Clay County Grooms


U,CONNER, W P WESTBROOK, Elizabeth E 1882-Dec-18
URSERY, Claborne TUCKER, Ann 1888-Nov-22
URSERY, Riley WOOTEN, Hanna 1885-Dec-24
USSERY, Lee WISE, Carry 1886-Mar-03
USSERY, Scott HICKS, Nancy 1886-Mar-09
USSEY, Fred ODENEAL, Savanah 1879-Jan-18
VAIL, Nelson DAVIS, Mary J 1886-Sep-11
VAIL, Richard HARTSFIELD, Nancy M 1887-Dec-28
VAIL, Robert MURRAH, Josephine V 1882-Nov-16
VAIL, W H WOOTEN, Ola 1895-Sep-08
VAILS, Butler ROSS, Mollie 1878-Mar-16
VALENTINE, Henry MCPHEARSON, Florence 1890-Nov-03
VALENTINE, J R PEARL, Annie 1895-Sep-04
VALENTINE, Paul NOBLIN, Ann 1883-Mar-08
VALENTINE, W J FORD, V C 1890-Nov-30
VALIANT, Henry SMITH, Judy 1898-Sep-28
VALIANT, Thomas L PAYNE, Dora 1887-Dec-02
VALIENT, Jackson PARKS, Emma 1885-Dec-10
VALIENT, Reubin HOLLIDAY, Hannah 1884-Dec-25
VALIENT, Robert THOMPSON, Anna Isabella 1881-Dec-11
VALLIANT, William COLEMAN, Louisianna 1893-Jul-16
VALLIENT, Reubin DUNLAP, Jane 1886-Dec-02
VANDIGRAFT, Richard SANDERS, Emma 1878-May-18
VANDIVER, Benjaman RANDLE, Fannie 1877-Nov-02
VANHORN, E V SANDS, Anna 1888-Sep-06
VARY, Pompey ROSS, Martha 1883-Feb-21
VARY, Pompey STRONG, Sarah 1894-Apr-26
VAUGHAN, Robert L TAYLOR, Artemesia A 1878-Dec-16
VAUGHN, J A BARR, True 1897-Jan-20
VAUGHN, Jefferson FORT, Rhoda 1879-Mar-15
VAUGHN, Thomas A COX, Margaret V 1880-Dec-08
VEASY, T W HAYS, S C 1896-Oct-15
VERDEL, D W BLAND, Minnie T 1899-Oct-29
VICKERS, Aleck MCLENDON, Bird 1879-Oct-20
VICKERS, Isaac GATHING, Lula 1895-Dec-28
VICKERS, Pete BARR, Callie 1899-Dec-20
VICKERS, William MCBEE, Alice 1889-Mar-05
VICKOUS, Ike IVY, Fannie 1899-Nov-13


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