Clay County Grooms

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YATES, Briston HOLBROOKS, Frances 1885-Dec-22
YATES, Elvia WILLIAMS, Mollie 1872-Oct-26
YATES, Elvy GREEN, Elizaeth 1882-Dec-21
YATES, Elvy WILLIAMS, Lucinda 1877-Nov-22
YATES, H C STONE, Mary E 1883-Oct-19
YATES, Isaac FORD, Jane 1886-Dec-25
YATES, Westley COOPER, Emma 1883-Sep-01
YATES, Wiley CHANDLER, Zipora 1899-Jan-17
YEATES, Charles DAVIS, Anna 1878-Feb-26
YEATS, Anderson LATHAN, Virgie 1894-Jul-27
YOUNG, Albert COUSEN, Minerva 1876-Dec-22
YOUNG, Albert JACKSON, Alice 1888-Mar-04
YOUNG, Albert STRONG, Hallie 1898-Nov-24
YOUNG, Alfred STRONG, America 1897-Jan-21
YOUNG, Anderson JACKSON, Nelly 1882-Dec-18
YOUNG, Anon YOUNG, Sara 1878-Mar-02
YOUNG, Anthony HAMPTON, Esther 1884-Dec-17
YOUNG, August THOMAS, Henrietta 1882-Dec-23
YOUNG, B L PETERSON, Sarah 1894-Dec-28
YOUNG, Balitmore HIBBLER, Mima 1876-Jan-06
YOUNG, Balley HARDY, Hallie 1894-Dec-24
YOUNG, Benjamin SCOTT, Emma 1883-Dec-20
YOUNG, Calvin YOUNG, Maybel 1889-Dec-24
YOUNG, Carter BINFORD, Polly 1886-Aug-23
YOUNG, Charles MARTIN, Cicily 1888-Jan-19
YOUNG, Charlie HAMPTON, Belle 1882-Dec-23
YOUNG, Chess MCFALAN, Frances 1893-Dec-18
YOUNG, Chess SHELTON, Milley 1882-Dec-19
YOUNG, Coleman BROWN, Creesy 1889-Jun-01
YOUNG, Eli V YOUNG, Ella 1899-Sep-17
YOUNG, Elijah WESTBROOKS, Mary 1886-Dec-23
YOUNG, Ephriam TOLLY, Florence 1890-Apr-26
YOUNG, Fez COOPWOOD, Lucy 1878-Jan-31
YOUNG, Frank BONNER, Emma 1894-Dec-25
YOUNG, Frank WILLIAMS, Minnie 1892-Dec-10
YOUNG, George LAWSON, Jane 1896-Dec-03
YOUNG, George OLIVER, Rose 1888-Mar-06
YOUNG, George SHELTON, Annie L 1899-Dec-21
YOUNG, George H STRICKLEN, Mary F 1878-Dec-08
YOUNG, Granville WATKINS, Laura 1876-Sep-01
YOUNG, Green COUSINS, Maggie 1895-Dec-08
YOUNG, Henry MATTHEWS, Helen 1886-Mar-06
YOUNG, Henry YOUNG, Edy 1892-Jan-17
YOUNG, J F WADDELL, A B 1896-Nov-29
YOUNG, J L BROOKS, A C 1896-May-20
YOUNG, Jack YOUNG, Ann 1872-Dec-06
YOUNG, James HATCH, Silla 1896-May-10
YOUNG, James WOODFORK, Sallie 1889-Jan-13
YOUNG, James H CROSS, Nancy 1900-Mar-08
YOUNG, Jasper MATTHEWS, Sarah 1877-Jan-19
YOUNG, Jeff COLEMAN, Anna 1883-Mar-10
YOUNG, Jeff MITCHELL, Annie 1896-Sep-05
YOUNG, Jessie HARRIS, Violet 1872-Jun-15
YOUNG, Jim HAMPTON, Sur 1897-Dec-04
YOUNG, John BOYKINS, Rose 1891-Oct-28
YOUNG, John MCDUFFY, Emma 1880-Sep-22
YOUNG, Johnnie CLARK, Manerva 1896-Dec-09
YOUNG, Johnson KIDD, Maria 1881-Mar-25
YOUNG, Johnson YOUNG, Sophia 1877-Mar-03
YOUNG, Joseph MONTGOMERY, Belle 1878-Sep-29
YOUNG, Kit COLLINS, Adaline 1889-Nov-30
YOUNG, L D REDDEN, Evylou 1894-Jul-22
YOUNG, Lamb GARDNER, Lula 1894-May-29
YOUNG, Lee Capt SANDS, Nancy 1900-Mar-19
YOUNG, Lem HARRIS, Annie 1890-Jan-10
YOUNG, Lem YOUNG, Nancy 1879-Dec-20
YOUNG, Lewis WILSON, Abby 1886-Dec-30
YOUNG, Louis HAYWOOD, Sarah 1883-May-07
YOUNG, Marion MATHEWS, Charlotte 1888-Dec-26
YOUNG, Mat COOPWOOD, Amy 1885-Jan-15
YOUNG, Mitchel BUCKINGHAM, Mary Belle 1896-Jan-23
YOUNG, Mitchell CALVERT, Parthenia 1876-Nov-25
YOUNG, Mitchell CAROTHER, Mary 1900-May-23
YOUNG, Mitchell TAYLOR, Eliza 1888-Dec-25
YOUNG, Ned DUNLAP, Manervia 1872-Jul-06
YOUNG, Ned HARDY, Bell 1894-Nov-16
YOUNG, Ned YOUNG, Hannah 1876-Mar-10
YOUNG, Nelson FORT, Minnie 1897-Sep-28
YOUNG, Nick DUBOSE, Francis 1896-Apr-18
YOUNG, Paul GUINN, Rosetta 1895-Dec-18
YOUNG, Perry COOPER, Mary 1885-Dec-25
YOUNG, Perry LANIER, Clara 1896-Dec-20
YOUNG, Pinkney DUNLAP, Redeemer 1891-May-19
YOUNG, Pinkney YOUNG, Mariah 1872-Aug-17
YOUNG, Plaustin STEWART, Nora 1886-Aug-24
YOUNG, Pluttis WALKER, C W 1897-Dec-30
YOUNG, Reubin IVY, Cally 1878-Feb-14
YOUNG, Richard ADAMS, Jennie 1891-Sep-03
YOUNG, Richard LOVE, Sarah 1893-Oct-08
YOUNG, Sam GLENN, Francis 1889-Mar-16
YOUNG, Sam SHELTON, Elizabeth 1876-Jan-08
YOUNG, Samuel JACKSON, Evelina 1880-Feb-07
YOUNG, Sanders HARRISON, Dosia 1900-Dec-18
YOUNG, Sandy OATNEAL, Mary 1898-Dec-23
YOUNG, Sawney RAINEY, Ann Eliza 1884-Dec-20
YOUNG, Sim CLAYTON, Eliza 1883-Oct-20
YOUNG, Simon GRIFFIN, Tishia 1883-Feb-08
YOUNG, Stephen FOSTER, Louella 1890-May-04
YOUNG, Ted BOYD, Ann 1887-Jan-04
YOUNG, Thomas SPRAGGINS, Eliza 1876-Jan-08
YOUNG, Thomas H HARMON, Josephine 1876-Nov-05
YOUNG, Tilghman BROOKS, Hearsh 1884-Dec-24
YOUNG, Todd WILLIAMS, Rebecca 1887-Oct-06
YOUNG, Valley BINGHAM, Sallie 1884-Dec-31
YOUNG, W T LEOPARD, Mittie 1880-Oct-24
YOUNG, W T MILLER, Doffie 1894-Nov-21
YOUNG, Washington PETTY, Francis 1882-Dec-19
YOUNG, Washington WALKER, Emma 1889-Nov-28
YOUNG, Will JARRETT, Ellen 1891-Dec-03
YOUNG, William CHANDLER, Delpha 1876-Sep-16
YOUNG, William HAMILTON, Eliza 1889-Dec-22
YOUNG, William MCBEE, Kate 1885-Aug-08
YOUNG, William MCKINNEY, Kate 1887-Jan-12
YOUNG, William PETTY, Amanda 1876-Jan-21
YOUNG, William STEWART, Missie 1896-Jan-11
YOUNG, William STRONG, Ida 1892-Mar-10
YOUNG, William H CLARK, Margaret C 1877-Dec-19
YOUNG, William T STONE, Sarah 1880-Feb-20
YOUNG, Willis GERDINE, Elizabeth 1881-Dec-15
ZACK, Rufus CHANDLER, Mary 1891-Aug-15


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