANCE, Alex GRAVES, Delphine 1905-Dec-22
CHANCE, W M BAINE, Virgie 1905-Nov-18
CHANCE, Wood GRAVES, Mary Ella 1911-Mar-10
CHESKY, Fred E RUSSELL, Rachel Anna 1919-Aug-15
CHILDRESS, R L CRAWFORD, Unagett 1908-May-23
CLARK, Arthur WILLIAMS, Quena 1918-Jun-29
CLARK, Bertie PITTMAN, W B 1916-Dec-16
CLARK, Bertie RUTLAND, J W 1910-Sep-26
CLARK, C G MCGEE, Corine 1921-Jun-11
CLARK, C G MCGEE, Corinna 1921-Jun-12
CLARK, Clarence WILLIAMS, Hettie 1918-Nov-02
CLARK, H E WINDHAM, Mamie 1916-Dec-29
CLARK, H P ALLEN, Etta 1918-May-18
CLARK, Jap RUTLAND, Abbie 1912-Dec-21
CLARK, L L BRAWS, May 1920-Dec-22
CLARK, Lawrence BROOM, Lather 1918-Dec-21
CLARK, Marvin CRAFT, Ada 1919-Dec-23
CLARK, N C , Ester 1997-Feb-06
CLARK, P C DAVIS, Lula 1911-Jun-15
CLARK, R L RABORN, Cora 1914-Dec-11
CLARK, Steave DAVIS, Ruby 1917-May-19
CLARK, W A RUTLAND, Ethel 1919-Oct-20
CLARK, W B LOTT, Nannie M 1916-Dec-09
CLARK, W E ALLEN, Gettie 1913-Mar-08
CLARK, Y R UPTON, Nannie Mrs 1922-May-08
CLAYTON, J S BAGBY, Alpha 1917-Mar-10
CLIBURN, James R RUNNELS, Winnie Mae 1923-Mar-31
CLOWPITT, Frank C SAYERS, Gladys 1919-Nov-17
COGHLAW, H F ELLEZEY, Annie 1918-Dec-12
COLE, J R RAWLS, Dilla 1913-Apr-24
COLE, O J MCRUNEY, Annie 1915-Feb-26
COLEMAN, A L GREEN, Ollie 1922-Aug-12
COLEMAN, B F FAIRCHILD, Cornene 1905-Sep-22
COLEMAN, Bash BECK, Caroline 1920-Sep-17
COLEMAN, D D WORD, Leona 1911-Nov-03
COLEMAN, W R BRYANT, Nora 1910-Dec-22
COLEMAN, Willie KNOTTS, Julia 1905-May-24
COLLIER, Auther KNIGHT, Viola 1914-Jul-17
COLLIER, Claud MOONEY, Biltra 1922-Jan-01
COLLIER, G C HUTSON, Ellen C 1905-Apr-18
COLLIER, Luther MCARTHUR, Ellen 1913-Dec-23
COLLIER, Walter CLARK, Lellia 1917-Dec-22
COLLINS, Mark KEYS, Vlema 1919-Dec-13
COLLINS, Mark LIHGTSEY, Ruth 1917-Apr-09
COLLINS, Oscar LEE, Maud 1911-Aug-18
COMER, G W WILLIAMS, Winifred 1905-Apr-16
COMMER, Marten Sennett GRAHAM, Alma Lucille 1921-Dec-15
CONERLY, Jessey M CHERRY, Inda 1910-Sep-07
CONNER, P J READY, Mary 1911-Apr-03
CONNER, W F MORGAN, Maud 1917-Apr-21
CONNERLY, Jessie LINDSEY, F G 1914-Dec-05
COOK, Everette EASTERLING, Belle 1921-Jun-04
COOK, Fred GRAVES, Alma 1919-May-03
COOK, W H EVANS, Willie Faith 1919-Dec-31
COOLEY, Champ DAVIS, Susie 1917-Dec-15
COOLEY, Houston WINDHAM, I V 1914-May-09
COOLEY, Jeremiah PRIDGEN, Ocia 1910-Dec-23
COOLEY, W J WATSON, Floyd 1911-Jan-24
COOPER, Clarance M BULLOCK, Nancy 1919-May-31
COOPER, H L EASTERLING, Inez 1921-Aug-16
CORE, Willie SASSER, J D 1914-Jun-14
CORLEY, George KITCHEN, Brigie 1916-Feb-19
CORLEY, L F BAGGETT, Meca 1920-Feb-28
CORLEY, Will BAGGETT, Kate 1921-Dec-19
COULTER, A A ROGERS, Ella 1917-Dec-26
COULTER, B L MCCRAIN, Lillian 1914-Dec-26
COULTER, H B DEEN, Mary 1905-Nov-04
COULTER, Irvin PENTON, Lillie May 1918-Dec-06
COULTER, J B NAPIER, Mary 1916-Feb-26
COULTER, J Knox BOND, Belle Virginia 1922-Aug-02
COULTER, J T DAVIS, Annie Bell 1919-Jan-01
COULTER, Willie BUCKLUS, Gean 1922-Dec-02
COULTR, Daly WALKER, Lola 1907-Mar-27
COURTNEY, Edd PARK, Bell 1910-Aug-31
COURTNEY, I O GEIGER, Maggie 1914-Jun-17
COURTNEY, L L BROOME, Lizzie 1905-Nov-17
COV, W C DENNIS, Leila 1909-Feb-21
COX, J W BURNS, Dora 1913-Jan-23
COX, Marion JAMES, Mary 1918-Jun-03
CRAFT, A W HERRINGTON, Martha 1908-Dec-30
CRAFT, Clarence BARNARD, Addes 1915-Nov-27
CRAFT, S MAUEDIN, Pearlie 1918-Jul-22
CRAFT, Wm RIALS, Sarah 1909-Jan-20
CRANE, L E BRASWELL, Eliole 1907-Jun-27
CRANFORD, C W CANDY, Alma 1907-Oct-02
CRANFORD, J P GIEGER, Rhodius 1907-Jul-10
CRANFORD, T W GARRISON, Flora L 1905-Nov-17
CRAWFORD, A P KNIGHT, Maybell 1916-Jun-06
CRAWFORD, Charlie COLLINS, Mollie 1905-Sep-02
CRAWFORD, M B NAPIER, Mary Ethie 1910-Jan-10
CRAWFORD, S B ROGERS, Eula 1923-May-10
CRAWFORD, S E PRIDGEN, Francis 1911-Jan-18
CREEL, A C SUMRALL, Bessie 1922-Jul-23
CREEL, Walter GREYSON, Leona 1907-Jul-08
CROFT, Dewey SELLERS, Thelma 1920-Dec-30
CROFT, G E WADE, Pelley 1911-Oct-16
CROFT, John LEWIS, Berany 1913-Aug-02
CROFT, W C RILES, Mary 1912-Aug-15
CROSBY, Bura INGRAM, Mary Almer 1916-Jul-18
CROSBY, C E MITCHELL, Lessie 1918-Mar-30
CROSBY, Clinton REID, Bessie 1921-Mar-11
CROSBY, D H STILLMAN, Lilly 1905-May-11
CROSBY, H F QUICK, Jaunita 1915-Jan-02
CROSBY, Sam DAVIS, Annie 1920-Mar-08

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