Clay County Brides

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UMPHRIES, Rachel GREENE, Collins 1891-Dec-09
UPTOE, Emma BROWN, Arther 1896-Nov-24
USSERY, M E Miss BURT, Henry A 1882-Nov-04
USSERY, Mary BLAKE, Claiborne 1885-Dec-04
VAIL, Annie LEE, Henry 1900-Jan-21
VAIL, Mattie WESTBROOKS, Willie 1895-Dec-19
VAIL, Pinkey DUNLAP, Madison 1893-Jun-15
VAIL, Rebecca PAYLOR, Zackariah 1894-Oct-25
VALENTINE, L R Miss RAID, G W 1889-Jan-27
VALENTINE, M Alice CLIETT, Pearsell B 1884-Dec-17
VALENTINE, Maggie MILLER, E A 1893-Dec-28
VALENTINE, Martha A Mrs COCKRELL, H 1884-Jan-26
VALIENT, Kate CARODINE, Richard 1878-Dec-19
VALIENT, Rosana HEARD, Walter 1890-Dec-21
VALLIENT, Indianna HOLLIDAY, Abraham 1884-Dec-25
VALLIENT, Viney JENNINGS, James 1886-Mar-25
VANCE, Edy MOORE, Tom 1890-Oct-24
VANCE, Minerva CALVERT, James C 1885-Jan-29
VANDERGRAFT, Emma HARRIS, Van 1880-Apr-28
VASSER, Judy ALLEN, George 1894-Mar-11
VASSER, Sarah WILLIAM, Benjamin 1879-Jan-22
VAUGHN, Ary BROME, William 1883-Jul-24
VAUGHN, Maggie V GEORGE, A M 1900-Jul-15
VESEY, Isabella THOMPSON, Samuel Z 1884-Jul-23
VICKENS, Sophie BOATMAN, Cain 1889-Apr-13
VICKERS, Jane TAYLOR, Gus 1891-Jun-14
VICKERS, Lizie CANNON, James 1895-Jan-03
VICKERS, Sallie GILLISPIE, Newton 1892-Dec-27


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