Bolivar  County Grooms


ANDERSON, William WALKER, Mary 1873-Sep-23
ANDERSON, William WHITE, Jenny 1889-Nov-30
ANDERSON, Willie BERRYHUE, Sandy 1889-Oct-13
ANDREWS, C J CHATMAN, Nannie E 1890-Sep-11
ANDREWS, Daniel GALLON, Martha Ann 1886-Dec-02
ANDREWS, Frank RICE, Roxy 1889-Feb-16
ANDREWS, William BROWN, Avery 1870-Oct-30
ANGLE, Grandville MERCY, Maggie 1890-Oct-25
ARBOR, Ike PEYTON PATEN, Caroline 1879-Feb-16
ARMSTRONG, Jackson THOMPSON, Mary 1890-Jan-22
ARMSTRONG, James T NEWTON, Carrie Mrs 1873-Dec-24
ARMSTRONG, Morris SKINNER, Mary 1869-May-27
ARMSTRONG, Tom BALDWIN, Lear Mrs 1889-Jan-05
ARNOLD, C C SNODGRASS, Lou E 1869-Jul-21
ARNOLD, D W TODD, Emma R Mrs 1886-Feb-01
ARNOLD, H C GILE, Julia 1874-Jul-29
ARNOLD, Lee BLANCHARD, Emma 1867-Jan-14
ARNOLD, P A EVANS, Francis K Miss 1889-Jan-23
ARNOLD, Ples MCGUIRE, Caroline 1884-Sep-28
ARNOLD, Ples SADLER, Mahala 1880-Jan-31
ARNOLD, R L WARREN, Parilee 1890-Dec-23
ARNOLD, W H JENNINGS, Isabella 1883-Feb-11
ARNOLD, William D ROXEX, Bell 1877-Apr-25
ARTHUR, George MULLEN, Archie 1882-Oct-26
ARTHUR, Thomas HAMPTON, Clarissa 1881-Jan-18
ARTHUR, Thomas MONROE, Rhodey 1884-Dec-25
ARTHUR, Tom WALKER, Jane 1870-Apr-16
ARTHUR, Wiley Col DALTON, Phoebe 1866-Dec-28
ASBERY, George PARKER, Annie 1884-Jan-27
ASHFORD, Samuel PICKETT, Phillis 1882-Sep-27
ASWORTH, Hal WESTMORLAND, Martha 1881-Dec-10
ATKINS, Jeff BROWN, Henrietta 1890-Jan-01
AUSBURN, Robert SMITH, Rachael 1869-Jun-13
AUSTIN, Peter THOMAS, Annie 1890-Dec-25
AUSTIN, Raleigh HAMILTON, Mattie 1882-Aug-17
AUTHOR, William BIRD, Pheeny 1886-Mar-20
AVANT, Willie W PURCELL, Mollie J 1887-Feb-16
AYCOCK, George C WALTON, Olive 1872-Sep-11
AYCOCK, John STAFFORD, Emma E 1867-Nov-13
AYCOCK, Langdon P RAWLES, Alice C 1866-Mar-14
AYERS, Cornelius MADISON, Ausie E 1866-Dec-16
AYERS, M E THOMAS, Medora 1884-Oct-16
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