Copiah County Brides


ADAM, Margaret JACKSON, Edward 1872-Jan-24
ADAMS, Ann YARBROUGH, Harvey 1868-Mar-13
ADAMS, Clora JACKSON, Andrew 1873-Sep-12
ADAMS, Dicey NATIONS, John L 1848-Apr-26
ADAMS, Elisabeth MCALLISTER, James 1837-Jun-23
ADAMS, Georgie A COOPER, M P 1870-Nov-03
ADAMS, Jennie JENKINS, Abram 1870-Aug-06
ADAMS, Julia BROOKS, George 1871-Jul-26
ADAMS, Lucy B SESSIONS, D H 1870-Dec-01
ADAMS, Margaret Jaane JAMES, Reuben 1837-Feb-25
ADAMS, Mary Ann MACK, Alex 1872-Oct-22
ADAMS, Nannie L THOMAS, L T 1872-Dec-24
ADAMS, Sarha Ann CRITTENDON, Chesley 1836-Dec-02
ADKINS, Esther Ellen LEGGETT, John 1848-Oct-27
ADKINS, Mary WILKS, Wm B 1867-Jan-14
AGNIS, Jane MITCHIE, Aaron 1872-Apr-06
AGONESS, Jane DRANE, Anderson 1866-Sep-05
AILES, M C DEES, Hugh 1865-Oct-30
AILLS, Emma E BREWER, W A 1873-Dec-03
AILLS, Louisa WILLIAMS, Mose 1872-Oct-19
AILLS, Martha E JONES, Isaac M 1861-Dec-23
AILLS, Sylvia REID, J A 1845-Oct-29
AILS, Elizabeth A FORD, Thomas G 1864-Mar-31
AILS, Elmira MULLINS, J C 1843-Jan-12
AINSWORTH, Gracy Ann WASHINGTON, Geo 1866-Jan-01
AINSWORTH, Jane E PATRICK, Needham M 1838-Jul-04
AINSWORTH, Lucy Ann NEWELL, Henderson 1867-Jan-14
AINSWORTH, M F COOR, Daniel 1870-Apr-29
AINSWORTH, Mahalah REMBERT, Andrew J 1837-Feb-13
AINSWORTH, Martha REMBERT, George W 1835-Dec-10
AINSWORTH, Mary M HOLLIDAY, John J 1825-Dec-08
ALBIN, Narciss SIBLEY, Anderson B 1837-Jul-14
ALEXANDER, Caroline PHILIPS, Richard 1870-Oct-13
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth COX, James 1838-Jun-15
ALEXANDER, Francis NELSON, John 1867-Jul-06
ALEXANDER, Hariet TOWNS, Emanuel 1870-Sep-21
ALEXANDER, Harriet A TOWNS, Emannuel 1870-Sep-21
ALEXANDER, Kate Mrs RICHARDSON, Israel 1869-Aug-19
ALEXANDER, Levina Mrs LEE, William H 1845-May-01
ALEXANDER, Malinda Ann POTTER, Asa L 1839-Jan-24
ALEXANDER, Mary PALMER, Adam 1872-May-01
ALFORD, Cynthia Mrs BURNHAM, William D 1845-Mar-06
ALFORD, Mary C CALLENDER, W A 1859-Aug-11
ALFORD, Media KYLE, Robt M 1865-Nov-21
ALFORD, Phebe HEATH, Isaac 1893-Jan-08
ALIXANDER, Mary HALL, Stephen H 1837-Dec-28
ALLEN, Addie GIBSON, Randal 1871-Dec-12
ALLEN, Alice L NORMAN, B F 1874-Sep-21
ALLEN, Angelina GATLIN, William R 1835-Jul-09
ALLEN, Cynthia SMITH, William A 1861-Mar-08
ALLEN, Dicy VANCE, John F 1847-Sep-21
ALLEN, Eallene WILLIAMS, Henry 1875-Jul-08
ALLEN, Elizabeth DEETS, J C 1866-Jan-08
ALLEN, Ellen DICKERSON, Charley 1866-Sep-03
ALLEN, Emeline BUTLER, Peter 1869-Jan-02
ALLEN, Emma W HIGDEN, R T 1871-Nov-28
ALLEN, Evelin HARRIS, Merry B 1850-Mar-01
ALLEN, Eveline STARNES, S S 1852-Oct-07
ALLEN, F E BUFKIN, H F Jr 1874-Nov-12
ALLEN, Hattie A CATCHING, P M 1873-Dec-17
ALLEN, Jane MORRIS, W F 1868-Oct-07
ALLEN, Lucy L ARD, James L 1862-Dec-23
ALLEN, M T BANKSTON, B F 1866-Dec-17
ALLEN, Martha E ABLES, Abner 1859-Jan-20
ALLEN, Mary WASHINGTON, Geo 1867-Dec-23
ALLEN, Melissa WALKER, Bennie 1870-Jan-01
ALLEN, Minerva SMITH, Nathan 1867-Feb-25
ALLEN, Sarah PITTS, Jhn 1866-Mar-03
ALLEN, Susan COOR, Daniel K 1847-Feb-02
ALLREAD, Louiza DAVIS, Volly 1831-Dec-28
ALLRED, Amanda ROGERS, John P 1848-May-25
ALLRED, Eveline MONROE, Henry 1868-Dec-30
ALLRED, Isabel E WILSON, Harden D 1860-Sep-03
ALLRED, Louvenia APPLEWHITE, S W 1868-Feb-24
ALLRED, Margaret CADE, Stephen M 1848-Dec-27
ALLRED, Mary E WATSON, John A 1863-Jul-27
ALLRED, Melissa J SMITH, Augustus M 1862-Jun-09
ALLRED, Narcissa MATTHEWS, W H 1874-Mar-09
ALLRED, Pricilla Mrs GRAVES, John C 1850-Aug-08
ALLRED, Sarah J DOUGLASS, G W 1862-Mar-21
ALRED, Eliza Ann (Mrs) VINCING, T W H 1843-Oct-28
ALVOID, Clara BELL, D D 1872-Jan-15
ALVOID, Hannah COLEMAN, Dallas 1867-Mar-14
ALVOID, Sarah ALVOID, Nelson 1867-Nov-08
AMMONS, Martha JOHNSON, James 1830-Dec-23
ANDERSON, Anna SINGLETARY, Allen 1872-Jan-05
ANDERSON, Bettie WILKINS, Frank 1873-Aug-20
ANDERSON, Catherine DONAHOE, W N 1860-Oct-17
ANDERSON, Elisabeth A CARTER, H 1855-Dec-20
ANDERSON, Elisha COLEMAN, R R 1873-Apr-14
ANDERSON, Eliza JOHNSON, Andrew 1875-Dec-31
ANDERSON, Elizabeth HALLMAN, Wm John Wesley 1870-Dec-11
ANDERSON, Emiline WILLIAMS, Emanuel 1866-Jun-23
ANDERSON, Hannah ONEAL, Henry 1852-Dec-16
ANDERSON, Laura WHITE, Daniel 1871-Jan-11
ANDERSON, Letha A SANDERS, Alexander 1867-Dec-17
ANDERSON, Margaret VAUGHN, Wiley B 1846-Dec-01
ANDERSON, Margaret M STRONG, John 1848-Nov-11
ANDERSON, Mariah Francis BRADLEY, Robert 1866-Jul-03
ANDERSON, Martha SAUCER, Izrael 1875-Jan-13
ANDERSON, Martha A MARLER, Thos R 1857-Dec-24
ANDERSON, Mary Jane JACKSON, Andrew 1875-Mar-04
ANDERSON, Miranda M COOPER, Geo W 1869-Feb-24
AJ{ARWKJ, }Kllia M SMITH, Eli S 1830-   -28
ANDERSON, Nancy STRONG, Thomas G 1846-Dec-01
ANDERSON, Nancy E GUYNES, James B 1870-Nov-28
ANDERSON, Susan MOODY, R A 1861-Dec-16
ANDING, Barbary CASE, Meriday 1854-Sep-02
ANDING, Dorcas B CHILES, Joseph B 1853-Jul-28
ANDING, Letha Ann GOWINS, John N 1857-Jan-17
ANDING, Margaret E MCGEE, Evan S 1859-Nov-09
ANDING, Martha HUPPERICH, Peter 1860-Jul-25
ANDING, Mary A E BAILEY, Elijah P 1854-Apr-04
ANDING, Mary Ann WHEELER, George W 1859-Sep-15
ANDING, Mary S WATSON, James D 1857-May-08
ANDING, Rachel D CASE, James M 1856-Oct-29
ANDING, Susan BAAS, John Geo 1861-Apr-22
ANDING, Susannah M CASE, Paterson 1856-Jan-10
ANDREWS, Caroline C ROBERTS, John A 1829-Sep-17
ANDREWS, Emily M SOBBS, William 1830-Jan-26
ANDREWS, Frances MARSHALL, Isham 1826-Nov-17
ANDREWS, Louisa NOBLES, A W 1836-May-18
ANDREWS, Martha M CHEEK, Jesse B 1826-Mar-14
ANDY, Amelia RICHARDSON, Israel 1871-Sep-30
ANN, Margaret JACOBS, Benjamin 1871-Oct-24
ANTILE, Nancy Mrs KIMISON, Aaron D 1861-May-27
APPERSON, Betsy ALEXANDER, Israel 1825-Aug-18
APPLEWHITE, Belvy ALLRED, Jennings J 1844-Apr-04
APPLEWHITE, Emlie C APPLEWHITE, John C 1858-Jul-25
APPLEWHITE, Sinia CRAWFORD, James B 1849-Sep-13
ARBRITTIAN, Hariet BISHOP, Solomon 1872-Apr-25
ARD, Catherine HAYES, Green 1874-Oct-07
ARD, Catherine M WILEHER, James 1865-Jul-31
ARD, Dicey MOORE, Richard 1869-Feb-26
ARD, Elizabeth WILSON, James E 1836-Feb-11
ARD, Mary ARD, John S 1850-Jan-01
ARNOLD, Sarah BOYD, Ivy 1848-Dec-22
ARRINGTON, Catherine HUTSON, H M 1866-Jun-07
ARRINGTON, Martha Mrs SANDIFER, W N 1863-Jan-03
ARTQUE, Amanda BARNES, Harry 1870-Apr-23
ASHLEY, Damarus ASHLEY, James 1871-Sep-12
ASHLEY, Elizabeth MCKINLEY, Joseph 1848-Jan-17
ASHLEY, Elizabeth J BOSTICK, M F 1870-Sep-17
ASHLEY, Emma E JAMES, A J 1866-Aug-18
ASHLEY, Julia L BUNTING, A M 1872-Dec-21
ASHLEY, Martha PERRITT, William 1873-Nov-25
ASHLEY, Martha Ann PAGE, Joshua 1867-Apr-09
ASHLEY, Mary Ann ASHLEY, M T 1866-Aug-10
ASHLEY, Mary Mrs SOUTHERN, William 1848-Nov-19
ASHLEY, Matilda MURRAY, A 1866-Dec-31
ASHLEY, Matilda TERRY, Dabney S 1850-Dec-30
ASHLEY, S R CLIBURN, W A 1874-Jan-01
ASHLEY, Sarah ASHLEY, William 1866-Jul-05
ASHLEY, Sinthey MCREE, John 1826-Jan-08
ASHLEY, Susan NEELY, W D 1867-Apr-30
ASHLEY, Susan B BEASLEY, J N 1865-Apr-25
ASHLEY, Susan S FARMER, Asa W 1855-Nov-19
ASHMORE, Serena OVERTON, Silvester 1869-Apr-10
ASKANUSE, Sarah THOMPSON, Austin 1867-Apr-04
ATKINSON, Elizabeth WORD, William 1839-Dec-19
ATKINSON, Martha A WARD, Hiram 1849-Dec-13
ATWARDY, Laura MEAK, Samuel 1837-May-25
ATWELL, Genette HARRISON, Benj F 1865-Dec-12
ATWELL, Lucinda KNIGHT, Reuben 1836-Jun-29
ATWELL, Nancy HALL, Stephen H 1836-Sep-13
ATWELL, Nancy Pricilla MANNING, Woodard 1867-Apr-17
ATWELL, Rebecca WARREN, Joseph 1836-Sep-13
AUSTIN, Amelia SIMMONS, John 1874-Dec-26
AUSTIN, Laura EAST, Josiah Jr 1851-Jan-08
AVERY, Mary Ann HANDLEY, Patrick 1863-Feb-25
AVERY, Mary Ann RANDALL, J W 1863-Feb-14
AVERY, V Mrs REMBEUT, George 1869-Nov-10


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