Clay County Grooms


TAGGART, Jackson RANDLE, Rosalee 1894-Dec-22
TAGGART, Willie POOL, Emma 1899-Apr-29
TALIAFERRO, Robert LOVE, Lou 1883-Aug-04
TALLEY, Hence HARRIS, Sam Ella 1897-Dec-18
TALLY, Calvin CANNON, Sarah 1881-Jan-12
TALLY, J M BONDS, Annie 1899-Dec-20
TALLY, Jim SOUTHALL, Annie 1888-Dec-24
TALLY, Milton WETHERSPOON, Winnie 1896-Aug-30
TALLY, Sellers DONALDSON, Money 1900-Dec-13
TALLY, Silvey JACKSON, Silvey 1899-Dec-27
TALLY, Simon RYLAND, Mary 1887-Dec-25
TANNER, A S GRIFFIN, Amelia 1900-Jan-16
TARKINGTON, Albert CRUMP, Annie 1895-Apr-21
TARKINGTON, Charles JONES, Vim 1899-Dec-20
TARKINGTON, Charlie HEARD, Lucinda 1900-Jul-26
TARKINGTON, James E STEVENS, Mary Bell 1889-Nov-19
TARKINGTON, Marshall COTTREY, Emma 1883-Sep-15
TARKINGTON, Samuel MCFARLAND, Mary 1887-Jan-05
TASKER, Oliver FRENCH, Ida 1897-Mar-25
TASSWOLD, Peter P TUCKER, Carolin M 1886-Jul-19
TATE, Dock TAYLOR, Modine 1899-Dec-16
TATE, J D WOOTEN, Sarah 1889-Nov-16
TATE, John D LAWSON, Mary E 1892-Jan-19
TATE, John P MIXON, Belle M 1879-Oct-12
TATE, Robert SNEED, Jamie Eva 1895-Nov-28
TATE, William F STONE, Louisa A 1879-Apr-06
TAYLOR, Albert YOUNG, Eliza 1888-Dec-13
TAYLOR, Anthony MILES, Mary 1886-Jan-07
TAYLOR, Antree THOMAS, Mattie 1899-Dec-09
TAYLOR, Branch CRAWFORD, Aggie 1877-Sep-01
TAYLOR, Branch THOMPSON, Sereny 1883-Jan-23
TAYLOR, C H MCEACHIN, Chattie B 1889-Feb-13
TAYLOR, Ed READ, Mary H 1884-Jan-17
TAYLOR, Emmett RHODES, Nina O 1888-Mar-15
TAYLOR, Frances MURREY, Moses 1876-Sep-21
TAYLOR, Francis ALEXANDER, Lewis 1876-Jun-04
TAYLOR, Frank COOPWOOD, Ada 1893-Jul-28
TAYLOR, Frank LEE, Sarah 1882-Dec-02
TAYLOR, Frank W IVY, Maggie 1885-Jan-05
TAYLOR, Gus RITCHER, Susan 1881-Nov-15
TAYLOR, Gus VICKERS, Jane 1891-Jun-14
TAYLOR, Harris COCKRAN, America 1884-Jan-14
TAYLOR, James HOLLIDAY, Lucy 1889-Dec-23
TAYLOR, James MCBEE, Ellen 1877-Feb-01
TAYLOR, Joe ADDAMS, Alice 1896-Dec-24
TAYLOR, John CHANDLER, Mary Laura 1892-Dec-24
TAYLOR, John RICHARDS, Becky 1898-Dec-25
TAYLOR, John SPARKS, Bettie 1880-Sep-26
TAYLOR, John W LEATHERWOOD, Sara P 1876-Jan-12
TAYLOR, Joseph CUNNINGHAM, Vickory 1878-Nov-18
TAYLOR, Ned YOUNG, Callie 1884-Dec-23
TAYLOR, O L ANDREWS, Mamie I 1889-Apr-24
TAYLOR, Octavious COLLINS, Rosetta 1877-Dec-28
TAYLOR, Prince JOHNSON, Sallie 1888-Dec-15
TAYLOR, Robert GRAYS, Mattie 1897-Oct-09
TAYLOR, Robert TAYLOR, Harriet 1885-Aug-27
TAYLOR, Robert WILLIAMS, Ida 1900-Jun-07
TAYLOR, Sam ROBINSON, Lucinda 1890-Nov-17
TAYLOR, Samuel HAMILTON, Ann 1880-Dec-27
TAYLOR, Sharp SANDERS, Frances 1872-Nov-27
TAYLOR, Sharp WASHINGTON, Martha Ann 1876-Jun-29
TAYLOR, Will PAINES, Matt 1893-Dec-10
TAYLOR, Williams TAYLOR, Clemmie M 1880-Oct-20
TAYLOR, Willis CONNER, Mary J 1880-Nov-24
TAYLOR, Wyatt CARADINE, Delila 1884-Dec-27
TERRELL, V L Jr BRAME, Minetta 1891-Dec-30
TERRY, A G EDINGTON, Ivy Bell 1891-Nov-26
TERRY, Eli SMITH, Rhody 1883-Feb-22
TERRY, Sim BROWN, Alice 1899-Oct-03
TERRY, Sim MELTON, Hallie 1888-Jun-14
TERRY, Thomas GERDINE, Susan 1880-Nov-06
TERRY, W T CARTER, Mary 1889-Feb-27
THOMAS, Abraham THOMPSON, Rena 1887-May-29
THOMAS, Alex MCINTOSH, Angie 1885-Nov-15
THOMAS, Alvin PRICE, Polly 1887-Jan-19
THOMAS, Alvin SMITH, Barbara 1886-Oct-16
THOMAS, Andrew H THOMPSON, Ethlan J 1878-Oct-31
THOMAS, B D CHATT, Irene 1897-Dec-23
THOMAS, Battress LOFTON, Leona 1893-Nov-18
THOMAS, Battrice CLAY, Lucy 1889-Apr-03
THOMAS, Burt MILES, Mollie 1883-Mar-24
THOMAS, Carl E PITTS, Sarah Jane 1886-Oct-01
THOMAS, Daniel GREEN, Anna 1887-Jun-11
THOMAS, Daniel HOGAN, Francis 1881-Dec-23
THOMAS, George BOYKIN, Stacy 1899-Jun-17
THOMAS, George MCDANIEL, Alice 1881-Dec-24
THOMAS, Henry KING, Cally 1896-Mar-19
THOMAS, Henry TERRY, Nancy 1883-Apr-05
THOMAS, Isaac DEAN, Emoline 1882-Nov-15
THOMAS, J C STEWARD, Lothe M 1896-Aug-19
THOMAS, J E PEPPIN, G S Miss 1884-Mar-20
THOMAS, J J HARDY, Sarah Catherine 1892-Nov-22
THOMAS, J M SAXON, Annie 1891-Nov-22
THOMAS, J R MELTON, Nina 1891-Dec-13
THOMAS, Jack LEWIS, Lorene 1892-Sep-13
THOMAS, Jamie JOHNSON, N D 1886-Sep-30
THOMAS, Jim OWEN, Sarah 1900-Dec-18
THOMAS, John GREEN, Eliza 1887-Jan-09
THOMAS, Melvin FULTON, Elizabeth 1884-Feb-16
THOMAS, Mose CROMWELL, Mary F 1889-Sep-18
THOMAS, Moses MATHEWS, Frankie 1887-Dec-22
THOMAS, P P MARSHALL, Virginia H 1881-Dec-29
THOMAS, Paul R OQUINN, Margaret 1886-Jun-01
THOMAS, Randle YOUNG, Celia 1877-Jun-25
THOMASVILLE, Paul PRENTISS, Pamelia 1886-May-30
THOMPSON, Andrew ROBERTSON, Argalina 1878-Nov-13
THOMPSON, David CALVERT, Lucinda 1878-Jan-10
THOMPSON, David COOPER, Hattie 1884-Dec-16
THOMPSON, David W LOFTON, Margaret G 1881-Dec-21
THOMPSON, Edward W SPROGGINS, Hettie A 1878-Feb-31
THOMPSON, J M Jr HUDSON, Fannie D 1897-Aug-30
THOMPSON, J R JOINER, Dollie 1897-Nov-18
THOMPSON, J R LOFTEN, Veto 1899-Dec-13
THOMPSON, Jefferson D ALLMAN, Lucy 1881-Dec-06
THOMPSON, Jo B BARNES, Elizabeth 1883-Feb-26
THOMPSON, Joe IVY, Mary 1888-Oct-12
THOMPSON, Joe TALLEY, Lou 1895-Nov-15
THOMPSON, Louis CANNON, Maggie L 1899-Dec-21
THOMPSON, M CRAWFORD, Lula 1900-Dec-24
THOMPSON, R F JONES, Fanny C 1886-Nov-17
THOMPSON, Richard MCBEE, Polly 1876-Dec-08
THOMPSON, Rick HENLEY, Mary Jane 1900-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Samuel M NICHOLS, Elizabeth 1876-Nov-29
THOMPSON, Samuel Z VESEY, Isabella 1884-Jul-23
THOMPSON, Tim NICHOLS, Dell Ida 1884-Dec-31
THOMPSON, Tom BELK, Hester 1892-Dec-28
THOMPSON, W A LOFTON, Lucy 1893-Dec-17
THOMPSON, Wiley WEAVER, Alice 1898-Dec-22
THOMPSON, Willis WINSTON, Polly 1900-Feb-09
THOMPSON, Z T COGDELL, Mollie 1896-Dec-23
THOMSON, Cruice DAVIDSON, Annie 1888-Aug-08
THOMSON, E W WARE, Carrie W 1887-Dec-26
THOMSON, Frank DALLISON, Lecy 1881-Nov-15
THOMSON, Gus SAVISTON, Mary 1889-Jun-17
THOMSON, Parham SMITH, Barzella 1889-Mar-01
THOMSON, William MCGEE, Sallie 1890-Dec-23
THOMSON, William PETTY, Emline 1889-Mar-14
THORNTON, Charles CHEATOM, Charity 1892-Dec-28
THORNTON, Sam STRONG, Lucinda 1889-Oct-13
THORNTON, Solomon EDWARD, Fannie 1896-Dec-24
THORTON, S E CLIETT, P B 1896-Jan-19
THRASHER, James B CLARK, Sarah 1880-Oct-07
THRASHER, James W THOMPSON, Naoma F 1882-May-11
THRASHER, William F LEOPARD, P Miss 1877-Jul-22
TILLMAN, Isaac ISAAC, Pinkey 1896-Dec-19
TILMAN, Hagar SMITH, Arthur 1898-Dec-17
TILMAN, John LOVE, Katy 1897-Aug-21
TIMMION, Edmond WHITE, Martha 1880-Feb-18
TITTLE, W V ALLEN, Azzelean 1872-May-18
TOLIN, Joe GARDNER, Mattie 1889-Dec-03
TOLIVER, John MELTON, Mary 1894-Dec-31
TOLLEY, Tommie HARRISON, Martha 1894-Dec-05
TOLLY, Tony HARRIS, Hattie 1900-May-10
TORBERT, John WILD, Minnie 1881-Dec-21
TOUNSEN, Jim MANIER, Sidney Miss 1899-Dec-17
TOWNSEN, Kissie MOSLEY, Eliza 1899-Mar-29
TOWNSEND, Amos WITHERSPOON, Fanny 1894-Oct-20
TOWNSEND, Anderson AYCOCK, Creola 1895-Jan-11
TOWNSEND, Anderson COOPER, Maggie 1895-Apr-21
TOWNSEND, Charles MILES, Martha 1887-Sep-14
TOWNSEND, Frank COX, Eliza 1887-Feb-04
TOWNSEND, Frank IRWIN, Sophia 1876-Mar-26
TOWNSEND, George WEST, Kizziah 1893-Nov-22
TOWNSEND, Gilbert CROMWELL, Nelly 1900-Jan-11
TOWNSEND, Green COCHRAN, Ida 1877-Dec-21
TOWNSEND, Henry TAYLOR, Jennie 1883-Dec-19
TOWNSEND, John AKALS, Mattie 1883-Oct-22
TOWNSEND, John CROMWELL, Jennie Ann 1888-Oct-07
TOWNSEND, John JONES, Lula 1886-Jul-03
TOWNSEND, Johnson JAMISON, Rena 1881-Feb-12
TOWNSEND, Mose SPRAGGINS, Mandy 1889-Apr-04
TOWNSEND, Naden JORDON, Silvia 1876-May-06
TOWNSEND, Paul NORWOOD, Cora 1890-Dec-22
TOWNSEND, Richard HALE, Mary 1895-Mar-12
TOWNSEND, Sambo COX, Emma 1879-Jan-10
TOWNSEND, Thomas CANNON, Dinah 1879-Feb-06
TOWNSEND, Tom PHILLIPS, Letha 1899-Dec-23
TOWNSEND, Wesley DILLON, Catherine 1887-Nov-15
TOWNSEND, William COLEMAN, Della 1884-Nov-28
TOWNSEND, William HILL, Winnie 1883-Jan-13
TOWNSEND, William NICKOLS, R Miss 1899-Dec-27
TREADWELL, Charles JOHNSON, Devy Ann 1888-Oct-11
TREADWELL, Cipio MELTON, Lucy 1882-Feb-09
TRIBBLE, James Lawnder THOMPSON, Martha E 1880-Jan-08
TRIBBLE, Jasper GREEN, Laura 1896-Dec-03
TRIBBLE, W P ELLIS, Jennie I 1885-Mar-03
TROOP, Dave SPRINGER, Eddie 1899-Nov-19
TROTTER, Allen SHELTON, Nancy 1887-Dec-29
TROTTER, Joe HOLLANS, Sarah 1894-Nov-17
TROTTER, R M CALVERT, A M Miss 1881-Nov-01
TROTTER, Thomas LOYD, Avline 1896-Apr-06
TROTTER, Tom FIELDS, Lucy 1894-Mar-31
TROTTER, W T OWEN, Callie W 1882-Oct-25
TROUP, Wash DUBOSE, Nancy 1878-Feb-23
TROUP, Washington COLLINS, Lula 1887-Jun-05
TROUP, Washington GLOVER, Ann 1880-Sep-08
TRULL, G W MORGAN, Mary Malinda 1895-Nov-27
TRULL, J H DALTON, Jane 1882-Sep-06
TRULL, Joseph B HALL, Eliza 1881-Nov-18
TUCKER, David LACY, Matilda 1877-Dec-25
TUCKER, Foulten HODGES, Alice 1897-Dec-22
TUCKER, James COOK, Emma 1877-Dec-07
TUCKER, Monroe METCALF, Sarah 1896-Jan-09
TUCKER, T HODGES, A 1897-Dec-23
TUCKER, W C WILLIAMS, Mittie 1885-Sep-03
TUCKER, William WILBURN, Mandy 1881-Dec-29
TUCKER, Willis DOWEL, Sindy O 1899-Dec-16
TUCKER, Willis FULTON, Martha 1890-Dec-13
TUDVILLE, J H CHANDLER, Lou Belle 1896-Aug-05
TURNAGE, Alen THOMAS, Anna 1895-Nov-20
TURNER, Albert YOUNG, Rhoda 1883-Oct-05
TURNER, E T BRAND, Rosa 1893-Dec-24
TURNER, Elisha GLOVER, Mary 1889-Jun-23
TURNER, Garner COX, Annie J 1899-Feb-16
TURNER, General HAMPTON, Rachel 1884-Sep-24
TURNER, John MACK, Mary 1883-Mar-26
TURNER, John SEALS, Mary 1884-Dec-25
TURNER, Steven BONNER, Henrietta 1895-Nov-05
TURNER, William PERCY, Mary 1878-Dec-17
TURNER, William STOKES, Rebecca 1880-Dec-22
TURNIPSEED, Felix B GREGORY, Aurelia 1877-May-16
TURNIPSEED, Sam MAY, Densey 1897-May-30

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