Clay County Brides

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YAGER, Sylvia LANIER, Columbus 1882-Jul-15
YATES, Anna GHOLSTON, W M 1894-Apr-12
YATES, Elmira DIXSON, Frank 1896-Jan-23
YATES, Hattie WATKINS, Lewis 1884-Dec-29
YATES, Inez HALL, William C Jr 1887-Jun-14
YATES, Ivy MURRY, Mariah 1900-Dec-21
YATES, Lucinda WILLIAMS, Ranson 1886-May-08
YATES, Lucy BOLDEN, William 1884-Sep-25
YATES, Nellie LEWIS, Harry 1880-Feb-08
YATES, Patsy PETTY, Nelson 1892-Oct-22
YATES, Savanna FORT, Jackson 1888-Jan-12
YATES, Tennesse FORD, Major 1891-Apr-12
YATES, Virginia C SMITH, John W 1876-Sep-22
YEATES, Julia Ann ADDISON, Robert 1880-Dec-23
YEATES, Mary ELLIS, Henry 1885-Nov-21
YORK, Della HALE, Willis 1894-Mar-29
YORK, Mary GRAHAM, William 1894-Dec-01
YOUNG, Ada JAMISON, Lee 1900-Mar-10
YOUNG, Adeline LENOIR, Alfred 1880-Mar-20
YOUNG, Alice BEARD, Monroe 1892-Nov-28
YOUNG, Alice GOODWIN, Charles 1884-Jan-26
YOUNG, Alice JONES, J B 1891-Jan-14
YOUNG, Alice PERKINS, Joseph F 1880-Sep-09
YOUNG, Amanda HARRIS, Lewis 1878-Sep-27
YOUNG, Ann GLOVER, Joe 1886-May-26
YOUNG, Ann YOUNG, Jack 1872-Dec-06
YOUNG, Anna GRIFFIN, Logan 1886-Sep-15
YOUNG, Annie BARDWELL, Tandy 1895-May-12
YOUNG, Annie JAMISON, Johnie 1896-Dec-24
YOUNG, Annie LANCASTER, Eli 1889-Jan-17
YOUNG, Arena BALLARD, Dud 1899-Dec-30
YOUNG, Bettie HOLMES, Isham 1878-Jan-28
YOUNG, Bettie LEWIS, John 1895-Feb-16
YOUNG, Callie JAMISON, Wash 1876-Jan-15
YOUNG, Callie TAYLOR, Ned 1884-Dec-23
YOUNG, Caroline LEE, Lewis 1888-Jan-29
YOUNG, Catherine WOODFALL, John 1883-Dec-20
YOUNG, Celia THOMAS, Randle 1877-Jun-25
YOUNG, Clara HOWARD, Hanan 1878-Nov-09
YOUNG, Clementine FORGARTY, William T 1884-Jan-29
YOUNG, Delia CANNON, Leander 1882-Nov-26
YOUNG, Delia FREEMAN, Frank 1877-Apr-24
YOUNG, Delia MOSELEY, Frank 1881-Oct-03
YOUNG, Delia SHERROD, R M 1889-Nov-12
YOUNG, Easter JOHNSON, Isaac 1889-Nov-23
YOUNG, Edy YOUNG, Henry 1892-Jan-17
YOUNG, Eliza COLLINS, Wanen C 1876-Jan-04
YOUNG, Eliza DUNLAP, Yancy 1885-Oct-29
YOUNG, Eliza TAYLOR, Albert 1888-Dec-13
YOUNG, Elizabeth EWILL, Lunar 1879-Sep-06
YOUNG, Ella STEELE, Alfred 1881-Aug-20
YOUNG, Ella YOUNG, Eli V 1899-Sep-17
YOUNG, Emiline GOLDEN, Perry 1888-Oct-21
YOUNG, Emma SMITH, James 1884-Mar-18
YOUNG, Emmie EVANS, James E 1894-Jan-30
YOUNG, Hannah STRONG, Edwin 1885-Mar-07
YOUNG, Hannah YOUNG, Ned 1876-Mar-10
YOUNG, Hattie EDWARDS, John 1894-Jul-05
YOUNG, Henrietta ANDERSON, Martin 1891-Jun-06
YOUNG, Hettie A STEPHENS, Henry A 1880-Mar-18
YOUNG, Ida EVANS, Joe 1900-Dec-13
YOUNG, India WETCOFF, John 1896-Jan-09
YOUNG, Isabella DUNLAP, Lawson 1885-Dec-17
YOUNG, Isabella ROBERTSON, Clark 1888-Jan-12
YOUNG, Jennie HOWARD, Willie 1899-Dec-07
YOUNG, Julia HARRISON, Jacob 1883-Feb-21
YOUNG, Katie CALVERT, Armstead 1893-Jan-12
YOUNG, Leatha STEVENS, Ed 1891-Sep-16
YOUNG, Lilla FRANKLIN, Thomas B 1876-Dec-18
YOUNG, Lou WHITE, Jesse 1892-Feb-13
YOUNG, Louisa BANKHEAD, Petes 1893-Dec-23
YOUNG, Louvira HARRISON, Frank 1878-Dec-24
YOUNG, Lucrinia PARMORE, Jeff E 1878-Dec-19
YOUNG, Lucy EWING, George 1894-Aug-04
YOUNG, Lucy JOHNSON, Mike 1893-Apr-21
YOUNG, Ludelia EVERING, Jake 1896-Jul-04
YOUNG, Lula GERDINE, Jennie 1898-Dec-23
YOUNG, Lula LEE, Harry 1899-Dec-16
YOUNG, Lula MULDROW, Cooper 1895-Jan-09
YOUNG, Lula Edna ROBINSON, W W 1892-Oct-13
YOUNG, Luvenia WRIGHT, Ed 1892-May-17
YOUNG, M A Miss SHELTON, J W S 1900-Dec-22
YOUNG, M J MONTGOMERY, Evie 1893-May-09
YOUNG, Mandy CRUMP, Willie 1894-Dec-11
YOUNG, Manerva JONES, John 1892-Dec-01
YOUNG, Maria CHANDLER, C W 1890-Jan-30
YOUNG, Mariah PORTWOOD, H P 1887-Nov-26
YOUNG, Mariah YOUNG, Pinkney 1872-Aug-17
YOUNG, Martha D GUYAH, John 1876-Dec-24
YOUNG, Mary CALDWELL, Jackson 1876-Aug-17
YOUNG, Mary JORDAN, George 1895-Dec-24
YOUNG, Mary MANNING, Tom 1899-Jun-14
YOUNG, Mary REID, Daniel 1887-Sep-08
YOUNG, Mary SMITH, Pardy 1893-Dec-09
YOUNG, Mary WATSON, Enry 1894-Dec-24
YOUNG, Mary WESTBROOK, Amos 1882-Mar-13
YOUNG, Mary Ann CONNER, Lafayette 1882-Feb-15
YOUNG, Mary Ann HARRISON, Gilbert 1883-Dec-24
YOUNG, Maybel YOUNG, Calvin 1889-Dec-24
YOUNG, Millie WOOD, James 1872-Dec-26
YOUNG, Millie YOUNG, Sellers 1892-Feb-28
YOUNG, Milly GERDINE, Ambrose 1880-Aug-25
YOUNG, Milly SMITH, Hendy 1885-Jan-08
YOUNG, Minerva GATHINS, George 1881-Mar-25
YOUNG, Nancy YOUNG, Lem 1879-Dec-20
YOUNG, Nellie WRIGHT, Nathan 1895-Nov-13
YOUNG, Nicey BURDINS, Jackson 1881-Oct-09
YOUNG, Nicy STRONG, Turner 1883-Dec-12
YOUNG, Paralee WOOD, James 1878-Nov-16
YOUNG, Parthenia STEWART, Horace 1879-Mar-15
YOUNG, Patsey WILLIAMS, Henry 1884-Mar-17
YOUNG, Rebecca MOORE, Claborne 1879-Apr-26
YOUNG, Rebecca RANDLE, Beverly 1885-Dec-10
YOUNG, Rhoda BURNETT, Gabriel 1879-Oct-04
YOUNG, Rhoda TURNER, Albert 1883-Oct-05
YOUNG, Rosa HUDSON, Henry 1884-Jan-03
YOUNG, Rosetta HARRIS, Nathan 1891-Dec-25
YOUNG, Rosie CHANDLER, Randolf 1896-Oct-13
YOUNG, Rowena BURNETT, John 1879-Sep-20
YOUNG, Sara YOUNG, Anon 1878-Mar-02
YOUNG, Sarah BRYANT, Benjamin 1879-Nov-29
YOUNG, Sarah ROBERTSON, Simeon 1889-Dec-23
YOUNG, Sarah STRONG, Robert 1891-Jul-06
YOUNG, Savannah PETTY, Hays 1898-Dec-24
YOUNG, Sellers YOUNG, Millie 1892-Feb-28
YOUNG, Shephard HARRIS, Francis 1894-Nov-24
YOUNG, Sidney WELLS, Rufus 1891-Jan-17
YOUNG, Sofa STRONG, Robert Jr 1894-Jan-27
YOUNG, Sophia YOUNG, Johnson 1877-Mar-03
YOUNG, Susanna WILLIAMS, George 1900-Dec-14
YOUNG, Sylvia WILSON, Lewis 1886-Feb-26
YOUNG, Tennessee JONES, Isom 1895-Apr-03
YOUNG, Terry HENDERSON, John 1897-Aug-14
YOUNG, Viluha LOVE, J A 1889-May-01
YOUNG, Virgent IVY, Robert 1899-Mar-11
YOUNG, Virginia STANTON, Alex 1890-Dec-16
YOUNG, Zilpha EDWARDS, Henry 1885-Nov-15
YOUNG, Zilpha GLOVER, March 1878-Apr-13
YOUNGER, Nellie LEE, James 1880-Aug-01


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