Copiah County Grooms

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NAPOLEON, Ellis BLACKMAN, Esther 1871-Nov-11
NATIONS, Abraham F NATIONS, Rebecca Ann 1848-Dec-07
NATIONS, Andrew STEWART, Martha 1868-Jun-13
NATIONS, James O LOVEL, Exer 1845-Jan-28
NATIONS, John L ADAMS, Dicey 1848-Apr-26
NATIONS, Robert PELL, Mary 1870-Feb-15
NEAL, H NORMAN, Martha L 1863-May-19
NEAL, J R RAMSEY, Mary 1856-Nov-27
NEAL, Jeddiah MALLET, Sarah 1850-Aug-28
NEAL, Thomas J NORMAN, Arthena 1858-Feb-03
NEELY, Eli RUSSELL, Sarah J 1854-Dec-20
NEELY, Jacob STANTON, Sarah 1830-Sep-03
NEELY, Jacob WELCH, Permely 1824-Sep-28
NEELY, Samuel ERVIN, Emily 1830-Dec-21
NEELY, Thomas MCCASKILL, Catherine 1823-Jul-11
NEELY, W D ASHLEY, Susan 1867-Apr-30
NEIL, James Douglas HARRIS, Sally 1859-Dec-14
NEIL, Philip THOMAS, Loire 1874-Mar-14
NELSON, A D GRANT, H B 1869-Nov-16
NELSON, Andrew SMITH, Hannah 1871-Oct-05
NELSON, Benjamin F GRAVES, Mary E 1841-Jul-01
NELSON, Christian MAXEY, Sarah Ann 1844-Feb-22
NELSON, Christian VICKERS, Hetty 1850-Dec-06
NELSON, Geo B FLOWERS, Maggie A 1867-Oct-31
NELSON, George ENGLISH, Mary 1870-Jan-14
NELSON, Jim NEILL, Caroline 1871-Jan-04
NELSON, John ALEXANDER, Francis 1867-Jul-06
NELSON, John WASHINGTON, Kate 1868-May-10
NELSON, Larry STEWART, Jane Mrs 1874-Feb-23
NELSON, Raymond LLOYD, Mary 1870-Feb-18
NELSON, Stephen BRAXTON, Mary 1867-Feb-16
NELSON, William MCALLISTER, Ann (Mrs) 1840-Oct-15
NEVILS, John LAMBRIGHT, Susan 1837-Nov-04
NEWELL, Henderson AINSWORTH, Lucy Ann 1867-Jan-14
NEWELL, Henry JONES, Ella 1874-Dec-24
NEWELL, J S JACKSON, Menerva 1865-Oct-05
NEWELL, James EDWARDS, Louisa 1875-Jun-19
NEWELL, John BRITT, Nancy 1837-Jan-19
NEWELL, Perry RHODES, Nancy Mrs 1872-Nov-05
NEWELL, Robt WATKINS, Mattie 1868-Dec-30
NEWELL, T A NEWELL, Mary A 1864-Dec-14
NEWELL, Thomas MATHEWS, Susan 1846-Nov-25
NEWELL, William SCOTT, Harriet 1875-Jan-28
NEWELL, William SMITH, Amy 1869-Feb-06
NEWMAN, James DAVIS, Penelope L 1849-May-22
NEWMAN, John PARRETT, Mary Ann 1862-Sep-22
NEWMAN, S GRAVES, Laura A 1861-Jun-04
NEWMAN, Sebnon PURSER, Elisabeth 1861-Dec-07
NEWMAN, W S WILSON, C C Miss 1857-May-03
NEWSOM, Samuel HILL, Mary 1874-Oct-10
NEWSOM, W W CRAWFORD, Abeline 1853-Feb-10
NEWTON, Adam CALLENDER, Missouri A 1873-Apr-02
NEWTON, David OQUINN, Ucevia 1859-Jun-02
NEWTON, Isaac W FURR, Ann E 1869-Dec-16
NEWTON, J M FARMER, L A 1869-Nov-29
NEWTON, J Maruis WILLING, Mattie 1866-Feb-09
NEWTON, Miles E STARNES, Emaline 1851-Jun-30
NEWTON, Wm FURR, A S 1871-Jan-04
NICHOLS, Henry JONES, Hannah 1868-Jul-04
NICHOLS, James F LEWIS, Martha F 1863-May-08
NICHOLS, Reuben D TOUCHSTONE, Martha D 1825-Jul-21
NICHOLS, William CREWS, Misouri 1837-Aug-07
NICHOLSON, A B GRAVES, Adelia F 1854-Dec-24
NICHOLSON, John ROBERTS, Nancy 1853-Jul-28
NICKOSL, James CRAWFROD, Martha 1824-   -26
NICOLS, Simon C SOUTHERLAND, Sarah 1836-Nov-30
NIX, D C ELLIOTT, Georgia 1873-Jan-28
NIX, E A CASTELLO, Belle Mrs 1873-Jun-04
NIXON, Henry BANKSTON, Marthey E 1870-Jul-13
NIXON, Jabeze H BROWNING, Margaret 1851-Jan-08
NIXON, John C BROWNING, Susan E 1849-Nov-15
NIXON, Mon TYLER, Susan 1872-Dec-13
NOBLE, J W DAVIS, Mary Jane 1865-Aug-08
NOBLE, Joseph PERKINS, Sarah Mrs 1851-Mar-23
NOBLE, R F WATSON, Narcissa 1865-Nov-28
NOBLES, A W ANDREWS, Louisa 1836-May-18
NOELLS, John J MCINTOSH, Margaret A 1870-Jul-10
NOELS, John J WRIGHT, Martha 1874-Aug-13
NOLAND, A M CRANFIELD, Jared H 1855-Jun-10
NOLAND, Ben WASHINGTON, Ester 1875-Jul-14
NOLAND, John LOVING, Sarah D 1824-Sep-04
NOLAND, M C FREEMAN, Emily Mrs 1862-Apr-09
NOLAND, M C WHITEHEAD, Mary 1866-Jan-25
NOLAND, Massey ANDERSON, Oliver 1832-Jul-26
NOLAND, Micajah PRICE, Indiana 1832-Jul-04
NOLAND, S C BARLOW, U G 1871-Sep-13
NOLAND, William JACKSON, Alley 1831-Mar-20
NOLEN, Gus WALLS, Jane 1867-Mar-29
NORMAN, A G B LITTLETON, Lydia 1870-May-13
NORMAN, B F ALLEN, Alice L 1874-Sep-21
NORMAN, Daniel KITCHENS, Carolina 1820-Nov-16
NORMAN, Dickson C RANDALL, Delia A 1845-Dec-04
NORMAN, E HUGHS, Lettie 1867-Sep-09
NORMAN, E L BRIDGES, Matilda A 1851-Nov-27
NORMAN, Elbert HAMILTON, Adaline 1852-Dec-02
NORMAN, Elbert SHERROD, Sue V Mrs 1873-Apr-03
NORMAN, F G B LOWE, Tamer 1845-Dec-18
NORMAN, Isaac FOWLER, Temperance 1825-Jan-17
NORMAN, James JAMES, Elizabeth 1845-Aug-12
NORMAN, John F LOWE, Susannah 1871-Feb-10
NORMAN, John F NORMAN, Emagella 1846-Dec-18
NORMAN, L P PRICE, T C 1872-Dec-03
NORMAN, M A WOMACK, J D 1869-Oct-02
NORMAN, Madison G CRAWFORD, Mary E 1851-Dec-24
NORMAN, S D BEASLEY, Harriet L Mrs 1862-Jul-28
NORMAN, Thomas J BUSLEY, Margaret C 1871-Sep-30
NORRY, Jacob LINSTON, Mary 1872-Mar-15
NORTH, Eli HARVEY, Hannah Mrs 1844-Apr-02
NORTHERN, W E WILLIAM, Mary Ann 1866-Jan-16
NORTON, John P HOLLIDAY, Elisabeth 1850-Jan-10
NORTON, Robert W ROGERS, A J Mrs 1856-Apr-03
NORWOOD, George W GOODE, Lizzie 1870-Dec-06
NORWOOD, John J PRICE, Ann 1857-Dec-28
NORWOOD, Tim BROOKS, Mollie 1875-Jan-21
NUNARY, T H TEMPLE, Elzada 1854-Oct-16
O,SIKES, Calvin GARRETT, Jane 1818-   -
O'LEARY, James E CRAWFORD, Susan 1831-Oct-30
O'NEAL, Tyre GUESS, Elisabeth 1827-Oct-27
OATIS, Charles B H RYAN, Ann L 1852-Oct-28
OATIS, Comelius WHEELER, Nancy 1850-Dec-19
OBRIEN, John TERRY, Emma C 1872-Nov-19
ODEM, Joseph PRICE, Mary Ann 1842-Oct-
ODUM, James T SLOCUM, Malissa L 1857-Sep-18
ODUM, John J COBB, Nancy J 1856-Dec-02
OLIVER, Isaac BOWMAN, Jane 1869-Dec-28
OLIVER, John WALKER, Catherine Mrs 1844-Jan-20
OLIVER, Offy MAYS, Anbrilas 1869-Jan-09
OLLIVER, James B FAIRMAN, Augusta E 1854-Sep-14
ONEAL, Henry ANDERSON, Hannah 1852-Dec-16
ONEAL, Siney DAVIS, Alsey 1838-   -05
ONEAL, Sir Charles WHITEHEAD, Catherine 1859-Mar-13
OQUIN, R B SHORT, Elisabeth G 1859-Feb-09
ORMROD, Henry Hopwood MURPHY, Mary 1871-Apr-22
ORVELL, Joseph CHAMPLIN, Jane 1874-Jan-17
OSBURN, Oziah BAGGETT, Mary Mrs 1859-Jan-12
OSTEEN, Alfred Z LEE, Alice L 1872-Dec-18
OSTEEN, Arthur WILLIAMS, Rebecca Mrs 1865-Mar-13
OSTEEN, Milton O HALL, Julia Ann 1845-Dec-14
OSTERHOUT, E I WILLING, Myra M 1875-Jul-20
OVERTON, Ben DAVIS, Nancy 1873-Feb-13
OVERTON, M B DANIEL, Maggie 1871-Aug-09
OVERTON, Silvester ASHMORE, Serena 1869-Apr-10
OVERTON, William STANFORD, Jane 1871-Dec-14
OWEN, E B YOUNG, Sallie 1875-Dec-11
OWEN, Henry H SMITH, Mary C 1856-Aug-18
OWEN, W L HOLLIDAY, Martha Mrs 1865-Aug-16
OWENS, Hardy BALDWIN, Amelia 1874-Feb-12
OWENS, John O'NEAL, Frances 1826-Oct-25
OWENS, John W SHELBY, Eliza 1867-May-11


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