Copiah County Brides

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NAIR, M C M TRAWICK, W C 1871-Jan-19
NANCE, Adaline GASKIN, John 1859-Jan-21
NATIONS, Rebecca Ann NATIONS, Abraham F 1848-Dec-07
NEAL, Adaline BURNHAM, Joe 1873-Nov-06
NEAL, Catherine E KILPATRICK, William G 1861-Apr-22
NEAL, Mary B ALLISON, Frank A 1861-Apr-22
NEAL, Mary E Mrs MURRAY, John M 1862-Sep-23
NEAL, Mattie STRONG, Elbert 1870-Jul-29
NEAL, Susin E MANN, J H 1867-Jul-31
NEALAND, Ellen MADISON, Harry 1868-Jan-01
NEASOM, Mary E PRICE, Charmer 1853-Dec-22
NEELY, Malvina CARROLL, Benjamin H 1829-Jan-28
NEILL, Caroline NELSON, Jim 1871-Jan-04
NELSON, Anna Mrs WARNER, T C 1854-Jul-01
NELSON, Christian VICKERS, Joseph 1843-Nov-21
NELSON, Elizabeth (Mrs) MIRES, Jesse 1832-Jun-09
NELSON, Fannie CLEVELAND, Robt 1866-Oct-27
NELSON, Hestilla JOHNSON, Marten 1874-Oct-15
NELSON, Louisa DAVIS, Silas 1837-Jun-12
NELSON, Manerva WASHINGTON, George 1872-Jan-15
NELSON, Melissa RATLIFF, Owens 1866-Dec-15
NELSON, Nancy L KING, William 1838-Dec-20
NELSON, Nelly WARREN, John 1835-Oct-08
NELSON, Sealy SPIKES, Benj 1869-Aug-02
NESMITH, Mary E RIVES, John E 1853-Sep-15
NESMITH, Nellie HIGDON, N M 1867-Dec-04
NESOM, Sarah E JOHNSON, Clark 1846-Nov-29
NETHERLAND, Elizabeth GERRETT, Obadiah 1838-Jul-19
NETHERLAND, Mothany FULLER, James I 1837-Jul-29
NETHERLAND, Priscilla RILEY, Thos H 1845-Jan-22
NEVELL, Nancy Jane WALDON, Scott 1869-Jun-05
NEVILL, Susana Mrs ANDING, Geo G 1848-May-03
NEWELL, Charistian BARNES, Thomas 1829-Apr-01
NEWELL, Christian ALLEN, William 1867-Jan-21
NEWELL, Christian WOOTEN, Robert 1857-Feb-06
NEWELL, Elisabeth SMITH, William 1838-Apr-26
NEWELL, Emiline APPLEWHITE, Alexander 1866-Sep-02
NEWELL, Jane MCDANIEL, Adam 1875-Aug-18
NEWELL, Lucy LEE, Jorden 1869-Oct-01
NEWELL, Margaret WALDEN, Ranson 1847-Oct-03
NEWELL, Mary EAST, Richard 1870-Jan-26
NEWELL, Mary MATHEWS, John R 1837-May-21
NEWELL, Mary A NEWELL, T A 1864-Dec-14
NEWELL, Matilda GIBBONS, John 1866-Feb-26
NEWELL, Matilda WOOTEN, Jesse 1855-Apr-05
NEWELL, Olivia BONDS, Emanuel 1870-Jun-24
NEWELL, Pearl Ann MORRIS, William 1866-Sep-01
NEWELL, S J BENSON, Charles R 1875-Dec-01
NEWELL, Susan Mrs BRITT, Granberry 1853-Apr-27
NEWMAN, Arinda SANDERS, W G 1866-Dec-03
NEWMAN, Elizabeth DEVERS, William 1872-Sep-28
NEWMAN, Martha J RIMES, William F 1855-Jun-19
NEWMAN, Mollie Mrs WATSON, B P 1869-May-12
NEWMAN, Nancy DANIELS, Tobias 1874-Apr-02
NEWMAN, Perlena JONES, H J 1868-Jan-04
NEWMAN, Sylvia FINLEY, Thomas T 1868-Dec-21
NEWSOM, Ann RILEY, Lewis 1872-Nov-18
NEWSOM, E P BROOM, M J 1874-Nov-19
NEWSOM, E V YOUNG, W P 1873-Dec-01
NEWSOM, Julia WILSON, Arthur 1872-Sep-26
NEWSOM, Lucy Mrs GUSTAVUS, Micajah 1853-Oct-24
NEWSOM, Margaret CRUMP, Lewis 1872-Mar-18
NEWSOM, Sylvia COURTNEY, William 1873-Sep-06
NEWTON, Arista P ANDRE, A F 1869-May-17
NEWTON, Lucy TAYLOR, George 1873-Jul-10
NEWTON, Malona FURR, Harvey 1844-Feb-01
NEWTON, Margaret CASE, Allen W 1851-Jan-09
NEWTON, Mary CASE, Alexander 1847-May-27
NEWTON, Willie Ann ALLEN, Robert J 1870-Oct-18
NICHOLS, Kisiah GOING, William 1831-Feb-24
NICKS, Amanda MYLIN, Milford 1841-Mar-11
NITT, Ann ANDERSON, Richard 1866-Dec-08
NIX, Amanda O C JORDAN, B L 1852-Sep-09
NIX, Ann Jane MILLER, Joseph D 1842-Jun-10
NIX, Martha COBB, Jesse W 1852-Mar-11
NIX, Melissa CONN, James M 1864-May-10
NIX, Sarah DUMAS, Thomas 1871-Feb-17
NIX, Virginia PERRY, William H 1856-Oct-02
NIXON, Millie BANKS, Ben 1870-Dec-27
NOBLE, Assenith F W TILLMAN, Steven 1829-May-24
NOEL, Tennessee BRENT, Ransom 1868-Dec-24
NOLAND, Laura BUFKIN, B L 1875-Sep-30
NOLAND, Sarah F CARLISLE, M N 1860-Feb-18
NOLLEY, Sarah TWINER, Jackson 1837-Dec-21
NONNAN, Elisabeth FLETCHER, Wm B 1857-Nov-17
NORMAN, Ann EAST, Thomas 1869-Mar-02
NORMAN, Arthena NEAL, Thomas J 1858-Feb-03
NORMAN, Brentha F EDWARDS, Isaac N 1850-Dec-26
NORMAN, C M Mrs HENNINGTON, Henry 1855-Jan-02
NORMAN, Elizabeth HALL, Lemuel F B 1824-Aug-03
NORMAN, Elizabeth Mrs DICKSON, William 1864-Jun-01
NORMAN, Emagella NORMAN, John F 1846-Dec-18
NORMAN, Emma ROGERS, F M 1869-Jan-13
NORMAN, Lavender MIDDLETON, Benjamin 1849-Jan-18
NORMAN, Mariah Mrs RATLIFF, Bunk 1867-Sep-14
NORMAN, Martha L NEAL, H 1863-May-19
NORMAN, Mary A BOWLES, Alfred W 1846-Oct-23
NORMAN, Mary E COSNAHAN, Chas W 1861-Jul-26
NORMAN, Mary M BAGGETT, J T 1850-Aug-03
NORMAN, Mary W MIDDLETON, R D 1871-Oct-30
NORMAN, Palatine STEELE, A P 1862-Dec-11
NORMAN, Sabra HARRIS, Benjamin 1847-Dec-30
NORMAN, Vinnie RYMES, Howard 1869-Oct-02
NORTON, Mariah HILL, Henry 1875-Jan-06
NORTON, Mary A J WATTS, George 1856-Dec-11
NORWOOD, Jane BEARD, Benjamin A 1874-Jan-18
NORWOOD, Louisa Mrs SMITH, Claiborne 1867-Aug-02
NORWOOD, Lucretia BUCKELEW, George 1871-Jul-24
NOYES, Laura BANKS, Charley 1874-Oct-02
O'NEAL, Frances OWENS, John 1826-Oct-25
OATIS, A Media RYAN, Isaac 1846-Oct-07
OATIS, Amanda COOK, Sampson 1867-Jan-15
OATIS, Eulora WORRELL, T M 1870-May-09
OATIS, Jenett (Mrs) PERKINS, John Riley 1836-Jul-24
ODUM, Lee Sally FERGUSON, Isom 1859-Sep-01
OLDS, Ann PARKER, William 1838-Sep-09
OLDS, Maria PULLIAM, Loid 1824-   -25
OLIVER, Rilla E REA, Robert W 1874-Dec-31
ONEAL, Elisabeth LUM, David 1845-Jul-30
ONEAL, Lovina SMITH, Raidwell 1829-Aug-07
ONEAL, Lydia DAVIS, Eldridge G 1847-Mar-11
ONEAL, Malvina Ann SCOTT, John 1853-Sep-13
ONEAL, Margaret A CAGLE, Jesse 1847-Aug-19
ONEAL, Mary DYAS, Thomas 1835-Jul-27
ONEAL, Mary F FLEMING, James 1875-Jul-11
ONEAL, Sarah WILSON, Nelson 1873-Sep-25
ONEAL, Sarah A GRAVES, R M 1859-Jul-10
ONEIL, Emaline BALLOW, Martin 1852-Jan-15
OQUINN, Ucevia NEWTON, David 1859-Jun-02
OSBORN, Adelaide WOLFE, Andrew T 1865-Nov-17
OSBORN, Lucy A SIMS, T J 1866-Nov-17
OSBURN, Josie CLARK, James Y 1869-Jan-05
OSBURN, Malinda LLOYD, David 1870-Oct-25
OSBURN, Margaret E JONES, W A J 1859-Apr-21
OSTEEN, Elizabeth FLEMING, James 1869-Sep-07
OSTEEN, Martha A MIDDLETON, Samuel T 1851-Dec-02
OSTEEN, Mary FORD, Thos G 1862-Aug-05
OSTEEN, Mary Ann HARMON, William A 1852-Dec-02
OSTEEN, Nancy CRISLER, George 1844-Mar-14
OSTINE, Mahala GASKIN, James 1841-Jan-14
OSWALD, Mary FUGATE, Braxton 1838-Jul-29
OTIS, Emily L BICKHAM, Albert 1872-Dec-13
OTIS, Mary Ann RYAN, John 1848-Oct-12
OTIS, Permelia Jane WALKER, W R 1871-Jan-03
OVERTON, Bertha WILLIAMS, John 1869-Jan-18
OVERTON, Cherry ROBINSON, Stephen 1872-Jan-15
OVERTON, Kate ALEXANDER, Shawnee 1866-Jan-06
OWEN, Alice USHER, Elizah 1866-Aug-09
OWEN, Laura BRIDGES, B F 1873-Dec-11
OWENS, N J KING, Lewis W 1867-Jan-05
OWENS, N J KING, Lewis W 1870-Jan-05


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