Clay County Brides


TAGGART, Sallie STRONG, Harrison 1895-Dec-31
TAGGART, Susie SHIPPEY, Valley 1895-Dec-12
TALIAFERRO, Lula SMITH, George 1886-Mar-05
TALIFERRO, Parthenia FULTON, Summerfield 1889-Dec-24
TALLEY, Lou THOMPSON, Joe 1895-Nov-15
TALLY, Delia BRINKER, Henry 1892-Sep-10
TALLY, Laura COLLINS, Daniel 1881-Jan-12
TAMPKIN, Addie NAUGLE, Lewis 1895-Dec-05
TANNER, Charity CHANDLER, Bradford 1880-Oct-28
TARKINGTON, Fannie BRAME, Isham 1883-Nov-15
TARKINGTON, Octavia STEEL, Henry 1900-Feb-22
TARKINGTON, Sallie JONES, Sandy 1883-Apr-18
TATE, Fannie LOFTON, Tommie 1899-Sep-20
TATE, Ida NETTLES, S 1896-Jan-23
TATE, Laura DAVIS, Jim 1895-Jul-06
TATE, Martha CANNON, Soloman 1896-Feb-11
TATE, Minnie HOGAN, Andrew 1899-Sep-02
TATES, Mattie SPRAGGINS, Will 1892-Mar-19
TAYLOR, Alice CHEATHAM, Henry 1887-Jun-13
TAYLOR, Anna WILLIAMS, Moses 1891-Jan-13
TAYLOR, Artemesia A VAUGHAN, Robert L 1878-Dec-16
TAYLOR, C D Miss BLAKE, Cain A 1879-Aug-10
TAYLOR, Carrie Ann SWANN, Henry 1895-Oct-31
TAYLOR, Catherine CANNON, Robert 1895-Jan-28
TAYLOR, Claricia HUDSON, Romeo 1885-Dec-15
TAYLOR, Clemmie M TAYLOR, Williams 1880-Oct-20
TAYLOR, Cornelia Belle CRAWFORD, Alex 1880-Jan-02
TAYLOR, Delila HAMPTON, Frank 1897-Oct-30
TAYLOR, E Vickey GEORGE, James G 1883-Dec-12
TAYLOR, Easter BROWN, Westly 1887-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Eliza YOUNG, Mitchell 1888-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, Robert 1882-Dec-28
TAYLOR, Elizabeth DEAN, Turner 1881-Sep-23
TAYLOR, Emma QUINN, Peyton 1885-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Emma SHELTON, Frank 1880-Aug-25
TAYLOR, Harriet TAYLOR, Robert 1885-Aug-27
TAYLOR, Jennie HALBERT, Rice 1885-Jan-01
TAYLOR, Jennie TOWNSEND, Henry 1883-Dec-19
TAYLOR, Josie CAPLES, John W 1879-Dec-14
TAYLOR, Lethia MITCHELL, Mason 1877-Dec-25
TAYLOR, Lottie COOPWOOD, Jim 1894-Mar-24
TAYLOR, Lou Emma MCVEY, J R 1893-Aug-20
TAYLOR, Louisiana HARRIS, John 1895-May-19
TAYLOR, Lucinda STONE, George 1883-Sep-22
TAYLOR, Maggie Mrs MINGER, G W 1885-Nov-12
TAYLOR, Mariah BEARD, Bill 1895-Dec-28
TAYLOR, Martha CAIN, Thomas 1881-Jan-21
TAYLOR, Mary JENKINS, Henry 1894-Apr-07
TAYLOR, Modine TATE, Dock 1899-Dec-16
TAYLOR, Mollie SYKES, Cato 1888-Dec-26
TAYLOR, R A Miss LOYD, G W 1883-Nov-14
TAYLOR, Susan C H ABELSON, Silas W 1880-Sep-02
TERRY, Lydia COLEMAN, David 1881-Jan-10
TERRY, Nancy THOMAS, Henry 1883-Apr-05
THAMES, Kathrine WILKES, Samuel 1886-Jul-29
THOMAS, A J JUSTICE, Willie T 1888-Dec-20
THOMAS, Anna TURNAGE, Alen 1895-Nov-20
THOMAS, Blanch DUKE, W J 1899-Jan-31
THOMAS, Courtney NEW, Charles E 1880-Jan-08
THOMAS, Dolly BANKS, Joseph 1884-Jul-31
THOMAS, Ella DEANS, Mack 1881-Dec-28
THOMAS, Francis KENNEDY, Matthew 1878-Dec-30
THOMAS, Henrietta YOUNG, August 1882-Dec-23
THOMAS, Laura MATHIS, William 1896-Dec-23
THOMAS, Lewis STRONG, Nancy 1881-Mar-19
THOMAS, Mary Eliza JAMES, Sander 1882-Apr-30
THOMAS, Mattie TAYLOR, Antree 1899-Dec-09
THOMAS, Nancy LLOYD, Jessie 1883-Mar-17
THOMAS, Nancy WASHINGTON, Henry 1881-Feb-07
THOMAS, Patsey JENNINGS, Harrison 1878-Feb-22
THOMAS, Susan J KORNEGAY, R S 1883-Apr-06
THOMAS, Susie A GOSA, M A 1898-Jul-10
THOMAS, Violet MITCHELL, Bryant 1889-Jun-18
THOMPSON, Alice BURT, Lem 1882-Feb-25
THOMPSON, Alice CALVERT, R T 1900-Feb-07
THOMPSON, Alie R BARKER, J W 1895-Nov-17
THOMPSON, Amy JONES, Elijah 1878-Feb-29
THOMPSON, Anna Isabella VALIENT, Robert 1881-Dec-11
THOMPSON, Celia SHAFFER, Pleasant 1879-Jun-18
THOMPSON, Ellen SPARKS, J I 1893-Nov-05
THOMPSON, Ethlan J THOMAS, Andrew H 1878-Oct-31
THOMPSON, Fannie CARADINE, Samuel 1883-Jan-26
THOMPSON, G A Miss JOYNER, J D 1889-Oct-17
THOMPSON, G H NICKOLS, Mary Jane Mrs 1893-Oct-28
THOMPSON, Hannah BARR, Aleck 1883-May-12
THOMPSON, Hannah JONES, John 1896-Jun-03
THOMPSON, Letha WARREN, Wiley 1881-Feb-24
THOMPSON, Lettie Ann WINN, Willie 1892-Nov-01
THOMPSON, Manda MALLARD, Westley 1888-Jan-17
THOMPSON, Martha E TRIBBLE, James Lawnder 1880-Jan-08
THOMPSON, Mary MCKINNEY, Jessie 1883-Jul-30
THOMPSON, Mary J NICHOLS, Westley 1884-Mar-30
THOMPSON, Mary L HATCHETT, Jacob L 1884-Jan-10
THOMPSON, Mary O PEARCE, William A 1881-Mar-10
THOMPSON, Matilda Ellen PULLEY, Thomas N 1878-Jan-12
THOMPSON, Minda POORE, Tom 1891-Jan-06
THOMPSON, Naoma F THRASHER, James W 1882-May-11
THOMPSON, Rena THOMAS, Abraham 1887-May-29
THOMPSON, Rhody Ann Lou EDMUNDS, Samuel P 1879-Jan-16
THOMPSON, Rosa IVY, Richard 1896-Aug-17
THOMPSON, Sallie DAVIS, Robert 1897-Feb-06
THOMPSON, Sarah E MCLEMORE, Charles W 1876-Mar-16
THOMPSON, Sereny TAYLOR, Branch 1883-Jan-23
THOMPSON, Susan E MOORE, William A 1883-Apr-02
THOMPSON, Susan S FORD, H L 1896-May-10
THOMPSON, Susanna WILLIAMS, John 1890-May-15
THOMSON, Mary HENDERSON, Charles 1886-Jun-04
THOMSON, T M Miss RUSSELL, J J 1888-Jan-29
THORNTON, A B Miss COOPER, J R 1883-Jan-30
THORNTON, Cora Lee POWELL, James W 1891-Dec-13
THRASHER, Rutha J CAFEE, R M 1872-Nov-02
THRASHER, Sara A HENDERSON, Samuel N 1876-Jan-18
THREADWELL, Ida HARRIS, Henry 1900-Dec-29
THRIFT, Jollia MCCOTTRELL, Louis 1900-Jan-30
THRIFT, Mary PARKER, Frank 1895-Apr-18
THROWER, Elizabeth MURRAY, Lewis 1886-Jun-12
THROWER, Rena BELL, Rafe 1886-Dec-09
THUTRIDGE, Louisa POUNDS, Ellis 1876-Dec-28
TIPTON, Delia GABLE, J M 1894-Dec-18
TODLOCK, Narcissa HIGGENBOTHEM, Reubin W 1887-Jan-13
TOGGER, Lizzie JACOBS, Addison 1891-Dec-23
TOGGINS, M J Miss GOODE, C H 1887-Nov-14
TOLEN, Ethy HOWARD, William 1897-Jan-05
TOLLISON, Julia FOSTER, Emanuel 1881-Mar-02
TOLLY, Adeline MOORE, Curtis 1876-Jan-27
TOLLY, Florence YOUNG, Ephriam 1890-Apr-26
TOLSON, Anna ROBINSON, Charles A 1882-Dec-13
TOPP, Sallie NAIL, Richard 1892-Dec-27
TORBERT, Mary CARADINE, B C 1876-Dec-28
TORENSEL, Phillis RANDLE, Richard 1890-Dec-18
TOWNSELL, Lula LOVE, Frank 1891-Oct-10
TOWNSEN, L J Miss CARTER, Boston 1900-Dec-24
TOWNSEN, Virgie MATHIS, William 1894-Dec-24
TOWNSEND, Catherine DUNCAN, Alex 1888-Dec-06
TOWNSEND, Francis POPE, William 1899-Jul-16
TOWNSEND, Harriet BETTERTON, Tom B 1893-Dec-23
TOWNSEND, Harriet PRICE, Pinkling 1880-Jan-23
TOWNSEND, Jane BOYKIN, Anthony 1884-Dec-08
TOWNSEND, Julia ALLEN, James 1883-Mar-22
TOWNSEND, Louisa SHELLY, Augustas 1881-Mar-18
TOWNSEND, Lucy BONNER, Willie 1895-Nov-15
TOWNSEND, Mahaly JAMISON, Howard 1885-Dec-13
TOWNSEND, Margie POTTER, Jackson 1900-Oct-14
TOWNSEND, Mary HINTON, Battle 1900-Sep-03
TOWNSEND, Mary PETERSON, Henderson 1879-Feb-12
TOWNSEND, Mary Jane HENDERSON, Judge 1884-Jun-02
TOWNSEND, Minervia HODGES, Tony 1899-Dec-17
TOWNSEND, Rebecca STANTON, Alex 1884-Nov-27
TOWNSEND, Sue GIBSON, Aaron 1876-Jan-14
TOWNSEND, Virgie JOHNSON, Alex 1895-Dec-24
TOWNSON, Eliza JOHNSON, William 1896-Dec-26
TOWSEND, Annie HARDY, Henry 1895-Dec-23
TOWSON, Silas WEST, Emaline 1897-Dec-25
TRAMMILLE, Joseph D DUNLAP, Josephine 1883-May-09
TRAVIS, Anna LOVE, Johnson 1893-Dec-24
TRAVIS, M K Miss NORWOOD, A Sidney 1880-Jul-05
TRAVIS, Martha NORVALL, Thomas O 1880-Mar-25
TREADWELL, Louisa SELLARS, John 1886-Aug-19
TRENOR, J A BENNETT, M E 1895-Jan-22
TRIBBLE, Alice WHITE, Albert 1889-Nov-07
TRIBBLE, Bula WATKINS, J B 1897-Dec-19
TRIBBLE, Gala PETTY, Nelson J 1889-Nov-07
TRIBBLE, Hattie JOHNSON, J B 1895-Dec-12
TRIBBLE, Margaret J STEPHENS, Hugh T 1884-Nov-06
TRICE, Anna BLAIR, M 1895-Nov-26
TRICE, Annie WILLIAMS, Tom 1890-Aug-13
TRICE, Emma MCFARLAND, Charles M 1893-Nov-30
TROOP, Ruberta CRIM, Tom 1900-Jan-06
TROTTER, Alsey WRIGHT, Nathan 1884-Feb-19
TROTTER, Clara QUIN, Allen 1877-Nov-03
TROTTER, Fannie May BRADY, W R 1898-Oct-04
TROTTER, Rachael BROWNLEE, Alfred 1879-Aug-23
TROTTER, S E Miss WATT, R L 1887-Nov-22
TROTTER, Sallie A HODO, William N 1872-Dec-10
TROUP, Ella POOL, Jesse 1887-Mar-26
TROUP, Milly Ann MELTON, Cyrus 1877-Feb-01
TRULL, Eliza J MCMULLEN, William R 1876-Dec-14
TRULL, Monie FERGUSON, R Y 1888-Dec-20
TRULL, Rebecca L EADS, Rufus L 1877-Dec-20
TRULL, W T WALTERS, W A 1895-Dec-12
TUBS, Manervy SANDERS, Willis 1873-Jan-08
TUCKER, Ann URSERY, Claborne 1888-Nov-22
TUCKER, Carolin M TASSWOLD, Peter P 1886-Jul-19
TUCKER, Charlotte HARRIS, Boulding 1872-Dec-12
TUCKER, Mary BEASLEY, Moses 1872-Aug-09
TUCKER, Mary WASHINGTON, Benjamin 1878-Oct-19
TUCKER, Tildy JONES, Monroe 1898-Dec-10
TURNAGE, Viley STRINGFELLOW, Jud 1899-Dec-28
TURNER, Aline WITHERSPOON, Adam 1882-Dec-19
TURNER, Eliza BROWN, Martin 1884-Apr-07
TURNER, Emma NANCE, George 1898-Sep-25
TURNER, Francis POWELL, Jimmie 1896-Feb-14
TURNER, Gilly PERRY, Booker 1880-Mar-10
TURNER, Harriet MEDLER, John 1884-Aug-16
TURNER, Julia DUNCAN, Jim 1888-Jul-07
TURNER, Lucinda RUPERT, Scott 1888-Mar-31
TURNER, Pinkie LESLIE, Warner 1899-Oct-08
TURNER, Sallie COOPWOOD, Henry 1899-Dec-10
TURNER, Sarah HARRIS, Wade 1884-Mar-29
TURNIPSEED, Maggie MARTIN, James 1896-Nov-13

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