Benton County Brides

U - V

UMBARGER, Jennie RILEY, W A 1897-Jan-11
UMBARGER, Lenora FINLEY, W J 1897-Sep-20
UMBAYER, J J Miss LANE, A L 1878-Feb-05
USSERY, Mary J FLOYD, John D 1874-Jun-30
USSEY, Clemin LINVILLE, James W 1888-Jan-24
VAUGHAN, Laura M KIMBROUGH, B T 1872-Mar-11
VAUGHAN, Mildred BOUTON, William 1884-Dec-18
VAUGHAN, Sarah JACKSON, Albert 1891-Sep-09
VAUGHER, Mary M LIPFORD, Lucus E 1871-Dec-11
VINIE, Leak DENNIE, John F 1881-Dec-31
VINNERY, Hannah UMBARGER, L V 1874-Nov-19
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