Clay County Grooms


RAID, G W VALENTINE, L R Miss 1889-Jan-27
RAINEY, Allen HOLBROOK, Ida 1891-Apr-05
RAINEY, Robert PERKINS, Virginia 1891-Dec-17
RAINEY, Wilbor F BRADY, Mollie E 1872-Dec-05
RAMMUS, Henry ABBIT, Lucretia 1878-Feb-04
RAMSEY, Richard A COTHRAN, Frances A 1883-Jan-25
RANDAL, Patrick BANKHEAD, Sarah 1887-Dec-01
RANDELL, Moses BUCHANON, Virginia 1896-Dec-10
RANDLE, Beverly YOUNG, Rebecca 1885-Dec-10
RANDLE, Charles SANDERS, Maria 1883-Jan-04
RANDLE, Ed CAMPBELL, Allie 1893-Dec-25
RANDLE, Edward EVANS, Rachel 1883-Dec-01
RANDLE, Eugene C GREGORY, Lula F 1881-Nov-06
RANDLE, Harrison LONG, Lilly 1883-Dec-01
RANDLE, Henry CUNNINGHAM, Lucinda 1897-Nov-23
RANDLE, Jessie WESTBROOK, Bettie 1896-May-29
RANDLE, Joe SYKES, Jane 1889-Mar-16
RANDLE, John CUNNINGHAM, Frances 1894-Oct-24
RANDLE, John CUNNINGHAM, Sermittie 1890-Dec-18
RANDLE, Joseph RUSSELL, Eliza 1884-Aug-31
RANDLE, Lee FIELD, Clarice 1900-Dec-22
RANDLE, Lee SHIPPY, Dixie 1896-Feb-17
RANDLE, Nasry SMITH, Molly 1881-Dec-12
RANDLE, Noah CALVERT, Caroline 1884-Dec-30
RANDLE, Oliver QUINN, Lucy 1894-Apr-03
RANDLE, Paul JACK, Laura 1883-Nov-16
RANDLE, Paul JEMISON, Nancy 1890-Sep-06
RANDLE, Paul MAKAMSON, Susan 1886-Jan-17
RANDLE, Ponto CARLISLE, Sophia 1882-Dec-28
RANDLE, Powhantan HUDSON, Dixey 1883-Dec-27
RANDLE, Richard TORENSEL, Phillis 1890-Dec-18
RANDLE, Robert MOGGINS, Aureba 1876-Dec-27
RANDLE, T R CLARK, Roselia 1890-Dec-22
RANDLE, Thomas BALL, Sylvia 1883-Oct-13
RANDLE, Thomas KENNEDY, Martha 1876-Feb-06
RANDLE, Tom Jr BANKER, Ella 1900-Jan-04
RANDLE, Wesley MELTON, Julian 1899-Dec-24
RANDLE, William BOYKIN, Jane 1885-Dec-24
RANDLE, William MCVEY, Ceely 1882-Apr-08
RANDLE, Willis LEWIS, Mollie 1890-Jun-25
RANDOL, Jacob LEWIS, Lizzie 1896-Jul-21
RANEY, Benjamin CANNON, Henry 1897-Nov-03
RASBERRY, Charles ROBY, Eliza A 1878-Dec-08
RASBERRY, Gilbreath ESTIR, Mary C 1879-May-23
RASCO, Major KELLEM, Jamie 1900-Feb-03
RATLIFF, David T KING, Missie 1891-Jan-22
RATLIFF, James WILKINSON, Martha 1883-Jan-11
RAY, Charles BAPTIST, Fannie M 1880-Jul-07
RAY, Hampton ERVIN, Louise 1898-Dec-27
READ, John DEAN, Sylvia 1882-Dec-01
READ, Marion HOLLOMAN, Biddie 1881-Jul-21
READ, Samuel CHAMBERS, Belle 1879-Dec-25
REDMAN, Alonzo ALFORD, Lula 1897-Dec-28
REDMAN, Lonzo GERDINE, Victoria 1888-Nov-01
REDMAN, Tom WADE, Rosa 1898-Jan-19
REDMOND, Lucius BIAS, Katy 1879-Oct-22
REDMOND, Lucius MONTGOMERY, Silvia 1887-Nov-03
REDMOND, Lucius WOOD, Lula 1895-Nov-16
REDUS, Clyde WALKER, W W 1898-Nov-02
REED, Antney MARSHALL, Callie 1888-Aug-28
REED, Coleman BOWLER, Malinda 1884-Jun-05
REED, Matt MATTHEWS, Mary 1881-Jan-05
REED, Robert W BOLTON, Sarah 1882-Dec-13
REED, William ADDONIS, Cresa 1898-Nov-26
REEF, William JEFFERSON, Mandy 1888-Nov-02
REES, J A FORD, L C 1899-Sep-05
REESE, Fenton MORTON, Francis 1892-Dec-24
REESE, John WILSON, Ophelia 1878-Jan-10
REEVES, Joel E BAPTIST, C W 1892-Apr-19
REEVES, Rufus JEFFERSON, Alice 1889-Jan-09
REEVES, William HARRISON, Mary E 1885-Dec-24
REID, Daniel YOUNG, Mary 1887-Sep-08
REID, G W PATE, Luella 1896-Sep-06
REID, John HOLLOMON, Mollie 1883-Jul-27
REID, T T CUNNINGS, Addie B 1897-Jun-30
RELLUM, Haywood COX, Mary 1897-Oct-21
RENTFROE, David C ELLIS, Mary E 1882-Nov-11
RENTFROW, William BROWN, Maggie 1897-Oct-07
RENTHER, Lamar P SPEAR, Nannie J L 1895-Sep-16
RETFROE, A O ROBINETTE, Cleo 1898-Dec-24
REUTHER, F F DOWLING, M E Miss 1889-Apr-09
REYNOLDS, Alfred GARTH, Brady 1880-Mar-05
RHODES, G W NALE, Maude M 1892-Oct-31
RICE, Albert MYERS, Mary J 1898-Mar-16
RICE, Frank JOCK, Alice 1878-Dec-07
RICE, George ALLEN, Laura 1879-Mar-10
RICE, Willie WEBBER, Eliza 1895-Dec-24
RICH, Effie MANGOOLA, William 1899-Oct-25
RICHARD, Philip BOYD, Mollie 1872-Sep-
RICHARDS, London JACKSON, Mary Frances 1883-Dec-22
RICHARDS, London KENNEDY, Jane Mrs 1890-Oct-11
RICHARDS, Milton SHORT, Emma 1882-Nov-01
RICHARDS, Robert IVY, Sinderella 1884-Mar-29
RICHARDS, Thomas COX, Winnie 1883-Dec-18
RICHARDSON, Adam M SHELBY, Ella 1880-Jul-15
RICHARDSON, Alex HERNDON, Letha 1885-Jun-27
RICHARDSON, Charles CRITZ, Fannie L 1882-Nov-27
RICHARDSON, Edmund POLEN, Delia 1884-Apr-22
RICHARDSON, F LOFTEN, Virgie 1899-Dec-26
RICHARDSON, John JOHNSON, Emma 1890-Jan-28
RICHARDSON, William R KEATON, Mary M 1877-May-03
RICHMOND, Willie MCLENDON, Sallie 1895-Dec-24
RIFE, James M JOINER, Annie C 1882-Oct-16
RIGNEY, Taylor KILLION, Mary 1893-Dec-21
RILEY, G D DEXTER, Lillie 1897-Aug-29
RILEY, William KING, Rose Anna 1884-Jul-10
RITCH, William R PETTY, Nina E 1886-Dec-01
ROANE, Charley COOKWOOD, Bettie 1899-Nov-09
ROBERSON, Albert COX, Henrietta 1899-Feb-26
ROBERSON, George BATY, Lounicy 1896-Dec-25
ROBERSON, Henry GUINN, Vinie 1900-May-10
ROBERSON, Johnson KING, Savannah 1898-Jan-05
ROBERSON, Sylvester COX, Henrietta 1899-Sep-18
ROBERSON, V BELL, Susie 1900-Dec-24
ROBERSON, Willis COUSIN, Roy 1899-Mar-09
ROBERT, Thomas MOORE, Mary 1872-Dec-28
ROBERTS, Adison FREE, Lilly 1897-May-20
ROBERTS, Anderson BROOKS, Emma 1872-Nov-04
ROBERTS, F M CALVERT, Annie 1885-Nov-19
ROBERTS, Frank SMITH, Eliza 1888-Feb-16
ROBERTS, John E REAVES, Almariah P 1878-Aug-09
ROBERTS, L L J CARDER, Virginia 1877-Sep-02
ROBERTS, Levi HUGHES, Emma 1886-Feb-27
ROBERTSON, Allen FOSTER, Ida 1886-Jul-03
ROBERTSON, Bob BUCHANON, Bettie 1890-Jul-05
ROBERTSON, Bob GOLDEN, Becca 1890-Jul-03
ROBERTSON, Clark YOUNG, Isabella 1888-Jan-12
ROBERTSON, David HALLUM, N A Miss 1880-Aug-19
ROBERTSON, David WESTBROOK, Charita 1872-Sep-05
ROBERTSON, George LEWIS, Mahaly 1885-Jan-04
ROBERTSON, Henry MACY, Easter 1889-Dec-31
ROBERTSON, Henry MATTHEWS, Laura 1883-Jul-07
ROBERTSON, J W IRVIN, Susie 1889-Nov-15
ROBERTSON, Jack WILLIAMS, Emma 1893-Aug-23
ROBERTSON, Jake COOPWOOD, Mittie 1888-Feb-22
ROBERTSON, Jarret COOPWOOD, Lettie 1886-Feb-25
ROBERTSON, Jarrett ROBERTSON, Hannah 1881-Dec-29
ROBERTSON, John A HUDSON, Willie Miss 1877-Jan-06
ROBERTSON, Joseph BANKS, Chany Hugh 1879-Aug-08
ROBERTSON, Robert WEAVER, Lily 1878-Aug-22
ROBERTSON, Sam SPACE, Virginia 1896-Dec-23
ROBERTSON, Samuel ADDISON, Elizabeth 1877-May-26
ROBERTSON, Samuel MENACE, Henrietta 1885-Sep-17
ROBERTSON, Sharp DAVIDSON, Judy 1877-Feb-18
ROBERTSON, Simeon YOUNG, Sarah 1889-Dec-23
ROBERTSON, T D KENNEDY, Fannie 1893-Dec-19
ROBERTSON, Thomas D HOLLUM, Ruby C 1883-Sep-19
ROBERTSON, Van ROBERTSON, Claresy 1889-May-25
ROBERTSON, William H CARTER, Susan J 1886-Jan-21
ROBERTSON, Willie AYCOCK, Creola 1895-Jan-23
ROBERTSON, Wyatt BROWN, Nancy 1872-Aug-17
ROBINSON, Benjamin H WHITE, Mary E 1878-Jan-03
ROBINSON, Charles A TOLSON, Anna 1882-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Clark Jr FRANKS, Lula 1893-Dec-25
ROBINSON, G W GATHENS, Elizabeth 1883-Dec-29
ROBINSON, Giles KEDLEY, Mary 1892-Sep-22
ROBINSON, H C SLOAN, Fannie 1879-Feb-19
ROBINSON, Henry JORDAN, Anna 1878-Mar-09
ROBINSON, Hester EDMUNDS, Henry 1878-Jun-22
ROBINSON, Jack SANDS, Jennie 1891-Feb-05
ROBINSON, Jim DELANE, Ardena 1892-Dec-23
ROBINSON, Lee HARWELL, Susanna 1896-Sep-15
ROBINSON, Louis COLEMAN, Kizey 1885-Dec-19
ROBINSON, Needham MILES, Anna 1885-Jan-31
ROBINSON, Newton KENNEDY, Missie 1890-Dec-22
ROBINSON, Robert ONEAL, Jennie 1879-Mar-22
ROBINSON, Rose ERVIN, Cannon 1884-Aug-21
ROBINSON, W C DRUDDSON, K J Miss 1883-Mar-14
ROBINSON, W W YOUNG, Lula Edna 1892-Oct-13
ROBSON, J H LITTLE, Sadie 1898-Nov-02
ROBY, Amos FULLER, Winnie 1885-Jan-01
ROBY, Ben BEARD, Harriett 1891-Jan-24
ROBY, Dick EDWARDS, Nannie 1890-Dec-05
ROBY, Frank STOVALL, Mary 1885-Dec-27
ROBY, Frank WATT, Amy 1882-Dec-16
ROBY, John POLERT, Amy 1896-Nov-24
RODGERS, Frank MILLSAP, Mahaly 1895-Dec-28
RODGERS, Thomas HEARTFIELD, Bitha 1872-Nov-04
RODGERS, Tom BABY, Ella 1899-Dec-07
RODGERS, Tom JACKSON, Reena 1893-Dec-25
ROGERS, Jack WILSON, Nancy 1886-Jan-14
ROLAND, James CANNON, Dasie 1888-Dec-25
ROLAND, Peter HUDSON, Susan 1876-Jan-31
ROLEY, Ben SYKES, Georgia 1899-Dec-25
ROLEY, Benjamin PORTWOOD, Nancy 1887-Sep-18
ROLLIN, Parker MORRIS, Isabella 1881-Mar-21
ROLLINS, Alec BALL, Minnie 1895-Jan-08
ROLLINS, Alex BENNETT, Letha 1885-Oct-09
ROLLINS, Ed BIAS, Lizzie 1894-Jan-05
ROLLINS, Joseph MATTHEWS, Hester A 1882-Feb-04
ROSE, J L T LANGFORD, Callie 1891-Jan-06
ROSE, James EVANS, Margaret 1879-Jul-29
ROSE, Richard CALVERT, Canie 1879-Jul-27
ROSE, Richard MEEKS, Love 1896-Nov-11
ROSS, Alford GRIFFIN, Hattie 1894-Dec-20
ROSS, Alford JOHNSON, Martha 1878-Apr-17
ROSS, Anthony RICHARD, Georgia 1895-Dec-24
ROSS, Faught KENNEDY, Pink 1888-Jan-19
ROSS, J P HARDING, Mary 1889-Dec-05
ROSS, Peter MATTHEWS, Katherine 1877-Oct-20
ROSS, Thomas FOSTER, Josephine 1899-May-06
ROWE, Lawson GATHINGS, Amanda 1879-Mar-24
ROY, Charles BAPTIST, Mary A 1885-May-15
RUBY, A W HOLMES, Jane 1886-Dec-30
RUFFIN, John SPEED, Queen Annie 1899-Feb-02
RUFFIN, William A WARD, Martha E 1877-Nov-29
RUFUS, James DOLESON, Sally 1899-Nov-14
RUPERT, Cullin WATKINS, Elizabeth 1885-Mar-01
RUPERT, James E KELLUM, Lucinda 1881-Dec-19
RUPERT, Scot PATTERSON, Sally 1900-Jun-05
RUPERT, Scott MCBEE, Lon 1884-Oct-31
RUPERT, Scott TURNER, Lucinda 1888-Mar-31
RUSH, Benjamin ODENEAL, Charlotte 1889-Dec-27
RUSSELL, Alex WITHERSPOON, Jane 1879-Nov-13
RUSSELL, Anderson WHITE, Dora 1895-Jan-26
RUSSELL, Henderson DONNELL, Mary Jane 1881-Nov-12
RUSSELL, Isaac DANIEL, Henrietta 1899-Aug-14
RUSSELL, J J THOMSON, T M Miss 1888-Jan-29
RUSSELL, John WATKINS, Ella 1887-Dec-18
RUSSELL, Thomas PRICE, Eliza 1886-Oct-16
RUSSIE, Anderson DARLING, Hattie 1896-Dec-17

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