Bolivar County Brides


YARBOROUGH, Melissa L BUTCHER, G W 1882-Mar-01
YORNER, Jennie EVANS, Bailey 1887-Jan-23
YOUK, Emma WILLIAMS, Leon 1871-Apr-13
YOUNG, Ann HILL, Angustus 1874-Jan-10
YOUNG, Clarissa HICKMAN, W M 1885-Jan-08
YOUNG, Courtenay JACKSON, Gabriel 1889-Jan-17
YOUNG, Delia CALDWELL, Edmond 1870-May-21
YOUNG, Doshy WILLIAMS, Sol 1890-Dec-03
YOUNG, Eliza JONES, Richard 1870-Dec-13
YOUNG, Elvina HAMILTON, Jesse 1873-May-24
YOUNG, Ereline SMITH, John 1888-Jul-18
YOUNG, Henrietta ELLIOTT, Stephen 1890-Jun-05
YOUNG, Ida M ALLEN, Benjamin 1890-Mar-12
YOUNG, Jane JAMES, Cornelius 1874-Oct-22
YOUNG, Jennie DUKE, Coleman 1872-Jan-06
YOUNG, Jessie PARKS, Monroe 1886-Apr-04
YOUNG, Katie BURTON, Richard 1874-May-05
YOUNG, Laura THOMAS, Lewis 1886-Apr-10
YOUNG, Lizabeth ALLEN, William 1890-Mar-22
YOUNG, Mahala WILSON, King 1867-Mar-07
YOUNG, Mahala Mrs BENNIFIELD, Obediah 1870-Jan-01
YOUNG, Malinda KING, David 1885-Nov-18
YOUNG, Malinda ROBINSON, Charlie 1883-Jun-27
YOUNG, Malissa BROWN, El 1886-Oct-10
YOUNG, Malissa GILES, Allen 1882-Dec-28
YOUNG, Martha ROBERTSON, Samuel 1881-Feb-17
YOUNG, Martha WHIRLEY, Henry 1882-Jul-27
YOUNG, Mary GILBERT, Frank 1883-Feb-06
YOUNG, Mary Ann WASHINGTON, Charles 1870-Aug-04
YOUNG, Mary Jane WILLIAMS, West 1882-Aug-24
YOUNG, Milly JOHNSON, Ben 1889-Aug-19
YOUNG, Minerva STRICKLAND, Ed 1884-Feb-19
YOUNG, Sally BRADLEY, Henry 1874-Feb-20
YOUNG, Sarah FINNEY, Marshall 1889-Jan-20
YOUNG, Susan WILLIAMS, Edward 1878-Mar-08
YOUNG, Villet DAVIS, Henry 1872-Jun-18
YOUNG, Wanda Mrs JOHNSON, Thomas 1871-Nov-11
YOUNGBLOOD, Martha YOUNGBLOOD, Willis 1888-Dec-20
YOUNGMAN, Amanda DAVIS, J J 1886-Jul-20
YOUNGMAN, Kesley RICHARDSON, David 1888-Mar-10
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