Covington County Brides

F - G

FAIRCHILD, Alice HICKMAN, J A 1914-Apr-14
FAIRCHILD, Cornene COLEMAN, B F 1905-Sep-22
FAIRCHILDS, Afiha WESTER, L N 1912-Jan-09
FAIRCHILDS, Carrie BRYANT, J T 1918-Nov-21
FAIRCHILDS, Carrie INGRAM, Earl 1913-Jul-19
FAIRCHILDS, Dovie MCLEAN, Cleave 1919-Jan-25
FAIRCHILDS, Hattie FAIRCHILDS, Eric 1916-Jun-08
FAIRCHILDS, Mary BYRD, W A 1907-Jul-08
FAIRCHILDS, Minnie Belle LOWRY, Reubin F 1914-Dec-09
FAISER, Anna J HUGHES, Clyde R 1910-Dec-14
FALER, Kattie LOWERY, G E 1916-Dec-02
FALER, Lela MOONEY, D R 1916-Sep-16
FALKS, Trannie TANNER, Otis 1924-Feb-10
FALOR, Sarah FAGAN, J O 1908-Dec-26
FALS, Lela GRAVES, J P 1921-Sep-06
FANIGAN, Ida MORGAN, J M 1910-Apr-16
FENNELL, Vallie RUSSELL, Estus 1923-Jan-23
FEWELL, Minnie LOWRY, John 1911-Jan-07
FINDLEY, Suzie RHODES, B B 1917-Dec-20
FINLEY, Mattie CROSBY, W W 1915-Jan-09
FISHER, Agnes TEW, C I 1916-Apr-03
FITE, Gertrude LITTLE, M M 1920-Aug-18
FLOYD, Ina NAPIER, F C 1910-Nov-05
FLYNT, Irma KING, J B 1915-Jan-08
FLYNT, Leona GHAIN, Thomas 1905-Aug-22
FLYNT, Velma SANFORD, John 1922-Nov-09
FOLKS, Laura WADE, S W 1916-Aug-23
FRASIER, A M MASON, Willie 1918-Mar-10
FREEMAN, Minnie LANG, Bert 1911-Dec-28
FRENCH, Trudy STEWART, J M 1914-Apr-29
GAMBELL, Ruby BARNES, Allen 1922-Jan-31
GANDY, Bertha FOLKS, Willis 1922-Sep-02
GANDY, Birdie MOONEY, E P 1921-Oct-06
GANDY, Corrilee STILLWELL, M N 1913-Jul-03
GANDY, Oma B HILL, Van B 1920-Jul-25
GARDNER, Ouida ADAMS, J M 1922-Nov-12
GARNER, Eula GARNER, John 1914-Aug-23
GARNER, Jessie YORK, Hector 1920-Feb-28
GARNER, Minnie Mrs BURNER, L M 1919-Dec-25
GARRETT, Annette LOTT, Emmitt 1922-May-07
GARRISON, Flora L CRANFORD, T W 1905-Nov-17
GATEWOOD, Amanda HAWTHORNE, Selby 1923-Dec-27
GATEWOOD, Glenna BORDER, Archie 1922-Jan-23
GATEWOOD, Glenna I ADKINSON, F L 1917-Sep-01
GATLUIR, Lizzie SMITH, A J 1914-Sep-01
GEIGER, Annie J SUMRALL, Joseph D 1917-Jan-09
GEIGER, Maggie COURTNEY, I O 1914-Jun-17
GENTRY, Hattie SULLIVAN, Hebron 1918-Dec-27
GENTRY, Hettie GENTRY, Huston 1917-Mar-19
GIBSON, C K Miss HEMBY, C B 1908-Dec-27
GIBSON, Lela E HOLLINGSWORTH, Louis C 1908-Apr-25
GIBSON, Ona GRAHAM, Sam 1917-Nov-01
GIEGER, Rhodius CRANFORD, J P 1907-Jul-10
GIGGER, Jane AULTMAN, C A 1911-Jun-26
GILL, Jewel ROBERTSON, Ray 1921-May-17
GILLIS, Lessie Mrs DICKENS, C D 1923-Sep-08
GINGER, Eola GANDY, Verne 1912-Oct-17
GLISSON, Mary GUERRIES, Louis L 1911-Apr-19
GLISSON, Mollie TULLOS, Golden W 1921-Apr-22
GOFORTH, Leslie K MATHENY, Frances 1919-May-21
GOLDMAN, Priscilla BOSTICK, I J 1912-Dec-26
GORDIN, Annie Hazel RAWLS, James Jabez 1922-Feb-07
GRADY, Lois KNOTTS, Grover 1919-Feb-06
GRAHAM, Alma Lucille COMMER, Marten Sennett 1921-Dec-15
GRAHAM, Alma Mrs BOND, T J 1921-Feb-07
GRAHAM, Bertha HERRIN, Robert 1921-Feb-08
GRAHAM, Delia MATHERY, B D 1917-Aug-14
GRAHAM, Lillie LOWRY, L L 1915-Dec-11
GRAHAM, Louisa LOWRY, Willie 1915-Dec-20
GRAHAM, Martha OBRYANT, Hubert C 1919-Oct-08
GRAHAM, Meda MILLER, Grover 1916-Feb-04
GRANTHAM, Angie S ELLEZY, J W 1919-Mar-03
GRANTHAM, Jane LACY, W I 1911-Dec-09
GRANTHAM, Lona JARRELL, M A 1921-Jan-16
GRANTHAM, Renia WAIDE, Lucian 1921-Oct-15
GRAVES, Alma COOK, Fred 1919-May-03
GRAVES, Anna GRAVES, Sandy 1913-Jan-18
GRAVES, Azzie THOMPSON, J B 1910-Aug-22
GRAVES, Carrie HUTCHINSON, Zolly 1910-May-28
GRAVES, Delphine CHANCE, Alex 1905-Dec-22
GRAVES, Florence CAMPBELL, Albert 1917-Mar-27
GRAVES, Mary Ella CHANCE, Wood 1911-Mar-10
GRAVES, Melvina ARINDER, C M 1908-Jan-15
GRAVES, Pearl YANCE, M W 1921-Jul-01
GRAVES, Rosa BLACKWELL, R H 1908-Aug-15
GRAWBERRY, Pearlie KNIGHT, G H 1919-Feb-05
GRAY, Alberta WELCH, E C 1918-Jun-15
GRAY, Nellie STRINGER, W H 1922-Jan-26
GRAYSON, Lela Ann YATES, Hugh 1923-Dec-22
GRAYSON, Nannie SMITH, Clarence 1923-Nov-11
GREEN, Connie Lee DAVIS, L P 1916-Nov-06
GREEN, R B WOMACK, Willie D 1916-Aug-05
GREGG, Bessie MCDANIEL, Claude 1922-Mar-22
GREGG, Martha MCKINLEY, Lark 1910-Nov-26
GRESHAM, Sallie Belle CARTER, Charles Galloway 1910-Jun-15
GREY, Susie YAWN, Z D 1921-Apr-23
GREYSON, Leona CREEL, Walter 1907-Jul-08
GRICE, Bessie EVANS, Milton 1912-Jan-02
GRIFFITH, Lori MCALPINE, J O 1914-Sep-17
GRIFFITH, Mary Alice BROWN, W S 1922-Dec-14
GRIFFITH, Myrtle DUCKWORTH, W J 1912-Jul-20
GRIFFITH, Ruby SILLIVAN, J V 1921-Jan-11
GRIFFITH, Wynema BUFKIN, Porter 1920-Mar-06
GROVES, Ethel GROVES, Stanley 1910-Apr-02
GROVES, Mabel SKAGGS, Oscar 1910-Jul-16
GROVES, Rosa NORRIS, W B 1911-Aug-04
GROVES, Zola GRAHAM, Bob 1911-Jul-08
GUNN, Katie MCGILVRAY, 1915-Nov-23
GUTHRIE, Ruby ROGERS, J B 1922-Dec-20
GUYTON, Minnie Lee WORTHY, Lewis 1922-Oct-26

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