Covington County Brides


MAGEE, Addie CALHOUN, S R 1905-Dec-21
MAGEE, Eva KING, Hulon 1918-Aug-24
MAGEE, Janie GOFOURTH, M R 1918-Mar-16
MAGEE, Josie HATHORN, S B 1910-Sep-26
MAGEE, Lizzie HALEY, A J 1997-Mar-12
MAGEE, Maggie Mrs ROBERTS, J R 1920-Apr-28
MAGEE, Mamie DEEN, W S 1915-Dec-18
MAGEE, Medie HOLLEY, Jessie 1914-May-04
MAGEE, Tinny TUGGLE, William 1915-Aug-13
MALONE, Queen BYRD, H A 1905-Sep-19
MANGUN, Eunice HATHORN, Ed 1923-Sep-29
MARDEN, Ellen SANFORD, John T 1918-Nov-29
MAREA, Callie WARREN, George 1919-Sep-18
MARK, Farrah Belle SMITH, R B 1914-May-01
MARTIN, Alma GRAHAM, Buford 1915-Apr-02
MARTIN, Etta DAVIS, R D 1908-Jan-19
MARTIN, Gladys CUMMINGS, H C 1919-Aug-15
MARTIN, Hazel NESSE, Carl W 1919-Feb-27
MARTIN, Mattie SMITH, W H R 1910-Sep-10
MARTIN, Media BOUNDS, Rufus 1911-Oct-14
MARTIN, Rosa BILBO, E M 1909-Feb-24
MASENGALE, J H BULLOCK, Robbie 1910-Jan-11
MASENGALE, Winnie KELLY, Bura 1918-Oct-05
MASKEW, Zadie MORRIS, Clifton 1920-Sep-03
MASSERGALE, Freedie FIELDS, Watts 1918-Jun-28
MATHENA, Lena DEWITT, Otis 1905-Aug-30
MATHENEY, Emma REEVES, L J 1917-Mar-23
MATHENY, Frances GOFORTH, Leslie K 1919-May-21
MATHIS, Dovie GRANBERRY, W S 1911-Apr-12
MATHIS, Elenor HOLLOWAY, H L 1905-Jun-18
MATHIS, Mabell MILLER, E D 1912-May-04
MATHIS, Pearlie LANGFORD, H H 1911-Oct-06
MATHIS, Virgia HOOKS, Galloway 1915-Jan-09
MATTOX, E J Miss ASHLEY, Shellie 1905-Dec-23
MAUEDIN, Pearlie CRAFT, S 1918-Jul-22
MAYFIELD, Anette WILLIAMS, Lee 1914-Jul-02
MAYFIELD, Bertha ROGERS, Burr 1914-Jul-18
MAYFIELD, Eunice TISDALE, Auslome 1917-Dec-22
MAYFIELD, Loe Ethel BOYD, Chas W 1922-May-15
MAYFIELD, Lottie WALTMAN, Howard 1921-Sep-07
MAYFIELD, Malissie WALKER, W L 1916-Dec-07
MAYFIELD, Norma WALKER, Barney 1919-Dec-20
MCALEXANDER, C L RAMSEY, Jessie C 1922-Jun-10
MCALPRIN, Lela DAVIDAGE, Tom 1912-Mar-19
MCARTHUR, Ellen COLLIER, Luther 1913-Dec-23
MCARTHUR, Margaret SWANSON, James 1915-Mar-20
MCBEATH, Susie SMITH, Robert 1918-Oct-19
MCBETH, Esco DUNNIGAN, Joe 1923-May-26
MCCOLOUGH, Mollie CARNEY, King 1907-Jan-28
MCCORMICK, Georgina VARNADO, O D M 1919-Dec-23
MCCRAIN, Lillian COULTER, B L 1914-Dec-26
MCDANIEL, Nola FLYNT, A T 1908-Nov-01
MCDANIEL, Pauline JONES, Henry 1923-Dec-10
MCDANIEL, Sarah DAVIS, Spurgeon 1907-Jun-30
MCDERMITT, Bettie BULLOCK, Henry 1917-Oct-17
MCDERMITT, Velma YATES, Esco 1920-Jun-30
MCDNZIE, Ola PRINE, J O 1916-Nov-15
MCDONALD, Chellie VANZANETT, E E 1915-Jun-30
MCDONALD, Virgia MAGEE, W E 1911-Dec-26
MCGEE, Corine CLARK, C G 1921-Jun-11
MCGEE, Corinna CLARK, C G 1921-Jun-12
MCGELVAY, Mattie KELLEY, W R 1910-Aug-27
MCGREVE, Ida J MILLER, T J Jr 1915-Dec-11
MCGREW, Alice AULTMAN, Alberta 1911-May-17
MCGREW, May AULTMAN, Otho 1907-Feb-07
MCHANEY, Verdie HOLLOWAY, Harrison 1908-Apr-05
MCINNIS, Katie Ray PACE, Henry B 1922-Jul-21
MCINTOSH, Lalla SCOTT, Andrew Humbert 1921-Dec-29
MCINTOSH, Ruth MCINNIS, Ellis Winton 1913-Sep-17
MCKENZEY, Florence YAWN, Zack 1923-Dec-12
MCKENZIE, Ada LOWRY, T R 1915-Jun-28
MCKENZIE, Ada RUTLEDGE, William 1913-Apr-21
MCKENZIE, Annie BARLOW, H H 1914-Sep-12
MCKENZIE, Fannie VAUGHN, Andy 1922-Nov-18
MCKENZIE, Mary ANDERSON, P Elder 1911-Feb-24
MCKENZY, Lorrie BUCHANAN, Leona 1913-May-02
MCKINLEY, Ada SMITH, Verl 1924-May-28
MCKINLEY, Bettie CROSSLAND, J J 1905-Apr-19
MCKINLEY, Etta WELBORN, Otis 1914-Aug-29
MCKINLEY, Lark GREGG, Martha 1910-Nov-26
MCKINLEY, Omie SMITH, T L 1920-Jun-12
MCKINSIE, May Belle ROBERTS, Ernest 1924-Feb-09
MCLENDOM, Lizzie WARREN, J T 1912-Nov-02
MCLENDON, Fannie BUTLER, Claude B 1915-Dec-31
MCLENDON, May SASSER, Kerney 1913-Jan-11
MCLENDON, Willie WARREN, Johnson 1912-Nov-06
MCLENOND, Minnie PAGE, Sam 1911-Dec-23
MCLEOD, Anie Belle SELLERS, Devan 1921-Sep-03
MCLEOD, Lela CURRIE, O W 1905-May-24
MCLEOD, Lula FLYNT, Orange 1908-Oct-20
MCLEOD, Mamie FLYNT, J G 1919-Jun-05
MCLEOD, Margie MANNING, Tom 1915-Jan-21
MCLEOD, Ruth CURRY, Jno W 1912-Sep-17
MCNAIR, Ella LIVINGSTON, H M 1916-Jun-04
MCNAIR, Etta BOIN, W Clyde 1923-Apr-20
MCNAIR, Fannie JERRELL, W 1914-Apr-10
MCNAIR, Nannie DUCKWORTH, W C 1908-Mar-01
MCNEESE, Gertie RABORN, R T 1912-Jul-11
MCNEESE, Hattie BRUNT, W J 1906-Jul-13
MCNEESE, Inez HANDBERRY, Charlie 1914-Jan-31
MCPHAEL, Carrie BLACKMAN, Major 1905-Dec-09
MCPHEARSON, Pearl TURNAGE, D P 1910-Nov-27
MCQUEEN, Ocie HERRINGTON, Winston 1917-Feb-08
MCRANEY, A Miss BOLD, Henry 1908-May-05
MCRANEY, Alice CARTER, Byron 1911-Mar-02
MCRANEY, Alma MCDONALD, Jap 1911-Jul-05
MCRANEY, Beulah KENNEDY, R A 1911-Oct-11
MCRANEY, Katie STEWART, A H 1912-Dec-18
MCRANEY, Millie RUTLAND, R L 1910-Dec-13
MCRANEY, Olive HUDSON, Calvin 1920-Sep-12
MCRANEY, Willie Velma LANE, Troy G 1922-Jun-24
MCRANIE, Lina BAKER, T C 1906-Nov-28
MCRAULY, Allie May MCRAULY, Leon 1917-Nov-23
MCRAY, Lonadell CHAIN, J H 1908-Jul-12
MCRUNEY, Annie COLE, O J 1915-Feb-26
MCRUNEY, Lunermay MCDONALD, Leroy 1915-Feb-27
MEADOWS, Callie CHAMBERS, J D 1912-Mar-23
MEADOWS, Katie STUCKEY, Henry 1913-May-01
MEADOWS, Lela WOMACK, W H 1913-Mar-05
MELLING, Lula LOUIS, C M 1912-Jan-27
MILLER, Beulah GRAHAM, Lewis 1921-Feb-21
MILLER, Emma SEIGER, J A 1910-Dec-20
MILLER, Lizzie GRAVES, J R 1911-Sep-23
MILLER, Mamie LOPER, Gideon 1910-Feb-23
MILLER, Mary NAPIER, J M 1910-Sep-29
MILLER, Mary L MCRANEY, Archey W 1911-Dec-29
MILLER, Mattie RUTLEDGE, J O 1910-May-17
MILLER, Maudie WARREN, D W 1920-Jan-08
MILLER, Mollie EASTERLING, Hugh B 1914-May-02
MILLER, Mollie Mrs TEMPLE, A M 1915-Feb-20
MILLER, Zula WADE, W M 1920-Jan-27
MILLING, Birtie CLEBORN, Eula 1915-Feb-26
MILLIS, Georgia LITTLE, Sam 1913-May-01
MIRAGOLI, Corena MILES, J N 1910-Mar-26
MITCHELL, Audrey KELLEY, G W Jr 1911-Apr-13
MITCHELL, Charity LEGGETT, J M 1922-Aug-26
MITCHELL, Lessie CROSBY, C E 1918-Mar-30
MIXON, Grasy DRENNAM, Luther 1923-Mar-03
MIXON, Laura AULTMAN, Archie 1914-Mar-21
MIXON, Mary Ella SYKES, Milton E 1917-Jun-13
MIXON, Nettie BULLOCK, John 1910-Sep-21
MOHLER, Ruby DRAUGHAN, H H 1905-Apr-27
MOLANE, Ada ROGERS, G W 1914-May-09
MOLLING, Unis MASH, J B 1920-Jan-10
MONEY, Bertha LOWERY, J J 1922-Aug-25
MONK, Alma POWELL, Solon B 1919-Apr-26
MOONEY, Alice CAMPBELL, Curtis 1917-Dec-24
MOONEY, Beatrice HERRIN, E W 1921-Sep-19
MOONEY, Bessie GANDY, N E 1919-Mar-09
MOONEY, Biltra COLLIER, Claud 1922-Jan-01
MOONEY, Fannie NORRIS, Willie 1917-Oct-10
MOONEY, M B Miss HOLLIFIELD, M H 1909-Feb-22
MOONEY, Maggie MCNEIL, B A 1915-Mar-15
MOONEY, May STUCKERS, Gordon 1916-Nov-22
MOONEY, Minnie SANFORD, Charlie 1917-Mar-20
MOONEY, Myrtle LOCK, J D 1919-May-25
MOONEY, Nora INGRAM, Bruce 1922-Dec-01
MOONEY, Pellie YATES, Abner 1921-Mar-19
MOONEY, Ruth BYRD, Corley 1923-Dec-08
MOONEY, Virdie MCKENZIE, Buford 1922-Nov-22
MOOR, Cora MCRANEY, Lewis 1911-Feb-27
MOORE, Alma THOMPSON, J J 1914-Mar-10
MOORE, Annie SPEED, J D 1920-Oct-23
MOORE, Annie Mae STEWART, J B 1916-Feb-04
MOORE, Bertha KETCHINS, Russell 1912-Dec-31
MOORE, Bessie J DASHWORTH, Otis D 1920-Feb-20
MOORE, Elenor LANGSTON, James M 1916-Apr-22
MOORE, Eunice C PICKING, Van W 1911-Dec-15
MOORE, Malissie MCDONALD, E A 1920-Feb-18
MOORE, Margaret BAYNE, G W 1917-Dec-23
MORGAN, Belle LOTT, Rubin 1913-Sep-10

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