Covington County Brides


BAGBY, Alpha CLAYTON, J S 1917-Mar-10
BAGBY, Elvina TEMPLES, Mack 1918-Sep-12
BAGGELL, Rosa MCDONALD, Sammie 1923-Sep-27
BAGGETT, Kate CORLEY, Will 1921-Dec-19
BAGGETT, Meca CORLEY, L F 1920-Feb-28
BAIN, Bulah HARRELL, Willie 1916-Dec-11
BAINE, Virgie CHANCE, W M 1905-Nov-18
BAKER, Ona Bell MCNEASE, Frank 1921-Oct-28
BALEWARE, Lee GRAVES, Lee 1919-Jul-23
BANKS, Martha SWANSON, James 1917-Dec-27
BARKER, Bessie TAYLOR, A C 1917-Apr-10
BARLOW, Clara WILLIAMS, J J 1917-May-29
BARLOW, Maude GREEN, Ollie 1915-Dec-26
BARLOW, Maude HEGWOOD, D S 1914-Aug-28
BARLOW, Pearl KITCHENS, Joe 1912-Dec-12
BARLOW, Rosa MAGEE, M M 1921-Jun-07
BARNARD, Addes CRAFT, Clarence 1915-Nov-27
BARNES, Bessie SULLIVAN, Earnest 1911-Sep-15
BARNES, Esther KING, W M 1918-May-12
BARNES, Lois REDDOCK, Claude 1915-Apr-10
BARNES, Lovely MILLOY, Cleveland 1910-Nov-28
BARNES, Velma GRAVES, T C 1917-Sep-08
BARNETT, Ella B JOHNSON, M A 1910-Jul-12
BASS, Carline HERRINGTON, W J 1911-Dec-16
BASS, Georgia Lenora MCRANEY, Felix C 1911-Apr-15
BASS, Pearle THOMPSON, Thomas J 1914-Jan-03
BAZER, Emma ATWOOD, Hosey 1913-Feb-12
BECK, Caroline COLEMAN, Bash 1920-Sep-17
BECK, Pearl GRAVES, R D 1905-Dec-18
BEEL, Maggie BRINSON, D E 1908-Jun-16
BEGLANE, Alice PICKERING, Leff L 1916-Sep-20
BELL, Gertrude CALHOUN, J N 1905-Dec-04
BERNES, Mattie BARUS, Sherman 1911-Mar-10
BERRY, Bestine SASSER, Savre 1907-May-14
BIGLAUE, Minnie LOWERY, Fred 1917-Dec-14
BIRCH, Etta SULLIVAN, Clifton 1921-Dec-22
BISHOP, Nona Belle BROADWATER, John 1921-Oct-04
BLACK, Alba BOYKIN, Allen 1921-Feb-14
BLACK, Ida POPE, Laurin 1920-Nov-09
BLACKLEDGE, Lidian REEVES, D J 1910-Sep-19
BLACKMAN, Mandy HOUSTON, W H 1915-Feb-23
BLACKWELL, Gadie ELLZEY, James L 1915-Jun-01
BLACKWELL, Gertrude WALTERS, A E 1916-Feb-25
BLACKWELL, Hessie POWELL, C L 1916-Jun-17
BLACKWELL, Mabel ELZY, C B 1910-Sep-20
BLAIR, Julia PARISH, John 1917-Nov-05
BLANKENY, Edith ROBERTS, Ethie V 1916-Jan-15
BOLEWARE, Dora FOLKS, Clarence 1913-Apr-19
BOLEWARE, Nora BOLEWARE, Frank 1917-Feb-15
BOND, Belle Virginia COULTER, J Knox 1922-Aug-02
BOONE, Flossie KERSH, B W 1912-Dec-17
BORDERS, Almeda Mrs BULLOCH, J B 1908-Jan-28
BOUNDS, Elmyva BRANNING, R C 1914-Nov-12
BOUNDS, Leona DAUGHTREY, E M 1916-Feb-19
BOUNDS, Letha MOSS, J W 1914-Oct-03
BOUNDS, Letha MOSS, J W 1914-Nov-21
BOUNDS, Nola BULLOCK, J R 1906-Jan-26
BOWEN, Bettie CROSSLAND, Charles 1908-Sep-23
BOX, Edna Mrs HARRELSON, M D 1922-Sep-09
BOYKINS, Audelle E WALKER, Gale 1920-Mar-30
BRADFORD, Leona Mrs DUCKWORTH, J R 1921-Jan-29
BRASWELL, Eliole CRANE, L E 1907-Jun-27
BRAWS, May CLARK, L L 1920-Dec-22
BREGEAL, Cora LEE, F L 1917-Mar-10
BREWER, Marchie JORDAN, Wash 1910-Dec-08
BRINKS, Lena DAVIS, A J 1910-Feb-26
BRISTER, Dealice BEASLEY, Earnest 1923-Dec-21
BRISTER, Ella Mrs MORRIS, R W 1921-Aug-02
BROOKS, Bessie Mrs DAVIS, W D 1919-Mar-04
BROOKS, Catharine Henry BERTRAN, Carl 1906-Sep-24
BROOME, Lizzie COURTNEY, L L 1905-Nov-17
BROWN, Carrie LEE, Albert 1911-Sep-18
BROWN, Fannie EASTERLING, Van 1911-Nov-29
BROWN, Hester MILLER, Pink 1910-Apr-19
BROWN, Jennie Bell JOHNSON, Lumas 1914-Sep-15
BROWN, Leatha WILLIAMSON, Willie 1911-Nov-04
BROWN, Lucille MYRICK, Edward 1923-Jul-27
BRUNT, Mae BEACH, John J 1921-May-31
BRYANT, Bell STONE, J L 1911-Jun-20
BRYANT, Dicy DEARMAN, I W Jr 1915-Nov-20
BRYANT, Eunice ODUM, Liston 1917-Feb-17
BRYANT, Lucy QUICK, Edgar 1915-Sep-04
BRYANT, Mabela RAINEY, Alfred 1916-Sep-18
BRYANT, Mary EUBANKS, Oscar J 1922-Feb-17
BRYANT, Mary SMITH, Horace 1916-Apr-07
BRYANT, Mattie DAVIS, W S 1905-Mar-26
BRYANT, Nora COLEMAN, W R 1910-Dec-22
BRYANT, Ruby WINDHAM, L C 1920-Dec-15
BUCHANAN, Leona MCKENZY, Lorrie 1913-May-02
BUCHANAN, Virgie MANN, L C 1912-Aug-03
BUCKANAN, Silva DEEN, John 1908-Jun-25
BUCKLUS, Gean COULTER, Willie 1922-Dec-02
BUGBY, Pearleanne LOFTIN, E F 1912-May-11
BULLACH, Arenth PENDAMS, W L 1912-Oct-02
BULLOCK, Amanda LOWREY, Otis 1910-Dec-31
BULLOCK, Bessie ALEXCROMBIE, R C 1920-Nov-20
BULLOCK, Bessie WHITEHEAD, J W 1910-Dec-22
BULLOCK, Cora MOONEY, S F 1911-Feb-06
BULLOCK, Ella Mae KNOTTS, Joe 1923-Sep-07
BULLOCK, Lula FREEMAN, Dalton 1910-Feb-24
BULLOCK, Nancy COOPER, Clarance M 1919-May-31
BULLOCK, Nettie HOLMES, O L 1922-Nov-20
BULLOCK, Ollie BAKER, Thos O 1917-Aug-11
BULLOCK, Ruby DEEN, Willie 1922-Jul-09
BUMES, Lura DUCKWORTH, E J 1916-Jan-22
BUNCH, Annie May HUDSON, Steve 1907-Sep-29
BURCH, Janie SULLIVAN, Ross 1921-Nov-22
BURKE, Fannie Bell CHANDLER, W H 1910-Dec-11
BURKETT, Alma ROGERS, C C 1919-Jan-25
BURNS, Dora COX, J W 1913-Jan-23
BUTLAR, Lala HICKS, Robert 1916-Jan-22
BYRD, Alma TURNER, Herbert L 1918-Oct-09
BYRD, Anne B FAIRCHILDS, John 1906-Jan-30
BYRD, Dellie WOODWARD, G S 1911-Apr-13
BYRD, Demarious MOONEY, Fred 1916-Mar-01
BYRD, Minnie M MAYFIELD, Barnie W 1917-Dec-26

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