Clay County Brides


RADCLIFF, Alice GRANT, John W 1876-Dec-25
RAINEY, Ann Eliza YOUNG, Sawney 1884-Dec-20
RAINEY, Clemmie BRYAN, Elias D 1883-Jan-03
RAINEY, Leila CANNON, Eliya 1891-Dec-17
RAINEY, Marinda ATKINSON, Jacob 1882-Nov-11
RAINEY, Mary DAVIS, Arthur 1872-Nov-04
RAINEY, Sarah HOLMES, David 1876-May-24
RAINEY, Sarah A SEAFRED, John L 1878-Aug-20
RAINEY, Vincey COLEMAN, John 1887-Sep-15
RAMBUS, Bettie DAVIS, Perry 1899-Nov-18
RAMBUS, Julia Ann MANNING, Willie 1898-Dec-16
RAMBUS, Laura COLEMAN, Elbert 1889-Dec-24
RAMBUS, Mary BARRY, William 1887-Dec-03
RAMEY, Emma V HARDY, William 1885-Dec-10
RAMSEY, Eliza COTHRAN, A M 1898-Jul-03
RANCY, Arena BANKS, Lonnie 1896-Dec-22
RANDAL, America STRONG, Jake 1896-Jan-18
RANDAL, Cornelia FOSTER, Robert 1876-Feb-01
RANDAL, Mary LENOIR, A 1897-Dec-26
RANDALL, Lou Bell DONAL, Tommie 1896-Jul-04
RANDALL, Martha STRONG, Rufus 1888-May-19
RANDEL, Harriet IKNOWLES, Walter 1867-Dec-25
RANDLE, America JAMISON, Lewis 1885-Feb-07
RANDLE, Anna WESTBROOK, Porch 1881-Dec-31
RANDLE, Annie DEANES, Weston 1890-Dec-25
RANDLE, Betsey EWILL, Ed 1879-Dec-30
RANDLE, Delia WALKER, Charles 1890-Dec-22
RANDLE, Dilsey BORDENS, William 1886-Oct-17
RANDLE, Emily BAKER, William 1882-May-04
RANDLE, Fannie VANDIVER, Benjaman 1877-Nov-02
RANDLE, Harriet BOYCE, Jack 1881-Dec-03
RANDLE, Henrietta FIELDS, Judge 1890-Jul-13
RANDLE, Maria CARODINE, William 1880-Jan-15
RANDLE, Maria PENN, John 1882-Dec-16
RANDLE, Mariah WESTBROOK, Jasper 1892-Aug-13
RANDLE, Mary BECKETT, R C 1893-Sep-20
RANDLE, Peggy BOATMAN, William 1879-Aug-14
RANDLE, Rebecca EVANS, Hope 1885-Jan-15
RANDLE, Rosalee TAGGART, Jackson 1894-Dec-22
RANDLE, Savanah GATES, John Westley 1894-Oct-27
RANDLE, Susan CANNON, Benjamin 1883-Apr-28
RANDLE, Susanna BURNETT, Reubin 1892-Feb-15
RANDOLPH, Jemima NAPPOLIAN, George 18  -   -
RASBERRY, Caroline PETTY, William 1892-Nov-13
RASBERRY, Patsy BENNETT, Thomas 1893-Jan-05
RATLIFF, Anna WHITE, James E 1880-Jan-08
RATLIFF, Henrietta WEBB, Jeff 1887-Dec-29
RATZDAFF, Nancy CAULTER, C P 1896-Nov-05
RAVINS, Emma BOYCE, R A 1884-Dec-17
READ, C A Miss DEARING, W A 1882-Dec-09
READ, Elizabeth COLEMAN, James 1876-Jul-13
READ, Harriet BROWN, Curran 1880-Apr-11
READ, Mary H TAYLOR, Ed 1884-Jan-17
REAVES, Almariah P ROBERTS, John E 1878-Aug-09
REAVES, N N Miss BOYD, M M 1885-Aug-09
REDAIR, Ella ADDISON, Dock 1879-Mar-20
REDDEN, Evylou YOUNG, L D 1894-Jul-22
REDMEN, Lou MCCOTTRELL, Washington 1900-Jan-09
REDMOND, Callie DUNLAP, Sam 1889-May-19
REECE, Martha JONES, Wyatt 1887-Oct-20
REED, Eliza CHANDLER, John Randolph 1879-Nov-22
REED, Lucinda F BALLARD, James H 1886-Nov-24
REED, Malindy MATHIS, Peter 1900-Oct-20
REED, Martha PITMAN, Shedrick 1885-May-16
REED, Mary Hannah LEE, Miles 1893-Jan-04
REESE, Anna HUDSON, Walter 1897-Jun-28
REESE, Mandy WASHINGTON, Johnie 1899-Nov-24
REEVES, Johanna WILSON, Willie 1895-Aug-07
REID, Fannie STRONG, Silas 1888-Dec-06
REID, Mary Ann WARREN, Thomas R 1886-Jan-10
REID, Virginia DAVIS, John B 1885-Nov-29
REIDE, Mary A GAINES, John H 1876-Nov-08
REIDE, Maud GOSA, John M 1890-Oct-26
RELLUM, Penney BROWNLEE, A 1893-Dec-26
RENTFROE, Cordelia COOPER, Joe 1898-Nov-30
RENTFROE, Ella CRIP, J M 1895-Dec-15
RENTFROW, Kettie C WINFIELD, Robert H 1883-Jul-31
REYNOLDS, Anna CANNON, Ben 1893-Jul-11
REYNOLDS, Ceeny PERRY, Samuel 1887-Sep-03
REYNOLDS, Mary J FERGUSON, John A 1879-Dec-28
RHODES, Mae HILBURN, Layton 1900-Aug-26
RHODES, Nina O TAYLOR, Emmett 1888-Mar-15
RICE, Green Ella EDDINGTON, Henry 1891-Dec-17
RICE, Manervia MCGRAW, Edgar 1899-Dec-29
RICE, Rose BLEWETT, Sawney 1886-Feb-12
RICHARD, Georgia ROSS, Anthony 1895-Dec-24
RICHARDS, Annie BRAND, Alf 1893-Dec-26
RICHARDS, Becky TAYLOR, John 1898-Dec-25
RICHARDS, Ella BROWNLEE, George 1888-Aug-22
RICHARDS, Lucy JONES, Sandy 1897-Dec-16
RICHARDS, Margaret STEVENS, Henry 1878-Feb-30
RICHARDS, Mary BROUNLEE, William 1891-Aug-02
RICHARDS, Nelisha STRONG, Dock 1879-Dec-29
RICHARDS, Penny KEENY, John 1882-Feb-05
RICHARDSON, Rebecca MURRAY, Winn 1886-Jun-15
RICHARDSON, Sallie CALVERT, Wallace 1897-May-15
RICKETTS, Janie F WINFIELD, David M 1884-Dec-08
RICKEY, Belle LEE, Simon 1879-Dec-13
RICKS, Mary L MIXON, William T 1877-Dec-12
RIFE, Ophelia S MELTON, John R 1877-Dec-27
RIGHT, Alberta BARR, William 1899-Dec-28
RIGNEY, Mary HARRIS, Evans 1892-Dec-18
RITCHER, Susan TAYLOR, Gus 1881-Nov-15
RIVERS, Patsy IVY, Henry 1888-Oct-24
ROANE, Augusta STEVENS, J J 1897-Dec-30
ROBERSON, Jennie SCOTT, Edmond 1896-Oct-24
ROBERSON, Ludy JOHNSON, Nelson 1883-Jan-18
ROBERSON, Maggie JOINER, A L 1896-Apr-29
ROBERSON, Minnie Rose STAGS, Alford 1894-Dec-25
ROBERSON, Sallie COOPWOOD, Hayes 1898-Jul-31
ROBERTS, Cinda BALL, Scy 1890-Dec-26
ROBERTS, Emma COX, Frank 1884-Oct-11
ROBERTS, Mary F MILLER, Robert W 1876-Nov-20
ROBERTSON, Alice KILLUM, A 1893-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, Anna MELTON, Rivers 1879-Mar-09
ROBERTSON, Argalina THOMPSON, Andrew 1878-Nov-13
ROBERTSON, Caroline MONTGOMERY, March 1889-Jan-01
ROBERTSON, Charity AUSTIN, Robert 1886-Jan-03
ROBERTSON, Claresy ROBERTSON, Van 1889-May-25
ROBERTSON, Ellen KELLUM, Irwin 1885-Sep-06
ROBERTSON, Elvira HOLLAND, Toney 1881-Feb-17
ROBERTSON, Emeline EVANS, John 1885-Jun-16
ROBERTSON, Francis CANNON, Henry 1881-Jun-17
ROBERTSON, Hannah ROBERTSON, Jarrett 1881-Dec-29
ROBERTSON, Hattie KILGORE, Jimmie 1894-Mar-29
ROBERTSON, Hulda BROWNLEE, Andrew 1894-Dec-14
ROBERTSON, Jane CANNON, Alfred 1877-Jul-18
ROBERTSON, Josephine SHAW, A S 1898-Sep-02
ROBERTSON, Lou Jennie CURTIS, Samuel 1889-Dec-24
ROBERTSON, Louisiana WEST, Richard 1886-Jan-01
ROBERTSON, Malinda JOHNSTON, Giles 1878-Jul-07
ROBERTSON, Margaret WHITFIELD, Thomas 1887-Apr-09
ROBERTSON, Mary HARRISON, Thomas 1888-May-26
ROBERTSON, Mary PATTERSON, Joe 1888-Mar-03
ROBERTSON, Mary WILLIAMS, Daniel 1884-Jan-19
ROBERTSON, Matilda HALBERT, Abner 1879-Jan-16
ROBERTSON, Matilda SANDERS, Will 1897-Feb-19
ROBERTSON, Octavy BELL, J R 1900-Jan-11
ROBERTSON, Patsey HINES, Samuel 1880-Sep-10
ROBERTSON, Sophia MATHEWS, Burrell 1887-Dec-15
ROBINETTE, Cleo RETFROE, A O 1898-Dec-24
ROBINSON, Allie L KEMP, Frank S 1885-Sep-24
ROBINSON, Amanda NOLAN, Henry 1879-Oct-22
ROBINSON, Lucinda TAYLOR, Sam 1890-Nov-17
ROBINSON, Malissa A NICKOLS, Rufus 1887-Nov-24
ROBINSON, Mary HOLLIDAY, Henry 1891-Dec-10
ROBINSON, Mary NOLAND, J M 1884-Nov-16
ROBINSON, Polly ANDERSON, Willie 1891-Dec-24
ROBISON, Henrietta HOLLINS, Levy 1900-Dec-14
ROBY, Amanda HAUGHTON, Thomas 1884-Oct-23
ROBY, Amanda JONES, Hegwood 1879-Apr-16
ROBY, Annie WHITE, Robert 1890-Nov-13
ROBY, Eliza A RASBERRY, Charles 1878-Dec-08
ROBY, Ella LEE, Harry 1888-May-19
ROBY, Emma BORDERS, John 1891-Feb-28
RODGERS, Fannie JAMISON, A J 1895-Feb-28
RODGERS, Lula QUINN, General 1891-Oct-15
ROEBUCK, Mary DAVIDSON, Mose 1888-Dec-24
ROGER, Jemima SANDERS, Henry 1880-Jan-17
ROGERS, Bethy MOORE, Jack 1880-Nov-07
ROGERS, Louisa GOODALL, Henry 1879-Dec-25
ROGERS, Maria HALBERT, Pompey 1880-Mar-11
ROGERS, Mary SIMPSON, Charles 1890-May-24
ROLLINS, Delia MARTIN, Wayman 1892-Dec-24
ROLLINS, Mazer POOL, W M 1895-Dec-19
ROMEGAY, Jennie SHANNON, W K 1897-Dec-08
RONDLE, Francis CAMPBELL, Aaron 1877-Jan-24
ROOKER, Viola HAMLIN, E R 1896-Dec-23
ROSE, Betsy A STEWART, R W 1886-Jan-02
ROSE, Carrie BUNDLE, Charles 1896-Jun-06
ROSEMOND, Nora OSBORNE, T H 1892-Dec-25
ROSO, America SHERROD, Sandy 1897-Dec-25
ROSS, Evaline WESTBROOKS, George 1887-Dec-14
ROSS, Jane MITCHELL, William 1878-Jan-19
ROSS, Kiziah WHITFIELD, Jeff 1878-Jan-02
ROSS, Martha VARY, Pompey 1883-Feb-21
ROSS, Martha S CONNOWAY, William 1885-Feb-15
ROSS, Mollie VAILS, Butler 1878-Mar-16
ROSS, Roxy OATS, Jeff 1887-Sep-24
ROSS, Sarah DUDLEY, Mortimer 1878-Oct-20
ROSS, Sarah JOHNSON, Archey 1886-Sep-14
RUFUS, Luda SPRAGGIN, Henry 1899-Dec-24
RUPERT, Carrie CANNON, Edmond 1894-Feb-20
RUPERT, Katy DEAN, Joe 1900-Dec-22
RUPERT, Lula PREWETT, Henry 1892-Jun-04
RUSH, Lizzie HODGE, Washington 1890-Dec-31
RUSH, Mary LATHAM, Rafe 1886-Aug-01
RUSH, Minnie JOHNSON, John 1890-Sep-09
RUSH, Orange GIBSON, Frank 1880-Jun-29
RUSH, Seabelle MCEACHIN, Charles 1892-Apr-13
RUSSELL, Annie HILL, William H 1895-Dec-21
RUSSELL, Bell ELLIS, Ben 1889-Sep-09
RUSSELL, Clara ELLIS, Frank 1880-Dec-09
RUSSELL, Clara HINLEY, A C 1893-Dec-24
RUSSELL, Edna PARISH, T J 1894-Sep-23
RUSSELL, Eliza RANDLE, Joseph 1884-Aug-31
RUSSELL, Elsie CALVERT, Tol 1895-Jan-28
RUSSELL, Emma D CLIETT, T F 1892-Dec-21
RUSSELL, Mary Jane POOL, Henry 1895-Sep-22
RUSSELL, Phillis LEATHERWOOD, Willis 1878-Jan-10
RYLAND, Alice ANDERSON, S C 1881-Sep-25
RYLAND, Laura HULL, Charlie 1890-Dec-25
RYLAND, Mary TALLY, Simon 1887-Dec-25

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