Benton County Brides

Y - Z

YANCEY, Mary WHEELER, Thomas 1874-Dec-26
YANCY, Ida REAVES, Alex 1897-Dec-14
YANCY, Laura DEEDS, John 1878-Mar-02
YELVINGTON, Susan E WIGGINS, Ephrain 1874-Oct-07
YIELDING, Jane LOWRY, L E 1881-Mar-14
YIELDING, L M Miss BROWNLEE, James W 1879-Mar-26
YOUNG, Addie M WILLIAMS, H M 1883-Jan-10
YOUNG, America GHOLSON, Wilson 1877-Jan-04
YOUNG, Anna TUCKER, Jacob 1889-Dec-27
YOUNG, Clara PETYGREEN, Green 1882-Aug-01
YOUNG, Elizabeth MASON, Giles Jr 1872-Feb-26
YOUNG, Ida P ROBINSON, W J 1886-Apr-15
YOUNG, Mary F GRAHAM, Robert 1896-Feb-18
YOUNG, Mattie DRAPER, Clinton 1891-Dec-24
ZINN, Susan BUCKNER, Joe 1882-Oct-07
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