Copiah County Grooms


IJWROTEN, Henry WALKER, Nealy 2018-   -
INERCHEN, Louis FURR, Rachael C 1865-Nov-15
INGRAM, Stephen HARVISTON, Jane 1867-Jan-19
IRVIN, Hezekiah BUDWELL, Sarah Ann 1830-Aug-02
IRVIN, Thomas SOJOURNER, Margaret 1871-Jan-24
IRWIN, John DIXON, Rhoda 1874-Dec-23
ISAAC, Dick HAMMINGTON, Ann 1871-Jul-07
ISADORE, Frank B SUMMER, Flora 1875-Sep-18
ISBELL, James J BEALL, Mary E 1873-Feb-15
IZARD, J V SWILLEY, Sarah Jane 1867-Jan-05
IZARD, Mathew FARMER, Enos 1839-Feb-04
IZARD, Mathew FARMER, Sarah 1838-Oct-15
IZARD, W H BEASLEY, Emily A 1864-Apr-13
JACKSON, A E PRICE, T J 1866-Nov-17
JACKSON, A E M IVEY, Adaline 1875-Jan-13
JACKSON, Andrew ADAMS, Clora 1873-Sep-12
JACKSON, Andrew ANDERSON, Mary Jane 1875-Mar-04
JACKSON, Andrew WEAVER, Peggy 1870-May-14
JACKSON, Andrew WILLIAMS, Esther 1873-Dec-30
JACKSON, Andrew YOUNG, Mollie 1870-Dec-06
JACKSON, Brantley SMITH, Elisabeth Mrs 1855-Sep-06
JACKSON, Edward ADAM, Margaret 1872-Jan-24
JACKSON, Edward STRONG, Rebecca 1838-Nov-01
JACKSON, Elijah WOOTEN, Mary Ann 1860-May-03
JACKSON, George LYNCH, George Ann 1871-Apr-14
JACKSON, Gilbert E SMITH, Mary J Mrs 1853-Sep-29
JACKSON, Harry GAUDEN, Amanda 1875-Jan-07
JACKSON, Henry REMBERT, Cherry 1872-Sep-06
JACKSON, Isham MICHAEL, Amanda 1870-Apr-15
JACKSON, J J PARROT, Frances E 1875-Oct-05
JACKSON, J T PRICE, Alzada 1860-Jul-25
JACKSON, Jay MORGAN, Samuel 1825-Nov-14
JACKSON, John COLLINS, Mary 1871-Feb-03
JACKSON, John JAMES, Adaline 1859-Jan-30
JACKSON, John SMITH, Lydia 1874-Mar-10
JACKSON, Judge COOPER, Carrie 1873-Dec-27
JACKSON, Nathan A SMITH, Martha A 1858-Apr-01
JACKSON, Scott LEWIS, Mary 1872-Dec-25
JACKSON, Scott WILLIAMS, Eliza 1875-Jan-04
JACKSON, Stephen LYLES, Alsie 1872-Oct-16
JACKSON, Washington LERRY, Harriet 1871-Jul-03
JACKSON, William HARRIS, Mary 1875-Mar-27
JACKSON, William LOFTON, Elizabeth 1874-Mar-20
JACKSON, William SAUL, Elizabeth 1825-Feb-19
JACKSON, William H WATTS, Hattie 1874-Jan-07
JACKSON, Williams H SMITH, Margaret C 1863-Jun-29
JACOBS, Benjamin ANN, Margaret 1871-Oct-24
JACOBS, Mordcia GREEN, Nancy 1846-Jan-08
JACOBS, S V HOOD, F M 1874-Dec-14
JAMERSON, Albert WRIGHT, Caroline 1874-Sep-14
JAMES, A J ASHLEY, Emma E 1866-Aug-18
JAMES, Augustus SWINNEY, Lucinda Mrs 1855-May-03
JAMES, Bartlett CARPENTER, Amanda 1831-Apr-28
JAMES, Bartlett CARPENTER, Sarah 1837-Jan-07
JAMES, Benjamin PARKER, Anna 1871-Dec-22
JAMES, Benjamin F TEMPLE, Rebecca 1845-Feb-10
JAMES, Benjamin H DICKENS, Manerva 1845-Aug-09
JAMES, Geo W LYNCH, Nancy Ann 1866-Oct-22
JAMES, George W FUELL, D A 1871-Dec-19
JAMES, Hugh CARPENTER, Elizabeth 1832-Aug-29
JAMES, Hugh FARMER, Cynthia 1851-Aug-14
JAMES, Israel ROBINSON, Susanan A 1842-Sep-15
JAMES, J J DICKERSON, Ann 1869-May-15
JAMES, J J SUTTON, Elizabeth Mrs 1874-Feb-12
JAMES, James THOMPSON, Mary Ann 1852-Oct-16
JAMES, Jasper N MARSHALL, A M 1866-Jun-16
JAMES, Jesse WARRICK, M A 1865-Nov-06
JAMES, John A MOORE, Angeline 1858-Oct-27
JAMES, John J FORTNER, Frances E 1865-Feb-07
JAMES, John Q MIERS, Fannie 1871-Dec-19
JAMES, R W LYNCH, Medora J 1872-Jul-30
JAMES, Reuben ADAMS, Margaret Jaane 1837-Feb-25
JAMES, William Callend ER, Mariah Jane 1840-Sep-17
JAMISON, Wiley J PRESWOOD, Mary M 1858-Mar-18
JARRELL, J R SMITH, Martha Mrs 1856-May-25
JASPER, Armstead ROBINSON, Winnie Mrs 1872-Dec-20
JENKINS, Abram ADAMS, Jennie 1870-Aug-06
JENKINS, Allen B ELLIS, Margaret E 1850-Dec-11
JENKINS, Benajah S DONAHOE, Susan 1851-Nov-26
JENKINS, Elisah N BRIGGS, Martha A 1848-Feb-10
JENKINS, J D WOOD, Rebecca 1874-Feb-25
JENKINS, James FORD, S 1869-Dec-25
JENKINS, John JENKINS, Fannie 1875-Jan-12
JENKINS, L T HOOD, Balzena D 1873-Dec-24
JENKINS, Sterling G STRONG, Mary 1842-Jul-14
JENKINS, Sterling G WOODS, Clarissa A 1855-Jan-09
JENKINS, Thomas SMITH, Frances 1874-Dec-26
JENKINS, Thomas WATSON, Jane 1869-Dec-25
JENKINS, W T DODDS, E A 1852-Apr-14
JENKINS, William CARPENTER, Betsy 1824-Jan-07
JENNYSON, William H PATE, Feba 1825-Aug-18
JETT, Fred DAIRS, Harriet 1875-Dec-09
JOHNS, Adam BALLOW, Martha Jane 1851-Jul-21
JOHNSON, A H HARRIS, Savilia 1866-Dec-15
JOHNSON, Anderson WILLIS, Ellen 1872-Jan-18
JOHNSON, Andrew ANDERSON, Eliza 1875-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Antney MCREE, Carrie 1874-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Ben ROGERS, Louisa 1875-Mar-27
JOHNSON, Brown THOMPSON, Jane 1872-Jul-12
JOHNSON, C J GILLIS, Ellen 1871-Nov-06
JOHNSON, Clark NESOM, Sarah E 1846-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Danl CALHOUN, Minerva 1873-May-17
JOHNSON, David KING, Mattie 1872-May-08
JOHNSON, David MOOR, Jane 1826-Nov-18
JOHNSON, Dennis JACKSON, Catherine 1874-Jul-17
JOHNSON, Elbert JACKSON, Mittie 1870-Jan-11
JOHNSON, George TYLER, Frances E 1861-Feb-13
JOHNSON, Harvey W EVANS, Elvira 1851-Aug-12
JOHNSON, Henry CLAY, Harriett 1875-Jan-28
JOHNSON, Hugh FORD, Susan A 1864-Sep-05
JOHNSON, Isaac MACK, Ann 1874-Dec-05
JOHNSON, Jack HALLIDAY, Mary 1870-Dec-28
JOHNSON, James AMMONS, Martha 1830-Dec-23
JOHNSON, James A HELTON, Raney 1872-Feb-11
JOHNSON, James L SANDIFER, A C 1871-Apr-18
JOHNSON, John G LEE, Eliza 1846-Oct-06
JOHNSON, John Z KILGORE, A R 1867-May-28
JOHNSON, Marten NELSON, Hestilla 1874-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Richard MITCHELL, Mollie 1873-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Robert MOORE, Mary Mrs 1872-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Roland STACKHOUSE, Catherine 1836-Jul-28
JOHNSON, Sampson J FORTENBERRY, Sarah E 1854-May-04
JOHNSON, Thomas CARR, Mary Mrs 1873-May-10
JOHNSON, William WHEELER, Melissa J 1860-Apr-14
JOHNSON, Winn SUMMERALL, Elizabeth 1829-Jan-29
JOHNSTON, Alex STANFIELD, Jenny 1875-Feb-25
JOHNSTON, P A SIEBE, Hariet 1865-Jul-10
JOHNSTON, Wm W HILL, Sue 1866-Dec-13
JONES, A SMITH, Nancy Ann 1869-Jun-04
JONES, A L WHEELER, T H 1869-Nov-22
JONES, Allen DAVIS, Esther 1870-May-07
JONES, Allen PULLEN, 1825-Jan-
JONES, Benj F PIERCE, Dorothy Mrs 1860-May-01
JONES, C W STUBBS, Susan C 1870-Oct-17
JONES, Dock WRIGHT, Ellen 1871-Feb-17
JONES, Dudley W PEYTON, Laura V 1859-Jul-14
JONES, E D JONES, Mary S 1867-Jan-15
JONES, Edy HENDRICK, John A 1844-Jun-04
JONES, Evan T MORGAN, Susan A 1853-Jan-06
JONES, G W LEONARD, Lucy E 1868-May-21
JONES, George THOMAS, Nancy Mrs 1873-Feb-18
JONES, George W BOWIE, Sophia 1874-Feb-06
JONES, George W FORD, Louisa 1874-Oct-01
JONES, Green THOMPSON, Mazacino 1873-Nov-28
JONES, H J NEWMAN, Perlena 1868-Jan-04
JONES, H L BUTLER, Eugenia R 1864-Nov-01
JONES, Henry J KYLE, Caroline 1859-Dec-11
JONES, Isaac M AILLS, Martha E 1861-Dec-23
JONES, James ROBERTS, Maris 1830-Oct-07
JONES, John H CATO, Hannah 1871-Mar-11
JONES, John W ROGERS, Isabella 1844-Feb-28
JONES, Joseph B MCLEAN, Jomes C 1873-Nov-27
JONES, Joseph B MCNEILL, Eliza Mrs 1853-Aug-03
JONES, M H GARTMAN, M S 1872-Feb-01
JONES, M J GRANBERRY, Bolivia A 1873-Dec-23
JONES, Mathew MITCHELL, Margaret Mrs 1862-Oct-06
JONES, Milton R FULGHAM, Emily E 1860-Apr-18
JONES, Robt E MCKAY, E A 1869-Dec-13
JONES, S M TERRY, B H 1862-Jan-28
JONES, Silas FIFE, Malindy 1839-Apr-16
JONES, T H CARNEY, Mariah A 1860-Oct-24
JONES, T L WILLIAMS, Mary B 1874-Jan-28
JONES, Thomas BEARD, Desdamony 1831-Feb-01
JONES, Thomas PIERCE, Nancy Mrs 1867-May-18
JONES, Thomas W RYAN, Anna 1829-Mar-08
JONES, W A TILLMAN, Cora 1875-Oct-27
JONES, W A J OSBURN, Margaret E 1859-Apr-21
JONES, William HOWARD, Edny Ann 1836-May-19
JONES, William JELKS, Caroline 1844-May-13
JONES, William H COLLINS, Mary Ann 1847-Jan-28
JONES, Woodford M LENOIR, Mary 1860-May-22
JONSE, Jeremiah SPINKS, Amy 1826-Mar-24
JORDAN, Amanda A J BARDWELL, J B 1865-May-15
JORDAN, B L NIX, Amanda O C 1852-Sep-09
JORDAN, Edmon C JORDAN, Elisabeth 1853-Jan-06
JORDAN, Joseph B BOURDEAUX, Ann H 1850-Jan-01
JORDAN, William GIBSON, Nancy 1870-Jan-05
JORDON, B R HUGHS, N M 1864-Dec-01
JORDON, James J LILLY, Katherine Mrs 1857-Mar-19
JOURDAN, Radford WELCH, Mahala Mrs 1844-May-15
JUPITER, Erastus MOORE, Ellen 1874-Dec-26
JUSTICE, William KING, Catherin Mrs 1867-Jan-22


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