Bolivar County Grooms


YANCEY, Allen JOHNSON, Mary 1881-Jan-01
YANCY, Benjamin REED, Louisa 1888-Sep-04
YEIEBEL, Joe HAHN, Louisa Mrs 1882-Jan-09
YERGER, Rucks MCGUIN, Hyacinth W 1889-Nov-13
YOUNG, Clem WARD, Minerva 1879-Apr-26
YOUNG, Fobe THORNBURG, Malinda 1879-Oct-23
YOUNG, George WEST, Jane 1866-Jul-28
YOUNG, Henry GRIFFIN, Mollie 1884-Dec-11
YOUNG, Horace JOHNSON, Levina 1867-May-04
YOUNG, J A TAYLOR, Sarah Mrs 1887-Mar-04
YOUNG, J H MULLIGAN, Mary Francis 1879-Aug-03
YOUNG, J R TERRELL, Alice 1887-Mar-03
YOUNG, John ODELL, Eliza 1870-May-07
YOUNG, John SCOTT, Amanda 1869-Aug-21
YOUNG, Lewis SAWYER, Mary 1890-Mar-12
YOUNG, Martin REED, Matilda 1888-Sep-20
YOUNG, Monroe JONES, Nettie 1884-Feb-28
YOUNG, Newton SCOTT, Emma 1879-May-11
YOUNG, Oscar HARRIS, Mary 1883-Sep-24
YOUNG, Thomas KING, Octavia 1884-Apr-29
YOUNG, Tom JOHNSON, Edie Mrs 1888-Dec-05
YOUNG, William ATKINSON, Lou Anna 1882-Nov-10
YOUNG, William HICKS, L M 1867-Aug-15
YOUNG, William JONES, Faby 1882-Oct-21
YOUNG, Willis TRIMBLE, Jane 1881-Jan-01
YOUNG, Zack ROBERTSON, Sophia 1877-May-31
YOUNGBLOOD, Dell SHAW, Lucinda 1889-Feb-02
YOUNGBLOOD, Westley CALVIN, Silvia 1887-Jul-15
YOUNGBLOOD, Willis YOUNGBLOOD, Martha 1888-Dec-20
YOUNGMAN, Oliver MCNEAL, Roseana 1888-Mar-10
YOUT, Frank MAYBRY, Ada 1887-May-24
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