Copiah County Grooms


ARRELL, David MATHEWS, Jane 1824-Jul-04
ABBEY, Chas N GULLET, L A 1863-Nov-26
ABBEY, Samuel H BROWN, Sarah Ann 1837-Apr-04
ABE, Albert FOSTER, Amy Mrs 1866-Sep-15
ABLE, Robert MCDONALD, Hariet A 1867-Jul-03
ABLES, Abner ALLEN, Martha E 1859-Jan-20
ABRAHAM, John W HARPER, Sallie S 1860-Aug-24
ABRAHAM, Solomon SIMON, Pauline 1861-Nov-14
ABRAM, Sanco TAYLOR, Chany 1866-Mar-21
ABY, John HAMMONS, Jane 1872-Jul-06
ADAMS, Charles P H REVILLE, Eliza Jane 1835-Jul-23
ADAMS, Charlie BRISCOE, Alcy 1868-Dec-30
ADAMS, Fredrick COOPER, Rachel 1867-Aug-31
ADAMS, G W KELLY, Sarah A 1864-Jun-16
ADAMS, H F HUGHS, Nannie L 1868-Jun-16
ADAMS, H T HOLLAND, Louisa E 1871-Aug-30
ADAMS, John HONEA, Letitia 1838-May-27
ADAMS, Sim HAMPTON, Vina 1873-Dec-25
ADAMS, Thos A SOJOURNER, Acklin 1874-Jan-13
ADAMS, William REID, Amanda 1867-Aug-23
ADAMS, York WADKINS, Mary Ann 1870-May-13
ADKINS, Martin BURNS, Hariet 1868-May-14
AILLS, Samuel HILL, Charlotte 1874-Jan-24
AINSWORTH, James R BROWN, Martha A 1860-Aug-27
AINSWORTH, James R ELLIS, Mary 1842-Feb-03
AINSWORTH, R E LOW, M E 1875-Sep-01
AINSWORTH, W L SWETT, Mollie L 1874-Dec-03
AINSWORTH, William MCCASKILL, Amanda 1850-Aug-21
AINSWORTH, Wm L STAMPS, Amanda M F 1856-Jul-17
ALDRIDGE, James MORGAN, Lucy J Mrs 1868-Feb-03
ALEXANDER, Abner SHEDREAK, Rachel 1875-Jan-16
ALEXANDER, Adam BUTLER, Fannie 1874-Dec-19
ALEXANDER, Benj CATCHINGS, Amanda 1871-Jun-23
ALEXANDER, Brisco FLOWERS, Henrietta 1872-Mar-04
ALEXANDER, Henry WARNER, Adaline 1869-Feb-15
ALEXANDER, Israel APPERSON, Betsy 1825-Aug-18
ALEXANDER, John GRANBERRY, Ninney 1869-Jun-04
ALEXANDER, Maxwell GORDON, Louisa 1874-Apr-05
ALEXANDER, Nimrod THOMPSON, Amanda 1874-Nov-24
ALEXANDER, Senith MCINTOSH, Francis M 1858-Feb-14
ALEXANDER, Shawnee OVERTON, Kate 1866-Jan-06
ALEXANDER, William HARVEY, Penelope 1831-Apr-25
ALEXANDER, William PEAVY, Lovina 1839-Dec-03
ALEXANDER, William G MARTIN, Eleanor J 1852-Feb-05
ALFORD, A BRIDGES, Mary 1857-Jan-07
ALFORD, Elias CAMCK, Cintha 1839-Jun-27
ALFORD, Fermy VICK, Arsena 1840-Feb-23
ALFORD, Henry COTTENGIN, Annie 1825-May-07
ALFORD, Henry G WELCH, Mary Jane 1873-Aug-12
ALFORD, J M SIMS, M A 1867-Feb-04
ALFORD, James T TRAWEEK, Martha E 1864-Jun-20
ALFORD, James T Dr STEELE, Julia 1870-Sep-21
ALFORD, M C BRIDGES, James 1853-Oct-27
ALFORD, W W TRAWEEK, Mary B 1866-Jan-04
ALFORD, William MCKINNEY, B C Mrs 1868-Nov-23
ALLEN, Abram FULSE, Fannie 1868-Jul-17
ALLEN, C Benton ROWAN, R A Miss 1858-Mar-18
ALLEN, E A SPENCER, Rebecca N R 1867-Aug-26
ALLEN, Ezra TOMPKINS, Mary Mrs 1860-Jun-25
ALLEN, G W LEA, Mary A 1860-Apr-27
ALLEN, H C CASE, Elisabeth J 1856-Sep-24
ALLEN, Henry RENFRO, Elizabetrh 1829-Feb-12
ALLEN, Isaac DAVIS, Mary 1870-Sep-26
ALLEN, Isaac WADE, Easter Jane 1867-Mar-01
ALLEN, J B BUFKIN, S F 1872-Apr-10
ALLEN, John SAUNDERS, Catherine 1873-Dec-31
ALLEN, John W DAVIS, Zais E 1863-Nov-14
ALLEN, Jordan COOLEY, Sylvy 1867-Sep-19
ALLEN, Robert J NEWTON, Willie Ann 1870-Oct-18
ALLEN, Samuel THOMPSON, Ann 1873-Jan-02
ALLEN, Stephen J MASSEY, Susan 1855-Apr-04
ALLEN, Stephen J SMITH, Mary 1852-Nov-23
ALLEN, Stephen J Jr FULGHAM, Margaret M 1855-May-31
ALLEN, Steven LILLY, Elizabeth 1829-Jan-31
ALLEN, Tennessee BUCKNER, Stewart 1867-Nov-15
ALLEN, Thomas P ELLINGTON, Mattie E 1874-Nov-26
ALLEN, Wade PATTERSON, Laura 1867-Feb-09
ALLEN, William HARRIS, Mary Ann 1868-Dec-24
ALLEN, William NEWELL, Christian 1867-Jan-21
ALLEN, William PIERCE, Anna A 1860-Jan-02
ALLEN, William H MCREE, Mary Jane 1850-Jan-31
ALLEY, P W HESTER, Emma 1872-Dec-10
ALLGOOD, William SMITH, Pernice 1846-Nov-12
ALLGOOD, Willis SMITH, Elizabeth J 1852-Jul-07
ALLIN, W H SHELTON, Chiney 1868-Nov-23
ALLISON, A L HATCH, Mary F 1860-Jan-04
ALLISON, Frank A NEAL, Mary B 1861-Apr-22
ALLRED, Jennings J APPLEWHITE, Belvy 1844-Apr-04
ALLRED, John HAWKINS, Charlott M 1871-Sep-06
ALLRED, John LEACH, Eliza Ann 1832-Mar-18
ALLRED, John S MCCALL, Dorthia V 1869-Oct-29
ALLRED, William B TEACLE, Susan 1839-Jan-13
ALSTON, Benjamin SALLY, Catherine I 1841-Aug-02
ALVOID, Edmond SANDIFER, Delia 1867-Feb-27
ALVOID, Nelson ALVOID, Sarah 1867-Nov-08
ALVOID, Randol CONN, Betsy 1867-Dec-25
AMACAR, Jack GILSON, America 1866-Dec-25
AMACKER, Robt PRICE, Elizabeth 1869-Mar-24
AMIS, S F PHILLIP, E H 1867-Jan-03
AMMONS, Aleazor ENTRICAN, Eliza Ann 1836-Jul-24
AMMONS, Christopher R WOOTEN, Mary 1842-Oct-07
ANDERSON, Allen G LEWIS, Mary Ann Mrs 1848-Apr-16
ANDERSON, Berry FORD, Dicey 1874-Jun-20
ANDERSON, Charles COTTON, Laura 1870-Mar-19
ANDERSON, Charlie JOHNSON, Missouri 1872-Jul-26
ANDERSON, Edward WILLIAMS, Birdie 1869-Jun-19
ANDERSON, Frances SHAW, William 1872-Jan-11
ANDERSON, H T LEWIS, W E 1868-Dec-30
ANDERSON, Hugh GREEN, Ophelia C 1862-Oct-13
ANDERSON, Hugh HODGES, Sarah Ann Mrs 1857-Apr-02
ANDERSON, Hugh KINNEBREW, Elisabeth 1854-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Hugh MASSIE, Stacey 1841-Oct-26
ANDERSON, Hugh WARREN, Sarah M 1859-Oct-04
ANDERSON, Jefferson COOPER, Mahala 1849-Oct-25
ANDERSON, John BENNETT, Mollie 1870-Sep-22
ANDERSON, Oliver NOLAND, Massey 1832-Jul-26
ANDERSON, R L ERVIN, Margaret E 1856-Jul-20
ANDERSON, Richard NITT, Ann 1866-Dec-08
ANDERSON, Richard PRICE, Matilda 1870-May-17
ANDERSON, William GILLAHAY, Elijah A 1871-Jun-10
ANDERSON, William Wade WILLIAMS, Martha L 1856-Jan-03
ANDING, B F MCGEE, Mary M 1859-Jan-13
ANDING, Geo G NEVILL, Susana Mrs 1848-May-03
ANDING, James L MCGEE, Eliza J 1866-Sep-03
ANDING, John MOORE, Celia 1842-Oct-23
ANDING, M A MCGEE, Louisiana 1861-Aug-17
ANDING, M W W WOOLEY, Minerva 1868-Dec-22
ANDING, Sylvester FREEMAN, Martha A 1857-Jan-16
ANDING, William BAILEY, Josephine 1870-Dec-17
ANDRE, A F NEWTON, Arista P 1869-May-17
ANDREWS, Martin HARRIS, Luvinia Mrs 1874-May-15
APPELT, FRISBY, E S 1871-Sep-11
APPLEWHITE, Alexander NEWELL, Emiline 1866-Sep-02
APPLEWHITE, E R WRIGHT, Lucy Mrs 1870-May-09
APPLEWHITE, Eldridge ZACKERY, Martha 1863-Aug-28
APPLEWHITE, John C APPLEWHITE, Emlie C 1858-Jul-25
APPLEWHITE, R R PAXTON, Nancy 1864-Oct-27
APPLEWHITE, S W ALLRED, Louvenia 1868-Feb-24
ARCHER, Henry EDWARDS, Amanda 1866-Oct-01
ARD, J L REA, Sarah E 1868-Mar-04
ARD, James L ALLEN, Lucy L 1862-Dec-23
ARD, John S ARD, Mary 1850-Jan-01
ARD, John S LEE, Martha 1866-Jan-08
ARMFIELD, Isaac GUSTAVUS, Sarah 1825-Mar-24
ARMFIELD, J B S MOORE, F A 1854-Aug-13
ARMFIELD, John G TOMLINSON, Ann E 1845-Mar-14
ARMSTRONG, George MYERS, Charity Ann 1858-May-05
ARNOLD, Alsey VICKERS, Susannah 1850-Apr-13
ARNOLD, Elisha VINSTON, Malinda 1869-Feb-05
ARNOLDAND, Willis IRVIN, Miram 1825-May-12
ARRINGTON, John M SMITH, Elizabeth Ann 1867-Jan-22
ARRINGTON, W L SANDIFER, Martha Ann 1859-Oct-16
ASHLEY, E M BECK, Delia J Mrs 1862-Mar-31
ASHLEY, Elihu M TERRY, Ann A 1845-Nov-04
ASHLEY, G H PRESSLEY, Nancy 1865-Dec-13
ASHLEY, G P JOHNSON, Caroline 1869-Feb-16
ASHLEY, George S SOUTHERN, Altazera 1844-Mar-21
ASHLEY, George W DEW, Ady 1853-Dec-06
ASHLEY, J F K PARKER, E E 1871-Oct-28
ASHLEY, J P PRICE, Sarah F 1873-Jun-07
ASHLEY, J S PRICE, Martha Mrs 1868-Jul-04
ASHLEY, James ASHLEY, Damarus 1871-Sep-12
ASHLEY, James M FOLES, Maranda 1875-Jul-14
ASHLEY, James M WINDHAM, Jane 1868-Dec-22
ASHLEY, L M CLIBURN, T J 1870-Dec-28
ASHLEY, M M FEWELL, Amanda 1865-Apr-19
ASHLEY, M T ASHLEY, Mary Ann 1866-Aug-10
ASHLEY, S W MOORE, Permelia 1870-Nov-26
ASHLEY, Sylvester E FARMER, Milly 1851-Feb-15
ASHLEY, T J N LEE, Melissa Ann 1874-Nov-02
ASHLEY, Thomas A MATINLY, North America 1848-Dec-27
ASHLEY, Thomas B HARTLEY, Malinda 1859-Jan-09
ASHLEY, W B PRICE, Susanah 1872-Dec-21
ASHLEY, William ASHLEY, Sarah 1866-Jul-05
ASKEW, Duke CAMPBELL, Lucy M Mrs 1865-Nov-23
ASKINEESE, William PRICE, Isabella 1873-May-31
ASKINUSE, Thomas MASSINGILL, Willie Mrs 1871-Nov-23
ATKINS, Urstead FARISH, Sarah A 1871-Jan-05
ATKINSON, Clinton WEST, Elenor S 1850-Dec-18
ATWELL, George MANNING, Elizabeth 1863-Aug-01
AULD, Isaac J WATSON, Caroline 1846-Oct-23
AUSTIN, Albert BELL, Mary Jane 1873-May-06
AUSTIN, Andrew J RATCLIFF, Amanda Emily 1851-Aug-21
AUSTIN, Calvin SMITH, Bettie 1874-Mar-15
AUSTIN, R P LANE, Sue D 1868-Mar-04
AUSTIN, Winston BUTLER, Margaret 1866-Dec-25
AUTELL, Edward JOHNSON, Nancy 1849-Jan-09
AVERY, E L POWELL, E L 1870-Feb-23


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