Covington County Brides


CALDWELL, Alma MCMILLAN, E G 1912-Jun-17
CALDWELL, Minnie K EVANS, Eugene 1907-Jan-01
CALHOUN, Bertha FERGUSON, T A 1913-Nov-18
CALHOUN, Fannie Lee LOCKNER, Dan M 1919-Feb-06
CALHOUN, Lexie PEMBLE, L E 1919-Dec-26
CALHOUN, Maggie DAVIS, C O 1915-Sep-07
CALHOUN, Myrtis SEABROOK, C J 1919-Aug-21
CALHOUN, Pearle ELLIS, Frank West 1914-Sep-01
CALHOUN, Pellie AULTMAN, T A 1911-Aug-19
CALHOUN, Ruth LOCKE, Charles E 1920-Oct-20
CAMBELL, Ina Belle BUCKLEY, L C 1920-May-07
CAMERON, Ada LOTT, Pruner 1924-Jan-16
CAMPBELL, Dora PETERS, Oliver 1920-Jan-03
CAMPBELL, Rulus PARISH, Ernie 1923-Dec-01
CANDY, Alma CRANFORD, C W 1907-Oct-02
CANERON, Hattie BUCKHALTER, C P 1912-Sep-23
CARLIS, Ednie LUCKEY, Luther 1921-May-07
CARLISLE, Ida KEYS, E E 1912-Aug-19
CARR, Josie QUICK, J A 1912-Nov-01
CARR, Maggie E PARKER, C R 1911-Oct-18
CARR, Martha MCLENDON, Will 1911-Jun-14
CARR, Mary DEES, J W 1912-Sep-25
CARR, Munie NICHOLSON, B C 1917-May-15
CARTER, Arzona DEESE, C M 1909-Jan-10
CARTER, Avey JONES, W C 1916-Oct-30
CARTER, Chellie BODMAN, W K 1911-Feb-21
CARTER, Delphia RIELES, Frank 1923-Jun-01
CARTER, Ella STAPLETON, Corbett 1918-Apr-17
CARTER, Eula EVERETT, W M 1918-Aug-19
CARTER, Florence STAPLETON, Clifton 1923-Dec-14
CARTER, Georgia PEIRCE, Leonard 1917-Nov-24
CARTER, Hazel WOOLWINDER, Ethel 1922-Feb-08
CARTER, Ida VAUZAUDT, Bruce 1916-Jun-12
CARTER, Lietha STAPLETON, Hubert 1919-Mar-25
CARTER, Nancy N BRADLEY, J B 1918-Jan-30
CARTER, Nora PARISH, Eugene 1922-Nov-09
CARTER, Pearl HARWOOD, T H 1913-Jun-24
CARTER, Rachel RILES, J W 1920-Nov-30
CARTER, Rebecca PRIDGEN, B F 1916-Oct-30
CARTER, Viola DEESE, Erastus 1912-Nov-05
CARVER, Edna WILLIAMSON, S J 1910-Aug-24
CARVER, M L WESNER, H R 1910-Sep-06
CASTON, Bessie JORDON, Van 1920-Jun-14
CASTON, Candis Olive REYNOLDS, E M 1911-Nov-14
CATCHINGS, Lizzie DENSON, W B 1918-Sep-10
CATTRELL, Kibbie TURNER, Robert 1918-Mar-18
CHAIN, Eula DUNN, T T 1922-Jul-30
CHAIN, Lorretta DICKENS, J E 1924-Mar-08
CHAMBER, Lillie EATON, Joe 1920-Aug-23
CHAMBERS, Mittie SULLIVAN, Curran W 1913-Aug-28
CHAMBLESS, Minnie E KNIGHT, W F 1915-Jan-25
CHANCE, Dora DEEN, Houston 1921-Mar-06
CHANCE, Elphira ODY, Alfred 1922-May-22
CHANCE, Ina YATES, Tom 1922-Jul-08
CHANCE, Sarah RANEY, John D 1916-Nov-15
CHANDLER, Verlie PATTERSON, Ras W 1921-Oct-04
CHANDLER, W H BURKE, Fannie Bell 1910-Dec-11
CHERRY, Inda CONERLY, Jessey M 1910-Sep-07
CHISOLM, Carrie Lilla BURTON, Thomas Gaston 1914-Jun-01
CLARIA, Mabel BRYLAME, G T 1912-Jan-21
CLARK, A M Miss GRAHAM, C G 1908-Oct-04
CLARK, Annie NOBLES, C P 1911-Jun-12
CLARK, Bell DARDEN, J L 1908-Feb-06
CLARK, Bertha KING, T J 1917-Mar-15
CLARK, Dasey STUCKEY, J M 1917-Jan-01
CLARK, Emma HOLLINGSWORTH, Willie 1921-May-11
CLARK, Ethel KNIGHT, Otis 1916-Nov-06
CLARK, Euna BUCKELUE, Henry 1917-Sep-22
CLARK, Hester NATION, Turner 1918-Mar-06
CLARK, Kate GRAVES, Allen 1906-Jul-05
CLARK, Lellia COLLIER, Walter 1917-Dec-22
CLARK, Lizzie BIGLANE, Lester 1918-Mar-05
CLARK, Lonie THRASH, Burkett 1914-May-22
CLARK, Lula MORRIS, R A 1917-Feb-13
CLARK, Lula WALLACE, Nevel 1924-Feb-07
CLARK, Lula Mrs BURGE, Will 1921-Sep-03
CLARK, Lydia HARVEY, John 1905-May-28
CLARK, Martha DOLLARHIDE, Bert 1905-Mar-20
CLARK, Mary CHAIN, J R 1911-Oct-31
CLARK, Mary EATON, Johnson 1922-Mar-04
CLARK, Mary HARVEY, Frank 1915-May-29
CLARK, Mary L MORRIS, W J 1919-Nov-03
CLARK, Maybel PITTS, Wilton 1920-Mar-04
CLARK, Pearl DENT, C M 1911-Oct-13
CLARK, Ruby MCLEOD, C H 1918-Nov-19
CLARK, Vermell BOGAR, Ira 1920-Feb-02
CLARK, Virgil ROBERTS, Bertha 1923-Dec-05
CLAUCH, Zona KNIGHT, Snowey 1910-May-28
CLAUNCH, Sarah KNIGHT, W B 1912-Sep-21
CLEBORN, Eula MILLING, Birtie 1915-Feb-26
CLINTON, Dora SANDERSON, W R 1910-Sep-15
CLOUNCH, Claudie DEES, Canton 1918-Mar-27
COKER, Bessie PUCKETT, W E 1910-Mar-26
COLE, Willie JOHNSON, Willie 1914-May-02
COLEMAN, Edna RAYBORN, S J 1916-Apr-11
COLEMAN, Lavenia BOLEWARE, Geo B 1906-Jun-16
COLEMAN, Pellie FOUNTAIN, Joe P 1911-Sep-01
COLLEY, Alice SCRUGGS, Talmage 1912-Oct-21
COLLIER, Florence WALTERS, Malcomb 1913-Sep-12
COLLIER, Lillie EDWARDS, J E 1914-Mar-21
COLLINS, Mollie CRAWFORD, Charlie 1905-Sep-02
CONELLY, Glyda HURSEY, Ada 1922-Dec-23
CONETER, Chillie THAMES, T V 1917-Nov-30
CONLEY, Charlie KITCHENS, Emma 1919-May-15
CONLEY, Gettice TEMPLE, B E 1919-Jan-27
CONLEY, Maggie MAGEE, R B 1911-Dec-11
CONNER, Berneace MAYFIELD, O S 1917-May-17
COOK, Edna PARLSER, A C 1912-Oct-02
COOK, Ethel TANNER, A J 1913-Dec-20
COOK, Lizzie SANFORD, H L 1920-Oct-23
COOK, Namie Lou PICKERING, J E 1916-Sep-18
COOK, Sarah HUTCHISON, Rossie 1916-Sep-22
COOLEY, Nancy MCALPIN, Claud 1911-Apr-09
COOPER, Covie BROOME, J B 1906-Mar-26
CORLEY, Addie HORTON, J C 1908-Oct-06
CORLEY, Dovie ATWOOD, Hosea 1919-Jan-20
CORLEY, Mable DAUGHTREY, T C 1916-Dec-30
COSTON, Mary CULPEPPER, A B 1915-Sep-08
COTA, Joses LOTT, W L 1912-May-25
COULKS, Dnda WOODWARD, L W 1917-Dec-20
COULTER, Ada TUCKER, Louis 1920-Jan-05
COULTER, Demarions AULTMAN, Preston 1911-Sep-04
COULTER, Dovie LEGGETT, T H 1922-Dec-23
COULTER, Ella PEARSON, Robert 1910-Jul-27
COULTER, Florence RAWLS, J A 1914-Nov-24
COULTER, Ida MCCARTY, Leonard 1921-Sep-24
COULTER, Lizzie LYONS, Brantly 1912-Sep-14
COULTER, Lucy RUTLAND, J H 1919-Nov-28
COULTER, Lula RAWLS, C C 1922-Dec-16
COULTER, Minnie HOLCOMB, Rubin 1922-Jan-15
COULTER, Minnie MCRAWLY, Chester 1918-Mar-23
COULTER, Ola May LOTT, Wiley 1922-Jan-07
COULTER, Pearl GATEWOOD, D O 1907-Jun-02
COULTER, Susie V Mrs HILL, Thomas 1907-Jan-06
COULTER, Vada MITCHELL, S F 1917-Jan-31
COURTNEY, C C MCRANEY, Elmer 1914-Dec-26
COX, L A BOBWARE, Zelothus 1923-Nov-04
COX, Maggie WOLFF, Homer C 1921-Dec-10
COX, Olive P ANGELEA, Fald L 1911-Mar-23
CRAFT, Ada CLARK, Marvin 1919-Dec-23
CRAFT, Annie Lee MAULDIN, W M 1921-Apr-30
CRAFT, Clyta Mae MCQUEEN, O B 1922-Aug-23
CRAFT, Emily KNOTTS, Vervia 1919-Sep-29
CRAFT, Missouri FLYNT, A M 1908-Dec-24
CRANER, Annie BUTLER, C S 1914-Mar-03
CRANFORD, Sadie SPEED, J A 1921-Jan-26
CRAWFORD, Eunice TEW, J B 1919-Jan-04
CRAWFORD, J C MCGREW, Leo 1916-Nov-09
CRAWFORD, Katie Bell MITCHELL, Martin 1916-Jun-08
CRAWFORD, Malinda DAVIS, Edgar E 1922-Dec-09
CRAWFORD, Mary OLSION, H G 1906-Jun-02
CRAWFORD, Mary Maud AULTMAN, W T 1922-Feb-13
CRAWFORD, Unagett CHILDRESS, R L 1908-May-23
CRAWFORD, Velma KELLY, J D 1918-Jun-22
CREEL, Ella Mrs SALTER, J C 1913-Apr-05
CREEL, Maud PHILLIPS, Samey 1910-Jan-26
CROOK, Bertha HARPER, P W 1912-Dec-07
CROSBY, Dela NAPIES, W W Jr 1914-Dec-15
CROSBY, Hemeris BYRD, Sam 1911-Jan-11

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