Covington County Brides

D - E

DAUGHTERY, Sadie DAVIS, Charley 1914-Sep-05
DAUGHTRY, Carleane EATON, S J 1917-Mar-10
DAUGHTRY, S J Miss BUTLER, C S 1906-Jan-31
DAUGHTY, Jessie BROOME, A M 1919-Dec-05
DAVADGE, Jannie WILLIAMSON, J S 1913-Feb-08
DAVAGE, Evlyn ALEXANDER, J R 1911-Dec-17
DAVIDGE, Clara STABBLER, Horace 1912-Dec-21
DAVIDSON, Rittha REESE, E W 1920-Jul-19
DAVIS, Ada CALHOUN, Carley 1915-May-01
DAVIS, Allie WARREN, Wiley 1917-Mar-01
DAVIS, Anna Mrs SINGLEY, E I 1912-Jan-29
DAVIS, Annie CROSBY, Sam 1920-Mar-08
DAVIS, Annie Bell COULTER, J T 1919-Jan-01
DAVIS, Betty WARREN, Webb 1923-Oct-06
DAVIS, Carrie GANDY, W W 1909-Mar-02
DAVIS, Elizabeth RAMSEY, W W 1920-Apr-04
DAVIS, Elma AULTMAN, Lester 1924-Mar-15
DAVIS, Emma MOSS, Willis 1921-Feb-19
DAVIS, Fannie BOLEWARE, Walter 1906-Aug-03
DAVIS, Levie DEEN, Seldon 1920-Sep-01
DAVIS, Lillian GUTHRIE, J B 1911-Mar-21
DAVIS, Lula CLARK, P C 1911-Jun-15
DAVIS, Mamie E MCGREW, S D 1919-Mar-12
DAVIS, Mary DEEN, Mack 1915-Jun-19
DAVIS, Pennie REGISTER, W F 1910-Aug-13
DAVIS, Rosa LOURY, Mack W 1919-Jun-21
DAVIS, Ruby CLARK, Steave 1917-May-19
DAVIS, Susie COOLEY, Champ 1917-Dec-15
DAY, Ada L SINCLAIR, S R 1924-Apr-15
DAY, Myrtle GIBSON, Ford 1923-Apr-06
DAY, Vernon Nell BIGLONE, O J 1920-May-06
DEAN, Lizzie MILLER, Dean 1924-May-18
DEARMAN, Eva LOWERY, F C 1917-Feb-07
DEARMAN, Maggie WALKER, Andrew A 1923-Sep-03
DEARMAN, Melley DEARMAN, J W 1910-May-18
DEARMAN, Stella LACY, Lamont 1918-Jul-21
DEEN, Lillie SALTERS, B B 1919-Jul-05
DEEN, Mary COULTER, H B 1905-Nov-04
DEEN, Nora CARRAWAY, R A 1905-Feb-10
DEES, Bamma Reatha RAWLS, George Lucius 1914-Dec-01
DEES, Bertha BULLOCK, Edd 1922-Dec-26
DEES, Nora JONES, John 1916-Feb-05
DEESE, Fannie HERRINGTON, Z H 1910-Aug-10
DELANCY, Bula WILLIAMSON, Wilmer 1916-Sep-05
DENNIS, Leila COV, W C 1909-Feb-21
DESSE, Lela EASON, J E 1906-Jun-29
DICKENS, Fannie M CARTER, O B 1905-Jan-15
DICKENS, Ina GRAVES, Reese 1908-May-21
DICKINS, Bertha DICKENS, M D 1916-Nov-18
DIXON, Dona LANGFORD, E H 1910-Mar-16
DONALD, Princella DRENNAN, George 1913-May-03
DORMAN, Lena CALLAHAN, R C 1909-Mar-14
DOSSETT, Altie SELLARS, Edward 1911-Jan-10
DOSSETT, Dora BULLOCK, Mack 1916-Jul-22
DOSSETT, Mary GILLIS, Claude 1908-Feb-24
DOSSETT, Myrlie DAVIS, Melvin 1921-Apr-30
DOUGHTERY, Katie PADGETT, Ollie 1922-Dec-06
DOUGLAS, Fannie HOLLOWAY, W B 1907-Dec-06
DRAKE, Viola HORTON, Eugene 1910-Jul-22
DRENNAN, Bitha AULTMAN, Robert 1919-Oct-17
DRENNAN, Frankie LOTT, James 1919-Aug-26
DRENNANS, Lizzie MOLDS, J E 1913-Aug-02
DRENNINGS, Florence GRAVES, Albert 1921-Jan-03
DRENNOUS, Abby LOTT, Sam 1918-Dec-01
DRUMNAN, Leavy MORRIS, Claud 1920-Feb-02
DUBOSE, Dasy HIGHNOTE, Jesse 1907-Feb-04
DUCKWORTH, Eretta WALTERS, J W 1916-Nov-05
DUCKWORTH, Hattie MAYFIELD, Leman 1920-Feb-07
DUCKWORTH, Maggie CATCHING, L H 1915-Dec-11
DUCKWORTH, Marie WARNOCK, R A 1919-Dec-20
DUCKWORTH, Myrtle WILLIAMS, J E 1918-Oct-26
DUFF, Daisy HAWEY, Brooks 1919-Aug-23
DUFF, Unice DUCKWORTH, J T 1914-Mar-28
DUFF, Winnie KING, A M 1921-Oct-08
DUKE, Margie TERRELL, Grover 1912-Oct-21
DUNAWAY, Regina KEYS, W E 1922-Sep-09
DUNN, Kate KERVIN, Doyle 1916-Aug-06
DUNNAM, Eullar EASELL, J N 1911-Sep-23
DUNNIGAN, Viola BASS, C A 1911-Dec-16
DYE, E P RUMMELLS, Otis 1917-Oct-11
DYESS, Helen BASS, James C 1916-May-13
DYESS, Irene RUTLAND, W G 1914-Apr-25
DYESS, Maude Annette EUBANKS, J E 1917-May-01
DYESS, Sarah A BRANNON, Anthona N 1917-Aug-18
DYKES, Annie DYKES, W H 1912-Nov-18
EASTERLING, Belle COOK, Everette 1921-Jun-04
EASTERLING, Bessie SMITH, John A 1910-Sep-03
EASTERLING, Collie FALER, Leonard 1921-Oct-20
EASTERLING, Inez COOPER, H L 1921-Aug-16
EASTERLING, Irene WEIXEL, L J 1911-Dec-24
EASTERLING, Linnie PICKENS, M F 1911-Dec-27
EASTERLING, Martha BUTLER, J B 1913-Jan-06
EASTERLING, Nancy L LOFTIN, J W 1912-May-04
EATON, Julia SANFORD, Roy 1923-Sep-08
EATON, Mary J BOUNDS, W F 1917-Sep-01
EDWARDS, May HYOTT, J W 1915-Dec-02
EILSON, Louella FLYNT, M S 1905-Sep-02
ELLEZEY, Annie COGHLAW, H F 1918-Dec-12
ELLIS, Lola HURIAUSON, W F 1914-Mar-09
ELLIS, Madeline PATTERSON, C B 1919-Dec-31
ELLIS, Mary FAIRCHILDS, C L 1917-Apr-19
ELLIS, Winnie WHITE, R B 1914-Nov-14
ELLZEY, Mary ELLZEY, Sam 1907-Dec-24
ELZY, Elan BULLOCK, Willie 1908-Sep-12
ENDREKIN, Vallie ADCOCK, Willie J 1919-Jul-31
EUBANKS, Bertha HALL, Ben 1920-Dec-12
EUBANKS, Nola HARRISON, Grady 1916-Oct-23
EVANS, Anette CALHOUN, John C 1905-May-01
EVANS, Clarice DOUGHTERY, B L 1924-May-17
EVANS, J L Miss GRANTHAM, B D 1906-Jun-17
EVANS, Willie Faith COOK, W H 1919-Dec-31


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