Clay County Grooms


ABELSON, Silas W TAYLOR, Susan C H 1880-Sep-02
ABERCROMBIE, Sam GREEN, Malinda 1887-Nov-09
ABERCROMBIE, Samuel JENNINGS, Hettie 1883-Aug-03
ABERCROMBIE, Samuel MCCOY, Amanda 1883-Sep-26
ADAM, Squire HART, Rose 1895-Jan-01
ADAMS, Ed CANNON, Emily 1883-Dec-24
ADAMS, Ed FREE, Laura 1891-Feb-14
ADAMS, Edie HAZEWOOD, Mattie 1895-Dec-19
ADAMS, Henry FREE, Ida 1894-Jan-31
ADAMS, Henry GLOVER, Luvinia 1899-May-20
ADAMS, Isaac CISSANY, Elizabeth 1885-Jan-07
ADAMS, James WILLIAMS, Pinkie 1889-Dec-21
ADAMS, Monroe WATSON, Elizabeth 1894-Oct-24
ADAMS, Morris STEWART, Issabella 1896-May-23
ADAMS, P H HOLLIDAY, Elizabeth 1893-Jan-18
ADAMS, Preston MATHIS, Mandine 1899-Nov-25
ADAMS, Sam CRUSOW, Irene 1898-Feb-08
ADAMS, Thomas MALONE, Senie 1895-Jun-16
ADAMS, William BLANCH, Lula 1898-Jul-11
ADAMS, William WHITFIELD, Katie B 1898-Dec-24
ADDISON, Dock REDAIR, Ella 1879-Mar-20
ADDISON, Eli PATTON, Callie 1896-May-25
ADDISON, Elias ADAMS, Mahala 1876-Feb-02
ADDISON, James HOLLINS, Serena 1887-Dec-22
ADDISON, Robert YEATES, Julia Ann 1880-Dec-23
ADISON, Charley LANE, Lizzie 1899-Dec-23
AGER, Selis JINIER, Minthy 1896-Dec-23
AGNEW, Jackson SWINSON, Amanda 1891-Dec-03
AGNEW, William JAMISON, Fannie 1900-Apr-12
AIGER, John MOSELEY, Sallie 1889-Jan-03
AIKESN, J F ESTILL, Sarah Ann 1872-Sep-24
AKERSON, James WILLIAMS, Milly 1887-Jan-17
ALEXANDER, Charles JONES, Amie 1891-Dec-11
ALEXANDER, J C BACON, Maud E 1900-Apr-07
ALEXANDER, Jim JOHNSON, Fannie 1897-Oct-21
ALEXANDER, John T STINSON, Sara 1878-Nov-19
ALEXANDER, Lewis TAYLOR, Francis 1876-Jun-04
ALEXANDER, Sandy JACKSON, Jane 1881-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, William JOHNSON, Mary Ann 1883-Jan-19
ALEXANDER, William MACK, Clara 1885-Dec-29
ALFORD, Henry WESTBROOK, Rosetta 1881-Feb-03
ALFORD, Lafayette T GRIFFITH, Martha 1885-Nov-19
ALFORD, Parry WASHINGTON, Nancy 1876-Mar-11
ALFORD, Sindy BELL, Ivy 1897-Nov-17
ALFORD, William M BALLARD, Emma R 1881-Feb-16
ALLEN, Gence LEE, Lucy 1885-Mar-25
ALLEN, George LOYD, Lou 1890-Mar-10
ALLEN, George VASSER, Judy 1894-Mar-11
ALLEN, George T ANDREWS, Iva E 1884-Apr-02
ALLEN, J A COBURN, Mattie M 1899-Oct-30
ALLEN, James TOWNSEND, Julia 1883-Mar-22
ALLEN, Leander JOHNSTON, Albert 1879-Jul-30
ALLMAN, George MOORE, Rena 1883-Dec-26
ALLMAN, J L JACK, Mary H 1892-Jun-29
ANDERSON, Alex JOHNSON, Mandy 1889-Jun-10
ANDERSON, Dewitt WILSFORD, Anna E 1877-Dec-20
ANDERSON, James MAITLAND, C A Miss 1887-Oct-20
ANDERSON, James PADEN, Rindy 1889-Jan-19
ANDERSON, Lee CHANDLER, Rebecca 1879-Jan-15
ANDERSON, Manuel SUGG, Lizzie 1894-Dec-29
ANDERSON, Martin YOUNG, Henrietta 1891-Jun-06
ANDERSON, S C RYLAND, Alice 1881-Sep-25
ANDERSON, Willie ROBINSON, Polly 1891-Dec-24
ANDREW, A A MOSELEY, Edna T 1895-Dec-18
ANDREWS, Haney MURRAH, G W 1898-Oct-16
ANDREWS, J B JOINER, Bettie 1897-Jan-14
ANDREWS, Jackson EVANS, Sallie 1890-Oct-15
ANDREWS, James W BARNES, Ella 1878-Oct-17
ANDREWS, John T SIMS, Mary E F 1880-Jan-21
ANDREWS, W G COGGINS, Hepsey 1872-Nov-28
ANTHONY, R H LIPE, E A 1899-Aug-09
APPLEWHITE, Ever BROWN, G L 1896-Mar-25
APPLEWHITE, Henry J COGGINS, Belle B 1884-Dec-18
APPLEWHITE, Henry J HOUK, Dora 1883-Feb-28
APPLEWHITE, John S DAVIS, M A Miss 1882-Oct-31
APPLEWHITE, Robert H PIERCE, Sadie 1883-Jan-02
APPLEWHITE, T G LLOYD, Mitty 1888-Aug-01
APPLING, Daniel BANKS, Patsey 1876-Jan-14
ARMSTRONG, Ed PIERCE, Lucy 1900-Jan-13
ARTHER, Ben CRUSOE, Hannah 1889-Dec-10
ARTHUR, James WILLIAMS, Ida 1888-Dec-25
ARTHUR, Tony KNOX, Becky 1888-Nov-17
ARTHUR, Wesley ADAM, Sarah 1895-Dec-24
ARVANT, John PETTY, Lila 1900-Feb-07
ASKALES, Fred DAVIDSON, Bell 1897-Dec-10
ASKEN, John HARRINGTON, M A Miss 1899-Aug-15
ASKEW, Jerry PERRY, Eliza 1879-Feb-08
ATKINSON, Jacob GULLY, Eliza 1886-Feb-20
ATKINSON, Jacob RAINEY, Marinda 1882-Nov-11
ATKINSON, Joseph M LITTLETON, Ida 1879-Jan-29
ATWELL, W W JOHNSON, Delusa 1881-May-08
AUSTIN, Ed WILLIAMS, Willie 1889-Aug-21
AUSTIN, Robert ROBERTSON, Charity 1886-Jan-03
AUSTIN, Willis MCKINNEY, Amanda 1877-Apr-05
AVANT, Will GREEN, Jessie May 1900-Jan-01
AWTREY, Green HENLEY, Annie 1893-Dec-31
AYCOCK, Henry WATKINS, Anna 1896-Mar-01
AYCOCK, J W HUFFMAN, Sarah America 1892-Oct-11
AYCOCK, Jefferson W SANDERS, Sarah 1881-Feb-22
AYCOCK, John W GAINES, Sarah 1876-Nov-13
AYCOCK, Seaborn L DAVIDSON, Mary L 1882-Nov-22
AYCOCK, Sharp GRICE, Jerlina 1888-Sep-30
AYCOCK, William J WOOTEN, Rosa 1885-Dec-03


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