Covington County Brides


SALLAS, Bessie MAYFIELD, C R 1916-Dec-14
SALLAS, Maggie AULTMAN, R A 1915-Dec-23
SANDERON, Bertha KEYTON, Edgar 1923-Dec-11
SANDERSON, Lillie May SUMRALL, Robert 1913-Oct-07
SANDERSON, Rebecca MIXON, C H 1910-Dec-28
SANDERSON, Tina EATON, Johnson 1909-Jan-15
SANDERSON, Vallie HARPER, J W 1919-Apr-01
SANFORD, Amanda ABERCROMBIE, J W 1915-Dec-18
SANFORD, Debbie HOLMES, Charlie 1914-Mar-02
SANFORD, Dona MOONEY, John 1911-Nov-15
SANFORD, Edna BARRETT, Edward 1907-Apr-15
SANFORD, Ella TEN, L E 1910-Dec-01
SANFORD, Irene PRINE, C S 1913-Dec-22
SANFORD, Janie WILSON, Maston 1912-Dec-07
SANFORD, Lillie Mae SPEED, W B 1923-Jun-09
SANFORD, Lutie INGRAM, Buford 1923-Feb-07
SANFORD, Mary HOLMES, J C 1912-Aug-05
SANFORD, Mattie SANDERSON, Boyd 1923-Sep-03
SANFORD, Pearlie KNIGHT, Jesse 1914-May-14
SANFORD, Pella LOWERY, A F 1910-Aug-13
SANFORD, Roxie Lee TAYLOR, Amous 1919-Nov-12
SANFORD, Shirlie MOONEY, Ione 1921-Nov-23
SANFORD, Tamer SMITH, Amos 1917-May-05
SARTEN, Ethel GATLIN, T R 1912-Nov-27
SARTIER, Mary L WARTLY, Howard D 1910-May-13
SASSEN, Mattie WILLIAMSON, D C 1911-Sep-01
SASSER, Kerny ROGERS, Oby 1919-Aug-31
SASSER, Sarah Ann FLYNT, Willie 1912-Dec-30
SATLIN, Ella FAIRLEY, A M 1908-Dec-31
SAYERS, Gladys CLOWPITT, Frank C 1919-Nov-17
SELLARS, Emma TAYLOR, A J 1916-Nov-25
SELLARS, Fannie RUTLEDGE, James 1919-Mar-08
SELLARS, Susie SMITH, Oliver 1913-Jan-25
SELLER, Rose HEMBY, W P 1906-Oct-06
SELLERS, Azelia HILL, L R 1920-Aug-17
SELLERS, Bettie SULLIVAN, H E 1922-Feb-27
SELLERS, Blanche GRANTHOM, C F 1922-Jul-30
SELLERS, Bonnie GRANTHAN, J A 1920-Aug-06
SELLERS, C LITTLE, Artie 1914-Sep-26
SELLERS, Ella Mae THAXTON, C Elbert 1922-Dec-20
SELLERS, Fannie HOLLOWAY, Virgil 1909-Feb-18
SELLERS, Ida DUCKWORTH, Marion 1914-Dec-23
SELLERS, Katie KELLEY, Fred 1914-Mar-14
SELLERS, Katie MITCHELL, George 1910-Jun-11
SELLERS, Lillie BOSTICK, D 1910-May-26
SELLERS, Mary HARVEY, Lownis 1918-Dec-28
SELLERS, Sarrian SASSER, Everett 1910-Apr-24
SELLERS, Thelma CROFT, Dewey 1920-Dec-30
SHAIFER, Sallie ROSS, G J 1910-Jun-19
SHARP, Ella L FINCH, Paul 1905-Dec-13
SHAW, Dezzie SWINEY, Marvin 1917-Feb-14
SHEPARD, Lola LONGLEY, Wallace 1917-Apr-07
SHOEMAKE, Annie May WADE, B F 1916-Jul-01
SHOEMAKE, Jessie Pearl BRADSHAW, B T 1923-Mar-02
SHOEMAKE, Lola SPEED, Allen 1917-Dec-15
SHOEMAKER, Delia EATON, Johnson 1917-Aug-14
SHONES, Della INGRAM, B W 1919-Mar-24
SHORMAKE, Lillie INGRAM, Thad 1920-Jan-10
SHOWS, Elnora CROWS, Wiley 1908-Oct-18
SKAGGS, Minnie BURCH, C H 1907-Sep-02
SKINNER, Bissia ASHLEY, Odell 1923-Jan-02
SKOGGS, Katie PLESSALA, James 1923-Jul-14
SLADE, Estella RAWLS, Wash 1917-Sep-22
SMITH, Adie SALKS, J E 1917-Oct-26
SMITH, Alice IDOM, William D 1917-Aug-25
SMITH, Alma SULLIVAN, C P 1910-Nov-22
SMITH, Annie PITTMAN, J T 1920-Jul-01
SMITH, Bell GRAVES, Luther 1911-Mar-10
SMITH, Bettie HARPER, C C 1908-Sep-08
SMITH, Carrie LITTLE, Paul 1916-Sep-30
SMITH, Eliza DEESE, C M 1923-Mar-26
SMITH, Elizabeth HANCOCK, Tracy 1915-Sep-10
SMITH, Ida HERRIN, W T 1910-Dec-03
SMITH, Isabelle SMITH, H L 1916-Oct-21
SMITH, Josephine HARRIS, Junie          -Jan 13
SMITH, Lessie GRAVES, John 1908-Mar-15
SMITH, Maggie PACE, William 1914-Nov-11
SMITH, Mary MAGLE, Tate 1917-Mar-30
SMITH, Mattie DEES, Carr V 1920-Feb-20
SMITH, Mellie HOMBY, D W 1906-Oct-07
SMITH, Myrlie THAXTON, Elmar 1921-Jul-30
SMITH, N A TATE, C E 1912-Dec-21
SMITH, Nannie Mae DALE, Roland H 1922-May-23
SMITH, Pearl ROGERS, Wilmer J 1919-Dec-11
SMITH, Perlie MCCRAW, G A 1923-Dec-06
SMITH, Selma KNIGHT, Jesse 1913-Jul-05
SMITH, Susie MAGEE, D D 1922-Mar-04
SMITH, Thelma HARRIS, Arthur 1923-Dec-15
SMITH, Tiny CURTIS, Claude 1912-Dec-14
SORLEY, Bessie KING, Earnest 1921-Jan-07
SPANGLER, Lula TEBOW, Claude 1916-Oct-14
SPECK, Helen SULLIVAN, R H 1923-Oct-18
SPEED, Ada KNIGHT, Ernest 1913-Dec-20
SPEED, Alice CARROLL, Ernest 1912-Nov-25
SPEED, Annie ANDREWS, C F 1905-Jul-01
SPEED, Dagma POPE, F C 1921-Jul-06
SPEED, Isabell LINDSAY, C L 1911-Mar-25
SPEED, Lones HOLIFELD, Wyatt 1906-Oct-14
SPEED, Myrtle MCGEE, A L 1916-Oct-01
SPEED, Zettie PICKERING, C H 1916-Oct-30
SPELL, Virginia L FUTCH, James B 1923-Dec-08
SPURLOCK, Ella DEVERNEX, W W 1904-Dec-27
STAPLETON, Alma SHOEMAKE, Robert 1919-Feb-28
STAPLETON, Ina Bell MCKENLEY, 1921-Jun-17
STAPLETON, Martha CARTER, Van 1909-Mar-07
STAPLETON, Minnie EATON, Johnson 1919-Jun-05
STAPLETON, Minnie Mae BREWER, S B 1921-Nov-13
STEELE, Carrie GOODSON, A L 1915-Jun-07
STEWART, Claudie GRANTHAM, A J 1919-Dec-24
STEWART, Dora JOHNSON, Clarence 1911-Aug-16
STILLMAN, Lilly CROSBY, D H 1905-May-11
STKINS, Lula SMITH, W B 1916-Feb-10
STRAHAN, Alma NAPIER, S J 1911-Mar-04
STREBICK, Velma JORDAN, Gerome 1913-Nov-15
STRINGER, Gracie RITES, R H 1911-Dec-19
STRINGER, India L HUFF, Avery 1910-Nov-30
STROUD, Gussie STEVENS, J W 1914-Oct-31
STUBBS, Nora NORRIS, Lester 1917-Dec-16
STUCKEY, Annie JOHNSON, Bernard 1916-Dec-08
STUCKEY, Daisy Mrs SULLIVAN, Joe 1921-Sep-01
STUCKEY, Mary TAYLOR, Eddie 1919-Mar-10
SULLIVAN, Alma MATHIS, L B 1919-Oct-25
SULLIVAN, Bertha SULLIVAN, T A C 1919-Dec-28
SULLIVAN, Bertie WOODS, Wylie 1913-Dec-20
SULLIVAN, Dina ROBERTSON, Lee 1912-Sep-19
SULLIVAN, Effie LEN, Morris 1920-Nov-12
SULLIVAN, Effie WOOLWIN, W H 1915-Apr-09
SULLIVAN, Elgin KING, Edd 1911-Sep-18
SULLIVAN, Estba ROGERS, T D 1921-Jul-14
SULLIVAN, Fannie DAY, W A 1920-Nov-13
SULLIVAN, Gladys KNIGHT, Clinton 1918-Aug-12
SULLIVAN, Irma MCDONALD, J P 1912-Sep-26
SULLIVAN, Lillie HOLLY, M C 1910-Mar-01
SULLIVAN, Mamie TINER, H M 1917-Dec-11
SULLIVAN, Pearle INGRAM, M C 1913-Oct-04
SULLIVAN, Thelma DICKENS, Richard 1923-Jun-07
SULLIVAN, Tina SULLIVAN, Hooper 1924-Feb-01
SULLIVAN, Valina Mrs HOLLY, M C 1916-Mar-30
SULLIVAN, Virnia GRAHAM, Burdett 1924-Feb-29
SUMERALL, Desma SHOEMAKE, B A 1921-Nov-19
SUMERALL, F M MATTHEW, Willmer 1911-Sep-30
SUMRALL, Bessie CREEL, A C 1922-Jul-23
SUMRALL, Inez WADE, Britt 1922-Dec-08
SUMRALL, Sarah Ann CUELBREATH, W M 1917-Jul-26
SUSSER, Nancy HAND, Walter 1915-Feb-27
SWAN, Hattie MANGUM, Chester 1919-Sep-30

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