Covington County Brides


AINSWORTH, Maggie BRAKEN, J B 1905-Mar-30
AINSWORTH, Willie LOFTIN, Thomas J 1922-Jan-06
ALLEN, Etta CLARK, H P 1918-May-18
ALLEN, Gettie CLARK, W E 1913-Mar-08
ALLGOOD, Emma AULTMAN, Cullen 1909-Mar-08
ALLGOOD, Emma AULTMAN, Cullen Jr 1906-Jun-07
ANDERSON, Florence GATES, J T 1905-Dec-03
ANDERSON, Ina Mrs SMITH, T C Jr 1917-Aug-17
ANDERSON, Nonnie BRYANT, Melvin 1917-Oct-15
ANGLIN, Lillie May ANGLIN, D L 1913-Jul-24
ANSWORTH, Pearlie ADCOCKS, J A 1913-Nov-29
ARINDON, Angie POPE, Robert 1912-Sep-07
ASHLEY, Shellie MATTOX, E J Miss 1905-Dec-23
ATKINS, Alice WOODWORD, P B Jr 1916-Sep-12
ATWOOD, Azzie WILLIS, Alex 1916-May-11
ATWOOD, Dicy BOSTICK, R B 1906-Sep-26
ATWOOD, Dovie WINDHAM, B W 1920-Apr-03
ATWOOD, Leslie JONES, Ruth 1922-Oct-14
ATWOOD, Virgia GRAHAM, H L 1911-Apr-29
AULTMAN, Alberta MCGREW, Alice 1911-May-17
AULTMAN, Alice Corinne HOWARD, Alvah Lester 1913-Apr-24
AULTMAN, Chellie DREMON, John 1922-Aug-18
AULTMAN, Cora WILLIAMS, Willis A 1914-Dec-22
AULTMAN, Edna RATCLIFF, L E 1911-Jul-25
AULTMAN, Elma YATES, Dennie 1917-Dec-22
AULTMAN, Eva WAITS, Homer 1919-Nov-16
AULTMAN, Irene MCGREW, Frank 1918-Jul-01
AULTMAN, Maye GRAVES, Van 1912-Jan-13
AULTMAN, Pearl MORRIS, C E 1914-Nov-20
AUSTIN, Alney WALLACE, E B 1910-Aug-15
AUTLMAN, Nora GULLEDGE, R T 1906-Aug-25


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