Clay County Grooms

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NABORS, Gordon CRAWFORD, Fannie 1881-Sep-14
NABORS, Henry HICKS, Eady 1891-Nov-27
NAIL, Richard TOPP, Sallie 1892-Dec-27
NANCE, George BROWN, Lula 1898-Oct-15
NANCE, George TURNER, Emma 1898-Sep-25
NANCE, H E W CLARK, Bettie 1890-Feb-09
NANCE, Lewis BROWN, Sarah 1881-Dec-23
NAPPOLIAN, George RANDOLPH, Jemima 18  -   -
NASH, Ed COOK, Josephine 1890-Jul-20
NASH, Edmund SPRINGER, Fannie 1876-Jan-28
NASH, Jessie WASHINGTON, Eveline 1891-Jun-24
NASH, Robert ELIAS, Sarah 1889-Apr-13
NASH, Robert SAWSON, Mary 1899-Feb-07
NASH, Willis SWINSON, Susan 1876-Aug-12
NASON, John R STEVENS, Lillian J 1889-Nov-20
NATHAN, L POWELL, Lorena 1896-Apr-09
NAUGLE, Lewis TAMPKIN, Addie 1895-Dec-05
NEAL, Henry JACKSON, Nisey 1890-Dec-19
NEELY, Humphrey HENLEY, Rebecca A 1883-Sep-11
NEELY, Robert WIGGINS, Melissa 1885-Jan-08
NEELY, Thomas HOLLINS, Sally 1897-Jun-12
NEELY, Wilson CHANDLER, Julia Ann 1882-Dec-21
NEIL, Lose COX, Charles 1898-Apr-23
NEILSON, Robert G BONNER, Maudine 1887-Jan-19
NELSON, Eli PETTY, Sarah 1888-Dec-21
NELSON, Thomas CASHMAN, Della 1884-Jul-17
NELSON, Thomas LEATON, Mollie C 1900-Oct-23
NELSON, Thomas SMITH, Allice 1894-Mar-22
NETTLES, S TATE, Ida 1896-Jan-23
NETTLES, Thomas J PETTY, Elizabeth 1884-Dec-31
NETTLES, Tom GRICE, Kate 1898-Jun-19
NEW, Charles E THOMAS, Courtney 1880-Jan-08
NEWSON, Robert GERDINE, Comelia 1897-May-26
NICHOLS, Ed GREEN, Harriet 1872-Jun-29
NICHOLS, Henry DEAN, Isabella 1879-Dec-25
NICHOLS, M A KING, J W 1890-Feb-22
NICHOLS, Pen MORLEY, Ellen 1886-Mar-04
NICHOLS, Pet CHANDLER, Amy Sue 1880-Sep-26
NICHOLS, Pet SIMS, Harriet 1894-May-23
NICHOLS, Tom WASHINGTON, Emma 1894-Dec-13
NICHOLS, Westley THOMPSON, Mary J 1884-Mar-30
NICHOLS, William WESTBROOK, Louisa 1885-Oct-15
NICKOLS, Dan COSTER, Mary 1897-Dec-24
NICKOLS, James SERVANNA, Nash 1889-Mar-07
NICKOLS, Jimmie CLINT, Mandie J 1900-Mar-11
NICKOLS, John KEYTON, Savanah 1899-Nov-26
NICKOLS, Richard LOFTON, Elija J 1897-Dec-30
NICKOLS, Rufus BETT, Lee 1896-Aug-23
NICKOLS, Rufus ROBINSON, Malissa A 1887-Nov-24
NOBLIN, J A ARCHONY, Bettie 1896-Nov-25
NOLAN, Henry ROBINSON, Amanda 1879-Oct-22
NOLAND, J M ROBINSON, Mary 1884-Nov-16
NOLEN, Kingston HOWARD, Jane 1897-Dec-27
NONES, Bob HARRIS, Phoebe 1898-Oct-01
NORRIS, Franklin OZBURNE, Sarah 1877-Sep-09
NORTON, Edmond SHEPPARD, Eliza 1886-Sep-03
NORTON, M N WILLIAMS, Rose 1891-Sep-14
NORTON, Sawyer BURRELL, Easter 1900-Dec-20
NORVALL, Thomas O TRAVIS, Martha 1880-Mar-25
NORWOOD, A Sidney TRAVIS, M K Miss 1880-Jul-05
NORWOOD, Liberty W LAWRENCE, Anna 1878-Feb-07
NORWOOD, William DAVIDSON, Lou 1893-Dec-27
NUTTING, Frederich C JONES, Maggie 1895-May-22
NUTTING, M M JONES, Alice 1895-Apr-24
O FLINN, Sam P SANDS, Lucy 1891-Apr-08
OATS, August DUNN, Lettie 1895-Jan-27
OATS, Elbert STEWART, Emma 1890-Dec-24
OATS, Hays DEAN, Lula 1899-Jun-27
OATS, Jeff ROSS, Roxy 1887-Sep-24
ODINEAL, Calvin WINSTON, Rachell Ann 1872-Dec-14
OHARE, Francis HENDERSON, Sophronia 1889-Apr-18
OLIER, Richard OLIVER, Cora 1877-Jan-18
OLIVER, A W BALSH, Helen 1889-Dec-11
OLIVER, Charles CANNON, Lida 1881-Jan-07
OLIVER, Cicero HODGES, Rosa 1883-Dec-20
OLIVER, Ed CRUMP, Felicia 1883-May-15
OLIVER, Edward A OLIVER, Sarah G 1881-Jan-31
OLIVER, Henry LEWIS, Virginia B 1898-Sep-24
OLIVER, J A ELLIS, H Miss 1890-Jan-21
OLIVER, T S BAIRD, Annie 1890-Jun-03
ONEAL, Abram WITHERSPOON, Isabella 1888-Jan-11
ONEAL, Ed HOSKINS, Elvira 1893-Dec-23
ORCUTT, James C WILLIAMS, Lula Mrs 1886-Apr-27
ORMAN, George BRINKER, Laura 1880-Jul-28
ORMAN, William STRINGFELLOW, Willie 1893-Mar-19
OROURKE, Bernard P MURPHEY, Anna 1886-Oct-30
ORSLEY, Pratt BRACK, Margie 1876-Jan-03
OSBORNE, Mack A CHRISTOPHER, L E Miss 1879-Aug-24
OSBORNE, Ross PEARSON, Martha 1881-Feb-28
OSBORNE, T H ROSEMOND, Nora 1892-Dec-25
OSBURN, Daniel W NORRIS, Ida 1880-Sep-08
OSBURN, J T BOSWELL, Annie 1896-Sep-11
OSBURN, M W DURHAM, Rhody 1892-Mar-03
OUTLAW, Dorsey ERWIN, Susanah 1876-Mar-25
OUTLAW, John MILLER, Fannie 1891-Nov-07
OUTLAW, John Jr WALKER, Mattie 1898-Dec-24
OUTWOOD, John GUING, Silvia 1891-Dec-31
OVERSTREET, Cordelius PARKS, Francis M 1887-Feb-20
OWEN, B S HAILS, F M 1894-Oct-31
OWEN, David SCALES, Viney 1888-Feb-04
OWEN, Robert FURGUSON, Parolee 1899-Dec-27
OWEN, Robert HARRIS, Clemmie 1894-Nov-29
OWENS, Chess BROOKS, Julia 1885-Dec-26
OWENS, Flemming MONTGOMERY, Anna 1893-Dec-24
OWENS, Henry CANNON, Elmira 1880-Oct-10
OWENS, James SMITH, Mary 1880-May-30
OWENS, Joshua SMITH, Ann 1890-Dec-23
OWINS, Henry WILLIAMS, Sarah 1872-Dec-27
OZBURNE, Nathaniel F MUNGER, Vermell C 1876-Nov-16


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