Covington County Grooms


ABERCROMBIE, J W SANFORD, Amanda 1915-Dec-18
ABERCROMBIE, W A EATON, Alen 1912-Dec-26
ADAMS, C A WELLS, Mozzelle 1911-Oct-20
ADAMS, J M GARDNER, Ouida 1922-Nov-12
ADCOCK, Everett HERRINGTON, Sallie 1908-Mar-11
ADCOCK, Willie J ENDREKIN, Vallie 1919-Jul-31
ADCOCKS, J A ANSWORTH, Pearlie 1913-Nov-29
ADKINS, Nathaniel WALTERS, Lonie 1923-Dec-21
ADKINSON, F L GATEWOOD, Glenna I 1917-Sep-01
AGATICE, Steve KNOLL, Rosa 1919-Apr-21
AIMSWORTH, H P SHORES, Willie 1910-Sep-07
AINSWORTH, A B WELCH, Ida 1916-Nov-28
AINSWORTH, C W LOTT, Janie 1905-Jan-19
ALEXANDER, F A RHODES, Pearl B 1906-Oct-26
ALEXANDER, J R DAVAGE, Evlyn 1911-Dec-17
ALEXCROMBIE, R C BULLOCK, Bessie 1920-Nov-20
ALLEN, T A JOHNSON, Margie 1923-May-27
ALLGOOD, B H RATON, Anna 1909-Feb-27
ALMANY, H G HARRISON, Lottie 1905-Dec-16
ALVIS, R A THRUSH, Alma 1907-Nov-30
AMBURN, William M PRIME, Lena 1919-Feb-01
ANDERSON, B H RUTLAND, Ina 1907-Feb-25
ANDERSON, Ferrell TISDALE, G W 1914-Dec-26
ANDERSON, Marshal WARREN, Isley 1919-Mar-06
ANDERSON, P Elder MCKENZIE, Mary 1911-Feb-24
ANDREWS, C F SPEED, Annie 1905-Jul-01
ANGELEA, Fald L COX, Olive P 1911-Mar-23
ANGLIN, D L ANGLIN, Lillie May 1913-Jul-24
ARINDER, C M GRAVES, Melvina 1908-Jan-15
ARNSTIEN, D W ROGERS, Doris 1906-Oct-19
ASHLEY, Odell SKINNER, Bissia 1923-Jan-02
ATES, Bud LEWIS, Mattie 1907-Apr-23
ATES, Sam LEWIS, L A Miss 1907-Apr-04
ATKINS, W A LOTT, Mertice 1917-Feb-03
ATWOOD, Ansley HERRIN, Bessie 1911-Jan-28
ATWOOD, Hosea CORLEY, Dovie 1919-Jan-20
ATWOOD, Hosey BAZER, Emma 1913-Feb-12
ATWOOD, L D TIMS, Eva 1909-Feb-16
ATWOOD, W JONES, Mary 1924-Mar-19
AULTMAN, Allen KNIGHT, Idell 1919-Dec-08
AULTMAN, Archie MIXON, Laura 1914-Mar-21
AULTMAN, C A GIGGER, Jane 1911-Jun-26
AULTMAN, C E PEARSON, Eugenia 1907-Jun-13
AULTMAN, C W LOTT, Martha 1907-Jul-19
AULTMAN, Criss REEVES, Corda 1917-Nov-24
AULTMAN, Cullen ALLGOOD, Emma 1909-Mar-08
AULTMAN, Cullen Jr ALLGOOD, Emma 1906-Jun-07
AULTMAN, Eddie SAULTER, Sam 1914-Apr-20
AULTMAN, F W MURRAY, Carrie S 1908-Dec-05
AULTMAN, G H PACE, Estella 1907-Aug-19
AULTMAN, G W GRAVES, Artie 1910-Feb-09
AULTMAN, Ira HUGHS, Essie 1910-Sep-10
AULTMAN, J F NAPIER, Lessie 1907-Dec-12
AULTMAN, J P LANDROM, Ida 1906-Oct-10
AULTMAN, John W MORRIS, Robbie 1918-Mar-01
AULTMAN, Lester DAVIS, Elma 1924-Mar-15
AULTMAN, Otho MCGREW, May 1907-Feb-07
AULTMAN, Preston COULTER, Demarions 1911-Sep-04
AULTMAN, R A SALLAS, Maggie 1915-Dec-23
AULTMAN, Robert DRENNAN, Bitha 1919-Oct-17
AULTMAN, T A CALHOUN, Pellie 1911-Aug-19
AULTMAN, T W TRUETT, Carell 1910-Jan-02
AULTMAN, Tama WARREN, Alonzo M 1915-Dec-27
AULTMAN, Tamer SMITH, B L 1911-Dec-23
AULTMAN, W T CRAWFORD, Mary Maud 1922-Feb-13
AUSTIN, J L LUCAS, Lillion 1923-Nov-14


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