Copiah County Brides


IDER, Martha HAMILTON, Thomas 1871-Oct-21
INGRAM, Sarah E DEATON, W H 1871-Apr-04
INYARD, Caroline SAMUEL, Isaac 1873-May-06
IRVIN, Miram ARNOLDAND, Willis 1825-May-12
ISAAC, Alzada A DULANEY, John 1842-Jan-23
ISAACS, Delia HARPER, Charles 1874-Dec-23
ISAACS, Naancy MCNALLY, Jonathan 1837-Oct-04
ISBELL, Catharin E BAILEY, T J 1870-Dec-16
ISHAM, Olivia DAVIS, Jordan 1875-Feb-18
IVEY, Adaline JACKSON, A E M 1875-Jan-13
IVEY, Amanda Mrs PETTUS, Thomas 1857-Mar-11
IVY, Mary EMBREE, C W 1873-Apr-07
IZZARD, Martha C SWILLEY, Benj F 1861-Dec-14
JACKSON, Adeline BRITT, Elsberry 1849-Mar-22
JACKSON, Alley NOLAND, William 1831-Mar-20
JACKSON, Anna GOFF, George 1870-Apr-06
JACKSON, Catherine JOHNSON, Dennis 1874-Jul-17
JACKSON, Charlott COLEMAN, Robt 1871-Feb-02
JACKSON, Delfey STEVENS, Stephen 1869-May-15
JACKSON, Delila WILLIAMS, Arthur 1870-Nov-12
JACKSON, E D GIBSON, G M 1867-Apr-06
JACKSON, Eliza GREEN, Abraham 1870-Jul-08
JACKSON, Emaline RENFROW, William 1852-Aug-03
JACKSON, Hannah HOWARD, C V 1868-Apr-02
JACKSON, Hannah WHEELER, Allen 1874-Oct-21
JACKSON, Hariet DAVIS, Ned 1869-Jan-14
JACKSON, Ivey MORGAN, Samuel 1825-Jan-27
JACKSON, Maria WILLIAMS, Sidney 1873-Jan-15
JACKSON, Marianne LEWIS, Henry 1839-Aug-06
JACKSON, Martha SMITH, Henry 1871-Feb-03
JACKSON, Mary BELL, Nathan 1875-Jan-26
JACKSON, Mary MCDANIEL, Alford 1875-May-10
JACKSON, Mary WILSON, Lewis 1874-Jan-03
JACKSON, Melissa LEE, Byrd 1873-Mar-10
JACKSON, Menerva NEWELL, J S 1865-Oct-05
JACKSON, Mittie JOHNSON, Elbert 1870-Jan-11
JACKSON, Mollie BURNS, Wade 1874-Dec-22
JACKSON, Mollie Mrs SANDIFER, J K 1874-Jul-30
JACKSON, N ENTRICAN, Isaac J 1869-Nov-22
JACKSON, Nancy L BARNES, William 1856-Nov-05
JACKSON, Narcissa MITCHELL, Cicero 1870-Jul-21
JACKSON, Phebe ROSS, Frank 1874-Feb-14
JACKSON, Rebecca Mrs STRONG, John G 1854-Mar-14
JACKSON, Susan RENFROW, Alfred 1849-Dec-27
JACKSON, Sylvia TERRY, Isaac 1874-May-04
JACOBS, Betsy BANISTER, Peter 1868-Mar-13
JAMES, A W PARKER, S E 1866-Jun-03
JAMES, Adaline JACKSON, John 1859-Jan-30
JAMES, Elisabeth FURR, Henry 1849-Dec-13
JAMES, Elizabeth NORMAN, James 1845-Aug-12
JAMES, Emma HODGES, Randall 1871-Oct-16
JAMES, Lilah REEVES, Sampson 1866-Dec-26
JAMES, Margaret TURNER, Thomas 1842-Jun-14
JAMES, Mary SMITH, Marion V 1854-May-05
JAMES, Mary A WINDHAM, Thomas J 1862-Feb-05
JAMES, Mary A Mrs FOSTER, Jesse 1860-Jun-21
JAMES, Mary E RANDALL, Isaiah S 1854-May-18
JAMES, Mary Jane DAVISSON, Erasmus 1874-Dec-01
JAMES, Mary M HILL, G W 1865-Aug-29
JAMES, S J FUGLER, W F 1870-Sep-11
JAMES, Sarah WALKER, Saxton 1866-Feb-12
JAMES, Sarah Ann DAILEY, William L 1849-May-09
JAMES, Susan WALTERS, Abraham 1850-Dec-17
JAMESON, Jane MCBRIER, Evan 1874-Aug-27
JAMISON, Ann TODD, James 1825-Nov-12
JELKS, Caroline JONES, William 1844-May-13
JELKS, Nancy VANCE, George 1835-Oct-07
JENKINS, Caroline STACKHOUSE, Robt 1869-Aug-27
JENKINS, Fannie JENKINS, John 1875-Jan-12
JENKINS, M E Mrs MASSEY, E 1865-Dec-28
JENKINS, M G WOODS, John 1873-Mar-31
JENKINS, Martha E CHEEK, Jacob H 1866-Jun-28
JENKINS, Mary CAMMACK, Alexander 1872-Aug-22
JENKINS, Mary WALKER, Anthony 1871-Dec-26
JENKINS, Nancy CURTIS, Isaac 1867-Jan-05
JENKINS, Permelia CATCHINGS, William 1874-Jun-02
JENKINS, Polly TEMPLE, Roebet 1825-Feb-08
JENKINS, S G HOOD, W H 1871-Jan-04
JENKINS, Sophronia MCCALIP, Daniel 1844-May-29
JENKINS, Susanna SUMRALL, Henry 1844-Jul-09
JENNINGS, Elizabeth Mrs HESTERBERG, Frank 1873-Dec-09
JESSE, Emma MINOR, Tobe 1873-Dec-24
JOHN, Mary LESTER, Anthony 1869-Mar-25
JOHNSON, Ann N Mrs SPENCER, Thomas J 1864-Sep-05
JOHNSON, Berta KENNEDY, William 1867-Jan-06
JOHNSON, Betxy HAMILTON, Hance 1843-Oct-25
JOHNSON, Caroline ASHLEY, G P 1869-Feb-16
JOHNSON, Caroline MAY, Benjamin 1868-May-09
JOHNSON, Catharine COSTLEY, Wm L 1852-Oct-21
JOHNSON, Eliza Mrs PIERSON, M H H 1864-Nov-24
JOHNSON, Elizabeth ROBINSON, Jo 1868-Feb-29
JOHNSON, Fannie GRANT, Jacob 1868-Sep-15
JOHNSON, Fathi Mrs PIERCE, T J 1871-Nov-20
JOHNSON, Frances FINLEY, G J 1854-Jun-01
JOHNSON, Frances YOUNG, Samuel 1873-May-16
JOHNSON, Georgianna PURDON, John 1874-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Hennie HALL, J D 1873-May-20
JOHNSON, Henrietta TAYLOR, James 1867-Feb-02
JOHNSON, J C WOOD, John J 1875-Sep-30
JOHNSON, Jane LEE, Wilson 1860-Jan-16
JOHNSON, Jenny CLAY, Benj 1875-Jan-28
JOHNSON, Julia BISHOP, Henry 1875-Jun-03
JOHNSON, Julia COLEMAN, Joseph 1867-Aug-31
JOHNSON, Julia DAVIDSON, Whitfield 1871-Nov-27
JOHNSON, Louisa BURTON, Calvin 1871-Jul-24
JOHNSON, Lucinda GREER, Isaiah 1866-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Lucy BROWN, Joseph 1870-Nov-11
JOHNSON, M E MALLEN, Thomas 1871-Dec-19
JOHNSON, Martha Ann STEWART, Allen L 1852-Nov-02
JOHNSON, Mary MITCHEL, Isaac 1866-Jan-29
JOHNSON, Mary SCOTT, Franklin 1870-Dec-31
JOHNSON, Mary E EDWARDS, John 1845-Apr-24
JOHNSON, Mary J PURSER, Peter 1873-Jun-28
JOHNSON, Mary M CATO, Theodore 1866-Jan-22
JOHNSON, Melvina HOUSLEY, William 1860-Mar-08
JOHNSON, Minerva BAYLIE, Robert 1873-Jun-07
JOHNSON, Missouri ANDERSON, Charlie 1872-Jul-26
JOHNSON, Moses FINLEY, Noris 1850-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Nancy AUTELL, Edward 1849-Jan-09
JOHNSON, Phebe Mrs REDMAN, Henry 1873-Dec-25
JOHNSON, Rachel C V CARTER, Daniel 1873-Aug-27
JOHNSON, Rebecca PEVEY, Berry 1853-Apr-28
JOHNSON, Rhoda Ann Mrs WASHINGTON, Geo 1866-Nov-24
JOHNSON, Salena WILLIAMS, Albert 1870-Feb-15
JOHNSON, Sarah EDWARDS, John 1873-Mar-15
JOHNSON, Sophronice SANDIFER, Ransom 1873-Mar-12
JOHNSON, Speedy Ann REDICK, Luke 1868-Aug-01
JOHNSON, Susan E MCDONALD, A J 1861-Apr-29
JOHNSON, Sylvia STRONG, George 1875-Jan-07
JOHNSON, Violet YONE, Robt 1869-Nov-24
JOHNSTON, Mollie QUICK, H P 1875-Oct-20
JOINTER, Mollie FORD, Henry 1871-Sep-25
JONES, A C BALLEW, Anderson 1872-Aug-08
JONES, Amanda CUNNINGHAM, Richard 1866-Dec-08
JONES, Amanda Ann BEESLEY, Peter B 1843-Dec-05
JONES, Amy (Mrs) GRANBERRY, Seth 1832-Jul-30
JONES, Catherine WILLIAMS, Philip 1871-Dec-22
JONES, Charity BANKS, Anthony 1871-Dec-23
JONES, Charity WASHINGTON, James 1870-May-31
JONES, Elisabeth BONDURANT, William H 1856-Mar-27
JONES, Elisabeth WILSON, Edwin N 1845-Oct-29
JONES, Elizabeth ROBERTS, Henry 1830-Dec-22
JONES, Ella NEWELL, Henry 1874-Dec-24
JONES, Emeline SINGLETON, Dick 1871-Nov-24
JONES, Emma KIRKPATRICK, London 1867-Mar-28
JONES, Emmer DOWNS, John W 1869-Apr-30
JONES, Fannie ENOCHS, J B 1866-Sep-08
JONES, Hannah NICHOLS, Henry 1868-Jul-04
JONES, Hester PENN, Philip 1870-Jun-11
JONES, Hester E HAYNES, C B 1870-Apr-11
JONES, Jemima DOWDY, Coleman 1858-Dec-28
JONES, Josephine HICKS, J M 1866-Sep-13
JONES, Leonora C PENN, John A 1870-Sep-12
JONES, Lizzie FUGATE, J W 1871-Jun-08
JONES, Louisa STANDFORD, Anthony 1871-Jun-23
JONES, Louisa P WHEELER, William W 1870-Jul-09
JONES, Lucy E HANEY, Geo T 1866-Nov-20
JONES, Malinda TATUM, John 1848-Nov-24
JONES, Margaret BARLAND, Andrew 1844-Oct-30
JONES, Martha CHEEVERS, Francis Collins 1867-Dec-27
JONES, Martha SCOTT, David 1874-Jan-22
JONES, Martha M ROGERS, J M 1868-Jan-20
JONES, Mary Ann REDMOND, Henson 1869-Mar-24
JONES, Mary E HARDY, Isaiah 1874-May-19
JONES, Mary S JONES, E D 1867-Jan-15
JONES, Matilda SMITH, Neil 1842-Dec-20
JONES, Nancy LYONS, Jesse 1869-Jun-08
JONES, Nancy STURGIS, Frank 1873-May-29
JONES, Parthemia KING, Anderson 1871-Apr-12
JONES, Samantha BUFKIN, B F 1868-Feb-06
JONES, Sarah POTTER, George 1870-Dec-23
JONES, Sarah SMITH, Alfred 1874-Dec-26
JONES, Zilphia WALLACE, James 1869-Oct-29
JORDAN, Elisabeth JORDAN, Edmon C 1853-Jan-06
JORDAN, Jane THOMAS, Andrew 1873-Dec-31
JORDAN, Martha WOODS, Anderson 1866-Jan-05
JORDAN, Mary Mrs LILLY, Wesley 1852-Feb-18
JORDAN, Sarah E GUESS, Charles M 1852-Feb-07
JORDEN, Eliza WALLACE, Geo 1869-Mar-02


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