Clay County Brides


AARON, Eliza MILLER, Jeptha 1889-Mar-27
AARON, Maria WILLIAMS, Simon 1884-Feb-15
ABBIT, Lucretia RAMMUS, Henry 1878-Feb-04
ABERCROMBIE, Alice LEATHERWOOD, Thomas 1883-Oct-05
ABERCROMBIE, Margaret POSEY, Andy 1883-Mar-01
ABERCROMBIE, Minnie CUNNINGHAM, Wallace 1890-Feb-27
ADAM, Sarah ARTHUR, Wesley 1895-Dec-24
ADAMS, Annie MOSELEY, Isaac 1896-Dec-16
ADAMS, Catherine CARR, Ephriam 1888-Feb-04
ADAMS, Della JOHNSON, Ben 1891-Jan-11
ADAMS, Ida MATHEWS, John 1899-May-27
ADAMS, Jennie YOUNG, Richard 1891-Sep-03
ADAMS, Lucy GLATTER, Daniel 1880-Apr-03
ADAMS, Mahala ADDISON, Elias 1876-Feb-02
ADAMS, Mandy MCWHORTER, George M 1899-Nov-26
ADAMS, Mary FOSTER, Wister 1890-Dec-16
ADAMS, Rachael COWSEN, Joseph 1883-Jan-05
ADCOCK, Annie COGGINS, Willie G 1894-Feb-04
ADDAIN, Mary Ann STRONG, Robert 1898-Jan-05
ADDAMS, Alice TAYLOR, Joe 1896-Dec-24
ADDAMS, Sarah PETTY, Henry 1898-Nov-30
ADDISON, Elizabeth ROBERTSON, Samuel 1877-May-26
ADDISON, Mosella WHITE, Charles 1881-Jan-20
ADDISON, Reny LOCKART, Willis 1881-Jan-20
ADDONIS, Cresa REED, William 1898-Nov-26
AGER, Alice CARROLL, Green 1890-Mar-01
AGER, Fielda SHIVERS, Peter 1896-Dec-24
AGERSON, Isabelle HINISON, Richard 1896-Dec-24
AGNES, Lucy WALLACE, William 1879-Jan-08
AKALS, Mattie TOWNSEND, John 1883-Oct-22
ALEXANDER, Addie SIMMONS, Walter 1900-Jun-05
ALEXANDER, Catherine STRONG, Thomas 1891-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Ellen CALVERT, John 1879-Feb-20
ALEXANDER, Jannet SHOTWELL, William 1885-Nov-28
ALEXANDER, Mary WILLIAMS, Berry 1885-Dec-25
ALEXANDER, Mary L HOELO, George 1896-Mar-29
ALEXANDER, Sarah LAGRONE, Henry 1879-Jan-03
ALFORD, Alma LAVELLE, Edward 1883-Apr-25
ALFORD, Lula REDMAN, Alonzo 1897-Dec-28
ALFORD, Mary COOPER, Sylvanus 1876-Mar-22
ALFORD, Nancy CHANDLER, Robert 1881-Apr-02
ALLEN, Alma EZELL, Thomas G Jr 1900-Mar-21
ALLEN, Azzelean TITTLE, W V 1872-May-18
ALLEN, Callie M CHANDLER, K F 1872-Jun-11
ALLEN, Catherine HENLEY, William J 1882-May-01
ALLEN, Laura RICE, George 1879-Mar-10
ALLEN, Lena May JORDAN, Charles R 1894-Dec-23
ALLEN, Lucy SMITH, Andrew 1879-Jan-10
ALLEN, Nancy GUNN, Homey M 1879-Dec-23
ALLMAN, Ella HIGHTOWER, C L 1896-Apr-15
ALLMAN, Lucy THOMPSON, Jefferson D 1881-Dec-06
ALMON, Mollie DAVIS, J S 1889-May-19
AMAR, Susan MCBEE, Shell 1886-Apr-07
AMBERCROMBY, Ada BUL, Ceasar 1898-Jan-12
AMBERG, Mattie CANNON, Allen 1900-Nov-11
AMOS, Louvinia MASSENGALE, Benjamin 1883-Dec-25
ANDERSON, Alma LARDIN, Henry 1880-Jan-18
ANDERSON, Annie SANDERS, William 1885-Oct-05
ANDERSON, Callie SLOAN, Plias 1880-Feb-22
ANDERSON, Dida DILL, Henry 1895-Dec-22
ANDERSON, Harriett COLEMAN, Pat 1893-Jan-01
ANDERSON, India COOPWOOD, Burrell 1883-Jan-23
ANDERSON, Jennie H EXAM, Charles D 1883-Oct-03
ANDERSON, Louisa CAMPBELL, Anderson 1890-Dec-04
ANDERSON, Mary A HARRIS, W C 1891-Apr-14
ANDERSON, Savannah DILL, John 1893-Dec-10
ANDREWS, Beckie WATKINS, W L 1896-Dec-20
ANDREWS, Clara Louisa CARR, John W 1884-Feb-18
ANDREWS, Fannie BLANKENSHIP, R 1890-Jan-02
ANDREWS, Iva E ALLEN, George T 1884-Apr-02
ANDREWS, Lydia BROOKS, M K 1892-Sep-04
ANDREWS, Mamie I TAYLOR, O L 1889-Apr-24
ANDREWS, Mary HOOD, Andrew 1881-Jul-04
ANDREWS, Mattie M BLANKENSHIP, Raymond 1900-Jun-10
ANDREWS, Sallie KING, George 1888-Oct-21
ANDRIE, Lucinda DUNLAP, Lewis 1879-Jul-12
ANTHONY, Martha M MITCHELL, Henry P 1879-Jan-30
APPLETON, Patty WATKINS, Wash 1879-Oct-09
APPLEWHITE, Mary FASON, J H 1895-Oct-06
ARCHEY, Caroline CALVERT, John 1879-Aug-21
ARCHONY, Bettie NOBLIN, J A 1896-Nov-25
ARMSTRONG, Effie CHRISTIAN, Brown 1898-Nov-22
ARON, Henrietta GIBBS, J A 1900-Jul-18
ARTHER, S E COLEMAN, John 1896-Feb-13
ARTHUR, Becky BLANCHARD, Jerry 1899-Sep-07
ARTHUR, Jane HILL, Robert 1886-Jan-14
ARTHUR, Rebecca HOPKINS, C H 1895-Dec-21
ARTISTE, Mattie JAMESON, Henry 1888-Dec-26
ASKEW, Laura GALBRETH, Nat 1890-Oct-30
ASKEW, Mary MOSELEY, Will 1890-Jun-15
ATEZ, Annie PETTY, Nelson 1895-Nov-21
ATKINS, Narcissa MATTHEWS, James 1882-Dec-18
ATKINS, Patsy JACKSON, Kyer 1889-Feb-21
ATKINS, Sula BENNETT, Sandy 1880-Apr-24
ATKINSON, Ellen MORTON, James 1887-Jun-18
ATKINSON, Ida HARVEY, John B 1886-Jan-28
ATKINSON, Maria HOLLOMON, Jack 1881-Oct-17
ATWELL, Delura SHAFFER, John 1885-Oct-11
AUSTIN, Jennie BILLUPS, Joe 1891-Dec-16
AVENT, Mit CROMWELL, Murry 1892-Dec-25
AYCOCK, Allice COGGINS, W Burrell 1880-Oct-03
AYCOCK, Annie IVY, Sam 1890-Dec-29
AYCOCK, Creola ROBERTSON, Willie 1895-Jan-23
AYCOCK, Creola TOWNSEND, Anderson 1895-Jan-11
AYCOCK, D A Miss WADE, Daniel W 1884-Dec-03
AYCOCK, Edna LOFTON, John 1896-Jan-01
AYCOCK, Effy LOFTEN, Benny 1896-Dec-28
AYCOCK, Elizabeth COGGINS, John L 1879-Dec-10
AYCOCK, Lou Ella LOFTON, Henry 1891-Dec-18
AYCOCK, Margaret EDWARDS, Scott 1887-May-14
AYCOCK, Margaret PERKINS, George 1885-Oct-18
AYCOCK, Mary Ellen SPENCER, Tilmon 1888-Oct-24
AYCOCK, Savanah PALMORE, George 1879-Feb-08
AYCOCK, Silvia SAVISTON, George 1882-May-12
AYCOCK, Victoria HUDSON, Peter 1882-Jan-13


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